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Duggar Girls Interviewed by Cosmopolitan

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The Duggar Girls Accidentally Tried Alcohol

This is weird to me since this is the magazine that focuses on sex and advances degenerate, consumerist, shopaholism for the 20 something female set. Even as an unbeliever, I found their covers tawdry. I can't even post one here.  I always have found the waiting to kiss til marriage to be odd especially since their parents practice little discretion with their public displays of affection. Of course this being Cosmo magazine, the focus is sex and on the virginity of the Duggar daughters.

"Have you ever gotten any heat for being virgins?
In today’s day and time it’s a little bit strange to be in your early 20s and have not had sex, but it’s how our parents did it. It’s how our grandparents did it. We have a self-respect where we feel confident in who we are, even apart from having a sexual relationship. In a monogamous relationship where it’s just one man and one woman there’s like a zero percent chance of you contracting that type of sexually transmitted disease, but when you’re promiscuous and just go out and live like however — having sex with every guy who comes along — then there’s a huge chance, a probably 80 percent chance you’ll come down with something like that and get something that will really affect you for the rest of your life.

Probably the reason for this as the Duggar family sells their soul for the media, is to advance their new book.


Anonymous said...

Its all about publicity with these people. A Christian is to never call attention to himself unless its for the purpose of preaching the Gospel.

But all too often people today are like 'look at me,' 'look what I did!' I'm somebody.' They want to be the center of attention. 'Look, I've had 19 children,' 'I'm somebody!'

No, you can claim to be something all you want, but how did birthing 19 kids serve God? How many people were reached with the Gospel by giving birth to those 19 children? Chances are, the Duggars have never actually preached the Gospel to anyone. They are only interested in showing off their "accomplishment" which will have no bearing on their spiritual reward (or lack thereof) when they get to the other side. Who can even tell of the couple or their children are even saved?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about this?

FaithGuy3 said...

Well, even Britney Spears CLAIMED once upon a time ago that she never committed fornication.

Pretty much it's an oxymoron nowdays for anyone to boast about their "good" doings.

Whatever happened to a "meek and quiet spirit..." with these people.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of the Duggar children were molested by Gothard?

I pray that is not so.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Notice it is all about them. Not a word of what they do is the right way to live in Christ and standing before the only Holy God. (1 Peter 1:16) - Don

Anonymous said...

Interesting observation Bible Believer! Thank-you for exposing the apostasy concerning this family and the double mindedness displayed thereof.

Were their motives truly "pure" in appearin on a heathen magazine of the humanistic king? Did they share the Gospel with the Cosmo people or did they "promote themselves" which is naricissitic in every sense of the word. Are these young ladies and their family, people that we would want to emulate in the world of Christianity? No thank-you.

On a personal level, I am surrounded by several homeschooling families who have taken on the self rightious job of being "god's police force" among the rest of us. The mothers lurk around the church correcting and criticizing the rest of us in raising our children, exhibiting liberty in our public school choices, and sticking their noses into our marriage relationships gathering information where they do not belong. The end result is gossip, talebearing and lies within the church system leading to the destruction of marriages, broken family relationships, and genuine Godly friendships. These women are evil to the core, becoming busybodies when in fact their own houses are not in order.

I have observed this legalistic homeschool movement firsthand having been a victim of their wickedness and I hurt and grieve for these people, especially the women. These busybody women have themselves been divorced, and in some cases, married multiple times; these women have households who are currently struggling in their marriages, have disobedient home-schooled children who steal, lie, are engaged in pornography on the internet and elsewhere, who are self centered instead of Christ centered, and worst of all, who are bossy and self righteous looking down on the rest of the children who are schooled publicly. I am not impressed "WITH THE FRUITS OF HOMESCHOOLED FAMILIES' and I do not apologize for making this statement.

One mother, in my authoritarian church system, after sharing with her of my daughter beginning to date, went to the church deaconesses to promote herself in having a study on "purity" if I were an incompetent mother in need of "their mothering discipleship," all the while her own children were engaged in sexual sins which were to be "secret" amongst the rest of us ignorant church goers. Perhaps she should have been attending to the spiritual/phsical parenting and needs of her own house before meddling in the lives of others.

Eventually, I learned not to trust any within my church and have Godly friendships with others who love Jesus Christ outside the walled hyper-authoritarian church system where those who love to be first and noticed in the streets will someday discover their rewards eternal. We are in for a surprise when Jesus returns again.

The homeschooling movement may have begun as an alternative to the public school system in honoring Jesus Christ with their education. But now, what I have observed is the blatant idolatry of this homeschool system with the fruits of the homeschoolers being no different than the fruits of the public school children.

The bottom line is how each family chooses to raise their children within the Christ centered home. My daughter attended the public school system, enjoyed it, and still entered her marriage bed a virgin, not because of my church system's influence, but because of her relationship with our living Savior, Jesus Christ, and the influence of her parents.

May God continue to pour out His mercy and His grace in helping us to follow Him instead of a religion full to overflowing with the idolatry of people, in Jesus Holy Name.

Lillianna White said...

I can totally relate to this, I have seen plenty of that sort of busybody meddling and it destroys the church. Their own households are not in order, yet they feel the authority to pass judgment on others. They feel some 'God given' superiority, self righteousness, and pride that is nothing more than hypocrisy, like those white washed seplechers mentioned above! God did not place them over anyone and they need to mind their own business and learn the definition of the word boundaries.

