Saturday, April 26, 2014

Video Warning about the Whosoevers

Found this video at Ephesians 5:11 blog

It looks like someone else decided to expose the Whosoevers, the more the better!

Galatians 4 articles exposing The Whosoevers


atmo joyo said...

Hi BB,

I was a rock fans for 15 years before i burned all my music casette.
I only want to share my experience,mostly christian think that only lyrics,symbols,backword masking that could be dangerous,
But everything in rock,metal,blues etc are dangerous ;

lyrics blasphemes against Jesus christ

2.backword masking
used to hurtle mind into a state of enlightenment (demonic oppression)

3.master album in temple
When an artist makes a record, they take master record to occult temple room,ask devil to follow every record and every tape
coming off of the master

satanic symbols in music albums

5.All kind of musics
African occultism and black magic rhythms,modalities and styles of lyrics has thoroughly influences Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,Rap,
Thrash,blues,jazz and rhythm and blues,pop etc

Use of monotonous or repetitive lyrics to produce an almost hypnotic effect.
Im NOT saying that chorus are satanic,but only they are beginning in Egypt(doctrinal content). (magical technology of sound) (used also in HAARP or blue beam project)
Musicians trained under bard(druid),they teach magic of sound in music and poetry
evil music impact on the human soul in the harmonics, tonalities, and melodies of the music
these sound attract evil power (also in games,movies etc)

Exodus 32:17-18
17 And when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted, he said unto Moses, There is a noise of war in the camp.
18 And he said, It is not the voice of them that shout for mastery, neither is it the voice of them that cry for being overcome:
but the noise of them that sing do I hear.

Lillianna White said...

Yes, this is true.

Okay, I gotta bring another bag of goodies out. I did some background research in this area too before and anyone else can access the same information by looking up the same things that I will share here.

Not too long ago I came across this little jelly bean: The 'Christian' music company called Maranatha music (started by Calvary Chapel CM) was funded by the Illuminati, and checks for millions were brought to the organization as a whole from the Illuminati via a handler named John Todd, until he converted to Christianity and 'spilled the beans.' He talks a lot about how it's not even so much the lyrics, but the sounds of the music itself, the beats and such, that are in tune with the devil and cast a spell on people over time. He also said that since then he refused to listen to any rock-n-roll at all, only 'worship music' that wasn't tainted. He said the game plan was to introduce these rock-n-roll rhythms and beats into Christian music, resulting in 'contemporary' Christian music. So, there is so much going on behind the scenes, how the occult world is trying to hypnotize, seduce, and brainwash both believers and nonbelievers via all sorts of avenues. We must not take anything for granted, but be on guard. Also, the powers that be have tried to discredit him big time. You can google his name and any related key word and it should produce the info. for further investigation. I don't remember if I agreed with everything, but this is noteworthy to know about. There was also another guy; Fritz Springmeier who I remember running into in related searches too.

Not all is what it seems to be.


atmo joyo said...

GOD bless you too Lillianna

Iam agreed,the most dangerous part is the music itself,i had read John Todd testimony too.

Lucifer is a fallen angel who was the head of the ministry of music in Heaven.

History of Nimrod,it is evident that he led mankind to seek pleasures of sin and had used music and song in his rituals

Every pagan had music to accompany rituals
In every land,bloody worship (human sacrifices) in Greece, Rome, Egypt, Phoenicia, Assyria,Druids in scotland etc.
Human victims were most acceptable offerings with the sweetest music in his ears (Lucifer)

In Egypt, for the song of Osiris, a peculiar melody seems to have been used,priest repeated the seven vowels in the form of hymns,
and that musicians were forbid to enter it.

Ancient Celts,Bards were actually used to ward off invaders. Julius Caesar reported that Druid musicians were able to
raise blisters on the skin of his troops with their singing from miles away.

When Gregory introduced into the Church of Rome what are now called the Gregorian Chants, he got them from the Chaldean mysteries,
which had long been established in Rome;
admits that these chants were largely composed of "Lydian and Phrygian tunes" (Classical Tour), Lydia and Phrygia being among the chief seats
in later times of those mysteries, of which the Egyptian mysteries were only a branch. These tunes were music of gods.
This is why Gregorian-style chant is used in most high satanic rituals this day. These tonalities attract evil power.

