Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why Choose the Name SKULL CHURCH?


 Why would someone name a church Skull Church? Isn't that taking the "be cool with the kids" thing a bit far? It makes me wonder if any of the more cynical teens make fun of "Christian" efforts like that to call them "cheesy"? It really is a "church" within a church named Fresh Life in Montana, a program for the youth but you wonder about the adults who promote such efforts? Why do they think teens need their intelligence insulted?  Levi Lusko is the pastor. By the way Levi Lusko, is a favorite of Greg Laurie. 

"Evangelist Greg Laurie believes that God is going to use Pastor Levi Lusko of Fresh Life Church in Montana in a powerful way in the coming years.
"Levi is, when it's all said and done, a Bible expositor," Laurie told The Christian Post recently. "Yet, his style is so engaging, relevant, and humorous, people might not catch that right away. 
"In a day when some ministers sound more like motivational speakers than preachers of the Word of God, Levi stands out and gives me hope for the future. He faithfully teaches and preaches God's Word with clarity and passion," said Laurie, who has brought Lusko alongside his Harvest Ministry's outreach events as an MC for the last several years. 
"The Lord has already used him to dramatically impact the state of Montana, and I believe that for Levi Lusko the best is yet to come."
Does anyone dare say, "Why are you celebrating the occult and marking yourself with things from the occult like skull and crossbones?". Notice how the "X" is stressed in the logo, that is not good. Also the skull is turned, so one eye is partially covered. Those symbols have meaning.

I thought at least a few adolescents and 20 somethings were reading websites like Vigilante Citizen now to catch up on the latest Illuminati stylings, but I guess not. Imagine if one went up to one of these pastors and asked a few questions.

Here are two of their "sermons". Really watered down stuff. Paraphrasing: "Don't smoke pot kids because it makes you out of control and is illegal!" No warnings about how it opens one to demons. Then the other sermon, "Tattoos are okay if you get them for the right reasons and people should not judge others for having tattoos".  One thing to notice is how all the topics are considered "relevant" ones and ones the young adults would supposedly be interested in. It's all of the world. Nothing that really "prepares" them or gives them any spiritual discernment.

There was another video on suicide I didn't post but I'm going to save that one for another possible article. It's a heavy topic but I disagree with a lot of what is said. The third video I do not know who the "Wretched" folks are. Calvinists? Anyhow, they do point out the truth that horrible [music?] is not glorifying to God.

Some of these folks have almost become parodies of themselves. I mean how far are they going to take this "cool, hip" pastor stuff? What scares me is why they get the kids in the door, they are offering them false teachings and watered down stuff that will mislead them. They will not have the truth. Many once this false Christianity does not stand up to the real rigors of life will be innoculated against the gospel. The more intellectual ones will be ripe for the picking too, via the liturgicals and Calvinists for dealing with this dumbed down stuff as well.


And yes Levi Lusko founder of Skull Church, has met Billy Graham and considers him an
"inspiration." Question any pastor who is part of the Billy Graham network.

I feel for the young people caught up in all this. So many deceptions. I am praying that many will be truly born again and have the Holy Spirit teach them the truth.


Lillianna White said...

And the MMIX are Roman numerals for the year 2009. The only thing I know about that year is it is the year that all three: Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, and Rick Warren sat together at the Harvest Crusade. I didn't find anything else significant yet about that year, but it is strange. And 'Roman' numerals???

The skull and crossbones are popping up everywhere as a trend, student backpacks, jackets, t-shirts, children's items, etc. Again, it has to do with the secret occult societies. There are lots of websites on this too. Just google 'occult symbols' and I found plenty that translate the significance of long lists of these and their historical backgrounds. I went to that church website and their excuse is about 'Golgotha,' well, these apostates plan these things out well so that there is always a 'cover'. Why anyone would have a symbol of death and the occult? There just is no excuse! But it's like they are desensitizing the public slowly.

Furthermore, we are to come OUT of the world, including all of its pomp, trappings, and vainglory ways. Too many 'Christians' are trying to copy the world instead! One excuse I have heard for that is to 'be like them... to... uh... you know... win them' all while not looking too 'uncool'. (A tactic proposed by Billy Graham a long time ago! Bad news indeed!)

