Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Joel Osteen's Church is Robbed

This one is interesting, notice the amount of money taken in per WEEK, what is that a year?

31,200,000. Over 31 million dollars a year. Think about that one for a bit.

Basically double-theft with this, with only one being "illegal".

 2 Peter 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.


Anonymous said...

People pay a lot of money to have their ears tickled by a fake ministry. It's such a tragic thing.

Lillianna White said...

I know! It's a two way backscratching. One gets to hear what they want from the pulpit, while the other gets the moneybags. Like a suitcase swap in a back alley. These places make a lot more than they want to let on. I know one church where the pastors were always whining about money and ringing those bells about the tithing verses, but they had several hundred people at each service, held 3 services a Sunday and one almost every night of the week, and of course always took a collection. Even if every person only gave one dollar, that would be 1000 per Sunday + 1000 per weekly services, making 2000 a week, translated into 8000 a month, and then there was the private school. I know people gave more than one dollar, and yet the leadership kept beating on that 10% tithe drum like the leaky faucet dripping... well one time I went on an orphanage trip through that church and this was one of the orphanages in Mexico supported by CC, as it turned out there were only 3 that gave to it and they still didn't have a decent laundry room with washers and dryers that worked. My question is: do THEY give 10% to the Lord via the orphanage, etc.? Then one day, they had a bible college in Peru and sold it to build a new one in another city, and as it turned out, while selling the property they made a 'killing' on it ($). Then there are all those retreats, more $, $, $... trips to Israel: $, $, $... book sales, etc.... $, $, and more $! But oh how poor they are, they can't even afford to pay for the lights in the building or fix that washing machine at the orphanage while they live in the lap of luxury in gated communities 'because their lives had been threatened' no really, that was the story, it's like, yeah, right. People are just getting taken, it is highway robbery. I did a study on this too and there are so many bible verses about managing money to help the poor in the church, but do you think that ever really happens? And it is set up that way in those mega churches, you are just a face in the crowd. Even if you volunteer for years and then need help, suddenly it's like 'who are you and where are you from? We don't know you.' I know of cases like that.

And everything is always so coreographed... the prayer, then all the worship leaders are in place, etc. like a show. Did anyone ever stop to wonder why the tithe is taken during the last song? Because that's when all the late stragglers are in, but no one has walked out yet, so maximum $.

It's all devised and calculated.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they get the ear scratching and catered to, while they pay up, so I agree it's a two way system. I think some of them make far more money then we'd ever dream. A lot of them do plead poverty while rolling in the dough behind the scenes. This isn't every place, surely some poor congregations the pastor is telling the truth but for these famous and top dog types, sure. And think about this all the money is TAX FREE, so unlike people who work for a living or work for themselves where they have to take an automatic 15-20% off the top, these folks, are raking it in.

With the orphanage, yes one could ask where did all that money go? Are they even seeing it or just a small portion.

Religion is big business to these folks, maybe that is why so many in the "brotherhood" move in, not just to deceive for Satan but the money pay-offs.

I am too poor to go to a megachurch even if I wanted to. Sure they may pass out some food at the place with the help of gov't grants or do a few public programs but if you are going to a megachurch and broke you are lost in the crowd and probably most likely being asked where your tithe is as you are barely able to afford groceries. Many poor people I know, don't go to church, even if Christians, because they are barely keep a roof over their head and the last thing they need is someone else with their hand out. It is something I think about even in my search for a church, high pressure to pay out is something I'd rather avoid. My good IFB I have written about was an exceptional exception to the rule, but I have seen enough of these churches, many of the pastors live at higher level then many of the congregants.

Hey most of it is a show, churches as concert hall and "pay" to be entertained. If anything the "business" element is what is driving everything to be more self focused and where they have to increase the attractions and the entertaiments. Christian comedians, built-in amusement parks-play equipment for the kids instead of old fashioned Sunday School. Yes they time things for the money to be collected.

Anonymous said...

At my old CC the pastor berated the congregation one Sunday for checking Tithe on their donation when they obviously hadn't given 10%. He said when you give less than 10% you need to check it as Offering!

I went to my first Easter Sunrise service last year. The CC pastor had a bodyguard on stage with him. Pastor announced his bodyguard, saying he'd received some kind of award and we all clapped.
That was my last sunrise service.

Lillianna White said...