These musics have been used for thousand years for rituals worshiping satan and succesfully Hypnotize mankind.
And now everyday we use among ourselves as the name of the musical scales and styles,
Under secret manipulation,satan used now in modern music (rock,metal,blues,jazz,pop etc).
It is physics mixed with the BLACKEST of magic

About christian rock music;I would ask,can you use the devil’s music to get folks saved ? (Hosea 4:6) (1 Corinthians 10:21)

Hosea 4:6
6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee,
that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

1 Corinthians 10:21
21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.

FaithGuy3 said...

Forget all of the bread and circus Caesar has thrown at the masses to distract everyone from what's really going on...

Even worse, look at all of the rotten bread and circus they're throwing WITHIN these church walls!

Lillianna White said...

Hi atmo!

Right on. That is what they don't want people (or Christians) to know.

Also, it is interesting in Daniel when they had the statue, the people were supposed to bow down at the sound of the music (and the 3 didn't, Daniel was smart and stayed away altogether!)

There is an interesting passage (I think it's Isaiah 14) about the devil and music too.


Yeah, I was always turned off by the rock music in churches.

Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Thank-You for the comments posted here and the information your present. I learned much and can agree with most of it.

I used to listen to Marantha music-I had no idea from whence it came and so many of the churched surrounding me really tries hard to influence me into going to these mass song fests organized by "Christian" leaders in communities. Some friends of ours thought they were "witnessing" when they took us to one of these organized fests in a nearby city, where thousands visited within a 3 day period....this is what I saw and exaggerations here....
and not from a self righteous perspective....

1) Entering through the gates (no admission fee here as it is advertised as free), I saw the massive stage and surrounding the make shift area, wagons and booths of food venders and souvenier shacks...the vendors sold greasy, unhealthy food, and the souveniers were your typical Christian junkets sold for prophet.....looking around the thousands that were in attendance, greasy food was not what we should have been purchasing as there is clearly a gluttony issue amongst those who profess to be Christians (sorry here, I know you will never hear a sermon on our bodies being the temple of God, the Holy Spirit, and the issue of gluttony as if may offend people and they would not attend the church any long-far easier to preach to the choir on issues such as abortion and homosexuality to keep the coffers full to overflowing) and do we really need more junk with what are considered Christian symbols to "show the world" that we are followers of Jesus Christ?

Did Jesus where a T-shirt with His name on it or a cross necklace? Did the Apostles and Disciples where bracelets with "What would Jesus do" on their wrists? Or perhaps they "lived the Gospel" and people took notice without the tattoos and such! Just sayin.....

2) There were several stages on the acres of ground donated to hold this music children attended what is called "alternative Christian music", so I had to garner a visit to experience what this was as I had never heard that term before.....what I saw was this, and I am not exaggerating here....

The band was dressed in black clothing, with black stringy haircuts in strange styles, dark makeup around some of the band members' eyes, tattooed arms, and loud, screeching music with supposedly chrisitan lyrics (I couldn't tell for understanding them was impossible!) and did I mention the word LOUD?; it was beyond that.....and the band jumped up and down, danced wildly putting on quite a show...and the young people in what is called a mosh pit (can't recall reading of a mosh pit in the Bible-God must have forgotten to share this is how we are to worship Him), were dancing wildly and yelling/screaming and singing with the band....they seemed to know the lyrics (I guess I'm not that sharp of a tack).

Mid-day, one of my children approached us and was laughing about the young man that was knocked down in the mosh pit (accidentally) and was trampled, receiving a broken elbow and was ambulanced to the nearest child was laughing about it....I WAS SO ASHAMED BEFORE MY LORD.....and have since learned from others concerning more serious injuries in the mosh pit during other similar songfests....someday, someone is going to get killed during their euphoric worship to an unknown god!

Just sayin.......where has the common sense from so called Christian leaders gone....south with the geese?


Anonymous said...

Lilliana, could you please explain why you mentioned Fritz Springmeier in connection with this topic?

Anonymous said...

Lilliana, can I please exhort you to be more careful in your research and the direction you are leading the readers of this blog.

Certainly we know there is a dark side to the contemporary "Christian" music. But to carry it to the extreme you have is giving more glory to Satan than we should give him.

For instance, you mention Fritz Springmeier - he travels the circles of the likes of Alex Jones and the conspiracy theorists on the fringe. Many people get caught up in this web that can only lead to delving into dark places where God doesn't want us to go because it is not productive and can even be harmful.

Yes, BB is right to expose the "Whoevers" and other things but she is careful and discerning not to go too far into the pit.

