Friday, June 6, 2014

"Transgendered" Children

Warning on this first video, extreme liberalism and advancement of "gay rights" and "transgenderism".

Before I begin this article, there are people born with physical disorders where their physical sexual identity is nebulous, one example would be hermaphrodites as well as people born with hormonal and other genetic defects or being born intersex. Congential adrenal hyperplasia would be one example. Often in these cases parents have to select a sex for the child to live by, and there have been errors especially in the days before chromosomal testing. The Bible even refers to those born as eunuchs, for this article I am not talking about those children but those who are born otherwise healthy who are pushed into becoming the "opposite sex".

So when it comes to Rylan, what happens when puberty comes knocking? Will the parents take things so far to give her powerful hormones such as high dosages of testosterone, that are likely to shorten her life? Do they realize that now at the age of 5, they are pushing her towards a sterile future? This is liberalism gone amuck. Children at the age of 5 don't even know the difference between the words "he" and "her". They mix them up.

The parents have an agenda dragging their poor child to a "diversity" rally named after deceased homosexual Harvey Milk. Another error they are making is listening to experts. Can you imagine Rylan sitting in high school one day, realizing she "likes boys' but since she is boy [well on the outside] having to tell her liberal brainwashed parents this? They will probably tell her she is a homosexual when she really would have been a normal young woman.

It is scary to watch online, so called transgendered young adults signing up to be mutilated, with breasts removed for the girls and boys signing up for castration, and breast implants. This of course includes dangerous hormonal drugs to deepen voices or soften skin. In a sex and body focused world, everything is about the "body" and it's outside appearances. In the same way that liberals beat the race-baiting drum increasing hate among people, it's happening with sex and gender too. In this case, they desire chaos! Did any of you catch the report about the endless descriptions of gender there are now? I don't even know what some of these even ARE! Another word for this stuff would be CONFUSED. And whose the author of that?

With no firm boundaries anymore, the gender bending is expanding far beyond the straight, asexual, celibate, and homosexual matrix of the last 40 years. Now you have "gender queer" which means you haven't picked one, and "pangender" which I think means you pick different ones depending on the mood you're in. There are "trans man" and "trans woman", and third gender where you reject being either female or male, I guess you are an "it" then. Confusion reigns. This is the way Satan wants it.

In the occult, androgyny is something to be promoted. The new world order wants to do population control what better to do this then have everyone in these alternative "relationships" and where traditional marriage and reproduction is made rare.

How many people falsely think they will improve their lives by changing their sex? Some have regretted it. For Rylan Whittington, it is child abuse, to let her change her sex in childhood before she even understands what is going on! There are the unsaved who simply do not know any better awashed in the propaganda, but how many young lives like that will be impacted in a severely negative fashion? A person who is transgendered or has gone down this road, can be born again and then repent of their sins just like anyone else but so few are standing up for the truth or warning them. Even Christians are thinking this is always primarily a health issue even for those who are otherwise healthy.  I have personally met people who have allowed in this case a pre-teen to live as another sex. What do you say? What if this is a case of a physical disorder? I know this can be a delicate issue in that way.  Many times however it is NOT and that is what is so worrisome. Pray for the young people out there, they will need it.

Genesis 1:27

King James Version (KJV)
27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.


david said...

makes me wonder about a serpent seed line being a reality...and if not that, then spirit possession. then how could an innocent child be subjected to that naturally, unless they would be a modern day equivalent of a philistine or caananite ... Just seems off even though society is being steered towards an androgenous slave class. thanks for the blog bb!

Bible Believer said...

be careful of that serpent seed stuff, that is false teaching. Also run if someone mentions indigo children. I think there could be spirit possession involved. There is a GENDER I didn't list called TWO-SPIRIT. It's the gender bender marathon meets Native American spirituality...

Yes soon they will make humans an Androgenous slave class. the destruction of all family ties and even normal love ties between a man and woman--marriage etc, is their goal. All the navel gazers who want to play boys, girls and its, can also become more self absorbed, as America crumbles into the police state and other decay. Gender Benders tend to be more upper income. Other people are busy trying to eat and pay rent, and don't have tens of thousands of dollars around to mess their little kid up or get extensive surgeries to look like the other sex.

david said...

