Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Does This UN Job Posting Mean Anything?

That's a strange title for a position.

In other weird UN news, Detroit Activists are appealing the United Nations to help with water shut-offs for non-payment. Half the accounts are delinquent.  One thing about the inner city, the water bills are usually much much higher.  So suddenly the United Nations is going to solve America's problems? Advancing Agenda 21? This video mentions the disarmament job too. Think about the changed paradigm here, where the UN is the big boss to come in and "fix" things. Isn't it sad that now an American city is this desperate?

This reminds me of this quote I've seen on many "conspiracy" websites:

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Anonymous said...

Detroit is the way it is because it is black. It is about 83 percent black with only about 8 percent non-hispanic white.

Anonymous said...

Simple people think the supreme court is the law of the land and it is just not so. Our government needs to be held accountable to the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Any failure to abide by our founding documents should result in immediate arrest on charges of treason. That would be a very good way to get rid of the NWO puppets. www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMBz6Jz-IBc - Don

Bible Believer said...

Sadly Detroit has gone the way of other inner cities, violent, broken down, drug-focused "thug culture" that Bill Cosby himself warned about. I find myself wondering why this is happening to so many cities in America where a violent underclass seems to be growing, and of course business dies out, and commerce and the basic building blocks of civilization break down. The NWO love racism though remember that. I think they definitely helped set this situation, with the advancement of 'criminality" via hip hop music and the shutting down of manufacturing---and destruction of the economy and many other avenues too many to list here. Already young people who are not black in poor rural and other areas are NOT marrying, and getting into the drug life and having more illegitimate children, they just broke things down faster for the black community in the inner city.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the Supreme Court is supposed to follow the Constitution and Bill of Right but we know now both have been eviscerated. Thanks Don.

Lillianna White said...

Hi all,


1. Detroit
I think they have systematically dismantled it because it was a backbone of manufacturing in the US and that didn't bade well for their NWO plans, etc.

2. Inner Cities
It is like a cycle that big cities go through, if anyone ever watches these things, they have a certain life cycle and of course many factors play a role and can speed up the decay, etc., such as outsourcing.

3. Tactics
When I was in school I took lots of classes about critical thinking, sociology, etc. and heard a lot about trends and strategies. One thing they said was that the rap industry was set up for the downfall of the black through all sorts of crime culture and all that hip hop, etc. and it was all orchestrated. They introduced a lot of things like: calling each other the 'N' word, denegration of women to property and sex symbol, etc., making money and status (a big bait) via crime and of course all the vice and violence. Since the devil is behind the music industry, it's no surprise. I always wondered how blacks can drive around town blasting that hip hop and absorbing a popular culture that has them all calling each other 'n's and denegrades them in general. But, it's true of society in general, the things I see! I think wow, and the people are doing it to themselves!!! Just because it's advertised as 'the thing to do'.

3. Racism
Uh! I could go on!
"Divide and conquer" is one of the tactics the elite uses to control the masses (via race, sports, ethnicity, radical patriotism, sexism, politics, etc.). They pit people against each other to avoid revolutions. It's just what they do. I'm not racist at all, nor do I get roused up over petty issues. No one's perfect and we're all born sinners anyway. Anyway, heard about it at University too, so just wanted to toss that in.

4. NWO Police State
I've been looking into that one more lately too. Just little things I notice on a daily basis even and then the news, etc. It's all building towards their goal of a totalitarian NWO. All one need do is look it up on the internet too to see what is happening here. They are going to do what they are going to do, period. There are a lot of nice and honest things that they should be doing, but they're not, and it will be impossible to change that, it alrealy is. That's one of the things you see evidence of doing the research. Like, did anyone ever notice how they introduce an idea and months or years later it's just accepted as law? That has been going on with freedom of speech over the past year. Well, that's a tactic too, something about 'suggestion' where they ease people into a concept so there is less outrage and resistance when it's suddenly 'law.' The frog stew thing again. Lot's of examples on the news... too many to mention!

Water Supply Sobatage said...

On the topic of water, have you read this in regards to new world order 'take 5' or is it 6...Ms Phelan did a great jobin blowing the whistle, old article but relevant to the times we live in:

Her research on this topic is found here:


Found article here, site has some good info:


Bible Believer said...

Yes Detroit was the canary in the coalmine for the destruction of manufacturing. They are busy dismantling it for their own uses. Some talk is they plan to hand it over to the Chinese and build a little "Hong Kong" on the shores of Lake Huron. Of course now there are many Detroits. #2 I agree cities die and rise, so do countries. This one is in it's death throes.