A warning should be put out to avoid Springmeier, Alex Jones and others of their ilk. Sorry I can't think of the word used to describe their types, but they are to be avoided by believers who are interested in the truth of the Word of God.

This is meant as a kind rebuke to a sister who means well. I hope it is received in the spirit in which it is given.

Anonymous said...

3) A gentleman by the name of Lincoln Brewster was one of the big names listed as was a group called the Newsboys. I do not know the "whose who" amongst Christian bands here so I may sound offensive, please know, my intentions are not to offend the person, per se, but the system. I do not watch the humanistic "Dove Awards" disguised as praising our LORD, but in essence is the same garbage man idolatry as the MTV awards, or any other "see god what I have done for you thing."

Mr. Brewster showed pictures of his wife and family on the "big screen" as he gave his personal the picture of his wife came up, the men in the crowd were a whistling and a hooting as Mr. Brewster's pride swelled he said and I quote, "I know, she's hot isn't she!" wow.
I sure hope those wives and girlfriends weren't offended as their men whistled at the physical beauty of that man's wife, sure wouldn't make for a friendly ride home.

The Newsboys were the main attraction for winding down the songfest and by the time they appeared I had a major headache from all of the excessive loud music of the head was in extreme pain/migraine symptoms.
Evidently the former lead singer was retired so they featured a new lead, wearing some of the tightest jeans I have seen on a man/and this was before the skinny jeans fashion became popular. As he sang, the crowd cheered and at the end of the evening, the worshipful crowd demanded more of from their idols. So the newsboys performed two more songs with the last one by our favorite Christian songwriter/performer....Elvis Presley. That secular song summed up the spirit of that worship to it fullest.....and the crowds loved it so.

4) Did I miss something attending this pep fest and was I just "not getting it?"

What was missing from this whole display was the "Gospel of Jesus Christ." No Biblical Gospel was presented, no Bible was even opened to preach and teach us believers nor witness to the unbelievers. Oh yes, we heard several personal testimonies, but the One True Witness is found in our Scriptures and it is Him that we need to be reading and meditating upon for salvation, not our testimonies. When man's testimonies and experiences exceed Jesus Christ, and when the name of Jesus is eliminated from these Christian gatherings, then it becomes clear whom we are paying homage too.

No Gospel. No Witness for Jesus. No Repentance. No mention of eternal destination of heaven or hell.

4) I did have the opportunity to visit the souvenier tent and was tempted to get an airbrushed tattoo (for money) of my favorite Christian icon and almost bought a T-shirt with "The Newsboys" picture on it so I could advertise their amazing popularity for free, (they would love the free advertising to increase their music sales/mammon for sure), but then I thought I should probably save my money and use it to purchase some powerful aspirin, chicken soup for my fever and aching bones, and ear plugs just in case our "Christian friends think they are witnessing to me by taking me to another one of their man centered, oops I mean Christian, song fests.

At the end of the day, was our LORD really impressed with such a spectacle? Did this really worship Him in spirit and truth? And was this event really edifying to His church for the purpose of building up the true body of Jesus Christ?
I guess I'm out of touch for enjoying that hymn of old on the organ played by our elderly neighbor....."Amazing Grace." But then again, I can understand the words, sing with my less pleasing sounding singing voice (my dog enjoys my hymn singing though as long as I am itching him behind the ear), and my spirit is edified by God, the Holy Spirit, in rejoicing in His Glorious gift of salvation, Jesus Christ.

Bible Believer said...

Atmo, I threw away a bunch of CDs when I was saved. Even with music videos of the "lighter bands" everything was marked for the occult. They hide so much in the lyrics too, esoteric meanings and well some are direct in their hatred for Christianity and Jesus Christ.

I know music has an affect, I believe even the beats do it. When I was young among all the bad music I listened to was "dance" electronic music, aka "trance?" and I think it does put people in a trance.

Have you ever read this one..

"In April 1990, a Christian from Zimbabwe, Africa, arrived for his first visit to the United States. He is a native missionary under the Awana Youth Association.

When he turned on a Christian radio station and listened to the music, he was shocked. Here is his report:

"I am very sensitive to the beat in music, because when I was a boy, I played the drums in our village worship rituals. The beat that I played on the drum was to get the demon spirits into the people. When I became a Christian, I rejected this kind of beat because I realized how damaging it was. When I turned on a Christian radio station in the United States, I was shocked. The same beat that I used to play to call up the evil spirits is in the music I heard on the Christian station"

- Stephen Maphosah, Zimbabwe, Africa

Yes sound is used in the occult. Anyone remember the movie Dune where the hero, would modulate his voice to a certain note, and then gain powers of destruction? They know they can do things with sound.

