Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Clueless Conservative: Phyllis Schlafly

Perhaps she didn't get the latest memo about the collapse of the USA economy, if anything wages are collapsing for both men and women.

She is part of the false right, family research council, pro-Catholic--lectures at Catholic universities, support of the Patriarchy movement etc.

Just so folks know, I believe life was better before the work-world was a two for one deal for the corporations and a man could support a family on one income and women could be at home caring for their children and others, but you won't see her say anything about that will you?


FaithGuy3 said...

Schlafly was also on Alex Jones' show recently saying how Obama is destroying "religious freedom" in America.

Seriously - where was Schlafly when George W. Bush was in office waging war in Iraq AND persecuting Christians there after the war?(ie-not saying Saddam Hussein was a good person, but to be fair to him, he WAS kind to Christians when he was in power) Ultimately, this is what America has done over the years - invaded other countries in the ME/Africa, and started persecuting Christians from there.

Where was Schlafly when the IRS went after Kent Hovind in 2007, DESPITE Hovind's ministry NOT being a 501c3? And now she acts like our "religious freedoms" are at stake over this whole Hobby Lobby nonsense?(forget about the fact that HL *is* a CORPORATION, meaning that they gave up their 1st amendment rights for signing with a state charter, in exchange for "perks" like limited liability)

Why hasn't Schafly said anything about 501c3? Which IS a church/state merger(hence stripping all the constitutional rights with these entities).

Yeah - don't be fooled by these people - they've done one crafty job pointing fingers largely at Obama(and the Clintons for good measure), while getting you to take your eyes off of the elephant in the room.

Lillianna White said...

1. I totally agree with that perspective, although there were things to be gained with women working (leverage, independence), there was the drawback of 2 for the price of 1. I would not even plan on having kids unless I was married to a man who could support us all till the last one is in kinder.

2. Here comes the trojan horse again! Whatever they say doesn't matter anyway, what the future holds is this:

everyone else will be as free to follow their religion without any fear while true Christians will be persecuted, hunted down, and killed everywhere on the planet

and that is all we really need to know, they will find all kinds of reasons to justify it and truly think that they are doing God a service when they execute us, it is like one of those prophetic revelations (but it's in the bible too)

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Bible Believer said...

Yes I saw that Alex Jones listing with her. Yes where was she when Bush started all the neo-con globalist wars that Obama continued. Yes the false "right", actually to me they are no different.

Just wait til the corporations can claim religious exemptions and discrimination. {ie like NOT serving born again Christians}

I agree about 501c3

These types never say anything about those government rules or faith intiatives that dictate speech.

Hmm found this another...

Dame of Malta...

Nope I'm not fooled by these false right-wing sell outs to the NWO.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the religious freedom will be those who pick their different flavors of babylonianism not for Christians. the language is suspect, since they are now hammering this so strongly and certainly were not before.