Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sarah Palin Supports Waterboarding

Just another part of the false right and new world order pushing "waterboarding", probably another technique used in Inquisition dungeons centuries ago to put people through near drowning. I knew 10 years ago when the right was starting to defend torture, the nation was going full bore into evil, no more standing for anything that was moral. She states "Waterboarding is how you baptize terrorists." Palin always gave me the willies, I believe she could be an mk ultra type used for different agendas. Years ago I watched her reality show a few times--out of curiosity, the strange house with rooms with glass walls, the manic activity, the oddly named children, the youngest one with a suspect birth history and gung-ho outdoorsmanship all seemed like one big Psych-Op. Sure she is more yesterday's news now, but many on the right still praise her.


FaithGuy3 said...

I read recently that one of her Alaska Supreme Court nominees ended up being one of OBAMA's appealate court nominees a couple of years ago - pt of this? This judge happened to be PRO-ABORTION.

She also made Christianity look foolish when she ran for VP 6 years ago - she showcased her daughter Bristol who had a child out of wedlock. Even worse, the Apostate Church(ie-Rapture Ready, Freerepublic, etc) acted like the "liberal" media was slandering Palin and her daughter. Seriously - if I had a daughter who had a child out of wedlock, I would do EVERYTHING possible to shield her from the public! What she did was shameless!

I had no idea of the NWO 6 years ago, but nonetheless something didn't seem right when some inexperienced governor from Alaska(of all places) was asked to be on the VP ticket. For one, no one cares about the state of Alaska. And two, it's usually the other way around(where inexperienced Prez candidates choose experienced running mates). I know these elections are rigged, but nonetheless pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer said...

I have read intheknow and about Sarah Palin. I will leave the link up--lots of information there but please do be careful on that website. [possible controlled opp?] They do have a lot of blame the Jews links on there though there is a lot of Vatican exposure too. I believe she is a possible mind control asset. I agree with them about the theories regarding Trig. I read a Sarah Palin biography and her story about the birth right in the book didn't add up.

Bible Believer said...

Hmm a pro-abortion judge? Did Palin nominate that one?

I believe they used her to make Christianity look foolish. If you think about it she helped pave the way for Obama to get in. I think pushing her daughter in the public eye to be shamed and humiliated was a huge problem, as well as the seeking of celebrity on reality shows. Even now you see the apostate right, STILL praise this woman. Yes she was most likely a shill with McCain, and of course so was Romney to hand it all to Obama. She was used as well to help the cause of Dominionism.

Anonymous said...

There is a popular Bible study circulating our area churches called "Fight Like a Girl" by Lisa Bevere. What amazes me to no end is the fact that women are increasingly becoming more bold with their mouths and advocates/followers of the violence movement - "Take back America for god and restore it to what is once was." And I fear for the next generation our culture is raising; especially the young ladies.....their mouths are full of trash calling other girls "whores", the "B" word, "losers", let alone all of the derogatory comments used to put down their is all so blatantly disgusting!

I am not speaking about all of those unchurched unbelievers out there, these are church women and their daughters! By today's standards, much of this is labeled bullying....however, by our LORD'S very own Word, this is called "sin."

The "militant" woman is being embraced by the church with Bible studies, poor women leaders in the church (meddling/gossiping busybodies who do not have their own homes in godly order), and a lack of godly respect and Christ-like love on the part of the males within the church walls. There are times when it is so very easy to see and understand why women have become this way as the males have fallen away from their first Love, Jesus Christ, in treating women like dirt with their sarcastic speech, sex symbol-like comments, and a narcissistic presence that screams of dominionism/human idolatry in and of itself! I personally take offense when I hear my male church peers sit around the Bible study table and blame "feminism" for the downfall of our country when in fact, they have failed to "lead" according our LORD'S precepts. It is far easier to be lazy and sit back on their couches behind their big screen TV, or go the bars with their buddies leaving their wives home with the children, or let the wife handle the responsibilities of the household operation leaving them free to do their "fun in the sun things" like fishing, ball playing, what have you.

And this affects our churches, for when it comes down to many churches concerning discipline, the males have literally cowered as they want to be "liked" and just want to "laugh and have fun."
Meanwhile, the women are left to do some disciplining...and this is done through gossip, tale bearing, lying, and slandering used to control and manipulate whomever crosses their "queen bee" status.

It is easy to condemn Sara Palin for what and whom she represents, and in all honest here folks, isn't she simply a representation of what most of our churches have become......a harlot prostituting the ways of man rather than the true Way, Jesus Christ?

Bible Believer said...

I have noticed women are being told to be tough and strong like men more and more, and unless you are tough as nails, and can fight it out like the best of them, there is no respect for you.

They seem to want women to more and more like men, warriors, tough, etc and yes they use the nasty words to put down other girls.

Yes I think the women have become like this because of men walking away from Jesus Christ too, those who blame feminism should look at themselves and their own failures.

Hey even with Sarah Palin, she pushed the lascivious dress while acting like a tough outdoorsman for the public.

Lillianna White said...

Yes, I noticed this too. Also working in schools. If you are not 'macho' they don't respect you, etc.

I have always been very feminine and refuse to compromise who I am for societies' norms and NWO agendas. God made me this way, and I enjoy it!

Totally agree, the men have fallen down on their job and slacked off with the worldly sinners, leaving the women to hold the fort and keep the family together and the household functioning, and then they develop traits to cope. They get disgruntled but all men can do is blame feminism instead of looking in the mirror and pulling their weight. Men who are not saved are one thing (they meet up over beer at bars bragging about their contests of how they got their 'woman' to do all the housework and the tricks they pulled to get out of it, etc.), but the saved men?!?

I am so tired of everyone's excuses! If you are saved you need to be walking the walk in every way, including in the home. Everyone wants to cut the believers a blank check and excuse them walking in the ways of the world because of all these apostate puppets in the church endorsing worldliness for all sorts of wrong reasons. Newly saved people are one thing, but when it's been years?!?

This is one of the biggest disgraces in the church today, and a poor witness!

Bible Believer said...

Thanks I am glad you noticed this too Lilianna. I even am in book groups sometimes and they always point out how STRONG the female heroine was. While to me she seems cold and to lack emotion. Have to be careful of that fiction too. I don't think I am very feminine but I am too feminine and "girly" acting for the feminists of the world. That much I know.

I do believe men are supposed to protect and provide for the family. Too many women are being put in the roles [beyond necessity that may force them there] that men once held.

One thing I am really against, I can't remember if I posted against it on this blog or not is women being in combat, yes they approved that recently.

Lillianna White said...

I agree!

(Record for the shortest comment ever by me...)
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