Friday, May 23, 2014

Right and Left Deception Cartoon

Remember this game is played in every nation with different parties and of course more overall with the Communism vs. Capitalism game.


FaithGuy3 said...

Even with those who are aware of this whole NWO false left/right paradigm - can't tell you how much I hear this "But I can't believe Christians would even think about voting Democrat!" nonsense.

Seriously - just to put it in perspective - it was REPUBLICANS who FIRST pushed abortion...Prescott Bush and Barry "the father of conservatism" Goldwater way back in the 50's, and then Ronald Reagan's policies when he was governor of CA opened the door for Roe V Wade to become law in the 70's(and his appointment of Sandra Day O'Conner to the USSC all but sealed Roe V Wade).

And forget the Florida election fiasco in 2000 - if it(again) weren't for Reagan's policies in CA(pushed for massive gun control laws, Amnesty, etc), California would STILL be a RED state(IOW, that election would have been called for Bush II by 10pm Central that night if otherwise, and none of this overtime election mess would have happened, and electronic voting machines wouldn't have been on anyone's minds in the future).

As for Obamacare? Forget about the part where as way back as FDR wanted socialized medicine. Nixon wanted it too. And for that matter too - these "truth" movement types like Jesse Ventura and Mike Rivero have pushed for it. And isn't tax payer abortions in Romneycare? WHOOPS!

Anyhow - like said, yes I'm aware of the whole fake left/right paradigm - but nonetheless look how much damage the fake-GOP paradigm did to help usher in Obama and all of this liberalism when all was said and done.

And for that matter too - look how they put in another paradigm...The TEA PARTY - which has been nothing but another fake puppet show to entertain the masses(including injecting more wars into the GOP).

N4TM said...

bravo Faith Guy 3 you nailed it.
Interesting cartoon pic.
I figured out this left right thing was two sides of the same coin long ago. Last Election I could not in good conscious vote for Romney so I abstained from voting. Let me tell you a few Christian "Sisters" chewed me up and spit me out over it. Left a burn from the "lamp" but I recovered. Some people miss the plank in their eye and don't want to see the evils of the "Conservative Religious Right." Truth be told, they do as much evil as the Left. Let's not forget the Republican Majority Association of Governors pushed through Common Core...evil libertarian/fiscal conservative/moral liberal mega millions support it. But silly Christian Conservatives who believe everything they're told think it's a Liberal movement. sigh. politics stink