That is so true, it is tax free. Obviously very little was making it to the orphanage, and I have heard of missionaries that got either no or very little support. I agree, I would ask them, let me see where and how you (the pastor) live first, and I will show you how hard I work and where I live. Then we will see who should be giving who money (as per scripture. Not that I would even ask, but like, don't hit me up either for money!) They live high on the hog and then unashamedly beg for money from people in today's economy who are struggling to make ends meet, like me. It is all a business to them and it shows, it is entertainment and ear tickling, and 'fast food' services... I also found it interesting that when you meet people or go to a smaller home fellowship type meeting, everyone always want to 'place you on a scale' financially, etc. If they all make much more than you, even if you work hard, you are quickly given the cold shoulder. But of course if it's the other way around... reminds me of lots of what the book of James says!
Then, any help that is going somewhere is always going somewhere waaaaaay over, out, and yonder, either over the border, or some other place, never to the congregants in need. It is never set up according to the New Testament church model. Even anywhere close to it.

And I have thought a lot about this. Like, if I were a male and be in the same situation, I would start up my own home teaching fellowship and do the whole thing in our homes and follow the New Testament model, and I would enjoyably do it for FREE! It wouldn't cost a cent! We could even do a potluck thing (for those who can) and do a breaking of bread, wine, someone brings coffee, someone else food, so one time a communion, one time a dessert, one time dinner food, etc. and people who can pitch in do, that is the only expense! Plus you get food too, so it's not even an expense, you would eat anyway! So if I could do it, why can't they?!? I'm a woman and have something in mind but more on that later.

Oh, and the communions! They pass it and there is a crumb the size of a baby's fingernail and not even enough cheap grape juice in that thimble to wash it down with, they can't afford to fill them past half way now...
what a joke.

And I was just getting started...

Anonymous said...

I was "caught up" in the Osteen movement for a short time as a friend gave me one of his books that a Bible study "pillar" in our community gave her. In addition, she borrowed me her "Best Life Now" study guide and DVD's she personally taped from her home player, her "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, her "Jerusalem Countdown" by John Hagee, her "Common Sense" book by Glen Beck (Mormon), and her Joyce Meyers book "Battlefield of the Mind."

I chose to read Osteen's, Hagee's, Warren's, and Meyer's books, but returned the Glen Beck book unopened as I had already researched Mormonism and knew there were no good fruits in Mr. Beck's book. I was an obedient student of this woman who gave me her books and desired her friendship although it was very one sided with some abusive comments coming my way from her mouth from time to time. I am a born again Christian and considered my gifting to be one of listening, keeping friend's confidentiality, and praying for them in my prayer time with our LORD. I had no idea of the theological backgrounds of those listed above, except Mr. Beck, so I was unaware of the subtle lies these people were promoting.

Until one day, the red flag shot out of the ground like a rocket! I asked my girlfriend a question about what I was studying in the Bible at that time, and her response was, and I quote, "I don't go by the Bible because it was written by men."

I was shocked in disbelief. As time progressed, I began to research these people who were her spiritual gurus, comparing the writtings of their books with the Scriptures, seeking out godly discernment sites, and watching/listening for the fruits that came our of these followers of Osteen, Meyers, Warren, Beck, Hagee, in addition to the other names promoted bo me by the religious crowd in our community....the Creflo Dollars, Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, Paula White, Rick Joyner, Mick Bickle, Mike Murdock, Lisa Bevere, Morris Cerullo, Paul Crouch, Ted Haggard, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, Larry Huck, etc. It seems there is no end to the promotion of man's books, and yet, when I desire to speak of Jesus and His teachings using our Bibles, there seems to be a drought/famine in this land.

For you see, when a born again believer begins to share the glorious teachings of our Scriptures and the precious name of Jesus, there seems to be a rise in the flesh of those who love their religious idols! I politely gave back all of those books, burned my Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren, and Beth Moore books that I had purchased in the garbage pile where they belong, and began on a journey of listening to God, the Holy Spirit, instead of the voices around me.

I realize how easy it is to be deceived by these hucksters for it happened to me. It is so easy to listen to the teachings of this man and that woman and give them the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to believe they were speaking truth to me, but in retrospect, they are speaking of another jesus, leading people to hell.

I have repented of my sins and look only to Jesus and His Ways now for eternal salvation and when someone says, "You should read this book, listen to that preacher, go to this conference, or attend the latest christian rock concert, I can politely say by the power of the Holy Spirit, "No thank-you, I am just fine."

As billions are gained from what is called christian mass marketing, the hearts of man are growing colder and colder, and the minds are being filled with sand...and the Rock is still standing at the door waiting to be invited to the table.

Lillianna White said...

