Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why are Republicans Praising Putin?

Here is a meme I am seeing all over the place and it gives me severe feelings of nausea:

                               [picture cite]
Some of the liberals in defense of Obama are noticing:

Ah remember that  Hegelian Dialectic thing.

Ok, Obama is a bad president, probably the worse we ever have seen, he seems eager to take American into WWIII and to blindly march behind the neo-cons and globalists but these folks are deceived as well.  Putin is an ex-KBG agent. His past is not pristine. So when I see Republicans or those on the right, cheering for Putin, even though I know Obama is bad for America, it gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Can you imagine things being so bad in America in the 1980s for people to praise Andropov?

Sarah Palin praises Putin and says Obama Wears Mom Jeans

Franklin Graham Praises Putin [yes one probably couldn't argue with the law but see the bigger picture here]

Pat Buchanan Considers Putin a Conservative Hero

One thing about human nature that isn't so pleasant and rooted in human wickedness is they seem to root for the most sociopathic leaders possible. Obama seems to lack a conscience from what I can tell as well--drones and NDAA proved that one to me but I don't think the alternative is to blindly run to Putin because he is more "macho" and bows his head to a few "conservative" culture warrior issues.

 The propaganda is thick out there, I've seen pictures of Putin riding horses, shooting tigers, and going hunting. He is presented as a man's man who is strong and not weak. Ever think that there is a reason for some of this extreme propaganda? Obama in turn has his wife who has endless pictures of her taken with a frown and sour look on her face while he wears effeminate jeans and crosses his legs like a woman. Ever think that all this is designed to impact people worldwide on some emotional level?

One needs to pray for America in that well, many out there have been warning the globalists have just used this place for a money clean out, there seems to have been endless efforts to weaken the USA from various directions. As far as I know Russia and China haven't thrown open their borders to let in millions of illegal immigrants. I asked this question too before, why do so many "conservative websites" some even warning about the new world order or Illuminati have that RT [Russia Today] website on there? Alex Jones has even appeared on RT. Yes I know I used a few of the videos for information but I find it strange. They are busy interviewing Putin lately.

 I believe the world leaders all work together behind the scenes. The American people are being sold out for globalist interests, this is why leaders have been making decisions against their interests for decades. Those trusting in Putin as America's new pal have lost their mind!

Maybe I've read too many books on early Russian history, revolution, gulags and lock-step communists. Maybe I remember Bush's nickname for Putin, maybe I remember this weird incident:

I am noticing articles online where they are claiming Putin is an enemy of the new world order.

Putin Puts Fear of God in the New World Order

The NWO has always pitted one state against the other.

So the powers that be in this world allowed a guy who is "anti-new world order", to be in charge of a "competing" world power?

No one should be that naive.

Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.


Anonymous said...

You are right, two sides to the same coin. Both have a common boss and common goal. www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=294413489 I am not talking about a space mission. - Don

Within His Word said...

Exactly. Putin is not the savior either. Neither side is.

Neither is jesuit Ron Paul or his jesuit son Rand. They are both fakes that work for the NWO.

Jesus is truly the only Savior.

Anonymous said...

The Bible predicts that the Russian "bear" will be the aggressor in cahoots w/China. The "bear" has only been "hibernating" but still alert to the conditions of the times and ready to pounce at the first opportunity. Putin or no other leader is in control - God has His master plan and no human being will be able to thwart it. Foolishly they will think they are in charge. God is not at the mercy of any person's decisions or actions.

People are so sick of pablum that they will take strong meat from any source. It is the human condition which is evil and weak outside of rebirth in Christ.

God is still on the throne and His plan for this world is still very much on track. We just need to keep our eyes on Him and the Lord Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith and trust in Him alone.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I agree two sides to the same coin.

Have you read about some of this where FEMA has signed up with Russian troops?

{not an endorsement of the link, new American is Vatican friendly but you wonder about what is happening]


Some of this has hit more mainstream news, why were Russian and American troops training together.

Bible Believer said...

I have warned people on this blog Within His Word that Ron Paul is an "insider", I think the same of the son too. That they are both fakes. All the "third" parties are owned now too.


Bible Believer said...

Yes I need to do more study of Bible prophecy regarding Russia, but yes there are prophecies concerning Russia. God does have His plan that will supercede that of the Luciferians that rule this earth on behalf of Satan the prince of this world. I agree, that people are sick of pablum. I think of German history and how the people cried for a "STRONG" leader, and this is part of what had them following Hitler. It is the evil human condition and you are right only being born again in Jesus Christ will free people from such spiritual blindness. Very evil times will be coming and we will have to trust in God and keep our eyes on Jesus Christ to bear what is coming.

Anonymous said...

