Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Real Agenda Behind Common Core

The video goes into the crazy worksheets, the fake "guess a close answer" math. One student speaking out against Common Core, is right about it being a "one sized fits all education". The dumbing down and indoctrination of American students continues. A mathematician shares his concerns regarding work with Common Core. He states "There's no research behind it." One admission is that the Russians used a program like this which disappeared after two years! Bill Gates supports Common Core. The video admits the Gates Foundation's help in funding Common Core. Notice the creepy big brother study where they plan to track student's attentions to lessons. The video brings up John Taylor Gatto who has written about the real agendas of education being about social control not real learning warning of the "conscious manipulation of the masses". The question is raised why doesn't billionaire oligarch Bill Gates send his own children to a Common Core school?


Anonymous said...

Why don't our nation's politicians send their children to the public school systems as well, instead of enrolling them in private schools?

The oxymoron is deafening!

But then, public education as a whole is haughty, arrogant, and extremely narcissistic as they actually believe "it takes a village to raise a child." And it is no wonder we have this mentality engrained and embedded in our so called modern west, for immature adults do not want to sacrifice to raise their own children according to our LORD's is far to easy to pass the children onto daycare providers and an increasing trend in communities these days...where the school system now functions as day care providers funded by taxpayer monies.

We have created in essence, the entitlement personality, where everything is expected to the individual without the cost of working, sacrificing, and waiting on our LORD. And those who choose to work hard, mind their own business, and serving our LORD Jesus Christ with our hearts, minds, and souls, are now the individuals that are not only hated by society, but by the harlot church system as well.

With too much time on our hands, the love of man grows increasingly cold in a church age with absolutely no Jesus. May God forgive us for not obeying His Two Main Commandments....Love the LORD and love your neighbor as yourself. Come soon Jesus, come.

Anonymous said...

It was made to be anti-white.

Isn't everything?

Bible Believer said...

I agree the children are being handed over to the village. I saw children when I was young and working in day care, left either under care or school for 12 hours a day. Some never saw their parents or only got them in a very tired form for a few hours. This is having an affect on children in that they are unable to bond or attach in the same way and after decades of this, it's definitely changed people. I pray to God regarding these issues, one can see the coldness in society growing and most now reject Christianity. The NWO desired to destroy family ties and bring in indoctrination and this Common Core stuff is some of the worse.

Bible Believer said...

I have noticed the "anti-white" agenda part of Commie Core, as part of the NWO race-baiting that has grown so immense. Racism is wrong whatever direction it comes. This focus on "white privilege" that Common Core advances as if every white person was wealthy and powerful is part of the NWO programming to get races to turn on each other in resentment and hatred.

Remember how I have often said, the UU church was the practice micro-cosm church of the NWO macro-cosm. I remember the years via liberals where they told me white people were the cause of all the world's problems and far more evil then any other race, by self-hating rich liberals. We had even a DIVERSITY committee in the church. Evil is an equal opportunity employer, it applies to everyone. Now they are bringing this stuff into the mainstream and the schools.

Google white privilege and Common Core and prepare for your mind to be blown.

I have heard that now even STRAIGHT people are considered privileged over homosexuals, they also have the men vs women thing going with all the men being priviledged for being male and so forth and so on. I heard all this garbage in the late 80s in the UU, back then it was just for extreme liberals, now it's moved into the mainstream.

This is all elitist nonsense. These liberals must all be monied to sell this to themselves and others. These are folks untouched by the dying economy who make all the privilege claims.

While UU, I protested this stuff, I told them there are poor white people and that racism can come from all directions not just one. That multiculturalism is a lie and that some cultures do have beliefs I do not agree with or more's I do not value.

Check this out...

professor at New Hampshire’s Granite State College said he helped craft the nation’s Common Core standards because of unearned white “privilege.”

Dr. David Pook told attendees Monday at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics that the “reason why I helped write the standards and the reason why I am here today is that as a white male in society I am given a lot of privilege that I didn’t earn,” the higher education watchdog Campus Reformreported Thursday.

SEE ALSO: MSNBC panel agrees: Being white, straight, male is ‘trifecta of privilege’

Laughs and a few boos resonated throughout the audience after the comment until someone on the panel of speakers called for order.

Mr. Pook is also chair of the history department at the Derryfield School in Manchester, N.H. Campus Reform reported that tuition at Derryfield, which is 91 percent white, is $28,535 per year.

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This is to increase hatred between races and violence and the chaos they desire. Why do you think some of that knock-out games stuff is happening. Some of those inner city young people have been hearing this stuff now for years and applying it. Divide and conquer the NWO loves this stuff and I even read recently Obama wants to give native Hawaiians special treatment in Hawaii, making things balkanized in that state.