I definitely believe the rap industry was set up to affect the black community and advance a criminal thug culture. Take a look of pictures of the black community before this all started. Whatever the differences there may be in black cultures, [they are traditionally more matriarchial] this enhanced all the negatives to the extreme with disrespect of women, advancement of drug use and selling of drugs--remember NWO profits from this, celebrating the "thug" life, promiscuity. If anything rap has grown worse. The top rappers make their allegiance to Satan pretty obvious and one even has mocked Jesus Christ in one of his albums. The messages are growing more and more hardcore. You think it can't get any worse, but their preaching of HATE, ENVY, GREED and LUST has taken a toll on the inner city communities especially with the young. After 30 years of this, the fruits of it all are being reaped. Also they removed all the jobs so the men became disenfranchised. Feminism and extreme liberalism helped this along but this is starting to happen in other communities now too. A rural town I used to live in is now becoming an unemployed haven where everyone under 30 seems to wear tattoos, is into the drug culture, and refuses to marry. I don't know why more don't question the whole music and liberal Democratic culture. I have met a few who haven't drank the Obama Kool-Aid and know the music was a bad influence but perhaps that is the media, always putting the THUGS in center view.
When I lived and worked in the inner city, the mode was to "hustle" [aka steal to get by. These were the type of folks to call people CHUMPs for refusing to enter that mode of thinking. It was an outlook that definitely influenced the young for evil.

Yes sometimes I am shocked by how people have accepted all of it.

Agree with you about the racism, and remember it's going on all sides. The knock-out games and wildings where young people attack strangers, they have been taught to hate white people. The NWO loves to make use of this stuff, if they can get all the factions to fight then more power to them. Of course they lie about cultural differences between groups--every society has different more's and beliefs [Christianity supercedes them all ] but they preach false multiculturalism which heightens the angst and envy. Also they emphasize racial differences to the extreme. Where one's race is supposed to be the sum total of them as a person. It is crazy. It is all about building up the hate.

Bible Believer said...

The police state is worsening. I believe they have used the drug wars to lock people up for free labor. I posted about this some time ago. Definitely the NWO will be using some groups against other ones to tighten down the screws. Ever notice none of those race baiters like Al Sharpton ever question Obama on his war mongering or advancing the police state?

Yes they are warming up the frogs slowly on many dastardly things. I went to a book group, I had read parts of the book and skimmed others, but was so disgusted by it, and this book advanced promiscuity, gay marriage, living a lie to have a lover, polygamy, pre-martial sex, and out of curiosity since I was waiting for a ride, wanted to see what was said about this book and if any of the women would be on the "conservative" side. Let's just put it this way women 20 years older then me, and this was mostly a more affluent group have now drank the 1960s free love free yourself from moral restraints Kool-Aid to the extreme. Some may live in marriages and such, but the gay marriage sell-a-thon has sold quite well. I sometimes forget the hippies are now the ones in charge and we are all suffering for it. I wonder if there are any other Generation Xers like me totally nauseated. I am considering dropping out of the group totally though I visit it only on occasion and they do read some non-fiction because just about every fiction book advances extreme liberalism. I'm a fish out of water in a lot of places. I told them the book advanced moral degeneracy. Hey why mince words. Well as far as I know they are unsaved people. I probably should not even had gone. It's another thing I may have to depart from totally. How come most librarians are liberals? Any of you wonder about that?

Even your everyday Republican seems like they would be annoyed. I have seem a MASSIVE change in the last 5 years in people even regarding homosexuality and that includes most of the church Christians.

Oh freedom of speech they are chipping away at big time.

Lillianna White said...

Hi BB,

Right on! ( ;
Yes, the cycle happens to nations and empires too and the sun is setting on the US and moving to places like the orient (China) and Saudi Arabia and other oil rich places in the east where their economies dominate now. It is interesting to note the trend with empires too over human history. But they won't tell you that on the news.

Totally true about all that rap stuff and glorifying the thug culture and manufacturing the hate.

Yup, I remember the prisons article and see that too.

Yes, I see all of that stuff in society too. It's like all moral decency hitchhiked out a long time ago for these people. It's everywhere in the culture now and nothing seems to keep it out, not conservative upbringings, not Republican ideology, not affluence or 'desperate housewives' neighborhoods, not attending church, nothing. They have bitten the bait hook, line, and sinker via all the popular culture and such. Also, most of my friends and stuff have been 20+ years older than me, and I notice it with them too. It seems as though even in church you can't find decent moral people anymore, when 20 years ago you could. I am usually the lone fish anywhere.