BB, did you watch the Winter Olympics? After London, with its creepy opening and even creepier closing ceremonies with all the NWO references, I was especially keen on watching the next Olympics games to see what I could see. I was so very impressed with the class and what I perceived to be, completely NWO absent ceremonies, at least as far as symbolism. I certainly could have missed some things, but I didn't see anything.

The only thing I remember seeing was Sean White's big EYE on the back of his snowboard.

It did make me wonder about Russia and their stance concerning things. Why would London be so blatant, even with their strange mascots, and Russia be so different, and even had adorable mascots?

I don't know the answer, but that's just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Dear Second Anon,

The "bear" in bible prophecy relates to Medo-Persia, Daniel 7:5

Gog and Magog is Turkey, Genesis 10:2

In spite of this, Russia is still an aggressor.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous who said: I was so very impressed with the class and what I perceived to be, completely NWO absent ceremonies, at least as far as symbolism.

I only watched a few minutes of the closing ceremony but I instantly sensed Illuminati imagery at work. It may not have been NWO imagery but it was the stuff of insanity at work and how Illuminati works on the imagination of children's minds to program them. The large stuffed animals, the mirrors, the upside down buildings - this is all stuff Illuminati films such as The Labryinth and Black Swan promote and it is evil!!!

As for the Republicans and Tea Party people who are praising Putin, that is so ignorant! I agree with BB that I also remember the history of Russia and of this man, and that there are Christians being tortured in Russian prisons as we speak! People caught up in politics don't realize that if you go too far right you end up promoting the far left.

I'm sticking with the Gospel and staying out of supporting any politics these days!


FaithGuy3 said...

On a side note, speaking of this false left/right paradigm the masses(including myself for a long time) continue to fall for...

IF Mitt Romney is President during this time, that massive gun control bill that Obama pushed after the CT (hoaxed)school shootings would have passed easily. And Romney would have bombed Syria, and possibly Iran a long time ago. And on the contrary if Al Gore were President instead of George W, the Iraq war likely wouldn't have happened.

Why? B/c it seems like every time a Republican President is in power, this is when the "religious right", Churchianity and these "small government" conservatives just sit back and blindly follow every agenda these GOP Presidents put out. However, when a Democrat is in office, this is when these same "religious right", Churchianity, and "small government" conservatives come out and get really, really vocal.

For example, remember FEMA's Martial Law and gun confiscation during Katrina, aided by the Clergy Response Teams, in New Orleans that went unnoticed? Just imagine if either John Kerry or Al Gore were President instead. There REALLY would have been an uproar. But on the contrary, only local Louisiana news sources said anything about it.

Yes, I know "Democrats" can get vocal too, but the "Republican" base seems to be much more louder with their Churchianity crowd, "liberal media" critics base, pro-smaller government crowd, etc. The latter seems to get the most attention in the MSM.

Anonymous said...

I think the national cross training is done under the direction of the UN. All troops are being conditioned to take orders from foreign commanders and this is how there are foreign troops on US soil. I could see a big influx right before an event like martial law and be used as end run around the constitution. You research it as I would like to know your thoughts. - Don

Lillianna White said...

Yes, it is like a grand puppetmaster pulling strings on 'opposing' sides and laughing behind the curtain.

That all these people endorse him is amazing, even their special pet Franklin.

I see it too that they have been dismantling the US and draining all the money out with the goal of weakening the people, just as they have done in Europe. Austerity is everywhere, but the money has just... uh... left the room.

They have planned all of this, catastrophes of all kinds everywhere so that like with the nazis, people will be desperate for a 'peacekeeping' world leader and will embrace anyone rising to the occasion, whom we know will be the antichrist. They create the need and circumstances, then usher out the man (or promote him further...) for all to embrace with the same feverish frenzy as with hitler. It will only get worse. Sorry. We are the only group that knows what it all really is and means, the masses will be deceived. God's plan in prophesy will happen, there is no alternative. Obviously the triumph is God's. But remember, first comes the persecution of the saints spoken of in Revelation.

I also saw one of those crazy warnings on a site that is a phony discernment blog/newsletter, but lots of scary stuff about nukes coming to NY. These people know about things since they are part of the puppetry, warn like they are prophets but all along have inside info., all along they were in on the plan. Yet on top of all that God can allow things like that to accomplish his purposes anyway, ironically, since He is the one ultimately behind everything!

Yeah, for sure, don't put your trust in any politicians or other leaders or programs, systems, etc. The world is dying. A false leader will arise to make it look like he has the solutions, but the end will come. The only one with the remedy to the end of suffering is our Savior, Jesus, the only one worthy of our trust and faith, etc.

