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Are Ex-Atheist Christians Rarer Then the Dodo Bird?

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I saw this on the ex-IFB pastors now atheist blog a few weeks ago:

Why Evangelicals Continue to Look for the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

One thing about me personally, I am surrounded by so many unbelievers. Yes I am questioning
my own personal fruits in being surrounded by some many atheists, budding Buddhists and on the fence agnostics and so few converts. Later I may write an article called "Christian in a Vacuum" and the quandary I am facing. So nothing unbelievers, atheists, etc say surprise me. I used to be one as I admitted on here.

He believes that ex-atheists now born again Christians are very rare:

"Like with the ivory-billed woodpecker, Evangelicals scour the internet looking for the rare bird called the Atheist Converts to Christianity.  Reports of Christians deconverting and embracing atheism/agnosticism are found on the internet most everywhere one looks, but an atheist converting to Christianity is a rare find.

There are a lot of people who become a Christian who SAY they were an atheist before they became a Christian. But most of these atheists were atheist by default. They didn’t believe in the Christian God before and now they do, so that means they were once an atheist, right? More than a few Christians traverse the internet evangelizing for the Christian God, tell of their conversion from atheism to Christianity. However, when pressed on their atheist claim, often they real that they were really just indifferent to religion, the Bible, and Christianity."

As everyone knows here, I used to be an atheist, humanist, UU, Theosophist. Remember UUs mix and blend the whole mess together, so I had my years of more radical "freethought" interspersed into the more new age theology and philosophies of "spiritual unity" via Theosophy.

For me, even with Satan's seemingly endless pressures, there's no going back. God has shown me things where the bible [His Word] is proven fact in my mind. Yes I say this to people I know. Some of them look at me, like I am strange. I came to Christianity after YEARS of exploring and then later after  leaving the UU shouting to God, "Show me you are real!", even screaming this one day in an empty room years before I was born again.

I wrote this in response to him:

"I am a born again Christian that used to be an atheist and Unitarian Universalist.
Atheists, humanists, agnostics are part of the UU church.

Ironically around 1997, a fellow UU told me no one ever leaves the UU church and becomes a born again Christian. I obviously do not buy into their globalist agenda overwhelming liberal politics either [not that the right wing flavor is that much better either]

I don’t think ex-atheist born again Christians are that rare. Many people raised even in false religions like Catholicism, early on do not believe in God and either become secularists or atheist/agnostics. I did not believe in God by age 10. I have heard this from now other born again Christian. Not all present day Christians were brought up in the evangelical or Baptist church systems. Many today are being brought up with no religion at all.

While UU, I studied comparative religions on my own. They are part of the landscape for the UU church. This also included reading of “free-thought” literature.

Publications I read during these days included “The Humanist, Free Inquiry, The Skeptical Inquirer and Freedom From Religion Foundation newsletters as well as writings by Paul Kurtz. [My delving into Theosophy happened too during these 12-13 years in the UU.]
Here is my testimony written in 2010 where I mention these things.

He responded to me:

"I never said there were none, just few.
Interesting how you deChristianize 1 billion people."

I am curious are there any ex-atheists now born again Christians among my readers here?

One thing too, I have noticed atheism grow massively since I was young. Today it seems like far more believe like the UUs or have chosen atheism then there was 20 years ago.


Within His Word said...

I lived as if there was no God, up into my early teen years. Was I "officially" an atheist? I honestly don't know what I would have answered, if I was 12 again and was asked what I believed at that time. There are probably a lot of people like that, that didn't think about it, so by "default" were atheists?

It is only the argumentative, pseudo-"intellectuals" with a lot of time on their hands, that even give that any thought at all. The true "atheist" lives as if there is no God, and doesn't bother arguing about it with others.

Of course, atheism is the dumbest and most illogical of all belief systems. And of course, in the end times, atheism will completely cease to exist. Since all will worship either Jesus Christ as God (which He is), or the antichrist as "god".

Lillianna White said...

Hi BB,

I sympathize with you in many ways. These trends can be explained by the apostasy. The apostasy has many aspects to it:

1. Heretical teachings in the supposedly biblical church, which increase exponentially.
2. Many who call themselves Christians will fall away from the faith.
3. Seducing 'doctrines of demons' will abound over those in and out of church.
4. The tendency for true Christians to backslide will increase also.
5. False religions and belief systems (such as atheism, etc.) will increase, to include major world religions, fusing of them in new age movement.

This is all working together to set the stage and prepare the public to receive the antichrist, who will embrace them all.

