Saturday, May 10, 2014

Women Films Her Own Abortion

This is not the video she posted, I refuse to post that and would suggest to my readers to avoid it, but a report about it with the usual spiritually dead talking heads. She looks possessed to me with major signs of what the therapists would call psychopathy and like another useful "tool" for the new world order. She supposedly works in one of those Satanic baby-murdering factories. I find myself wondering if she got pregnant on purpose to put herself on display to the world, so she could appear with make-up and smiling filming her own abortion.

New Jersey Abortion Counselor Films Her Own Abortion

Here's another thing, she has been in horror movies.

"Letts' story went viral today after she penned a Cosmopolitan piece describing her decision to film her abortion and post it on YouTube as an "inspiration" for other women who are scared or guilty about terminating their pregnancy.
However, the most common reaction to the clip was abject disgust given that in the video Letts virtually celebrates killing her baby, smiling and humming throughout the procedure while describing herself as "lucky," enjoying what she later described as "a special memory for me".
At the end of the abortion, Letts blithely exclaims "Yay!....Cool. I feel good," before explaining how she kept a sonogram of the baby as a memento.
Letts' treatment of the abortion, which at the very least should be undertaken in a somber and regretful manner, as some kind of positive achievement prompted widespread denunciation.
Many will find it ironic - or just plain sick - that Letts is an actress who most recently played a role in a late night horror flick called Hallows' Eve, a low budget "slasher" movie in which teenagers are violently murdered by a vengeful killer."

Yes, this definitely is a sign of the times in how evil things are getting and fast. This one was so absolutely sickening to me, I wanted to throw up. Tears came to my eyes out of disgust, horror and sadness over this wicked world.  I felt angry--not all anger is sinful there is righteous anger thinking of the baby who died.  I had to pray. She wrote in Cosmopolitan about doing this, yes the same magazine the Duggar daughters interviewed with not so long ago.


Bible Believer said...

Check out the woman from the "Christian school" on the comments on the Cosmo link. I hope that person is fake, I sure was sickening.

jon cramer said...

I am like you, couldn't even think of watching the video.

Anonymous said...

I saw the comment you were referring to. I don't believe that girl is a true Christian .
This makes me very sad too.
I was left to myself as a teenager and I did indeed bring my mother to shame. Who then drug me off to the abortion clinic.

I was only 14 and I didn't want to go through with it, but when you have your whole family pushing you its hard to stand up for yourself.
I was told I would have to go to an unwed mothers home and my
baby would be taken away from me.
Its funny cause my mom had my brother at 15.
Well I went through with it and it was the scariest most awful
thing that has ever happened to me.

I became severely depressed. And so did the father of the baby ( his family pushed for the murder also).
We turned to drug use and alcohol.

I soon became very rebellious.
I can't believe I even survived.
I was a danger to myself.

After I received our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I grieved realizing the horrible sin I committed.
It is still difficult, you never forget.

But even as a rebellious sinner, who was out of control I not once felt happy or so nonchalant about the lose of the baby and the way it was lost .
I pray for this woman that she would see her sin and repent and turn to Jesus.
And I pray for the women who are encouraged by her to believe that this is some kind of good experience , it will be the worst most regrettable thing in a persons life.
I don't get it.
I don't see how she can act like she just had a tooth pulled or something.

She needs a lot of prayer.

Anonymous said...

Isaiah 5:20 "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

Bible Believer said...

Thanks jon for understanding. yes I was horrified even in discovering this.

I do not believe that commenter is a true Christian either, no one would love abortion [murder] and be of God. Probably someone playing games on purpose for any would be Christians who may come by.

I am so sorry anon, that your family pressured you to get an abortion when you were 14. At that age many teens do not have the wherewithal to stand against parents and families, some of whom threaten to throw them out if they keep the baby. That is terrible the father was even there to stand by you but being young they pressured him as well. Praise God you were born again asked God for His forgiveness. Yes you will know you are forgiven but you will never forget.

Yes we need to pray that this woman is free from her sin, and demons. Also we need to pray for women who will see this and who may start to believe that abortion is no big deal and they can go get one because of this woman's behavior.

Many women regret abortion. One of the biggest things they hide is how women go into depression and grief over what has been done and what they have done.

One of the worse thing about abortion to me is all these would be grandparents helping in the murder of their grandchildren because they have "come too soon".

Imagine how an infertile would view all this, as these people throw away the second generation. This is one thing I never understood, how even your parents wouldn't have thought, that is our grandchild.

Sadly I have even seen "religious" families operate this way if a teen got pregnant out of wedlock.

This is one thing they never talk about the pressure young girls are put under for abortion. A defacto, message of you must go do this. I almost was fired from a job for telling a girl in a social work setting she did not have to go get an abortion. The counselors, parents and the rest all wanted it.

All the best to you and thanks for sharing your story.

good verse anon

Anonymous said...

It is a hard to talk about. But I feel like the truth is far from how this wicked world presents it.
The truth is abortion is murder, and if you do this you are a murderer of your own child.
God has blessed me with children that I don't deserve.
I love them a raise them well. They are all saved and love Jesus with all their heart.

I never thought of how someone who is infertile would feel about abortion. Especially the celebration of it.
It must greive you.
I'm so sorry that you are not able to have children .
I will pray for you.

Thank you for discussing this topic.
So many women have had abortions.
And so many have regretted this decision for the rest of their lives.

It should be illegal.

Bible Believer said...

I think it is better you tell people the truth and what you went through. I think the more women who speak out about how abortion has affected them the better. I am glad God blessed you with more children. I think it should be illegal but I know even those who say they will end abortion--like Republican party don't really plan in doing so. With the abortion pills now that has changed the formula as well. Thanks for your posts, very much. God bless you and keep you.

Anonymous said...

Women have spoken out about how abortion has affected them. Years ago I read the book, Aborted Women: Silent No More. This book is filled with accounts of women who regret their abortions. None of them had the apparently happy-go-lucky attitude of this young woman. They all grieved over their losses and related how their abortions changed their lives -- for the worse.