Friday, July 4, 2014

Ushering in the North American Union?

If you studied up on NAFTA and the North American Union from some years ago, you have to wonder if this is the plan. They want to bring the North American Union in. How are they going to make it happen? It's been warned about for over a decade.  The maker of the video is right about the Dream Act being involved. I also believe the illegal immigration is going to be used to accelerate the collapsing of the economy and the system. Our leaders are not insane and stupid as they add millions of extremely poor illegal immigrants to a system that teeters on the edge, they know exactly what they are doing. God wants us to be loving to our fellow man, but the corruption and evil that keeps Mexico and other South American countries in bondage, is what is going to bring this nation into bondage and lose the short run of prosperity and freedom. That was an aberration in the history of this wicked world.

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TruthInLove said...

I also heard about how they keep 'puppet governments' down south, making the conditions such that they will want to come here, in the end the poor stay poor or get poorer and the rich get richer no matter how they cut the butter.

FaithGuy3 said...

And don't forget how Joe "America's Toughest Sheriff" Arpaio has played a big role too.

Recently - he's all but stood down on his "immigration crackdowns". I know he's been discussed here quite a bit - but nonetheless make no mistake, he's controlled-opposition too(and he's a Roman Catholic to boot).

Anonymous said... - Don

Ruth Latimer said...

I have been watching America collapse since my senior year in high school. I had a nun who taught us that in our lifetime we would see America fall. She drew us a picture of it happening. Told us to pay attention and watch. I did and it is!

We are reaping what we have sown!