I noticed some funny trends too where church systems get downright 'dictatorial' and deny the autonomy of the members over themselves in subtle ways. We don't need them, we have God, we have the only mediator, Jesus, He is our only leader and true judge, and no one else. Sure, if there is open sin in the congregation it needs to be addressed, but to go sniffing around for it with the intention of digging up dirt is just the act of gossiping women unhappy with their own lives. Many things are done under the guise of 'discipleship,' etc. but it's just invasive control and bullying, possessive, tyrannical, and all other psychology of unhealthy things.

They tend to turn out robotical conformist clones that can't think for themselves, like puppets where you pull a string and they nod in agreement and say 'amen' to anything the leader says. Notice how all these ladies look almost identical? The same curly q's, same colors, same placid smile, same thinking, same 'yes daddy', etc.

Anonymous said...

"The mothers lurk around the church correcting and criticizing the rest of us in raising our children, exhibiting liberty in our public school choices, and sticking their noses into our marriage relationships gathering information where they do not belong."

Actually, I think this sums up the current state of the church, homeschooled or not.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Anonoymous 9:14: May I also add another fact to this account which may or may not surprise you,

"This church system is a strong follower, promoter, and evangelizer ot the International House of Prayer theology, doctrines and practices. These people live and breathe on every word of the men and women who preach, teach, and prophesy there. As one woman said to me in promoting IHOP and I quote, "Well, you know, Jesus won't come back until all of the saints are crying out for Him to do so. It says that in the Word."

At that time in my relationship with Jesus, I had never heard of KHOP nor the doctrines and practices they promoted so I did not have a clue where she had heard this doctrine. Immediately, a red flag went up as I did not know of any Scripture nor a good sermon that I had heard via the internet to confirm such a teaching;(our church pastor was engaged in sexual immorality which was kept secret by the church board, deacon and deaconess system, and as a result, his sermon messages were filled with blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. As a congregation, we never saw nor heard him repent to us. No repentance to us, only secrets and lies.....the fruits of a narcissistic church system)

I believe in my heart, I was prompted by God, the Holy Spirit, to embark on a journey to learn about this IHOP system and to warn my children against going there with friens.


Bible Believer said...

I agree about the center of attention stuff. I may myself want to impart information to people but when someone waltzes around and makes it about themselves and elevates themselves in PRIDE, [not for information, witnessing etc] that's a problem. I think too the whole PROUD TO BE A VIRGIN thing also disturbs me. the NORM should be for people to wait for marriage and in one way they help advance the debauched culture in setting themselves aside as the "special snowflakes" who have not fornicated. When I was Catholic, we had the false saints and religious praised to us for their virginity but even then they skew what God desires for people when they make it a point of pride and in seeking to set themselves apart and show off self righteousness.

The 19 children thing definitely was for them to "show off", a contest as it were.

I do not think the Duggar parents are saved, things go deep there, where they are part of the deception IMO they cling to a false gospel, a few of the children possibly could be, from the bibles laying around the house but then the indoctrination/mind control/blanket training is so strong, and I hope one or two will wake up, and help get the rest out of the cult, they are teaching a gospel of works, and remind me of Catholics thinking they will be saved via their works and "holy living".

Yes Gothard got exposed. Creepy behavior with young women spoken about online. I wonder why no one thinks that some guy who refuses to marry may not be a closet Jesuit. Orders from above. Otherwise why not get yourself a wife and the huge families you promote. Jesuit?

I read on another blog [lost the link] the Duggars still plan to attend another ATI event. It seems nothing wakes people up.

Here are more of the details...

I pray none of the Duggar children were not molested or harassed by Gothard too.

I agree they make it all about them Don. I worry for those girls and hate how they have been misled. I worry about how their false gospel and focus on self promotion and self righteousness will turn people off from the true gospel. I know if they really did witness and give the reasons why God calls people to sexual purity--Cosmopolitan wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. I don't blame them wholly as I see them controlled by their parents and pushed to do these media events. What if one said no? Sometimes too much blind obedience is a bad thing.

Sorry you are dealing with mean homeschoolers. You know a Christian should understand that in our society parents have to do the best they can. This is why when I write or warn about public schools, I know many parents are trying to just do the best they can. I have met folks like this.

The legalistic homeschool world if you don't have the right family or the white picket fence lifestyle, you are out of the running. However sadly many people in church systems and other organizations are oppressed by these kind of social maneuverings. I am sorry they are doing so much damage to people. I've seen this legalistic world, kind of as an outsider...[trust me I'm an automatic outsider even from economic factors alone] and glad I was outside of it all. The focus on appearances is extreme, the quest for perfection that is not based on Godliness but status is there. I see this in the Duggars big time on a macro level. A lot of things are hidden while the perfect veneer is sought after. I have seen much about the homeschool world that concerns me and as you know, I have warned about the massive infiltration of that movement. I met homeschoolers/SAHD types in a Calvary Chapel even.

Bible Believer said...

The churches are micromanaging people's lives and with the homeschool stuff and especially if they have gone full blown patriarchy or dominionist, every detail of a member's life is analyzed and instead of living in fellowship, it's all about control and a contest about who is the most perfect, and righteous. This also leads to the cloning of people where they all look, act, and talk alike. What creeps me out the Duggars is how ALIKE all the daughters are. No one has broken the ranks. No black sheep of the family there. Very strange. They follow the leaders blindly and have in their mind this picture of the perfect family and lives that must be followed, not really directed by the Bible but social pressures, Christian magazines and the apostate church marketeers. Many of us don't even have the right "look" LOL to be part of that world. That's fine by me. I have my concerns about how the Christian world is looking to unbelievers via all the Stepford "Christian" wives.