Bible Believer said...

I have read Fritz Springmeier literature online. I would suggest DON'T. I have delved into some dark areas I do not even post about because I have the belief, that there is enough controlled opp out there they can mess with your mind big time. Some of these folks, I bet even include triggering words for the ones who have been mind controlled within the text.

I have read PARTS of the "Illuminati Formula to Create An Undectable Mind Control Slave" Be As Wise as Serpents. I have to admit there were parts I skipped or glommed over, feeling that there was something wrong with the text. On one chapter, I forget which of his books it was, the things being discussed were so evil, God told me not to read further.

A person just discovering the new world order, will go find Springmeier and Alex Jones out there. It can take time to see that these things while they have some truths, the powers that be let only some information leak out they want and mix it with enough lies. Alex Jones, as folks know I have exposed on here multiple times. John Todd too is another one, people will come across. I am not sure what to make of John Todd but find myself thinking personally he was some kind of used "gate-keeper" allowing some truths but misleading in other ways. They have lots of gatekeepers out there and it took me time to realize it to.

So I am glad someone warned Lillianna, but I know making sense of all this stuff too takes time. Life alone can bring enough evil in itself--dealing with Satan's children not to go looking for more. One thing be careful of delving too deep into evil. I do expose evil here, but we have to watch that line for ourselves. I think it is important to know [knowing mind control exists and the lies of the father of lies is important], but there is a line where some of the websites and more will start influencing you where one sees only darkness. All I can say is this world is more evil then anyone can even dream but a Christian has to protect their mind too led by God.

1 Peter 1:13

King James Version (KJV)

13 Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;

I wrote this article regarding this topic.

Bible Believer said...

Faith Guy I agree, they have enough bad stuff within the churches too. With the Whosoevers promoting Korn, now they have a teaming up of the inside stuff with the over outside wicked music.
Yes I know about the music fests I see so many Christians going to these things and so excited over the latest Christian rock concert. Some people I know even travel hundreds of miles to go to the latest and greatest Christian festival.

Thanks for sharing with us what one was like. I have never been to one.
That is too bad, they sold all the "merchandise" and bad food but it does not surprise me. For all the talk they do officially about people eating right, bad food is far easier to buy isn't it? I was always disgusted by these shows on tv that showed competitive eating and think Satan is behind that stuff. Don't get me started on my belief, about how they are putting things in the food to fatten up the population for population control.

They sell all these products and directly merchandise Christianity. I've been in enough Christian stores to see the stuff. I don't think everyone is wicked who may buy a magnet with a bible verse on it, but there are many selling goods in the temple so to speak making merchandise of people.

The goth looking "Christian" band does not surprise me. I have written on here, skim through a copy of Relevant, a Christian music magazine, and see how the bands are all dressed like the world and the "cool" bands, they all copy mainstream rock. They all copy the same arrogant, narcissistic sneers, same dress, and "we are so cool" ethos.

I always wonder how many people will go deaf from these concerts. Maybe that is part of the idea.

I am sorry your child was laughing about the man who got hurt, I hope you dealt with this child and addressed the lack of empathy for the injured party with them. Mosh pits are wicked, and more about people trying to be dominant and push others over. There too they copy the world--alternative and punk music, punk is where the moshing stuff originated. People get hurt all the time. The people who plan these events want the chaos and desire to whip up crowds into a frenzy [not enough for a riot but to keep them from thinking and helping with the conformity] instead of there being peace.

Bible Believer said...

I agree Dove Awards equal the same man elevating stuff with MTV awards etc.

With Mr. Brewster, allowing other men to whistle at his wife, that is disturbing. Some of these men seem more intent on trophy wives. I do not know if she is one, but you think of the shallowness and coarseness in our society and how it is worsening. I once visited a local SBC here, where this was the place they wanted covenant signing and I left, but the pastor there did, the "my wife is so hot" schtick. I found it offensive. He used it to address jealousy and martial issues, but it bothered me. Don't we hear enough of that youth and looks worship in the regular world. The bible says that beauty is vain. I am sure many of the wives and girlfriends were hurt as their men basically lusted after another woman in front of them.