Could you elaborate on how the idea of satan having a seed/bloodlines is a false teaching? far as I can discern it is similar to the concept of the rapture... or to a lesser extent the gap that there exists scriptural evidence for both sides of theses theories and therefore is a mystery shrouded and sealed by God. Usually it comes down to some Hebrew or greek translation blah blah blah...(as if GOD couldn't preserve HIS Word in English too) But maybe I have not spent enough time studying the specifics......thanks bb!

Bible Believer said...

I go into it here a bit...

Remember Satan could definitely use some humans believing others have satanic dna. Used in genocides already in this world to an extent.

david said...

Just quickly read through that link and thank you for the link. I didn't see Genesis 3:15 as part of the discussion as the serpent seed is separate from the nephilim. Giants were real. the fact that they procreated with human women is real but it is separate from the serpent seed God tells us about earlier in Gen 3:15....Of course Matthew 13:37-38 also may be describing this seedline...and of course 1 John 3:12....I do not discern the truth or falsehood of this theory as of yet but we should not mix it up with the nephilim, which I agree will be used in a deception in the coming days...

Do you not agree that there is no definitive evidence scripturally on this matter thus it is a mystery hidden from the foundation of the world, like Christ told his disciples he was revealing to them (Matt 13:35)?

Within His Word said...

Notice how pictures of satan in wiccan and other sources, make satan a him/her. A him with the goatee, and a her with breasts.

Transgender is the next "frontier" of sexual sin. They have conquered most of the world with homosexual sin. So this is next.

And they always start with the youth. Starting with the youth captures the pedophile contingent with every perversion, a two-for-one.

Anonymous said...

The whole world is turning into a freak show.

Anonymous said...

To quote from Planet of the apes

"It's a mad house! A mad house!"

atmo joyo said...

Story about Nephilim, fallen angels, 7 archangels (Only 1 in Bible), androgynous, rabbinic Merkabah, Hekhalot mysticism,
concept of temporary messianic kingdom on earth,Teacher of Righteousness, Hermetica, kaballah,
theocratic government (rulership by the gods or those descended from gods), Pre Talmudic etc
Can be found in ;

1. Book of Enoch (1 Enoch)
2. The Book of Jubilee
3. The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs
4. Book of Giant
5. Book of Noah

The writers are The Maccabean King-High Priest (Maccabaean is not a family name but a nickname or moniker)
1. Jonathan Apphus,
2. John Hyrcanus I, son of Simeon Tassi
3. Alexander Jannaeus, son of John Hyrcanus,
4. The Hasidim ('Pious Ones', early Pharisees and sadduces)

The Book of Enoch (also 1 Enoch) (five major sections)
1. The Book of the Watchers (1 Enoch 1–36) (170 B.C)
The first part of the Book of Enoch describes the fall of the Watchers, the angels who fathered the Nephilim.
2. The Book of Parables of Enoch (1 Enoch 37–71) (also called the Similitudes of Enoch) (166-161 B.C)
3. The Astronomical Book (1 Enoch 72–82) (the Book of the Heavenly Luminaries or Book of Luminaries) ( -134 B.C)
4. The Book of Dream Visions (1 Enoch 83–90) (also called the Book of Dreams) ( 94-79 B.C)
containing a vision of a history of Israel all the way down to what the majority have interpreted as the Maccabean Revolt,
is dated by most to Maccabean times (about 163–142 BC).
5. The history of the world (1 Enoch 91–108) (60 B.C)

The Book of Enoch plays an important role in the history of Jewish mysticism.
Book of Enoch had direct textual and content influence on many Biblical apocrypha, such as ;
Jubilees, 2 Baruch, 2 Esdras, Apocalypse of Abraham and 2 Enoch, etc connection is more branches than direct development.

They rewrite bible by expanding, combining or revising them with new or different details
in accordance with the scribes understanding and beliefs.
current book of Jeremiah contains 52 chapters whereas the book Jeremiah of Hasidim only contains 17 chapters.

Jubilees 23
Foretells a war that echoes the Maccabean revolt that ended in victory around 163 BC.

The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
The "three kingdoms" that were to spring from Levi were, accordingly,
distinct from the three classes mentioned above, John Hyrcanus the royal priest is one of them (Ps. cx. 4).

They twisted Prophecy Messiah come from tribe of Judah (descendant King David) become came from tribe of Levi.(Isaiah 9:6-7)
They did this to get people support against Seleucid Empire.

Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs belong to the same class of literature and age as the Didache and Didascalia,
being Hasidæan works appropriated and remodeled by the some christian (church manuals).