Anonymous said...

As time progressed, I discoverd website dedicated to exposing the false teachings of these false teachers, preachers, and so called prophets and as a Berean, compared the website and their expositions to the Word of God.

Oh, how I praise God for these people, Bible Believer inscluded, for being led by the Spirit, in sharing their time and work with the rest of us so our faith does not become shipwrecked.

My faith was almost destroyed because of this apostate church system....this dominionist, patriotic, nationalistic church system that on any given Sunday morning, promotes the self of man, the flag, and the things of this world higher than our SAVIOR. The boasting and bragging, the cute little stories coming from the pastor about his "special family" and the blatant lack of Biblical love is beyond words. America, a Christian nation you say?

No, America, the greatest missionary field on the face of this planet. And no, the so called Christians here is America will not be "taking back" america for Jesus Christ and leading all nations to the return of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

So how do we know this? By their fruits you shall know them, says our Savior....when I began to question these women's teachings concerning IHOP, all Sheol broke loose from their hearts and minds with ugly words oozing out of their mouths. One woman said, "You don't know anything because I have been a Christian longer than you!" She still believes Todd Bentley is a great preacher having two of her children flying there for his spectacle show. This woman's Bible study also watched internet telecasts during their meetings and called it a "Bible Study" no less. I attended their Bible study some years ago and quit going as the Bibles were never opened and discussed briefly; however, the coffee kept a coming, the pastries were passed around several times, and the gossip flowed exceeding, with me going home and asking my husband who this one and that one was becuse I had no clue who they were talking about. Meanwhile, the state of their own homes were in is much easier to gossip, lie, and talebear of others, rather then confess our own sins to one another, share our burdens with one another, and pray together seeking forgiveness and restoration from our LORD. We would not want to do this, for that might be Biblical!

No one wants to confess sins and share burdens in a church where there is no Godly character, a place Jesus and God, the Holy Spirit abandoned a long time ago! And my charismatic/pentecostal church claims to "be born again" and know Jesus better than any church around.....unbelievable, just unbelievable.

In closing, what I see transpiring in the Gospel-less church system is this...I believe it will be the church systems that will be doing the bidding of the antichrist in the days to come and eventually killing the true, born again saints, believing they are doing the actual will of God, our Father in ridding the earth of us scum who do not subscribe to their dominionist teachings.

I grieve, oh how I grieve. Is there a church out there that still preaches the Gospel, no Jesus prayer thank-you as it is not in our Bibles, where the saints repent and believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST in fellowship and prayer? Perhaps they are almost extinct!

Anonymous said...

I have many thoughts on this. I homeschool my four children. When I started, I searched the internet for resources and fellowship. About a year in, one of my favorite blogs for encouragement, had a little something about theology that really disturbed me. I started digging, and found that almost everything is connected in the homeschooling world, and that the roots are both dominionist and extremely Calvinist and very wrong on end time beliefs. It ropes people in from all different locations and church backgrounds and promotes blogs and learning materials to gradually shift a person's thinking. I found this blog during my research phase.

I still homeschool my children, but I am worried about how sheltered we are, without the input of a church to attend and extended family not real close.

Looking back, I had a close childhood friend whose homeschooling family got heavily involved with the cult like aspects of the movement, including the legalistic purity stuff. At a job at a summer camp, she got a boyfriend her age, but her dad put an end to it because of his family and because he was not ambitious enough. A year or so later she was set up with a man 8 or 10 years older, with a very good career and who said all the right things. Trouble was, he was a closet homosexual looking for a weak trophy wife and children to add legitimacy to his career. After years and heartbreak and children and abuse, she has left him and is now remarried to that first, unambitious boyfriend! But, still somewhat involved in the ATI and other bad aspects of homeschooling.

But, wisdom in raising children in the word of god and sound doctrine is not at all an easy task, and I'm not at always sure the right way to go about it.


Lillianna White said...

Hi JL,

Yes, I completely agree, there is so much of that in the churches! It has leaked in to other areas as well, like homeschooling.

About the IHOP stuff, there are many discernment ministries tackling them, here is a list of some good ones I found that address them as well:

apostasy watch
apprising ministries
christian research network

just google from searchbox, site will appear in list
obviously I can't vouch for everything on these since I haven't seen everything on these, but a useful resource for this purpose

God bless you!

Lillianna White said...

My faith was almost destroyed because of this apostate church system....this dominionist, patriotic, nationalistic church system that on any given Sunday morning, promotes the self of man, the flag, and the things of this world higher than our SAVIOR. The boasting and bragging, the cute little stories coming from the pastor about his "special family" and the blatant lack of Biblical love is beyond words. America, a Christian nation you say?

Exactly!!! I couldn't agree more with every word you said. I was just thinking this earlier today, how they always show off their little kiddies like celebrity lion kings being held up for adoration by those tiny little pew peons out there below them all...
It's all about sporting events, bake sales, and support the troops. What else can one expect from these state run government
501c3 churches? I honestly don't think a single one remains that is loyal to God, and I have done plenty of searching in a large metro area full of churches.

I wish we all lived in the same area and could hold our own church meeting/bible study. Either way, if the fruit juice is not available it's still better to avoid the poison! Just read the bible at home and pray, etc.

God bless you!

mom4truth said...