So they sang an Elvis song, doesn't surprise me. I bet some of them at these concerts don't stick with Elvis but pay homage to other rock stars.

So I am supposing you didn't see any bibles and tracts being passed out or lying about the place. No gospel message? Not even a watered down one a la Greg Laurie?
Yes with testimonies, even Brian Welch has one....

enough said there.

LOL I am glad you saved your money for medicine for your headache, fever and ear plugs, maybe some Pepto Bismal and new shoes after standing in mud all day.

Young people need less entertainment and loud music and more thinking time and going to God's word reading and praying.

I love old hymns, since I have found some Christian fellowship, they stick to the old ones. I don't have to worry about a drum kit there, giving me a migraine. I can't sing either--flunked choir in jr. High but figure God will welcome what singing I can do as an honor to Him because it's about Him not me. These entertainment fests they are making themselves the center attraction. If you are new to this blog, check out this old article I wrote a long time ago about so called Christian music.

Anonymous said...

"3.master album in temple
When an artist makes a record, they take master record to occult temple room,ask devil to follow every record and every tape
coming off of the master"

Where did you get this information from?

Bible Believer said...

I think that is one of John Todd's claims but not sure.

Enough of the celebrities directly tell us they have sold their souls to Satan though, right on camera or in their song lyrics.

Lillianna White said...


I might have gotten Fritz Springmeier mixed up with another one then, it was a long time ago and there were many names involved.

No offense taken.
( :

Lillianna White said...

Hi again,

Yes, this is true, I did some digging into this stuff some time ago and remember reading about these two guys. I only spent like, a few hours on it and that was it, so I don't really know any more about them, and can't vouch for anything else (who is/isn't legit) so my info. on that is limited. It was only interesting because I was just becoming aware of such 'goings-on'. I don't like delving in too much either, and obviously that should be avoided.

So much for that item!
( ;
I couldn't agree more with all that has been said about all this stuff, I couldn't say it better myself.

FOOD: I had the 'gut' feeling that they were intentionally fattening people up. I mean, look around you! And what are people eating? Processed foods, fast food, junk food, frozen food, canned food, anything but fresh! So, here's what I did. I came home (around 3pm in my case) and cooked all my own food from scratch... Mexican, Italian, American, German, and I'm talking salsa, marinara sauce, fresh vegetables, cooking pinto beans from the bag, marinating fish, just anything but processed! Here's what I did:

1. It was all fresh, healthy, from scratch cooking. (You have to plan ahead, cook the beans a day ahead, etc.) NO processed food at all! No cans, no packages, no jars of sauce, nothing.

2. I didn't add ANY salt. A few pure ground spices, but NO salt.

3. I did this on a regular basis (and still do).

See see what happened.

Lillianna White said...


Here's what happened:

1. I lost ALOT of weight.

2. I ate plenty!

3. It tasted GOOD! (sorry if I do say so myself...)

4. I got really healthy.

5. I lost the taste for other food and the restaurants that I used to enjoy (and they were good!) I didn't anymore.

I encourage everyone to do this as much as possible. It has the opposite effect of what they want to produce in the population. I know people are so busy now and it is hard, but try. It gets easier as you do it more and you develop shortcuts, etc.

Lillianna White said...


Yes, I have seen it too, they just want to make 'merchandise' of the sheep. As if the more 'Christian' trinkets they have around, the better witness they will be. It's all about $.

And the evil involved with the music, I can't believe anyone has been dumbed down enough to accept this as 'Christian' music!!! Or the events!


atmo joyo said...

To anon,
music in "mass song fests" and "style of worship" same as people in Exodus 32:17-18
the devil's music can usually be defined in one word,NOISE(some christian said it's joyful music).

To Liliana,
there is solid evidence that backwards masking is being used extensively in Contemporary Christian Music(CCM)

To BB,
yes it's true BB,devil's music give bad fruits
Facts don't lie,lives millions of these musics fans;rebellious heart,living totally contrary to God's Word,
prides himself in "his powerful" testimony for Jesus Christ.
According to the Bible,heaven’s music are (Ephesians 5:19)
BTW it's good testimony from Stephen Maphosah (missionary)

Jesus Christ doesn't need a commercial from the Devil (Acts 16:16-18)

Exodus Chapter 32:17-18 (KJV)
17 And when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted, he said unto Moses, There is a noise of war in the camp.
18 And he said, It is not the voice of them that shout for mastery, neither is it the voice of them
that cry for being overcome: but the noise of them that sing do I hear.

