Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Where Will You Spend Eternity?

Cars decked out with the gospel are not a bad idea. I read one of these displays as a non-believer in a large city once, and saw the gospel on the back windshield of one car in another town. They do help wake people up.  One caveat: I believe repentance comes after believing, and salvation: there's a little Ray Comfort influence in this example. However Street preaching does get people to think about Jesus Christ, no matter how outrageous the world thinks the displays are.

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Anonymous said...

I go out on Sunday mornings with a large cross I made that has evangelistic messages on either side of it. Only a handful of people ever honk and wave and I haven't had anyone stop in the last 6 months to talk with me but there have been some of the years and I at least know that people driving by it and see it, will have no excuse to tell God as to why they didn't accept Jesus Christ. They won't be able to say "no one told me I needed to get born again or that Jesus is the only way" because my signs say things like this.


Lillianna White said...

Praise God Lori!
Keep it up and blessings to you sister!

I noticed that there used to be more evangelistic fervor among Christians in decades gone by which seems to have waned.

People have gotten caught up in:

worrying about not doing it right unless you have discipled everyone for 20 years thereafter- another lie of the enemy, just do the part that you are called to do
people worrying about the 'offense' of the gospel
people steered off course by the emergent church culture of the social gospel and 'missiology' rather than missionary work which is to share the gospel message
people too occupied with the 'cares of this life' to worry about other's salvation

God bless everyone who spreads the gospel by any means they can!

Luca said... what do you think of this, Bible Believer?

FaithGuy3 said...

I've seen YT videos of street preaching ministries - no, not that I endorse all of them(although there are a few very good ones) - ultimately, this IS the battleground where born-again believers SHOULD be.

Why? Not only is this their golden opportunity to preach the truth about our Lord and Saviour, but it's also a very good opportunity to witness the sorrows of this world.

For example - the average person will react to even the little bittest of a pin drop - but on the contrary with crossing paths with street preachers, it's as if alot of them look as if they don't even see or hear them. Seriously - it's as if they really think they don't even exist(just by looking at their facial expressions, body mannerisms, etc).

And yes - street preachers DO have their 1st Amendment Constitutional rights. I saw one video where a street preaching ministry explained their case to a police officer(after people around that area were complaining), and you could tell the Lord was moving the heart of that lost police officer!

Cops Called -Preachers Know their Rights

Lillianna White said...

It is one of the biggest battlegrounds. There are many ministries in the body of Christ and we can't all do it all, but if we all do what we are called to do that would help.

We don't all have to be a street preacher to get the gospel out, we don't all have to be an expert teacher or pastor to help others understand the truth. We don't all have to have a vast archive of documentation to defend the faith and guard the truth and protect the flock from the apostasy. We can't help all the orphans in the world, but we can help someone. And so on...
we will NEVER 'bring the kingdom in' as the apostasy people will try to tell you, but sitting on easy chairs polishing nails all the time is not the right option either.

Just on my end on a regular basis I always have these little tracks that I print out with the gospel basics. They only contain bible verses and at the end I have an invitation for them to turn to Jesus. I print out pages and each page has 6 on one page, they are small and I leave them here and there or hand them out, etc. You never know what can happen when a person opens one up. I pray about it too. Then, I have had the opportunity to collect large lists of emails from church members and such and have sent out mass emailings with warnings about the apostasy, the main dangers, and a list of good discernment websites (like this one) to access. I share the truth in love in any way as things roll along with people that cross my path. Also another good idea is to collect loose change or 1$ bills, put them in a small plastic bag with a twist tie, put a gospel tract inside and maybe a cookie, and have several on hand in the car and hand them out when you see a homeless person on those dividers (which I see so many of now, more and more). It's a small thing, but it's better than nothing. There are so many things we can do and they are all different. Just like Paul said, it takes all the members to make the body move as each one does their part.
God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lilliana, thanks for the well wishing!

I am not one of those street preachers who gets in people's faces with a bull horn and such. No, I pray for those walking by and driving by and if someone stops to talk to me I try and witness to them.

It's a strange world out there though and sometimes I am not able to get too much evangelism or correction out when JW or a staunch Catholic is who stops to talk. But I have been able to tell some what to stay out of and given out books or materials.

So, by God's grace I will get out there each Sunday but I do miss some Sundays due to sickness. That's what seems to be my main test and trial in witnessing, a weak immune system and this year injury to my foot, which stops me from getting as many tracts out to businesses as I want to and out there with the cross.


TruthInLove said...

Hi Lori,

You're welcome and God bless you!
I agree. Being there with a bull horn is not a good thing. ((;

You're doing all you can and that is what counts, even with hindrances, wow!

Arguing doesn't work anyway, as long as you get the basics in is all, God can work on their hearts from there. There are ministries that help with witnessing to those in cults who have materials. Even just using the bible is enough since that is our weapon. Everything to refute them that can be used is in it, we just need to have a good grasp of it. Yet even then, if the person is blind, they are blind, no matter how much scripture is starring them in the face that refutes what they believe. Did you catch that conversation between me and the staunch Catholic guy Lionel on the other post? I had a scroll of bible verses that show that Catholicism is off the tracks biblically, but he was like a bull head aiming at the brick wall endlessly. At that point it's of no use. (You can see the verses about water baptism, etc. under one of the latest pope postings on here, it has like... 78 comments!) Anyway, even when the Lord himself walked in Jerusalem and preached, did all take heed? Did anyone argue? See, so it will be with us. Don't let that discourage you, or anyone out there. A remnant will listen as always and it doesn't always look like they are, but sometimes later it's that one preacher they remember. Like with BB, right?
The devil always tries to put out all kinds of camoflauge, replicating counterfeits to obfuscate the truth and make it confusing. The gospel message is simple:

1. We are separated from a relationship with God due to our sin nature.
2. Jesus died on the cross for our sins in our place so we could be saved.
3. We need to repent and accept His atoning sacrifice for our sin to be forgiven, and believe in Him as the scripture says.
4. It is a free gift, through grace by faith, and not possible by any other means or in any other way, it is the one and only way of salvation.

That is salvation, when applied to us we become born again of the Holy Spirit and live for God with a relationship with Him.

God bless your heart for doing all of that even with those conditions, I'm sure it's a sweet sacrifice in the eyes of God. From the very heart of God flows self sacrifice for others.


Anonymous said...

Luca, that website sounds like a group that's promoting the Illuminati!

Lillianna, I missed your convo with the Catholic but you may have been talking to a Jesuit who maybe comes on here to frustrate Christians. I know they are all over the internet posting rebuttals to the truth we Christians post and they join Christian churches just to steer people away from the Bible and even preach in pulpits as Protestants or Baptists or whatever cover they've been given to carry out their tasks for the Vatican. Or like you said it's just a man who is blind and sounds like he may have had some pride too!

You are right about how many people scoffed at Jesus and they will do that with us too!

God bless!

TruthInLove said...

Hi Lori,

Yes, I know about that too, they infiltrate churches and places where Christians are to lead them astray. I think Calvary Chapel was a plant for that purpose from them. Lots of clues. Some deception is by deceived deceivers, other deception is by deceiving deceivers who are not deceived in that their plan is very intentionally to deceive on purpose. But in the end, they are all deceived in darkness if they are not in the light of Christ.

So who knows with that guy, but whatever the case is, I must contend for the faith as it says in Jude. I was enjoying it too!
((; It's good practice also.
And hey, who knows who will get saved out of the little things we do too? (:

It really is an honor even to suffer for Him, and there are so many blessings too! You can't lose!!!

God bless you Lori
keep up the good work
you too BB! (:
in love,