Hi All/Bible Believer,

Bible Believer, as you probably know, I have been coming to your blog for several years. I appreciate the content and reading the dialogue (most of the time!), but after keeping my tongue on the Duggar thing for quite some time, I just have to comment...

Let me be clear, I am in no wise advocating for the Duggars and their brand of apostasy, as I view them just as knee-deep in deception as the rest of "Churchianity", but I'm trying to understand your constant and persistent railing upon them for their lifestyle choices, which are, in fact, Biblical. I realize you frequently post about the spectrum of apostasy, but it seems you are particularly ire(d) by that family. I'm all for exposing deception and wolves in sheep's clothing, but what is it about their decision to have a large family and teach modesty and raise their daughters with a Biblical view on relationships and marriage? The comments on this article are so nasty, judgmental, and assumptive about the wrong things and are absent the vital things (such as their ecumenical accord with Catholics and Protestants alike, participating in holidays and b-days, dominionism (I know you have touched on that) their partnership with Focus on the Family.)

The Lord is clear in His Word that children are a gift from Him, a reward. Why such vitriol about women who are blessed to allow the Lord to determine in His good graciousness when He opens and closes the womb? Everybody always asks God for "blessings" and children are a very specific blessing mentioned in Scripture, yet the majority are always turning that one away, instead praying for material blessings.

The ignorance posted above about homeschooling is palpable. True Christians concerned with the salvation of their children's souls would not even consider placing those gifts entrusted to them by God into the waiting arms of Satan's minions known as the public school system. Remember the Lord's parable of the talents? Your children's souls are the talents. What will you do with them? Stick them in the mud or protect, nurture, and grow them? Believe the Lord teaches we will give account for how we cared for that which He entrusted to us. To a previous commenter, your daughter who you sent to public school is walking in Truth DESPITE your decision to put her in public school, because of the Lord's grace. But shall we tempt the Lord our God?

I'm not going to comment about the homeschooling-PTA-Girl Scout- mom busy-bodies- they are caught up in Churchianity, not Truth.Christians homeschool because it is our responsibility and duty as parents to raise our children up in the way they should go, not the Clinton village.

mom4truth said...

You frequently remark that they are cult-like in their approach to courting and relationships and how their poor daughters must escape to live a corporate life, separate from their family. you comment about how sad it is that they don't go to college. As a true Christian, do you really believe that? Is something un-Biblical about training your daughters to wait to wed until they've found another believer? Is it wrong that in a world of 7 billion people (so they tell me), and the remnant being so few and far between, for said believers to want to cling to one another as we're all we have? What exactly is the Biblical problem with believing families (again, not saying the Duggars are truly saved)wanting to reside closely for relationship, just as the early believers in Acts? Noah and his family were all they had in a boat, yet they had eachother. And college? Are you kidding me? A cesspool of lies, historical distortions, pointless studies of fables and endless genealogies, no doubt. What exactly is one missing out on if they don't have the college experience? Studying a trade for the benefit of taking care of a family is different, but college for college sake is pointless at best, and morally/spiritually disintegrating at worst.

I'm just saying, your exposing of dominionism is vital and fruitful, but your blanket condemnation for those who have large families according to God's Word and raise them with the same standards, just because the Duggars do, seems hateful and ignorant.

To the first "Anonymous", you radiate the most ignorance and judgmental spirit of all. You start of with a bang about a Christian not drawing attention to himself. I could probably agree with you in substance, but you try to sell that as if its a Biblical command. It's not. Your whole post is veined with assumptions about why the Duggars do what they do. You can "assume" that's why, but you're trying to pass it off as fact. They're deceived, yep. But I can't know their heart and why they do what they do. From the outside looking in, it seems as if they genuinely want to obey God's Word in their family status (exemplified by their choice to abstain from marital relations in the post-partum period according to the customs of the Old Testament), but are extremely deceived in all other aspects. And, no, they're not preaching the Gospel because they don't follow Truth wholly, but your comment about them having children not being a testimony is ridiculous. Whenever a true Christian lives a Bibical principle, it ALWAYS brings conviction to the world. The world watches our behavior, first and foremost. We must LIVE the Gospel.

Thank you guys for bearing with me, that was long! And, again, no need to remind me of the spiritual deceptions with the Duggars- I am very aware...

Bible Believer said...

You do realize what I have posted about college right? Where did I pass myself off as a blind defender of the college system? college conspiracy, student loan racket system, surely I've mentioned those somewhere on here. Trades are good. I think if anything in our outsourcing world and with many degrees being worth as much as toilet paper, that trades and skills will go a lot further.

The adult children are not kept at home forever as perpetual teens for fellowship, community etc. I would be just fine with that but for CONTROL and via Gothard and ATI false control.

I don't care if someone has a large family, there is nothing wrong with that.

Bible Believer said...

I've done endless articles exposing the public school system and even Common Core. I think if parents can homeschool or private school it is better.

1. I have nothing against large families. If someone has one, that is great. God definitely considers children blessings. However with the Duggars you know things are not right. She is still not even happy with the children she has. As I have written I believe many are emotionally neglected etc. Like Jorydn and some of the "lost" Duggars.

2. I support homeschooling when done right. I hope homeschoolers can avoid the Dominionism and pray to God to lead them in the right way.

Bible Believer said...

Anon thanks for the encouragement.

This was a great paragraph:
"My faith was almost destroyed because of this apostate church system....this dominionist, patriotic, nationalistic church system that on any given Sunday morning, promotes the self of man, the flag, and the things of this world higher than our SAVIOR. The boasting and bragging, the cute little stories coming from the pastor about his "special family" and the blatant lack of Biblical love is beyond words. America, a Christian nation you say?"