Well, my rebuttle is this: if you are just like them, what example do you have to offer them about being transformed into the image of Christ and being the light of the world to the lost and the salt of the earth?!? Instead, you have become like them; conformed to the world! You have only lost your witness! And cool needed to be buried a long time ago. That is so 'high school'! As long as we are living godly in Christ, as we are told to, we will NEVER be 'cool' according to the world's standards, but rather, we will suffer persecution. We all must choose at that same fork in the road. I made my choice long ago! Plus, from this side of things; these hipsters just don't know how ridiculous they look... !
( ;
Blessings and love as always!

Within His Word said...

"I thought at least a few adolescents and 20 somethings were reading websites like Vigilante Citizen now to catch up on the latest Illuminati stylings, but I guess not. Imagine if one went up to one of these pastors and asked a few questions."

These "pastors" would sit there dumbfounded if such a question were asked of them. They don't study it, and they don't believe it.

And indeed I wouldn't trust any pastor that can't clearly see that Billy Graham has been a false teacher for many decades. Again if they don't see it, then it is because they don't study it, and they don't believe it. Billy Graham has endorsed the "pope", has been semi-universalistic for many years a la Robert Schuller, and also will sit with the most rank Bible deniers out there, calling them "men and women of God". If someone is too "cool" to see that, then they aren't a pastor at all.

By the way, the whole "wretched" thing is Calvinistic to the max. They're as bad as anything you exposed here, just bad in a different way.

Within His Word said...

"I thought at least a few adolescents and 20 somethings were reading websites like Vigilante Citizen now to catch up on the latest Illuminati stylings, but I guess not. Imagine if one went up to one of these pastors and asked a few questions."

These "pastors" would sit there dumbfounded if such a question were asked of them. They don't study it, and they don't believe it.

And indeed I wouldn't trust any pastor that can't clearly see that Billy Graham has been a false teacher for many decades. Again if they don't see it, then it is because they don't study it, and they don't believe it. Billy Graham has endorsed the "pope", has been semi-universalistic for many years a la Robert Schuller, and also will sit with the most rank Bible deniers out there, calling them "men and women of God". If someone is too "cool" to see that, then they aren't a pastor at all.

By the way, the whole "wretched" thing is Calvinistic to the max. They're as bad as anything you exposed here, just bad in a different way.

Within His Word said...

By the way, I had to laugh at your good comment about how "relevant" they try to be, like, messages saying, don't do drugs, enjoy your tattoos, etc. You're so right. I remember when I was in college, there was this guy that thought he was so "relevant", pretty much every message was like that, "kids, don't commit fornication", and so on. Well that's a true message, but it got stale really fast after a few weeks of it. Just really tiresome and boring, and you can't grow spiritually by it.

The kind of people he will attract up there in Montana will be revolving door youth that will tire of his too cool for school act, and return to the world which they never left in the first place.

Bible Believer said...

I think the 2009 is for the year they were founded, but I am not sure. Yeah you are right that is for the timing the apostate threesome got together too.
Roman numerals is a bad sign too. I am seeing skulls on many things, yep worldly fashions all over the place. Hey they won't pick a flower or a clock, it will be something death inspired.
Yes there is always a cover excuse, just like the Catholics said for the Pope's upside down cross chair, but Peter was crucified upside down don't you know?

Even then if you love Jesus Christ, our true Lord and Savior, why on earth would you glorify the place where he was crucified?

Yes its all about copying the world. There is a line too where I know people can sin, err, etc, we have our own worldliness and dying to the flesh to contend with daily but this stuff where they are using occult symbols, I believe this is PURPOSEFUL.