God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Why are republicans praising Putin? Because everyone is praising Putin. Putin was blessed at the vatican November last year. The vatican are taking back Russia. Even Israel and the Jews are embracing Putin. If this situations deepens with USA becoming weaker and more compromised as a superpower, not long and bye bye USA. And all the antiwarmongering will not matter anymore or Americans having guns. It is pretty much vatican poking americans with their own government about amendments, freedoms etc, making them paranoid and limiting their interest to their own country's policy - oil and wars, gun control, fema camps etc etc, while the world is uniting against USA. Truthseekers fed half truths or irrelevant truths. Now the blood of those afghani and iraqi children is doing its job of keeping america silent while Putin and China are devouring the world.
Of course nothing can be done but nostalgia for those Bush/Reagan years when americans at least felt safe from external threats.
There is always the scenario of Obama being the spineless president who will be succeeded by a Hitler-like president to enter the new world war and take dominance from Russia, but who knows. . .it may be just a last breath of air. In any case the jesuits hate both Russia and USA, but USA a lot more, because the Orthodox church is just a little harlot sister that can be disciplined, whereas USA is a tank of heretics deserving the rope.

Anonymous said...

www.factcheck.org/2013/07/no-russian-troops-in-u-s/ - Don

Anonymous said...

This is from a couple of years ago, but this is the talk that bothers me. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovuWJQrwpIw - Don

Bible Believer said...

Yes grandpuppet masters and big chess set.

They've been busy cleaning all the money out of here before collapsing the place IMO.

Where has all the money gone? Who is OWNE all that money.

Yes they want people desperate and poor and begging for a strong leader, [same as the economic collapse did in Germany when people needed a wheelbarrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread]

Hmm looks like Obama is sending the same message as that "discernment" website.

Any of you see this?


Yes anon, everyone is praising Putin outside of Obama Kool-Aid drinkers who are as pro-war as any neo-con of 2003. Yes Putin got his Vatican blessing and Obama was just recently there.
All the globalist wars were to set this up, and for the entire world to be against the USA. [No I do not consider the USA a "Christian" nation though this country probably does have a higher number of Christians in it.

I agree lots of silence from Americans about the hundreds of thousands that died in those NWO wars, and now this country has the HYPOCRITE LABEL right on it for protesting Russia's taking over the Ukraine.

I can see Obama being succeeded by far worse, the pendulum will swing to the right, and the deceived will clamor for war. it is definitely a possible scenario. The globalists will have their WORLD WAR, with SYRIA and IRAN involved too.

Yes the USA is hated more by Rome then Russia. Russia they already had a go at during the Russian Revolution and famines and of course the later "break-up". Remember all that?

Leahlive said...

Well much has happened just this past week alone. I had a nausea in my stomach leading up to Obama arriving at the Vatican on the 27th. But what was interesting was all the moves that took place prior to and during and after the Vatican visit. First was The Hague: We saw Obama acting demure, almost shy childlike and instead of speaking against the moves of Putin and his actions to force his hand, Obama instead was quietly talking about the leaked documents and the U.S. spying on others. He was apologizing and assuring it wasn't true. Usually he speaks with authority and well versed but he looked down and read almost every word.
To me it appeared as play acting. Next day we had the Nuclear Security Summit ndoftheamericandream.com/archives/shocking-video-of-world-leaders-wearing-the-symbol-of-the-pyramid-at-major-international-meeting At this meeting, as you can see, all of the world leaders are wearing their NWO triangle pin, all except, you guessed it Obama. In the course of a day he was walking like he owned the place and instead of his triangle pin, he is wearing the USA flag. It makes him look like the leader over all. Don't forget Obama is not even American.

Next day the arrival at the Vatican and he and the Pope are positively glowing like the cats who ate the canary. I mean they look almost giddy. Knowing what goes on under the Vatican I have my own thoughts as to what took place while he was there. I am waiting to see what happens as Obama comes back to the U.S. as I believe we are close to the man of perdition being revealed.

The day after the takeover of Crimea, the news reports were buzzing about an earthquake at Sebastopol (lat.44°36'14'' N/33°33' E) the location of the oldest Pyramids in existence. And Russia is accusing the U.S. of using HAARP technology to cause the earthquake. Then nothing, no more mention of Russia being angry about being tampered with and no more mention of the pyramids. Notice one of the positions of the Pyramids is 33 degrees. I believe there is much more to the takeover of Crimea than just taking over Crimea.

I haven't located the documented evidence and I don't like posting without it, it may have even been you BB, but I recall reading about last year 200,000 Russian troops being deployed to the U.S. The men were chosen as boys, the brightest and strongest of 5 yr. old boys, then groomed and taught to speak with American accents and taught everything American. These troops would have no trouble firing on Americans.

There is so much going on in such a short period of time. And then they throw in this plane as a divergence, look it's over here, no it's over there. It's bound to show up soon flying into something. All that planning does not end in disappearing into the ocean and I have been reading much about that but for another day I guess.

Thanks for listening. This is a lot to digest for us all especially knowing anything can happen at any moment that will lead to our eventual persecution. I just keep remembering that time is short to reach the lost and pray for the deceived to wake up and "come out of her". God Bless