Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Killing Off Archie

Watching TV, I saw this story. They have Archie killed taking a bullet for a homosexual friend who is a senator. I find myself wondering if this is psych-op way beyond the pro-homosexual agenda, killing off Archie, an icon of America? A representative end of an era? As America goes down the tubes, doing away with the would be "wholesome" symbol of Archie is on the agenda. Of course they have him die, defending homosexuality and the gun control program.

In related weird news, Archie Comics is being sued by white men for discrimination at the hands of the would be feminist co-CEO.


Anonymous said...

Well why not, the green lantern is now a homo, Captain America has turned black and Thor is a tranny.

Modern Amurrika.

Bible Believer said...

With the gay characters,

The other day, I saw they did a survey, only 2-3% of Americans fit into the LGBT world.

I am sure the NWO wants to change this and increase the percentage since it seems just about every fictional character is turning gay. They would have turned Archie homosexual too except he dated girls for 50 years in the comics and the story line wouldn't make sense.