Ephesians 5:19 (KJV)
19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;

Acts Chapter 16:16-18 (KJV)
16 And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us,
which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:
17 The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God,
which shew unto us the way of salvation.
18 And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit,
I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.

FaithGuy3 said...

BB - personally, it doesn't sit too well with me when I have to read something STUFFED with info. Springmeier's "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" presentation at the Prophecy Club was excellent(and an eye-popper).

However - I read like 60-some pages of his "Be Wise as Serpents", and it was pretty hard to stomach b/c some of the info he put out just didn't feel right.(ie-he credited Catholic priests centuries ago that were anti-NWO, he tried to push this fake-created Jews nonsense and how they were running the NWO, etc).

The same goes with Bill Cooper - no, I don't think Cooper was a plant(and he was killed for his efforts) - however, while a lot of his research was very thorough, accurate, and the same time some of his research was flawed, unnecessary, and just didn't sit well with me(ie-he even pushed the idea that we have to study these esoteric writings in order to fight the enemy).

And for that matter too - I've seen Christian ministries go down the tube b/c they were doing just that - spending TOO much time in studying these esoteric writings, etc. Next thing we know - they started demonizing the Jews, attacking the KJB, endorsing Preterism, etc.

Ultimately - we ALL KNOW the script, what is written in God's word. Revelation 19 says WE WIN. End of story.

Bible Believer said...

That's okay Lillianna, well there are many websites speaking about mind control, just be careful going to any, there is a lot, lot of controlled opp out there.

With this stuff allow God to show you the limits, there were times I was told to stop. Pray about what you read. While there is a place for exposure, hey my whole blog focuses on that, remember the bible verses about focusing one's mind on the good. For some people if they were abused as children or had other things happen to them, the information can be very triggering, so one needs to have caution and be vigilant in protecting their minds, which the Bible instructs us to do.

They are intentionally fattening people up, I've noticed that when modern food corps go overseas the people fatten up and there is no way everyone suddenly started behaving differently. I have a hard time when I go to the grocery store, avoiding MSG and processed food. One thing I do is go to some ethnic grocery stores, where some of the food quality seems a bit higher, I've done this all my life.

I cook beans from scratch, bread I used to, but never got the hang of it--got tired of eating bricks...:P I make a lot of soup from scratch and go to veggie stands in season and use fresh herbs, like mint, and cilantro. Health-wise I have to eat different from average folks as well.
I have not eaten at a fast food r4restaurant in my many years. I noticed the food quality sunk, and aversion therapy almost set in as I felt so sick after eating at one. Many of the poor eat the dollar menu and well are getting more ill, from the chemical laden food.

I encourage everyone to eat the best they can too. Our grocery stores are full of too much non-foods and snack foods made out of cheap carbs. Avoid as many GMOs as you can afford to do.

Yes I find the Christian trinkets to be annoying. I don't have money to waste on those type of things. I have one marble cross a friend gave me from estate sale, but that is probably the only "Christian" item I own beyond bibles, concordances and books on Christian themes like my Cathy Burns books. Long ago on this blog, I wrote an article on the Christian sub-culture stuff where they sought to market Christianity, or well the phony version of it.

Bible Believer said...

The CCM music has bad fruits. Old hymns have things that would convict a person but there is no conviction to be had in self honoring false music, full of the worship of the world, youth and celebrities.

I've read other things from those who have lived in Africa, and other places where the drums were used to raise up spirits. I know myself from my days in bad music, that the electronic and very fast beat music, had a strange affect on me, it made me feeling different inside. Isn't that what they intend? They always sing about so many dark things now, nothing nice, even just a light love song is rare since the 70s and 80s ended. All matters of perversity are sung about now.
Did you all know about the verse in the bible where it seems to say Satan was involved with music..

There is good and bad music of course. God is not against music, no matter what the Church of Christ people say.

Bible Believer said...

I wonder too when they try to dazzle you with details. Be careful of trusting places where you can tell there is so much information, what normal person would have the time? Average bloggers don't have teams of researchers, ghost-writers and editors. I used to think about the reams of paper that someone like Missler came up with and so detailed, there is no way one human could come up with it all high Mensa quality IQ or not.

I am glad you were wary of some of Be As Wise as Serpents, I was. I didn't like that too about Catholic priests, anyone who does not discern that Rome was evil from the beginning has a problem.

