Thursday, April 3, 2014

Little Girl Told Not to Pray At School

Kindergartner praying at lunch says teacher told her, ‘You’re not allowed to pray’

Actually even in public schools, they are not supposed to stop individual prayer, but obviously many who do not believe in God will try to influence the students. I am glad the parents are seeking to put a stop to it, but don't think they will be able to prove "damages" in court, and it will be a "he said, she said" sort of thing.


Lillianna White said...

I would tell anyone...
"I can pray anywhere, anytime I want, to my Heavenly Father, I don't need anyone's permission." The point of the Constitution is that they can't make a law infringing on our religious freedom, so they cannot tell us not to pray. Now I can see a practicality issue during say, when the teacher is teaching or something, but if the girl feels the need to pray or if it is over a meal, etc., no one can say to her to stop.

From the Constitution:
The Establishment Clause is the first of several pronouncements in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, stating,

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. . . .or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".
So too bad if those atheists don't like it!

These two clauses make up what are called the "Religion Clauses" of the First Amendment.

I remember hearing on the news a story about when one of those big tornados hit in Oklahoma. A teacher had huddled together with her students until it has passed. Then she made it on the news and said something like she knew she 'wasn't supposed to pray in public school... but she did it anyway...'
So now we have people thinking that just because they are at their jobsite, and a life threatening event occurs, that they can't pray to God because they are more afraid of lawsuits by atheists than dying?!? How crazy can it get? I would tell them like I said, "I can, and will pray to my God anywhere I want to, anytime I feel like it!" I'm not afraid of them, bring it on people!

I have more stories like that to share. Many are uneducated about the constitution so they don't know their rights. The right is intrinsically there, but it is acknowledged in the laws as well.

But when it comes down to it, let us remember that the Word of God says that we must obey God rather than man whenever there is a conflict, even upon persecution. It is better to deny man than to deny Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Lillianna that is so correct. We have to obey the Lord and not fear persecution.

In Christ,


Lillianna White said...

Yes, thanks.
1. Obey the Lord
2. See #1
While we have the acknowledged liberty/right, we need to strive for it to be maintained. But either way, #1 above applies.
One day persecution is coming here too and we need to be of the right mindset. So many believers get so comfy (easy chair Christianity) and are so used to frilly bible covers and countless bumper stickers, etc. but when the going gets tough they squirm. I think they are trying the 'ease them in' to a mindset where they don't dare to speak up (I say they because I will not cower) and like the frog in the water, too late. There will probably be a sudden turn as well where believers are not prepared to suffer for their faith and will deny the Lord instead. We need to always be of that mindset, even if it isn't that bad here yet, it is in other parts of the world. It's just a matter of time. We need to stand firm and never deny Jesus and look to Him to give us the strength to face whatever may come our way, even death. There are over 20 bible verses about the glory of God we share in when we suffer for Him, I have compiled a list. Of course the apostate church doesn't help either with their 'life of ease and blessings' message, devoid of all the flesh crucifying verses like 'pick up your cross daily,' and so on.

Blessings to you all!
(they are not necessarily material ones...)

Lillianna White said...

Oh, and I just saw on the 'Apostasy Watch' website, under 'new stuff' a link to an article about how some Iranian Christian women have suffered for the faith and how it was something they needed to endure. That pretty much hits on the nail what I am trying to say. Other Christians in other parts of the world are so brave and sacrifice so much, while here in the U.S., well... it's a different story.

Steve B said...

Lilliana said: "The point of the Constitution is that they can't make a law infringing on our religious freedom, so they cannot tell us not to pray"

It doesn't matter what the Constitution says. God's law overrides the constitution. It doesn't matter if there is a civil penalty for following Him.

The free masons that wrote our constitution wanted "agnostic freedoms"...not freedom to worship the God of the Bible. Freedom to worship ALL gods.

The Constitution does not give us the freedom to worship Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ does. That piece of paper is plagiarizing God and pretending to be on the same level as Him.

Lillianna White said...

Hi Steve B,

It doesn't matter what the Constitution says. God's law overrides the constitution. It doesn't matter if there is a civil penalty for following Him.

Yes, I know that, that is what I'm saying. We don't NEED anyone's permission to worship or pray to God, etc., only God's. So that's not what I'm saying (that we need the government's permission), but it just so happens to be there too, and you can use that in a court of law to fight for people like this little girl. That is a good thing. (Why does it seem that nobody gets this?!?) 2 issues, permission from God (that overrides anyone's ban), and a government that acknowledges the permission as many don't (like countries in the middle east).

blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

just fyi, "evangelical" Hobby Lobby Green family's freedom to meet with the Pope.....

Very cozy. Aka Alert

Bible Believer said...

Nope we don't need anyone's permission to pray to God. I think the religious freedom of the US will be ending one day soon, already they are working on outlawing certain speech and the politically correct are going to town.