Everyone's testimony is different and I have had my dabblings on many sections of the spectrum of faith, long list of reasons for this, ironically none of my wanderings at the wrong end had to do with God, but rather with people. Yet I do remember when I was 10 I did have a sense of the existence of God. There are so many aspects to my story there isn't room here, plus some things I prefer to share in person. But needless to say I was raised in a home where we went to church, but things weren't practiced, and it was more of a visiting church on holidays type of culture, not every Sunday. Long story short, I was born again at 15 (mentioned details earlier, don't want to arouse all the skeptics again...), and the rest is history.

Yet as passionate as I was, not one single family member got saved. My husband left a few years later, my distant relatives were in other religions and nothing was getting through to them, and what little belief my mother had (my only living relative left), was swept away and now she believes sort of like a UU thing I guess, it's hard to pin down as it tends to change with the daily wind. But she does not believe in the God/Jesus of the bible, yet she was raised with it, sang in the choir as a young woman, and went to church all her life. But she told me she never believed the thing about Jesus dying for our sins, so she was never a real Christian, never born again, just surrounded by it, and later in life abandoned whatever belief had been there. At one point I had rededicated my life and she saw all this renewed passion and she seemed to get a little closer, only to slip back down the cliff to unbelief again. So it has been a very discouraging and disheartening journey for me when it comes to family members and friends getting saved. And I have been the type to live it and was always loving, etc. (even when backslidden I was nice, long story there but I know that's another story, but I was more loving than many nonbackslidden believers were!)

So it has been a very lonely road. Friends leave because you are too 'holy' for them, family members mock you as soon as you turn your back, others avoid you, people around at work, etc., just look at you as strange, and the only place you have hope to find fellowship is church, which these days is full of apostates! So hang in there. I find that the more we suffer for Him, the more He comforts us and joins us in our suffering and there are hidden blessings. Just don't be discouraged!

With the trends you mentioned, it is also part of the plan, set up to marginalize us and make us feel 'strange' if we do not conform to their views but rather hold fast to our faith and the truth of the bible. We must expect this opposition, it will only get worse. In fact, much worse.

We must stand the test and stand up in the face of every attack on our belief, standing firm to the end.

From what I gather, you live in more of a rural area, I live in a big city with churches on every corner, so I have a lot of places to check out even after pre screenings, but in your case it looks like slim pickings that way. Tell me, is your husband saved? We can pray for each other's loved ones.

Our best fellowship is with Jesus


Lillianna White said...


I don't know how that But got there, that was an error.

Anyway I think a lot of people fall inbetween a spectrum somewhere. They fall into the category of 'I don't really know, and I don't really care, now leave me alone so that I can finish my beer...'

Then there is the 'atheist' who insists that there is no god but that all religions have been invented, yet they go around fighting against Christianity only, by trying to have crosses and references to the God of the bible removed... yet they don't mess with buddha statues, yoga, or any forms of eastern religions, etc. Funny, no?

What I think will happen is that the antichrist will get everyone under his umbrella by embracing them all. Atheists will be okay with him... gays, muslims, any other religions, and all religions will conglomerate under his leadership and one world religion. It is no big feat, it is already the case that we are either serving God, or the god of this world via any other belief system. The antichrist will simply unite all the religious systems under himself. The only dissenters (true believers) will be executed for being 'intolerant,' 'radical,' and 'extremist' as well as archaic and outdated, etc. for not accepting his one world religion and 'going with the flow'.

Anyone come to mind here?

FaithGuy3 said...

Personally, I flirted with that Christian Science cult 6 years ago when I visited Boston(its founder, Mary Baker Eddy, was from Boston, so obviously this cult is very influential there).

CS is VERY New Age, and a doctrine of devils to the core - they deny what Jesus Christ did on the cross, and his blood atonement. And even worse, they have this twisted thinking that Christians are living in sin if they get sick, and have powers to heal others of sicknesses.

Ultimately, CS ended up losing a tremendous amount of members b/c a lot of members were getting sick and died, that this cult was taken to court in the 70's.

Pt I'm trying to make here is that with my experiences going to these Baptist/Protestant Babel church buildings - pretty much both they and all of these other cults(CS, UU, Buddhism, Hinduism, Church of Satan[yes, you read it right], Islam, etc) are all one and the same. They all have this hierarchy where men are revered, and worshipped, so ultimately wicked men end up having the final say on everything(without even taking a peek at the 1611 KJB).

This is just my opinion(and from my observations) - but I find these Churchianity sects more dangerous b/c they're very craftily preaching another Jesus(ie-they correctly say we're saved by grace through faith, but it's from there when they slowly add WORKS to it), to the point where they are planting these rotten seeds in the minds of children, and are potentially raising them to be satanic supersoldiers.