Ah the jew thing, I did a post about those who blame the Jews, Makow-and Marrs etc.

Bill Cooper, I tend to think he is a plant, of course I do not know absolutely. He obviously was not a born again Christian. With the alien thing, it seems he did not discern they were demons. I believe even UFO sightings outside of charlatans, can be spiritual in nature. How come the aliens all teach what Satan does? If they were really other species of beings, you would not see a commonality in the new age and luciferian tachings.

So I worry he is a plant to get people who become NWO aware to believe aliens are real. I know my belief that aliens outside of trickery are all demons, is controversial as well as my rejection of the Nephilim.

This is from an interview of Cooper {I read the same stuff in his book}


With UFOs and with the Aliens. There are four types of aliens. There are two kinds of "Grays", including one race, not commonly seen, that has a large nose. Then there are the "Nordic" types, tall blonde Aryans, and finally the "Orange" ones.


I remember seeing several points of origin mentioned: Orion, the Pleiades, Betelgeuse, Barnard's star and Zeta Reticuli.


Since 1964.


They needed the government to keep their presence secret. Remember, we had one of the Aliens in our custody. Our radar affected their navigation system and threw their craft off- balance.


With a small nuclear reactor the size of a football. They use a space-time fold. I'm not a physicist, so I don't understand that. Apparently they have the ability to cloak themselves, to go invisible. "

Ponder this, a demon is going to be able to go invisible. Is it impossible that in deep NWO places they may openly consort with demons that are physically manifested?

He could be an unsaved man who simply didn't know what he was seeing or the spiritual implications. That is possible too.


Bible Believer said...

Yes Christian ministries are going down the tubes with the fascination with the esoteric. Satan's lies are very much the same in all this literature. It isn't going to give you new answers to read Gnostic gospels, and alien sightings and para-normal, and Alice Bailey, and books on demonology. You will just be led into Satan's yoke. The Bible is the truth that all else must be tested or discarded according to.

I am I suppose a VERY unusual person in that I read so much of the esoteric stuff, guess I got it over-with when I was UU. I had a fascination with the para-normal too on top of it all. One thing I never have described to people is the whole Nephilim, aka Watchers thing was not new to me. I had seen it in occult literature years and years ago. I read things where they believed the aliens would lead the earth into new consciousness. Some of these Christian ministries, Raiders News Network etc, are leading their followers right into Satan's arms. The numerology I exposed last year that Christian ministers were doing wasn't new to me either.

Yes God wins so we win in the end.

My belief that aliens are demons has actually grown stronger. It's just more shape-shifting. Ever notice aliens always look scary, and nasty and never cute or benign when they are described. Think about how many nice looking animals we have that God made and every alien is described as grotesque from the gates of hell. There is a reason for that, because that is where they are from....

Lillianna White said...

Yes, I heard about that too with the missionary and the demon beats and all these other things mentioned, so I concur.
( :
Yup, I really only looked into the Fritz thing for a few hours one day and it was at the beginning of this whole 'tip of the iceberg' discovery so I only saw some initial things, I never read that book or heard about that priest thing either, so my info. on it is superficial and surfacy, and I never vouch for anyone anyway. I mean, these days the most biblically solid person will take that turn towards apostasy these days so I avoid all such vouching. I had him in some old archive in my head about music and was looking into the John Todd stuff around the same time so it somehow got jumbled together in my head.

Anyway, yes, the devil is using music big time and I think the verse is in Isaiah 14?

Ever notice how all the adolescent rebellion started around the time rock-n-roll kicked in? But they all denied that anything in society would change. Hah! Let them set foot into any high school classroom today compared to the early 50's and survive the lion's den and come out at the other end still claiming that things are as tame was they always were! Hah! Total lies!

Blessings to all!

atmo joyo said...

We can find all the facts easily if The Lord leads us.
God has led me got all the facts with only 1 or 2 mouse Click (less than 1 hour).
Sounds strange and impossible for ordinary people but not for those who believe in God.

Psalms 125:1 (kjv)
1 (A Song of degrees.) They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.

Matthew 21:21-22 (KJV)
21 Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not,
ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain,
Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.
22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Lillianna White said...

Oh yes, and I was gonna add this little ditty, one time a long time ago in one of the Calvary's I witnessed this too and I was disgusted. I won't mention which one other than it was in South Orange County.