Hi sister,

Thank you for that testimony! I thank and praise God that He led you out of that deception and sharing these stories helps release other captives too. It is amazing how many people have been taken hostage to these 'pillars of apostasy' but again it has been prophesied too that God would give them over to delusion and people will be seduced by the deception of 'doctrines of demons' in the last days. We should always pray for the saints and warn as many as we can in as many ways as we can, the time is short. All these things are like a vortex with spirals of deception seducing the unsaved into accepting the antichrist. (Pre trib myth paves the way, study that too.)

Thank you for sharing that again. I am just another believer on this site but I enjoy the fellowship with others that is possible here, and the mutual encouragement.

God bless you!!!

Lillianna White said...

I also must affirm that we do not need anything apart from Jesus, the bible, and the Holy Spirit. I got saved by listening to the Holy Spirit and reading the bible, and my relationship with God has continued from that. All we need is God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) leading us, the Spirit leads us from within through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (biblical concept) and we hear Him speaking to our heart, we hear His voice since He is our Shepherd. He gave us the bible, His Word, and that is all we need for our relationship with Him. (by the way, was that lady saying that the books those heretics wrote were 'not' written by 'men', or what?!?) The bible was written by the Holy Spirit through men, His chosen instrument.

We don't need their books, their speakers, their rock music, their entertainment, their merchandise or trinkets, etc. and we certainly don't need their lies.

We can even host our own home churches like the early church with worship, prayer, bible study, exercising of gifts, communion, baptism, love feasts, (in the bible it is mentioned, like a potluck) etc., with God's leading, with true fellowship and love as it was meant to be per scripture, no tithing, no merchandise, no money, no big building, etc. needed!

As a believer following Jesus, I am totally happy and spiritually fulfilled, God has lead me and revealed things to me and provided for me and I am as full of joy and the other fruits of the Spirit as can be. When you follow God and His will, this is the result. Some of it comes via dying to yourself as it says in the bible and ironically it works but it is contrary to the wisdom of man (which the heretics preach, it sells because that is what the unsaved flesh hungers to hear). But when you totally surrender to God you have so much joy you don't know what to do with it all.
Everything else is just leading people down a maze to disappointment. There are so many heresies in those teachings, prosperity, comfort, contemplative, mysticism, etc. when God's word says we must share in Christ's sufferings. (Philippians) Only God can satisfy our hearts with His love and Spirit and we will thirst no more.

So totally, I tell them all no thank you too and that I don't need anything else, I have all I need in Jesus.


Bible Believer said...

That is wrong to nickel and dime people and tell them what to mark. The CC pastor had a bodyguard? Sad to say I have seen the bodyguard "elders" "ushers?" at one IFB I visited. Felt uneasy about it. Why do they need so many bodyguards? This guy announced it too. I wonder about the churches I've seen with the biggest burliest men "guarding" the place. I know I felt strange. Glad you left.

You wonder how much in religious land is used for money laundering, we probably don't want to know. There is enough crookedness in some of the non-profit world to go around. LOL about asking pastor how they live and comparing to how you do and live. So many of them live high on the hog and the known ones are all millionaires or above swimming in money. It's not other millionaires giving them most of the money though I am sure that happens on occasion but often the working class, poor and simple, widows, thinking they are true teachers of God. Of course the prosperity stuff sells, to the poor who are wrongly told if they give the "seed money" to the Word of Faith preacher that God will bless them. Money or the lack there of can lead to a lot of sins. Sigh. I know what it is to face rejection over socio-economic class. It is painful and tough. People ask why don't you have nice things and often in American culture one is sized up by the clothes they wear or car they drive or what employment they hold or what husband holds. I haven't done an article on the poor recently but if you haven't seen those please check them out.

My good IFB did help the poor within the church, but I think even for those churches that was exceptional and over all very exception. Collections for light bills, open food pantry with no social workers involved, housing temporarily homeless, etc.

I would start my own fellowship too for free. I understand those thoughts. I tried a Bible study for a short time, but turn out was low and well, it didn't last--work schedules, etc. There are many who do successfully start home churches, I even have done searches for one, but have come up short, only found one that had false Adventist married to Hebrew Roots beliefs. I always wondered about the little "bread" chiclets and miniature glasses of grape juice.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Thanks for your testimony too from getting away from Joel Osteen. Hey his stuff is seductive to people because they think this will change my life, and help me solve my problems and they believe it is Christ directed.

When I was newly saved or even the year before while still in the Catholic church, I was reading Joyce Meyer's and John Hagee. I didn't swallow everything but what did I know back then? With Hagee soon after I was saved God showed me the truth about him and I stopped watching and I knew something was wrong with Joyce Meyers, I am glad the Mormonism of Beck had you run from him. I see even Bible believing Christians allow that one an in, and I do not know why that happens except there they are listening more the political chatter then God's Word and probably know very little about the false demonic freemason inspired teachings of Mormonism.