I totally agree. It sounds like you've been there with me such as the time I visited an IFB on Memorial Day [bad mistake] and they plastered fighter jets on the screens above the "stage".

All the false teachings, it sometimes gets tough. It is wearing to look out at it all. Also dealing with my own humanness and conviction of my own sins--been under some pressures lately, but with the Duggars no one will ever convince me that the two parent's are "HOLY" people. I don't even know how to explain how everything is about appearances with them. What is the verse, having the "appearance of godliness"

I was thinking about something today too, how these ultra super "Christians" with their perfect families and homes, will lead normal Christians who may be poor, have health problems, or be infertile, or don't have the nice perfect life to despair. It is just something I ponder. One sees this in some of the churches. I spoke on one comment lately how in many homeschool worlds, I'd be of the running...continuing...

Bible Believer said...

Really in one way they are just serving a stereotype of what the world sees as "Christian". Basically some clone like candidates {I don't blame the children, they need to see and know freedom] for the liberal book, a "Handmaiden's Tale". I don't even think it's by accident the only approved careers/trades for women when it comes to Duggars are the same they were in that book--doula's and midwives.
The world sees this stuff and turns and looks at their messy lives, empty bank accounts, and unbelievers they are surrounded by and thinks, "I never could be perfect enough to be a Christian."

This line of thought probably delayed my own conversion by 6 years or so. I even think people probably read this blog and think that some "perfect" picket fence type is writing it. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble on that one. This is the kind of the stuff that makes people turn away from the Christian gospel.

Bible Believer said...

The script for the Duggars almost seems to come from the Handmaiden's Tale. I should do a comparison. To make things clear I LOATHE THAT BOOK, it promotes evil liberal agendas but then here's a theme here, the duality, right and left converging, well I hope the readers will know what I mean.'s_Tale

Focus on PURITY of women--like extreme Islam, Dominionism, Patriarchy, only approved profession for women is doula and midwife.

Sure the book ventures into sci fi and fictional set ups, but it always made me wonder.

"Gender and occupation[edit]
The sexes are strictly divided. Gilead's society values reproduction by white women more than reproduction by other women: women are categorised "hierarchically according to class status and reproductive capacity" as well as "metonymically colour-coded according to their function and their labour" (Kauffman 232). The Commander makes it clear that women are considered intellectually and emotionally inferior. Women are not permitted to read and girls are not educated.
Women are as visually segregated as men are. The men are equipped with military or paramilitary uniforms, constraining but, perhaps, empowering them as well. All classes of men and women are defined by the colours they wear (as in Aldous Huxley's dystopia Brave New World), drawing on color symbolism and psychology. All lower status individuals are regulated by this dress code. All non-persons are banished to the 'Colonies' (usually forced-labor camps in which they clean up radioactive waste, becoming exposed and dying painful deaths as a result). Sterile, unmarried women are considered to be non-persons. Both men and women sent there wear grey clothing"

Bible Believer said...

correction, homeschool world, I'd be out of the running.

Lillianna White said...

I have noticed a funny trend as to how these threads get hijacked, I mean let us stick to the thesis please...

1. There is a cult like mentality in these arenas, I know, I have witnessed the group think type of brainwashing that goes on, and that is never healthy. We were not made to be robots.

2. We are not to draw attention to ourselves, I could quote about half the bible on that point, just open it up and any page will suffice for support of that rule. That does not mean we are to bash ourselves into a corner, that is so not the same thing though.

3. There is this portrayal of 'perfect little me' in my perfect little princess world stuff. That is not the brochure for real Christianity. In most of the world, true believers are persecuted and hunted down relentlessly, in the middle east, asia, malaysia, etc. The rest of the world has waxed cold for the gospel (Europe and north America, etc.). If Christians started putting God first and living right, they would be persecuted too. But the day is coming...
BTW, I totally agree with this from anon above:

In closing, what I see transpiring in the Gospel-less church system is this...I believe it will be the church systems that will be doing the bidding of the antichrist in the days to come and eventually killing the true, born again saints, believing they are doing the actual will of God, our Father in ridding the earth of us scum who do not subscribe to their dominionist teachings.

I see this 'emerging,' as we speak and it has been prophesied in Revelation, post tribbers usually get it, but pre tribbers will be in for a rude awakening (no pun intended!).
Remedy: get into the Word!

Anonymous said...

Thank-You for your comments and I appreciate the dailogue. The self righteousness on the part of all, including mom4truth, is most shameful in light of God's Word.

What I have seen and experienced with the those who embrace the homeschool movement it real. I used to have great respect for this movmement until I became involved with several mothers and their self righteous attitudes and ways. These individuals point out the sins of those parents who choose to public school our children/ I have also done some home schooling through a pentecostal homeschooling program of which there are some very interesting false doctrines practiced there as well/ ie/ kundalini-drunk in the spirit belief systems, so one must always be on guard for the false teaching does not always come out of the public school system, but homeschooling materials as well. These homeschooling mothers are also instrumental in pointing out the "sins" of my own children, and ignore the "sins" of their own households. The Bible is blatantly clear concerning "busybodies" including this term in with the murderers, theives, and the like. Very powerful words for our LORD, ones to be heeded with a godly fear.