It was a regular Sunday morning service and the pastor introduced his wife that way and it happened several times in a row. At first I thought it was a one time thing where something slips something out and it's too late to take it back, but no way if it keeps happening. Needless to say I didn't stay there. But as his wife was walking up to the platform (it was in a high school auditorium) he said "and this is my wife... isn't she beautiful!?" (or gorgeous, or hot, depending...) to which the whole congregation applauded. Well, first of all there were many women there who were way more beautiful than her, but even before that, this is not something you say in church, especially as a pastor!!! It's not a beauty contest, and he was extoling his wife above all other women that way. And what are the married men supposed to do? Lose if you do and lose if you don't applaud? Well, if I was a married man, or anyone, I would not applaud (nor did I). This is glorifying in the flesh and the vanity of outer beauty! We are gathered there to focus on spiritual things and focus on the beauty of the Lord, not this man's woman. There are many verses in the bible about how outer beauty doesn't matter and we should dress modestly, but she ascended the steps to the stage in high heels and a short dress! It was like they were putting on a show of the flesh. I don't know how anyone could have stayed in a church like that or what that man was thinking. Oh, today's sermon is entitled "Behold... my trophy wife!" and we will be focusing on the many virtues of outward beauty and hot curves of the fleshly sort. Now, let us pray...

I tell you, the things you bear witness to in churches! It's an embarrassment.

Kayfabe said...


I don't think it is wrong for a Man to tell people his wife is a beautiful woman. Now if it gets to the point where he is using the words "Hot" and words that many of these Hipster Pastors use to label their wives then that is crossing the line. And yes I agree, a short skirt is not being modest.

Kayfabe said...

Also Lilliana,

A man is not going to care about whether his wife is not as physically beautiful as other women but to him his wife is more beautiful.

Lillianna White said...


Wrong or not, it is out of place from the pulpit. Then, every husband should be able to get up and do the same thing for his wife and expect the congregation to applaud. We are not in church to applaud physical beauty. That is crossing the line. Glad you agree about the short skirt.

Also Kayfabe...
Subjectivity is another issue and that is not the point. I know to every man his own wife is most beautiful to him (and so should it be), but it is rude to call out for the whole church congregation to applaud the physical beauty of 'his' wife. It is of the flesh. It is like a man comes up to you and in front of both you and your lovely lady, asks both of you, "Isn't my wife beautiful!?" expecting you both to say 'oh, yes!' and applaud heartily, and all that in church. It is out of place. Don't take this the wrong way.


Lillianna White said...

Hi again,

This came to my mind about a week before all of these remarks, so I couldn't resist:

Carnal humans only want you for how you look, but don't care about your heart.
Jesus only wants your heart, and doesn't care how you look (good or bad).
( :
Love and blessings!

Bible Believer said...

Yes I agree there is a line here, it is not terrible for a pastor to say, my wife is pretty or she is beautiful to me and to celebrate her but the "My Woman is HOT!" stuff definitely crosses a line. Our society is too looks focused as it is. I think of the many poor souls who don't fit the normal societal norm and what suffering awaits them. Even girls who are more plain and without model looks think they are not good enough. This type of thing takes so many away from God. I agree about Jesus just wanting our heart. Too many focus on the superficial and vain beauty. The man who marries a woman of poor character and inner meanness for her beauty will not be in a good place.

Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

If church is indeed about Jesus Christ, then shouldn't He receive preeminence in our gatherings rather than man or woman?

Perhaps most churches are truly apostate as there was not this kind of speech; human recognition in the form of boasting, bragging, begging for a compliment or applause, being the center of attention, etc. This kind of talk just wasn't in the church of my youth like today as most church building promote narcissism and the wonders of the "self."

As I meet the ekklesia wherever I go, being the church, instead of going to church, you will not find this kind of speech for the conversation and worship in of Christ and what HE has done for us.

Anonymous said...

I hsppened to tune in to the Calvary Chapel station here in so cal yesterday. How ironic to hear Raul Ries talking about how we should always be pointing to Christ - our behavior should never point people away from God...talking about deception - nd I thought of this Whosoever video and their love of KISS and Motley Crue and Vatican Studios - if you go to the Vatican Studio Stations of the Cross Facebook site they show all the crosses and artwork that was on display at the show Ryan Ries promoted. One of the crosses shows up close female anatomy along with all the other occultic pictures.

Raul Ries talking about deception? Amazing.