What did the ladies say when you said that? Did they all gag?

Is the fellowship group still going?

And I did notice that about librarians but it does permeate colleges too. Lots to say on that but I'll save that. I don't even bother reading fiction anymore because of these things, there's practically nothing redeeming about it.

I was eating out the other day at a nicer place and there were plenty of 50's+ people around and I overheard a conversation at the next table and it's like... the things you hear coming out of these conservative looking little old ladies! Drinking binges and sex parties and wild nights, it could have been on one of those black and white cards you see with the little old 1900's looking farmer couple saying all these vulgar things to each other!

And the things I have seen in churches while shopping around and heard from others conversations... and the things people I know are getting into now who are older and have gone to church all their lives, etc., it just goes on and on.

Oh, and walking down the road, all you see is people with tattoos, trampy clothes, hot red hair, in all black, a dirty look in their eyes, a cigarette in their mouths, a beer in their hands, and so on, and it's like... everywhere! And I live in a pretty nice area too.

It's all just gonna get worse. Once people are into pop culture, it all just goes down hill and they drift away without even realizing it, and that's even the ones in church!

Bible Believer said...

Actually I got glared at by two, really hard. One told me I was judgmental and she was quite angry when I said that no one could be happy living such a life of duplicity, and she told me that the character had made the right choice in lying and "protecting people". When I said that the trashing of traditional morality and replacing it with promiscuity line, the room laughed. I don't think they could believe I was saying it. I have to admit the town I lived in earlier was much more rural and "behind the times" but when I was in UU church I was in an urban area. Everyone's moved far more to the left. 25 years ago, these opinions weren't yet the norm. I fear the last conservative old values generation is dying out. I agree about it getting worse. 80% of what I read for recreation is non-fiction but more and more outside of independent publishing houses and you don't see that stuff in libraries, the fiction all pushes the same nauseating liberal agenda. Ok we get it the 1960s was your peak.....I tire of the same cultural icons being recycled over and over. Yes things are rapidly changing.

Bible Believer said...

Water Supply I saw that link years ago, I used to read educate yourself and that indy website. I've always wondered about if they could put stuff in the water. We know they put Flouride in the water to dumb down the populace. Ever seen the distilled baby water with added fluoride, I startle when I see that stuff. SO upsetting, it affects people's intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what everyone is saying. Our culture has gone bananas...
I get really perplexed when I see women of all different ages getting tattoos. I actually saw a girl who looked about 15 with a sleeve tattoo. That's where you cover your arm with hideous (art)(not)..What are parents thinking..
But one thing I have noticed is people who have tattoos are often just as polite as people without tattoos. So I wonder why do so many people feel driven to brand themselves. What is that? I mean just 15 years ago it was probably rare where I live. Now I can't walk down the street without seeing pierced tattooed people all over the place. I try not to judge by appearances, but it's got to mean something if your marking yourself all over your body; and it's gone mainstream.
Sorry didn't mean to rant; just perplexed...

Lillianna White said...

Hi everyone!
BB - sounds like it's time to ditch that book club! You've said your peace but they sound like a bunch of hardened and degraded degenerates. In those cases I slip in the gospel message and bail if they mock. I mean, what else can we do? Sorry to hear it though. Or just send them a group email with the gospel message and if they care they can reply or something.

But yes, it has gone bananas. I agree anon, like, what is up with that? It's everywhere... tattoos, noserings, piercings here and there... you name it. I even see kids at school in 1st grade with 'toy' tattoos, little stickers they put on their arms and add water to create a 'temporary' tattoo, with a permanent branding in their impressionable minds! Where are their parents? Personally, I think it's all conditioning people into taking the mark of the beast, you know, here a tattoo, there a tattoo, everywhere a tattoo, and so what's one more between the eyes?

And to add to it, tattoos were forbidden by God:
"Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord."
Leviticus 19; 28

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and it's desecrating to our bodies. I see so many people in and out of churches with 'Christian' tattoos, you know, a big ol' cross or something and I think; 'dude, what are you thinking?' or even worse; 'lady, what are you thinking?'! Can't they just wear a t-shirt or necklace or something if they want to send a message?

Oh, and that leads into how people are letting themselves be used as public walking billboards these days, tattoos, t-shirts, etc. advertising every tacky thing under the sun. I even heard on the news a few months back how employees had gotten tattoos to advertise the company product where they work or the logo or something! Talk about tacky! But the mark is just one step away from that. Just the devil's way to mark his territory and label people as his merchandise, a herd of property, as with animals or slaves. People are doing all these degrading, undignifying, and dehumanizing things to their bodies more and more these days and it's leading up to that final act where they take the devil's stamp to buy and sell. They sell themselves to the devil as merchandise in so doing.