Many of these homeschooling families actually believe they are beling "persecuted" because they choose to homeschool. I will speak honestly here, when, in fact, they are being called out not because of their educational choices, but because they are sinning by pride, they are sinning by meddling in others' affairs/households, and they are sinning as some are actually "running" the church. Since I have done some homeschooling myself, I know for a fact that if the system operated properly, there would be absolutely no time to meddle in other people's affairs, much less time for criticism and condemnation of our public school choices. The Scriptures are clear as so not suffering as a meddler or busy body as these women are bringing judgement upon themselves.

Also, the fruits of my public school children are no different than the fruits of the home schooled children, for the truth of God's Word lies in the hearts of men, not in any school system. The mouths' of homeschooled children are just as nasty as public school children, for there is no difference. To exalt, and worship one edcational choice over another is blatant idolatry for when I chose to home school my children in certain subjects, I feel no sense of pride, arrogance, or haughtiness in those areas. To do so is a sin and worthy of repentance.

Unfortunately, there are wolves in sheep's clothing always among us, with some choosing to homeschool and some choosing to public school. The enemy can use both system to do his bidding, as God, the Holy Spirit, can work through both systems to witness for Jesus Christ.

Misuse and abuse exists in both forms of schooling. The godly character that we try to instill in our children first grows in the home, not any educational type of system....for where there is no love for Jesus and His teachings, well, then, there is no love for neighbor.

And after listening to the bitter whining and angry complaining about my very own daughter's wedding day from a "homeschool mother in my church", to my face, I am more than convinced that any homeschool program does not instill Godly character whatsoever. The proof lies in how we choose to live our lives, for Jesus, or for the enemy. The choice is ours and I praise God for that freedom and liberty that we, as parents have in submitting to the will of our LORD Jesus Christ.

May God, our Father have mercy and grace as we are not of this world, but of the eternal life yet to come. May God protect all of His chosen people....that is us folks!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to add in closing, that my daughter remained a virgin to her marriage bed, not because she was homeschooled in several subjects; not because she attended public school in addition to receiving home schooled instructions; not because of the busy body home schooling mothers in my church who judged me and my family's choices in our child rearing decisions; not because of any pastoral or leadership system, nor any church program....nor any prideful system of man's bidding, but because read, studied, and meditated upon the very Word herself, and honored God's ways above what the church world and secular world told her. In today's culture, there is not much difference between the church system and the world concerning lifestyle choices.

So yes, I have seen homeschoolers fall to the temptation of sin just as easily as home schooled children. What excuse do we have when a homeschooled child fornicates, lies, steals, engages in drunkenness, watches pornography, marries and divorces again and again....we call it rebellion, the same as if a public school child engaged in these sins. None of us are above and beyond sin......for we are all sinners called to repentance and belief on our LORD Jesus Christ. He is our Judge in the end, not any man nor woman.

I would have never believed that home schooling mothers would be offended when a public schooled daughter would make the conscious choice of going to her marriage bed a virgin.

Should we all not be rejoicing as the Body of Jesus Christ?

This conversation just shows what the religious system here in the west has become.....a brood of vipers! Jesus said those words, not me.

Lillianna White said...

I totally agree, I have seen so much hypocrisy myself. I won't go into it here, but I have bagfuls of such experiences.

One thing I will share is something I noticed in general while I was going to churches (Evangelical type places too). No matter how nice, sweet, friendly, or Spirit filled I was, (just trying to make a point here...)there always seemed to be this group of older ladies who were self righteous and proud that would converge and conspire and gossip and try to 'paint' me a certain way, out of sabotage and conniving. It was a different group in every church, but the same stepsister dynamics. They would try to find little faults to nit pick, only to discover that they just didn't know the bible as well as they claimed to. Well there is a thread in the bible about false religion against true 'religion' where the false 'church' persecutes the true one out of jealosy. You see it with Cain and Abel, with the Pharisees and the followers of Jesus, the true early church and the Jewish legalists, all the way through history with the Catholics, etc. up until the end with the harlot at the throat of the virgin bride, the true church. (Rev. 17;6) So, there really is a stepsister dynamic at work there...
there is no escaping it.

Bible Believer said...

I am concerned about the cult like mentality too. Any place where rules and conformity is so extreme, one needs to be cautious. Self righteousness can be it's own trap. People in these movements are more embroiled with their appearance to the world and appearing "perfect" and "holy". We are to avoid the appearance of evil but when "goodness" is used to attract attention and notice, that's a problem. Should a young woman brag of being a virgin who is not married? It is seen as a place of self righteousness rather then just following God's Word. I assume young born again Christian women who are not married are virgins. When this is parading before the unbelieving and world where the young women have had sex, it does not convict or witness the gospel, but sets the Christians apart as "perfect" and leaves sinners who are fornicating or living in sexual sin from not hearing their need for a Savior.

I do see the "perfect" little me aspect to this all. Maybe I will do a post on self righteousness. I know I have been guilty of it, even with a discernment blog one has to be careful thinking you know it all, because once you think you do and can't make mistakes then the downward spiral can begin then. Self righteousness is something that turns off the unsaved. When I was a young woman and UU, I saw Christians like this and the message I got was they were perfect and I was not, and I'd never "fit" in that world. I had to read the Bible to see what Jesus truly taught. In America we have this theme of Christianity bringing the "perfect life" or "self improvement". Those like the Duggars show this appearance of a Christian life with perfect families and never any trouble. Real life is messy. Yes in real life, Christians are being killed and martyred. Many saved Christians do not have Christian families and their own families become their sworn enemies because they left a false religion and embraced Jesus Christ. In some countries this means death, in America this may mean ostracization but this magazine perfect looking pictures of these families where everyone is supposedly a saved born again Christian is nonsense.