I was watching a documentary recently over how Millenials(not all, but for the most part) who were "church" goers as children, just fell away from the faith b/c of a lot of anger built up(among other reasons), and are jumping ship to these other liberal/social justice institutions like UU and the Emergent Church.

So yeah - it's as if they're training these young people to eventually jump ship to these Christ-hating, liberal institutions when all is said and done.

Don't be fooled when you hear these Southern Baptist leaders express "concern" over their declining membership - all that is happening is people are jumping ship from one reprobate entity to another reprobate entity. And ALL of their reprobate entities are in the same boat.

Lillianna White said...

Hi all,

That reminds me of another thing...
when I was younger and going to Evangelical conservative churches, there was a LOT of talk of certain issues that P'd a lot of people off and turned them off to the faith in general. Now, looking back I see that this was intentionally done for that reason. I mean, I am all for preaching it, what is sin, what is truth, repentance, living righteously, etc. But it always made me squirm when I heard things more because of the way things were said, the tone, the attitude, all that. I thought, wow, if a person in that sin right now, or of that political viewpoint hears this, they will run from the gospel and never look back. I remember hearing things that made me think "do these people even care about human/civil rights at all, other human beings and their well being?" Sure, it's okay that God sent His perfect Son to die for their sins because He loves them and wants to save them, but for now they should just crawl into a corner and have stones thrown at them via these preachers words... and the many times you hear about the backlash where people complain about what they were made to feel like or how they were treated in church. In a nutshell it sums up into the view that they just want to control people, deny them their human rights, and judge them to condemnation. I am not talking about things like calling homosexuality a sin or anything like that, but just the attitude of seeming to love war, Republicans, kissing up to the rich, beating down on women, hating on the poor and oppressed, and an anti-labor, anti-human rights outlook in general. Not things that will win over the skeptic to be sure, especially the liberal one! I knew something was wrong with all that, even back in my younger days. Many people are driven away to other things as a result and it's not by accident. Then there is the self righteousness!!! Even Christians get turned off and stay away from church as a result, which can lead to backsliding...
bringing us back to slide #5 with the boat going downriver...
( ;

Anonymous said...

Firstly, thank you for your blog on fractals and chaos theory... God has been showing me the big picture on the coming apostasy by pulling back one layer at a time.

Warren Smith has an excellent explanation of how 'fractals' and 'chaos theory' will soon prove the existence of "God" (as energy) IN ALL things, ie., panentheism. (in "A Wonderful Deception: The Further New Age Implications of the Emerging Purpose Driven Movement).

It helped that I had already come across 'fractals' in your blog.

So the point of my commenting under this article heading?

When the 'new science' of chaos theory 'proves' the existence of 'God' ('in all things'/Creation), it will result in the "new reformation/ planetary pentacost/ great 'revival'" that is fast approaching and there will be many ex-atheists 'Christians' who don't realize their new spirituality is New Age with a 'Christian' veneer... the paradigm shift is nearly complete.

As a side note, I'm still learning what I can about this new angle I hadn't seen before... but some of the 'Christian' leaders who are teaching this stuff (ex. Winkie Pratney) are also HUGE proponents of 'open theism' or God-DOESN'T-know-the-end-from-the-beginning. I think it is directly related to 'chaos' theory, but you may know more than I about this.

Time is getting so short and the deception is converging into one massively ugly 'big picture'...

Dear Lord, please help me remain faithful in the face of it all!


Anonymous said...

I thought that I was an atheist before I was saved, but now I think I may have been just confused. No one ever really shared the gospel with me, and sometimes I would pray, even though I didn't really know to who. I believed there was a God. No one had to tell me that , it was just a knowing. I think that everyone deep down have that knowing, some ignore it, some fill in the blank with false gods, some even turn to drugs or other addictions to fill the void that is there because of the knowing that God has placed in us .And so many are confused. A lot of my family members are very confused. And when I try to share the good news of Jesus Christ, its like talking to someone who's head is under water. It makes me very sad. But all of them have a form of godliness. I think even atheist know but are in denial. I pray that people will see the truth, and repent and believe on the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Lyane said...

I remember disbelieving in God when I was in 10th grade. I was fed up in trusting God to help me with my problems. So I threw God out the window. I was no way a hard core atheist. I was more agnostic, and the idea of God still recurred to me, but I didn't trust God in my life. I had no faith in; I always had faith in myself.

Later in college, I remained agnostic yet curious. While writing a paper on feminism, I found an essay on I looked up the articles hey had there, and they were very interesting to me. I wanted to study the Bible issue further, so I started o study. Eventually, through biblical prophesy and recognizing Jesus' sacrifice for me, I admitted I was a sinner, and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.

I've been a Christian now for 3 years.