Thursday, May 1, 2014

How US Corporations Profit off Prisoners

[warning RT video, but this stuff is really happening...]

Think all those draconian drug laws may have a purpose? Think the failed drug war continues for a reason? This way the corporations can get workers who make only a few dollars a day instead of those who must be paid far more. While there is a reason for society to be protected from the violent such as rapists and murderers, locking up people for 25-30 year sentences for non-violent crimes is wrong and worrisome when those doing so have a profit motive. It's not just the privates who use prison labor either.

America locks up the most people in the world by far. Think about all the outside people not getting jobs, because prisoners are working these jobs for far cheaper. Also this gives the system more incentive to lock people up and for longer periods of time, because profit will be made. This is a new slave system through the backdoor.

 This is a subject never dealt with in most "Christian" circles where for most, the right wing part of the new world order has led them to have no compassion for the prisoner and love for the police state.

Matt 25:39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?


Within His Word said...

Wow, what a great point. Very astute observation. A little weed in your car means 20 years in prison, and therefore 20 years of free labor, thus further demolishing the economy.

And yes, even Christians demonize the prisoners, but we're all sinners and all deserving of the lake of fire, which is the ultimate prison, whereas we avoid it by believing in Jesus Christ.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Within His Word. Yes and those who write the laws for there to be 20 years for weed profit or get pay outs from those profiting off the years of the prisoners free labor. I would say that outsourcing is not just the reason for all the lost jobs but this too. I agree about the prisoners being demonized and that hell is the ultimate PRISON that only Jesus Christ can save us from.

Lillianna White said...

Right, I heard this too. It's like a 'whitewashed' labor camp and it is slave labor. That's what I thought too, just find any excuse to lock them up, it's a greedy corporation's dream come true!

FaithGuy3 said...

Yes, there have been MANY factors that is leading to the global collapse of the economy - IOW, don't buy into all of this misdirection that it's largely Obama's policies(whether it's Obamacare or whatever).

No, I'm not saying Obama gets a free pass or anything, but nonetheless look at the BIG picture over why it's getting harder to find employment(this being one of them).

Another reason is that the attitudes of the Millenial generation(ie-they want their ways completely at work, even though employers will bend backwards and forwards for them by giving them "perks"). Employers even are hesitating to hire them b/c of their attitude - and this is unfortunate b/c they are technology savy(and therefore have a lot to bring to the table).

Anyhow - didn't mean to sidestep this thread, but wanted to add to this too over why the global economy is in its final throes now(others being the accumulation of billions in debt by the Federal Reserve, this "American Dream" LIE, unjust wars spent for billions overseas, etc). And now THIS.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this has been going on for YEARS. There are a couple of books that speak on it. One is called "The new Jim Crow," and the other one is called "Slavery by another name: The re-enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II."

Bible Believer said...

Yes New Jim crow and re-enslavement. The NWO used all the hip-hop gangster brainwashing and incited drug wars for a reason.

Of course now many other races too are being scooped up into the new prison industrial complex.

All this started way before Obama, yes I agree. Obama is just the latest puppet.

Often prison comes to those who can't afford justice, and well now that we know they have a profit motive to draconian laws and lock up who they can.