I consider the Constitution a HUMAN document, it is not God's Word but the other day I was over at the Ephesians 5:11 blog and saw criticisms of "religious freedom". Maybe I misunderstood and he just wanted to stay look the Constitution is just a human document, sure, but hate to say it, what is the other alternative in this sinful world but the various state forced religions and more? One is supposed to become a Christian in freedom not in Dominionism where the state enforces it, that is what you got with Catholicism which is not Christian at all.

He wrote:

"Satan’s “religious freedom” has a twofold effect, it weakened our brethren in America and it opened the door for Satan to draw all religions to himself with no fear of persecution on anyone.

Now “religious freedom” is spreading globally by America and Constantine’s pagan fellowship. Satan now has the ability to seduce the world using the sinful flesh and deceiving spirits being cast by those practicing witchcraft in a place named Holly Wood using the latest technology. The latest technology is the last piece for a worldwide deception, now the world can be deceived with one lie all at once in a matter of seconds."

I agree with this to a point but maybe disagree with the term Religious freedom? I'd call it choose your brand of Mystery Babylon, freedom doesn't exist for the true bible Christian in most of the world.

I agree a girl should be able to pray in school, and even get her bible out and read it if she wants. Are they going to try and control everyone's thoughts so the kids can't pray before a test?

I find that crazy too, that the teacher feared a lawsuit more then death via tornado. I agree pray when you want and where God leads you.

Yes Obey God rather then men.

I agree we need to prepare ourselves for persecution and ask what would we do in situations where to stand up for God no matter the outcomes in this world?

Yes there are brave Christians elsewhere in the world facing so much, we should pray for them as much as possible.

Thanks for article on Hobby Lobby...yeah Rome can't wait to get their hands on canceling that "religious freedom" in the USA.

I never felt comfortable with the Hobby Lobby thing. As you have noticed I have not posted much about it on this blog, it is one of those lockstep cultural warrior issues. Notice the focus is contraception. Just like how the Pope wanted.

Lillianna White said...

Yes, so much is manipulated... and people just take it for granted.

For persecution, the early Christians cast their fate into God's hands. We must look to Jesus as our model in this. What did He do? And Stephen in Acts.

Jesus was arrested, but he did not struggle. He was innocent, but accused. He healed his enemies (ear story at arrest, one of the gospel accounts has your enemies). He did not open His mouth in defense. He was beaten, He did not fight back or resist. He was crucified, yet He prayed, 'Forgive them for they know not what they do.' He committed His Spirit into the Father's hands. He glorified God. He rose from the dead.
Obviously He died for our sins and was the Savior, but it is a model, and many persecuted Christians in the middle east are literally crucified (Yemen, etc.). Stephen followed the model. Matthew 24 says much about this, how we will be brought before courtrooms to testify of Him, the Spirit will give us the words, like with Stephen. Jesus told his captors they have no power over Him other than what has been given to them by God. Trust in God, never deny the name of Jesus, and we will bring glory to God. It is an honor. Read all the blessings and spiritual riches and promises that are ours in Christ and ask yourself, how could you do otherwise?

The pope: Interesting that the pope has been meeting with plenty of leaders, both religious and political.

For our brother at the other blog, we love you, just 'snap out of it' on this one. The alternatives are far worse. Those who live godly will suffer persecution anyway.
( :
Love and grace to all!

Steve B said...

BB said "freedom doesn't exist for the true bible Christian in most of the world."

Of course it does. God gave us freedom and man cannot legislate against it.

Unless you define freedom as safety.

Christians do not have "safety" in most of the world, but on every inch of the planet, they DO have freedom. Because God gave it to us, not man.

Man saying "we gave you freedom" (like the Constitution) is in actuality plagiarizing God.

Lillianna White said...

It looks like people are getting all tangled up in semantics here. Let me whip out one of those enumerated lists...

1. We have freedom of religion/choice/conscience God did not create us as robots.

2. There is one right choice, of course, 'freedom' does not legitimize other choices.

3. God gave us that and not man, so of course man cannot take it away.

4. Laws only recognize these existential realities (or don't). Based on that, there is either more persecution for the Christian, or less. (Some will come anyway as the bible states.)

5. That is what we mean by 'freedom,' it is 'the safely to operate our faith practices without fear of persecution.' I believe that is what BB (and myself) are saying on this.

6. The constitution only protects our innate freedom.

7. I don't think anyone claimed the constitution 'gave' us freedom.

8. Just because of all this, it still would not justify 'removing' the 'freedom' given to us by the Constitution. That would be to invite the persecutors upon the land. One day it will occur, but we need not be accomplices in that. (This is addressing another point made earlier that left a big tangle.)

Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Matthew 6:6
But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you

Anonymous said...

Matthew 6:6
But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you