But Jesus has bought us and paid that price and we have his label over our souls and hearts!

And, even all the designer labels are advertising and pomp, I avoid them like the plague. Anyone notice all the occult symbols popping up on clothing everywhere now too, designer logos as well as t-shirt designs, etc.? People walk around tauting the allegiance to the occult without even realizing it! The bible says stuff about that too, you somehow open yourself up to the power of the dark side. Remember that story about the sin of Achin when they were going into Jericho? Interesting.

I don't wear anything except modest clothes with no weird designs, no designer logos (I don't buy that stuff anyway), no markings of any kind, just a simple cross if anything.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the rant here...
Blessings to all!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lilliana, I notice all the occult markings on clothing too. And it's hard to find shirts that are a solid color without some busy design, or some saying on it. I asked a woman in a store what the words on her shirt meant and she didn't even know..It was something about pain being a good thing? I live with chronic pain so I wanted to know what she was thinking wearing that shirt. And the clothes are getting more immodest and glittery. And I have seen lots of babies with pierced ears. My little niece is three and I gave her mother some pearl earrings and she gave them to my 3 year old neice. She claims to be a Christian. Plus it was impolite..
BB,I have also been frustrated with all the lack of morality in books and movies. Even if your really careful about what you watch, it feels like your being manipulated in some way toward the anything goes, kumbia message. The 1960's was your peak! Good one! I hate that the peace sign came back.It's so ugly.
In a church I visited a woman next to me had the triqueta on her bible? I'm like what? And the pamphlet someone gave me had an aries sign that was supposed to be an overflowing fountain. But ,I admit I find it hard to believe the pastor did not know it was the aries symbol. I mean maybe. I wanted to give hime the benefit of the doubt but there were just too many things. And I had just come out of being a bit of a new ager. It was weird for me. Didn't go back. Another church I looked at their site online, and all the pictures they had were of halloween? I mean really, of all the pictures for your church. Give me a break..
I think our society has almost no moral compass left...Or common sense..

TruthInLove said...

Hi, by the way, this is Lillianna, I just changed to this email and name for my new project!

Yes anon! I don't like the busy designs, and the dresses have all the crazy colors in those zig zag stripes, they're everywhere!

And the bling, I see it for little girls even! They dress them up like Irish travelers and hussies now. You need sunglasses. And for over a year now those hot pink and black zebra stripes have invaded everything. Then there's all the black... I read an article over a year ago how the designers were bringing black back 'in' for reasons such as 'it keeps you cooler in the heat' which defies science and logic, but I can take a wild guess at who's behind that one! Yes, and it's getting more indecent too, everything. And the vulgar things on those t-shirts and stuff now! I can't even repeat it. Can you imagine wearing a shirt and you don't even know what it says?!? Someone might as well put a sticky note on their back with a target sign.

Oh, and the peace sign coming back in, it's no coincidence either you know. And all the rainbow tye dye in the background... hey, it's all planned. And no, I'm not paranoid.

Peace sign has occult background too, google it and see.

Yes, it's like they have all gone off the deep end into occult la-la land. Seriously. I also think they are trying to desensitize people to it all. The immorality is everywhere now. That's why I just avoid so much now.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that the poor used to wear the most gray and black.It was the wealthy that wore colors...Hum..
Though I remember the gray and black from the 90's.It used to drive me crazy.I'm really pale in the winter so I need color or I look all washed out..
I think we've gotten away from BB's original post..Sorry BB..
Oh,what are Irish travelers?

TruthInLove said...

Irish travelers are in some sort of culture sort of like modern day gypsies. I saw it on the news once and they dress their girls up like las vegas hussies at age 5 and they do all these 'shows' and stuff. But that's where our culture has followed slowly thereafter anyway, getting 5 year old girls 'performing' and 'becoming stars,' and all that, there should be stuff on the internet about it somewhere.

Yes, I forgot what this started out being about, we have digressed just a bit... ( ;

By the way, where is everybody? On vacation? It's been so quiet around here.

Are you okay BB?

How is the fellowship?

I typed up a document for a church format with belief statements, etc. and posted an advertisement on the internet (it can be anywhere, whatever works for you) and am already getting replies. So if anyone wants to try it, it's an idea. I have more info. if anyone wants help with this, just ask me.
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

TruthinLove - Someone named Mary White posted on ephesians511Blog.net about your posted advertisement on the internet. And you used to be Lillianna White? I am thinking you are the same person.