I have had friendships freeze out when they learned I was not a Republican or I told them what I thought of Beck. Those are good things to give in friendship, sometimes we have time and our hearts to give instead of actual "presents".
Wow at what your girlfriend said. Yes I remember the time too where I started researching the false teachers. For me I started with Roman Catholicism the church I just left and then turned to look at the Word of Faithers, TBN clan and worked my way down to Calvary Chapel eventually and other deceivers. I am glad the Lord showed you the truth about all of them. Praise God for what He showed me. I think of all the traps anyone of us could have fallen with so much deceit out there.

Many people today will find the love of God's Word strange. Even if you quote from the Bible, they find you odd, and I remember feeling like that among Christians at times. Sometimes they believe in folk wisdom and the false things preachers tell them. One friend told me it was wrong to convert people making them afraid of hell. I said why not and quoted Jude 1:23. Let's just say sometimes I get funny looks at some of the religious things I say.

While good friends are tolerant of my rejection of false preachers, I have LOST friends, telling them the truth about some of these folks, or warning about other things. These preachers are so wide-spread in false churches, with their books in a variety of denominations.

One needs to listen to the Holy Spirit.

I was deceived by the UU, [raised Catholic] so I understand how easy it is for false religions and preachers to mislead people.

I have had times happen to me where I WANTED A PREACHER to BE REAL. This happened to me with the guy who is now deceased that wrote for Last Trumpet Ministries but God showed me things as I listened to his sermons. Sometimes it is hard, you think NOT ANOTHER DISAPPOINTMENT or wow, I thought I finally found one who was REAL and trying to warn people but when he scattered numerology all throughout sermons and it's something you messed with in your unbeliever days, it's not something you can exactly ignore. Same for the churches, I want Christian fellowship very badly. There are times I had to literally PULL myself away as my flesh was staying thinking FRIENDS, FUN, FELLOWSHIP! That has put me in some interesting situations. Folks don't realize that if you once had a good church family and lack a close earthly family--one that rejects your faith, it is very hard to be out there on your own. I have to pray to God all the time on this issue I have been going solo [as far as other humans go] for so long. There too one can't turn their back on what God has shown them.

I tend to avoid popular preachers, books and the like. I guess at this point I think anyone who is "big" enough is an insider sort or adding some falseness to the mix.

I have had to turn down things before too, no Christian rock concerts for me either, no Christmas services etc.

I believe the whole Christian culture is designed almost as noise to block out the voice of the Holy Spirit. It is very strong.

Lillianna White said...

Yes. They totally exploit the poor at these places. And I know, they ironically have all these programs to help the poor OUTSIDE the church! Things should be balanced according to the scripture, I don't think all the money should go to every Tom who comes along claiming to be a believer in poverty, there are biblical rules for that (in Timothy I think...), yet all the money should not go to the pastor either. Some should go to help the poor in the church (as in Acts 2-5). Some could go to the poor outside the church as a good witness to the unbelievers (it says to care about others too outside of believers - Thessalonians), but it is impossible to eliminate poverty. I have noticed this trend too, like all the churches and Christian organizations have jumped on the bandwagon to dominionism thinking that they are going to save the world and eliminate all suffering. Uh, no guys, Jesus brings the kingdom, not us. Then there is this 'superhero' theme I have seen pop up lately. It is a runaway train to an apostasy disneyland kingdom!
Yes, that Hebrew roots thing has really taken root lately, all the legalists strike again. If only they would just read the bible!

Lillianna White said...

I completely agree. I am in the same situation as I said earlier, no fellowship anywhere. All the big ones now have sold out, I would bet on it. What gets me is how strong these people hold to the wolves, with a ferocity! The delusion does drown out the voice of God, I think so too. Notice how it is so different from what is described in the bible about the early church, or even the church family you had before (I had a similar experience 20+ years ago), now it is just like going to the movies, just as cold, empty, and corrupted.

With people too, I find it interesting. I have tolerated a lot of people who did not agree with me as friends (family members who were not saved, friends I have had for a long time, etc.). I don't compromise but I don't shut the door on them either. (It is a problem to eat lunch with one who CALLS himself a believer but lives as a sinner. It also says if an unbeliever invites you it is okay to go, but obviously not to a bar!) Yet they are the ones to shut the door on me simply for my biblical beliefs, and I don't get in their face about it, I just express my belief, just as they did. But as it says, they will ostracize us for being His. It just is part of the deal.

Blessings to you!

Bible Believer said...