Bible Believer said...

too wonder about the church system being the ones who persecute the true believers. I know kind people in the church system, there are even a few saved ones who have not come out of their false churches yet but we can see where things are heading as Rome gathers her flock together.

Yes post-tribbers get it.

Anon, I am sorry you were hurt by women who had self righteous ways. I know there are families where both parents have to work to keep food on the table and the rent paid. They would rather the mother be at home but have not had a choice. The same Republicans who downgrade everyone who is poor as a "loser" or "mooch", these are the same type of people who may sniffle and condemn an overworked impoverished parent with having to place their child in public school. Would I rather everyone be able to homeschool or be in a good private school? Sure, but real life is messy. I have seen weird Dominionism and other trends in homeschooling even this weird unschooling stuff, which I don't think too many Christians subscribe too but there fads can rule as well. I agree that ones who fall into the trap of self righteousness and false judgments on others need to read their Bibles and those warnings about busybodies. We need to work out all our salvation with fear and trembling as the Bible says. I know there are limitations to homeschooling. Wicked and abusive parents could misuse it. A parent may be low in education and book-smarts and not be able to impart enough knowledge to their children. There is no system or program in this world that is perfect. Every school district differs too. I am concerned about Common Core of course too, but here if one is trusting in the home and homeschooling to automatically turn a child into a life long born again Christian it's not automatically going to happen. Train a child in the way they should go, but salvation is the work of the Holy Spirit. Homeschooling can be a good tool and will work for many families but I agree with your warnings not to turn it into an area for haughtiness, self righteousness and thinking it will bring perfection. I have seen endless websites online of ex-homeschoolers and children coming out of fundamentalist Christian/homeschooled families where they reject Christianity in total. Homeschooling is no guarantee. Human beings fall in love with their systems and formulas, they need to put love of Jesus Christ first.

Lillianna White said...

they need to put love of Jesus Christ first YES!!! It all revolves around that.

I see the equation:
self-righteous rich Republican Christians=Pharisees, hypocrites of Jesus' day
(same dynamics)


Anonymous said...

Joy check out biblical scholarship on Jesus is

Anonymous said...

Not all people who home school feel or act in the ways described here. I am not connected to any local groups or church, and I definitely don't look down on any one else. I homeschooled my children, but was pregnant and having a hard time keeping up with the curriculum. I decided to put them in school. The schools where we live are actually decent, but once my daughter reached middle school and the curriculum became really occultic like making sacred Egyptian beetle necklaces and memorizing confucius , also the drama and immoral acts that take place daily among the children, my beautiful daughter who knows and loves her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said it was time to start homeschooling again. She didn't like what she was witnessing and does not want to be learning things that offend our Lord. I understand that it is not possible for some to homeschool, but I do think that if you can you should, not to be part of some group, or to make yourself feel more righteous. Do it because no one can teach your children better than you. And if you can't teach them at home them please make sure they know the word of God. Teach them the truth and let them know what the world really is. Deuteronomy 6:5 And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. 6 And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: 7 And thou shalt teach them diligently until thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to homeschool using secular or Christian (so called) curriculums. Teach from the authorized King James Bible. And supplement with workbooks that you approve of. But the Bible is enough it contains the only truth. You can find all subjects to teach from Geography, History, Science,Arithmetic, tons of words for Spelling, and Vocabulary. And of course Reading. Homeschooling is a wonderful thing. And those who rail out against it are just as rude a those who rail against you for using public school. In my previous comment I said that my daughter decided she wanted to be homeschooled again, not because she wasn't popular because she was very liked. And the more she told the boys that she didn't date, the more they sought after her. She had lots of friends and good grades, but she saw i t as compromise. She didn't want to sell out to the . So after 3years of public school I took them out. And just in time cause common core is horrible, it's like they are deliberately trying to confuse and dumb down our children. So don't judge all homeschool households by the ones who use it to lord over others as I said before teaching them the Word makes all the difference. And they are capable of making wise decisions if they are walking in truth.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your comments anonymous. The Bible is clear when it says "you shall know them by their fruits" and we must apply this to everyone. I do not consider it a sin to public school my children or a sin to homeschool my children, it is a personal life style choice that we make as parents who love the LORD as our own.

To elevate one educational system over another is pure idolatry; I do not know what else to call this. Yes, they do some occultic things in school systems, however, one busy body/manipulative home schooling mother in our area strongly promotes yoga with her mouth and is best friends with the local yoga instructor who also attends our church. I do not know any other word to describe yoga other than demonic/a religious practice from the pit of hell.

With that said, I am reminded that the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.....does this evil know the difference between the public school or the homeschool family, or can he use both for his evil. Can homeschooling families get caught up in occultic/demonic activity as well as public schooled children/families.


"Now the works of the flesh is evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleaness, lewdness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkeness, revelries, and the like...." Galations 5:19-21

God also says in Timothy 3:1-7 "But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."

Anonymous said...


These are words from our LORD describing the sin nature of all mankind and we must seriously heed them. In my relationships with home schooled families, I see no difference in the sin nature of homeschooled children verses the sin nature in public schooled children.

