Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beware of Backsliding

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Proverbs 14:14- The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways: and a good man [shall be satisfied] from himself.


Anonymous said...

In our Christian walk we are either moving forward in maturity or falling backward. You are right to warn against this.

One safeguard the TRUE child of God believer has is that God chastens His own. It is not pleasant, but for the purpose of restoring us to fellowship with Him and returning to the right path.

Counterfeit "Christians" may play the game for a time, but when they veer from the straight and narrow, they will feel no conviction and they will not be subject to the Lord's discipline.

Lillianna White said...

Yes. It's like standing in a boat that is moving away with a current, when you look out, you ask 'how did I get all the way over here?' It's like you have to keep moving to 'follow Him,' or else you slip back simply by not moving. Very true.

I can go on with stories about shallow Christians who act just like unsaved people for days... (in churches to0!) I want to ask 'where are all the real Christians?'

This actually reminds me of a joke I heard over 20 years ago... It was in Russia during the time Christians were persecuted under communism. There was a secret church meeting and a government official entered and asked if they were Christians who were meeting here. About 85% of them got up and scrambled out the windows and doors and escaped, running away. Then he sat down and took out his bible. While the remaining 15% kept starring at him, he simply said, 'oh, I just wanted to fellowship with the true Christians, not the superficial ones.'

So, it really shows up not in the day of peace, but the day of trouble where your heart lies.

Bible Believer said...

Yes we have to be careful of backsliding. Sometimes even growing weary, can put one in danger of it. I agree about God directing us to return to the right path. I agree about the lack of conviction about those who veer from the straight and narrow. God will continue to warn too, if one is listening. There are times where it is hard to hear, and I know with me I took a bit of time.

Lilianna, yes I asked how did I get over here? LOL I agree about keeping moving to follow Him. I am far from perfect and definitely don't want to fall into that pit of self righteousness but I even asked my husband the other day where are all the Christians who believe the way I do? Why does it seem I am the only one except people I meet online? [even online, I have to be careful as this blog I know attracts many diverters as I posted about]

It's a lonely journey and sometimes you question yourself about how set-apart you should be or if you have fallen into the trap of seeking perfection that doesn't exist on this earth. Obviously there are things not to compromise on, false teachings, ecumenical tied church which cuts off 99% of them. I am praying to God about this matter now. I know for those who are without church families or local Christian fellowship we have to be even more vigilant about backsliding. LOL about the guy coming in saying he was a govt official. Yes the days of trouble show you were your heart lies.

Lillianna White said...

Yes, I had been guilty of this too. That is also how we learn. I agree with you about the marginal amount of people out there, I ask myself the same question too. That is why blogs like this mean so much to me, I can't find anyone anywhere either! I do go to churches for certain reasons (stories to share if interested) but there is just no one. Just letting you know though that I am a real, legitimate flesh and blood Spirit filled believer here and I enjoy your blog and look forward to it every day. I was praying one day and one thing lead to another and God literally showed me what I needed to know about the apostasy. He lead me to many blogs including yours. So, there are believers like us, it is possible to be at this end of the spectrum, and your blog is being used mightily. I am sure there are so many who read it and don't take the time to write, I was one of them for a while too. Anyway, just don't be discouraged.

Exactly; the days of trouble show where your heart lies! Do we have faith, or falter, do we turn to God, or man/self? Where is our treasure? Where is our loyalty in the face of persecution? These are the true tests.
God bless!

Anonymous said...

The man in the boat represents the comforts of his travel, a travel without rough waters. He is content and unaware of the danger sign. He does not see the serpent swimming towards his boat. He may not even care about the impending dangers, since he his too busy playing his banjo. Since he has no destination, he allows the waters to guide his boat straight to his doom. Had he had prayer in his life, he would have had guidance. He would have noticed the danger signs and put forth the effort to paddle his way to safety. This picture represents the state of the backslidden Christian. Some Christians find themselves in this backslidden state at one point in their walk, and once aware, they put forth the effort to change. Other Christians go into this state never to return. Which direction you choose to go is up to you.


JL's Hubby

Gwen said...

I'm getting so much out of reading your blog and the comments. I'm so grateful I found it, Glory to God.