Yes the poor and desperate are exploited. I do not like churches that help the poor OUTSIDE the place. I have noted that here how the poor are the outsiders and how they have to "go to them" at the soup kitchen out of their area, to help. I think things should be balanced too. I wrote some time ago about people who consider themselves too poor to be in churches. Yes there are rules in Timothy about who to help, widows etc. The pastors should not be living high on the hog either, I don't want them starving or living object poverty but there is balance there too.

Yes I do not believe poverty will end in this sinful world: the bible says the poor will always be with us. Dominionism has gathered even the Christian "conservatives" over to the false social justice gospel side. I agree Jesus brings the Kingdom not sinful human beings.
I wish the Hebrew Roots folks would read the bible too. I know it is hard not to have fellowship. I witness to people and do have religious discussions with many folks. I am praying now if there is a church or some fellowship to be found again, but it is not easy. I miss my old church family, the church did close, [economic and other factors] though I have long distance contact with several. Some were able to find other independent or fundamentalist churches but I know some left to more mainstream Christian churches too.

I have a lot of people too who don't agree with me. With me they have to be able to handle no compromises and open witnessing. The friends that did not like those things already have walked. I agree about expressing our beliefs. Well to many we are the only place where they will hear the truth.

Lillianna White said...

Totally! They won't help the poor in the church, they give a little 'token' money probably for a write off on taxes, (private, who knows?) or just to look good, and then turn around and lay in the lap of luxury! I love where Jesus said "and the poor have the gospel preached to them..." so it shouldn't cost money, even if you can't give any. Most of the collections they took in the NT were for the poor or missionary work. That is another thing I don't see them supporting anymore; missionaries. Many tales there too.

Yes, they have jumped on the dominionist craze. It's a great thing to help, but they put on the superhero cape and think they can solve all the problems, when the world will only continue to descend into suffering till the end with the bowls of wrath, etc. after which Jesus brings the kingdom. Right on!

Yes, and it's like just because we stick to the bible in doctrine and deed, that is enough to scare them away. I have 'Christian' friends who are involved in all kinds of things that I am not. I don't write them off but I really have no fellowship with them either because they care about things that I don't (like the oscars, popular movies, extravagant shopping, sports, and they like the false teachers too). So it's pretty bad, but I just don't hang out with them. I don't have the heart to say 'get outa here,' but I just keep my distance.

It is amazing too with the witnessing. Let me put that on the next slide...

Lillianna White said...

the witnessing...

I do do this but usually end up alone in it. It turns out that the ones that feel funny are the ones whose lives are not right so they feel convicted themselves. There are so many spiritual principles at work (our consciences, forces of light/darkness, etc.) and this is how we see them played out in the physical. Like where people sit around you when they know you are a serious Christian, etc.

I remember one time in a church there was a group of people who went out handing out tracks and I came along. The only problem was I was not feeling cozy about the tracks (they were using the Living Waters materials-Ray Comfort, etc.). Someone asked why they use these and the leader said it is a backdoor way to get them in, because when they went about it the straightforward way and asked who wants to know about Jesus, everybody took off in all directions. I thought that was sad. I'm more of a shake the dust off your feet type. I have little tracks that I make myself with only bible verses on them outlining the gospel that I hand out.

There are so many verses about witnessing!!! Just for a few key words... "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men..." "he who is ashamed of Me and My words, I will also be ashamed of him on that day..." "if you deny Me before men, I will deny you before my Father..." etc.!

So many think they can just lay in the earthly hammock and enter heaven to collect rewards for simply believing. I'm not saying they won't be there, but rewards? They need to review the first few chapters of Rev.

Blessings to you! If I was there we would have a nice fellowship time I am sure.

Anonymous said...

I was going to a modern mega cult church that bragged constantly about sending money to missions, but a lady who was a member of the cult needed her light billed payed or it would be cut off, and she was given a look like she was a two headed monster. Needless to say, she didn't get the help from the cult. Sorry, I don't like calling them churches. She could probably have found more compassion in a night club. Joel Olsteen is about as lukewarm as you can get. I feel for the people who blindly follow him. I pray that they will see the truth and quit trying to get their ears scratched

Anonymous said...

I have attended church my whole life. Went to a mega church for 7 years. Decided I wanted to join groups or somehow become more social in the church. They had a community womens meeting with a guest speaker. Women from different churches came. it was assigned seating. I was seated with 2 member from my church and 2 others. The women at my church asked where to you attend church. I said here. Oh was the response. They took my 20 to attend and then a love offering but never offered another word to me.
I was very sick and called them. I havent heard back yet. its been 7 years/ Its all about money give me give me