Anotherwords, there is absolutely nothing that homeschooled children have that I would ever desire for my children or family. Both my husband and I are born again Christians of the Spirit of God, and we instructed our children in our home as to the ways of our LORD, not according to the ways of a homeschooled system and not acoording to the ways of our public schools, but in the home. We believe it "does not take a village to raise a child" as some homeschooling mothers and our public school system believes.

I repeat, there are homeschooling families who believe that same philosophy; I read it in print from our church superindendant vis her typed newletter! I was shocked! It became apparent to me this was her just cause for being a busybody in church and causing dissensions within other families due to her self righteousness.

Being a homeschooling mother does not give one the license to interfere in other families' business.

Do I see more godliness in homeschooled families? No! I do not see any character difference between homeschooling parents nor their prodigy. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.


Anonymous said...

And in closing I will say this, please do not judge our public schooled children, nor look down on them as inferior or less godly, or as unsaved, or any other thought stemming from the flesh.
For the fruits of ungodliness are alive and well in the lives of both homeschoolers and public schoolers alike.

But the good news is this; the fruits of God, the Holy Spirit, are alive and well in the lives of public schooled children and homeschooled children as well. And for that, I humbly submit to all who read this dialogue in defense of our educational choices, that our final judge is Jesus Christ alone. And it is He that we will give an answer too on that great and glorious day,

Not the self righteous persons who have taken the mantle of "god's police force" roaming these lands, casting judgement upon the rest of us who choose not to homeschool full time.

May God, our Father, have mercy and grace upon our souls in raising our children for Him, for He knew them long before He gave them to us. Oh, how Great and Wonderful is our God for His abundant blessings. We have no reason to boast or brag in light of what He has done for us.

Anonymous said...

Just one more comment....."accidentally sipping alcohol?"

Is that like this homeschooled mother ACCIDENTALLY "cutting down, berating, and complaining about my daughter's wedding to my face, let alone the things spoken behind our backs in the local community!"

These types of accidents speak volumes concerning human character....everything is labeled an accident or unintentional instead of....

actually claiming personal responsiblity sin. The trojan horse of psychology has done satan's bidding quite well in the schooled, whether home or public, quite well.

Blame your sin on someone else or claim it was an accident.....who are we trying to kid here?

Lillianna White said...

I feel that either public, private, or homeschooling can be used for either good or evil. It just depends on that particular teacher, school, district, etc. or family doing homeschooling and what curriculum is selected either way and what behavior is leading the example for the children and others in the community. A thing can mean one thing here and take on a totally different meaning there depending on the meaning poured into the words, such as 'home schooling,' etc.

"Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16; 14

In love,

Anonymous said...

I agree no one should tell you how to raise your children, believe it or not I get a lot of questions from people , even in the grocery store, because I home school. Some are for it and some are against it, but that is there opinion. And that's all I take it as. I'm sorry you have had such a hard time with such critical and overbearing people. I've been there. I went to a modern church when I first got saved and they had cell groups and the women tried to run my life, and if I missed one day of church I was a horrible person, but they could skip to sell Mary Kay. I soon figured That it was a cult, and most of the churches now are. I would just separate myself from those type of people if I were you. Tell them to hit the road to hit the road if they don't stop meddling. If they are into yoga then they are walking in darkness. Do not be unequally yoked. It is one thing to witness, but I wouldn't have fellow ship with them. I don't have any friends my age. I've tried but the women are too worldly. My friend is almost 70 years old.and yes I said friend as in one. And trust me I tried to make friends, but it is not worth compromising. I've learned that God had placed the people in my life that I am to fellowship with. And I don't think He wants me in relationships with people who claim to be of the faith and are walking in darkness. Anyway, as in my previous post I just want you to know that not all homeschool families act in such disgrace. We are all nothing and when we start to think that we are something, then we are lying to ourselves.Everything should be to the glory of God. AndI pray that He would bless you and your family.

Lillianna White said...

Exactly. Tell them to stop meddling, it is none of their business. Your life is between you and God. If elders in the church call a person into question due to sin, that is another matter, but this is just busybody meddling, manipulation, and gossip mongering. The 'church leaders' won't approach anyone over a real sin because they would lose profit. Anyone trying to run your life proves it is a cult.

They should have confronted that person into yoga.

Me too, I have always had friends that were at least 20 years older than me. I have two friends who are in their early seventies (more than 20 years older) and one who is around 60 but I keep that one at bay. I don't have any real Christian friends for true fellowship outside of these sites. (And I have tried, and not to brag, but I'm a sweet lady! (; ).
I won't compromise either, I would rather be lonely humanly speaking and have fellowship with God, than to have fellowship with compromised humans and jeopardize fellowship with God.

Yes, may God bless all the families here and whatever circumstances He has chosen to put them in.
And the single faithful isolated believers, like me, too!

Bible Believer said...

There are good homeschoolers and bad homeschoolers. Homeschooling is even popular in some non-Christian circles with "unschooling" and more. Different districts will have a wide-range. There are some states that even have rejected Common Core.
Children need prepared for this world which is wicked beyond measure. The homeschoolers who OVER-protect and "shelter" their young people are setting them up fall and leaving them unprepared. Training also means warning about how this world really is.

The needs of one's own young people too will also fit here. a teen who may want to become a doctor may need some high school chemistry and labs, while another child may prosper being homeschooled. I think these are decisions to be made with liberty.

2 Corinthians 3:17

King James Version (KJV)

17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

There is deceptions in the homeschooling world same as the public. Homeschooling is not perfect. Some believe they will have automatic protection in it and it is not true.

Anonymous said...

the duggars are not immune to the reality show curse just like the kardashians