My comment in Pope Francis Promotes a Palestinian State, I had explain about Ebonite Gnosticsm.
They make additions, deletions, and changes in Old Testament (Hassidim) and New Testament (Ebionite).
(I can't write all the facts that i got because not enough space)

Isaiah 9:6-7
6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder:
and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David,
and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever.
The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

Jeremiah 2:32
32 Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the LORD, and do tell them,
and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their lightness; yet I sent them not, nor commanded them:
therefore they shall not profit this people at all, saith the LORD.

Anonymous said...

It is part and parcel of the globalist education teaching sex education to children who are way too young, thus corrupting their mind early. Parents should opt out and sue if necessary. Interesting that John Dewey in 1917 stated that an alien threat would unite the governments of the world, just like Reagan in the 80's- Don

Anonymous said...

I've never read something filled with such hate. I pity you and the paranoid, sad life you live. Each day I feel God's love and joy pouring into my life. I can't help but to think if you felt this same peace and truly came to know God you wouldn't feel the need to write such hateful things. You're seeking God's approval in all of the wrong ways. Why don't you take the time to concentrate on your own relationship with God instead of pretending to be an expert on other people.

Bible Believer said...

What is hateful about what I have written? I do not want children to be hurt and want them to have happy lives. The world will falsely tell you that these things are acceptable or that people and children who are otherwise perfectly healthy should change their sex. Changing one's sex is not going to bring one a perfect life, unless one has medical problems and was born with genetic, hormonal or physical problems, healthy bodies are being mutilated for this cause and minds told their gender is everything about them.

Anonymous said...

Unless there are some underlying health issues which forces one to change, being "transgender" is an illness. Mental illnesses should never be encouraged. If we start supporting sex changes, we are condoning mental illness. People may become convinced that being gay, androgynous, sex changes, etc. are acceptable and natural, but that does not mean it so. Children who are just becoming acquainted with their identity and the world will only be confused and hurt if their parents change their sex or encourage any form of sexual detachment. For the sake of the human race, this illness must never be encouraged.

IDKbutYouDontEither said...

By this statement "Can you imagine Rylan sitting in high school one day, realizing she "likes boys' but since she is boy [well on the outside] having to tell her liberal brainwashed parents this? They will probably tell her she is a homosexual when she really would have been a normal young woman." you completely invalidate everything you have written as you clearly have no knowledge or understanding of what being transgender means. It has nothing to do with your attraction to others and/or your preferred gender when choosing a sexual partner. Transgender simply means that the physical characteristics used to determine gender do not coincide with your mental, emotional and spiritual characteristics that direct you internally to understand who you are and what your gender is. That said-in the scenario you describe Rylan would not be "a normal young woman" but rather a normal transgender male who is also homosexual. I just can't wrap my head around how so many self righteous Christians think they know the heart and mind of God. The Bible doesn't go into every explicit detail of every single creation. Just because He created man and woman doesn't mean that a man and woman would always produce children who were identical to them. God Himself is asexual-yet both man and woman were made in His image. HELLO! Who are you or anyone else to say you know what God intended or what is in the heart and mind of another human being? Even if at the end of time being transgender was to finally be revealed as being metal illness and not something GOD intended which group of people do you think will be held accountable for sinning-those with a mental illness which created a situation that they could not overcome or control? Or those who persecuted and humiliated them rather than loving them as one of God's creations?
STOP playing God and pretending to even remotely understand the design of the human body mind and soul. You can't possibly know! Look at the complexity of the Universe we live in-do you really believe as Gods most loved creation that human beings are any less complex?

Ash said...

Truly transgender people have a brain similar to the gender they identify with and not the gender they were born as. This has been proven could you please tell me your opinion on this?

Bible Believer said...

Can you back that up with a scientific link?

Even the bible says some are BORN EUNUCHS and I mention hormonal cases above....

The great increase in numbers tells me many teens are being led down this road in seeking "acceptable" identities.

One "out" I'll give is who knows if the endocrine disrupters and chemicals are also playing a role in this too.

Anonymous said...

Here's one to start with:

Luders E, Sánchez F, Tosun D, et al. Increased Cortical Thickness in Male-to-Female Transsexualism. Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science. 2012.

IDKbutYouDontEither said...

Luders E, Sánchez F, Tosun D, et al. Increased Cortical Thickness in Male-to-Female Transsexualism. Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science. 2012.