Sunday, May 18, 2014

Punishment Growing for Politically Incorrect Speech

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Have you noticed that the punishment for politically incorrect speech is growing? Whether it be over rude racial comments or protests against homosexuality?

You ever wonder why all these people in the media always bow down before the liberal juggernaut, and never protest? Is that part of the game as they all bow before this nonsense as sacrificial lambs?

Look at this story:

Miami Dolphins Fine, Suspend Player for Tweeting 'OMG' and 'Horrible' After Michael Sam Kisses Boyfriend on TV

If you had the bad experience of seeing the new nauseating NFL promotion of homosexuality on TV, you probably would agree with this guy's sentiment.

 So now you can't dislike and or publically reject homosexuality without having your job affected? Guess not. Here is another forced to go to "sensitivity training" and bowing to apologize like crazy. Right now organizations will just punish by suspensions, firings and forced trainings but just wait until that becomes the law.

  Have you noticed a trend here, all these people put on public trial and for having the "wrong" kind of speech? I don't condone racism but there is a reason we have had the public punishment parade for would be racists and actual racists. [Clive, Bundy, Deen].  Deen seemed to have some true problems however with one of them at least, the statement seemed misconstrued. They knew the race card would shut the guy down flat. Political correctness as intimidation in America. Say one wrong thing and you're out the door.

The New World order wants to mandate speech. The more they can bring forth public outrage, people will be crying for certain types of speech to be outlawed closing the prison doors on everyone. They also have their own economic and political agendas when it comes to playing the race and political correctness game. No one will ever say China is too Chinese but they will insist America must be as "diverse" as possible to let in millions of immigrants into our troubled economy for them to profit.

But wait a minute, have you noticed another change? This one is more subtle, people are now being punished for speech in the "official" removal of jobs, assets, businesses, suspensions and enforced diversity trainings to keep employment. It's not just public scorn or being called out, now there awaits punishments beyond just losing business naturally in offending people. America hasn't gone the way yet of Europe and Canada in outlawing speech against homosexuality or other politically incorrect comments, but it's coming.

Political correctness is a disease.

Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

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Within His Word said...

It will soon be a "crime" to speak the truths of the Bible. This is already happening in Europe.

Bible Believer said...

I agree. You can be arrested and fined now for speaking out against homosexuality today in Europe. Even to ask why Europe is being taken over by immigrants is enough to get yourself in legal trouble as well. Their freedom of speech is gone and ours is rapidly diminishing.

Anonymous said...

The west is slowly becoming a policed state where ironically, those who profess to be followers of Jesus are leading and joining the very movement that desires total control over human beings. The religious systems created by man, have already sold out to government of this world, including our own in the U.S.
The 501 c status is a clear indicator of such a merge and we do well to remember this in the coming days, for the church has no loyalty to true believers in Jesus Christ.

We concern ourselves with governments monitoring and controlling our speech patterns, however, satan is working his wicked ways quite well amongst church goers...the secrets, the lies, the slander, the gossip amongst those who profess Christ far outweighs the "sins" of those we call unbelievers.

Point of reference; when a follower of Christ calls out the heretics of our day or says "the book and movie "Heaven is For Real" blasphemes the Bible (freedom of speech is exhibited here), then those religious folks who love bombed you when you entered their church (they could see your money trail filling their coffers), will turn on you like a hungry wolf ravaging its prey.

The church folks dearly love all things heretical, all the while denying Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Anonymous said...

Continued from above.....

Please allow me to give you an example of church practices of our day...sometimes the control and manipulation is subtle and other times blatantly obvious.

"A church deaconess made it her goal to get to know our family in this particular church system. I chose to share with this woman some of the ministries I listen to on the internet and the blogs I choose to read in addition to my own study of our Scriptures.

Immediately, I was chastised by this "seasoned" woman and I quote, "You must be very careful which ministries you listen too on the internet for they could lead you astray." Since she boasts of being a charismatic and hearing God's voice on a regular basis, I chose to not respond by defending my ground as she has a history of talking down to us "lesser spiritual people." That very same Sunday, after the church service, I learned from one of her Monday morning Bible study attendees, that they were watching the "Todd Bentley" revival down in Lakeland via televised internet during their study time together.

After belonging to this church for years, watching and learning of their manipulative and controlling ways (I now believe it is a functioning cult), I set out on a journey to find out who this Todd Bentley was and what he believed.....and I was absolutely shocked! How could this woman discipline me, when in effect, her own spiritual house was in such sin....."the you can preach it sister syndrome, but you can't live it in your own life."

Beware of those who control and manipulate you in church systems where double standards exist, for those in clergy and leadership positions will have far more freedom than those who they believe are ignorant pew sitters.

For some reason, I am not worried about the governments of this world, for we know they are ungodly, my main concern however, is the subtle power and spiritual abuse exhibited in most churches; the double standard so to speak.

"A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways." And this goes for the church as well, where there is less freedom of speech than in the outside world.

Anonymous said...

"For some reason, I am not worried about the governments of this world, for we know they are ungodly, my main concern however, is the subtle power and spiritual abuse exhibited in most churches; the double standard so to speak"

Spot on! Beware the counterfeit spirit.

Anonymous said...

"Point of reference; when a follower of Christ calls out the heretics of our day or says "the book and movie "Heaven is For Real" blasphemes the Bible (freedom of speech is exhibited here), then those religious folks who love bombed you when you entered their church (they could see your money trail filling their coffers), will turn on you like a hungry wolf ravaging its prey."

There are certainly people out there, that don't like anyone discerning anything.

Take, for example, this exchange on the "official" Calvary Chapel page, which would presumably represent all Calvary Chapels:

When it was pointed out that Tim Keller is a universalistic false teacher, an official Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa "pastor" ridiculed the people exposing, and revealed himself as an emergent church false teacher.

Calvary Chapel has gone emergent, and nobody will stop it, apparently.

Anonymous said...

In most church systems I have observed a strange phenomenon....only the clergy and leadership system, whether it is a deacon, deaconess, church board, or elder system, clearly has freedom of speech far beyond the lower laity, or lower caste system.

Having come out of an abusive charismatic/pentecostal church, I can personally testify to using and abusing God, the Holy Spirit, as a way and means to control and manipulate people into participating in the wickedness that lies therein.......

And at the end of the day, when the arrogant and haughty pastor strolls back and forth across the stage and acuses a few of the women in his church of having a "jezebel spirit" (for these women do not worship, adore, nor follow this pastor, keeping a godly, healthy distance from this man for they knos something is not right there) and making direct eye contact with he is accusing, then we have a problematic cult in the making.

......and two weeks later, this man was asked to leave the church for "hitting on" several married women in our congregation. Many of the adults knew of his lusting perversions, but did not have any courage whatsoever to confront the sin, instead, these leadership individuals chose to insult and demean the women that came forward with their true accusations. In the end, it took a child of one of the women this perverted pastor was lusting after to approach the church board with her mother's cell phone text messages from the pastor as evidence of the evil that was taking place.

A child with courage to do the right thing.....imagine that. So please know, dear readers, that within our government institutional churches, we have a caste system indeed that is no different than caste systems within third world countries. For the lower laity in our churches are considered "goats" and "unsaved" when they follow Jesus Christ as the Head of their faith, instead of following the wickedness of clergy or leadership.

The abuse, whether spiritual or carnal, is rampant within our churched system, and when spirit filled believers do no play the relgious games of men, you will be led to the slaughter house.

The only hope for the ekklesia, the called out ones, is the Hope that lies in Christ alone, and not that of any man, woman, nor church or government systems. May God have mercy upon our souls.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the govts of this world have always been wicked, I would worry too about the churches mostly and the fact that in many cases they have married with the ungodly governments carrying out wicked agendas.

Those Heaven is for real movies are dangers and sadly most Christians lacking discernment praise them. I have some good Christian fellowship now but have been around those who do not discern and grow angry at those who do. Warning of things among Calvary Chapelites on one message board years ago taught me a few lessons, in fact that is not a friendly circle for discernment at all.
Thanks for showing me that Calvary Chapel link, I can tell where things are going there. I do not know much about Keller but all the Albert Mohler stuff says it all.

I consider Calvary Chapel Emergent now...

Hey everyone married to Rome behind the scenes basically IS.

Saw this comment...

"Craig, you are regurgitating the talking points of discernment ministry blogs. I would encourage you to actually listen and read some Keller stuff so that you are working with the source. To suggest that he is emergent or preaching a social gospel does not commend your familiarity with his content.

Chuck often recommended reformed authors as good sources for sermon prep... Lloyd-Jones would be a good example.

One of the points behind the Link-Fest is to express the fact that Calvary Chapel is not reclusive from the Christian world and does not need to be exclusive. We can engage with others outside of our tribe and benefit from them.

I appreciate your specificity, even though I think your facts are wrong. Got to run to a meeting..."

I find it interesting Chuck Smith recommended reformed {Calvinist} teachers too.

Bible Believer said...

I've seen the weird freedom of speech thing in false churches. If you talk too much about anything you upset the powers that be and they want you out then. I certainly saw all those covenants where they told people they could not speak out against the pastor or disagree with him. All that power mongering stuff is just wrong.

Yes if they are calling out the women as jezebels for disagreeing with him that is a serious problem and going into cult land. It sounds like he was trying to control information so his bad behavior would not get out. Sociopaths and narcissists and those handed over to the devil run rampant over people with other's enabling cowardice helping them to do so.

I agree Jesus Christ is our only Hope. Blind obedience and acceptance of evil are sins against Him.