I agree the cool stuff needed buried a long time ago. Have any of you noticed no fashions have changed since the 90s, weren't the skulls out then? Maybe because everything turned black and evil and "dark" and they kept with it. I'm surprised the teens aren't going YAWN, and staying home to sleep maybe they offer skateboarding camp or lattes or something to bring them in the door. Really they are not offering them anything but the world. Hey if they want to stay with the world, they can have more skulls, and headbanging music, and goth clothes. Ever notice how CONFORMIST all this stuff really is, all the "non-conforming" hipsters all dressed alike. Hey I dressed goth as a teen and young 20 something. {I know I am dating myself even using that term} I'm saying I was never there, when I was an unsaved person, but what gets me is all the adults cheering the "dark" teen stuff around them. The adults are all trying to copy the teens too. Doesn't anyone want to grow up? I think there are bible verses about the times children will rule. Anyone know the one I am talking about. Help my memory. Please share it with me. I hope I remember, I may post it with pictures.

Ah here is is. Isaiah 3:12

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

One thing while I have repented of things in my youth, I mourn some of those lost years to the dark brain-washing music, dress and false religion I was associated with. I hate seeing this stuff taught to young people because I was there. I also realize how the bad music affected my mind and soul.

Bible Believer said...

I've never met a pastor that was NWO aware outside of the controlled op types I've seen online. If anyone knows of a NWO aware pastor, then let me know. I thought I found one, I can't remember if I posted about this guy, but he used to write newsletters about current events, and then I listened to his sermons and he was tossing numerology all through out them. That was more then unsettling. Four years at this online, I think there was one sincere IFB pastor that showed up here from somewhere in the Southwest, that has been it but yes most of the pastors would never get it. I think most are trained at their sermon camps and pastors conferences to not believe the "conspiracy theorists", well you all know the drill. This is why so many of them think Glenn Beck is a great guy.

Yes those wretched folks seem Calvinist to the max. I guess wretched equals depraved.

If a pastor supports Billy Graham or there are Billy Graham books in the church library etc., I have nothing to do with the place or them.

Lillianna White said...

Yes, I saw that too, and they came with that excuse about Peter! I don't even know if the cross was upside down, just that he was crucified upside down, not an expert on that one, but either way, it inverts the message regardless of any excuses they give. Oh, and did anyone ever notice that most high ranking catholic priests, etc. regularly wear upside down crosses, including the previous pope? It's another thing hidden in plain sight. The cross is normal to begin with on a chain. But then, they make a knot higher up in the chain... causing the two parts of the chain to combine into one and thus the insersecting horizontal beam to be much lower rather than higher than the middle of the vertical beam (which is extended due to the knot higher up on the cord or chain the cross is hanging on) and thus inverting it... in plain sight! It is all intentional, the occult symbols and everything, all with a cover-up excuse for the masses who ask questions. Oh... and... upside down crosses are now a fashion I have seen tauted around too, and one involves a pattern of crosses on shirts or whatever, one stripe facing up, the other down. The sideways ones too, it's just one more 90 degree rotation away from their goal. I saw a shirt once that said 'love' imprinted over an upside down cross. Sort of reminded me of the 'broken cross upside down' peace symbol (which is plastered everywhere too now, in glittery rainbow of course... but hey, no conspiracy there right?) The stuff is everywhere hidden in plain sight. Our eyes are opened to see it.

And that is my exact thought, all those hipsters, etc. claiming to be original nonconformist rebels... all look the same! They discriminate against YOU if you dare to look or dress different than them. And teenagers are one thing, but let's not glorify it in church! I had my era too back then (enough said) but they drag the world into the church.

And I can relate to that 'children oppressing the adults' as a teacher to the max. Not to get into that whole thing, but one thing I noticed while watching things (which I do a lot of) is that teachers seem to be trying to win the approval (and thus the cooperation) of their teenage students by conforming to their tastes (the 'see... I am like you! So you should like me...' tactic) and they start looking like them, being into their music and all that culture stuff. I refuse to do that for numerous reasons the largest of which is that I am a Christian and refuse to conform to the world. And yes, I do suffer for it just as in many other related ways. But hey, no one tells me what to wear and what to pretend to like. One typical one I get is about liking certain sports teams. I am not into sports at all so I stay out of it but instead of making it easier due to neutrality, that makes it worse! What makes them think that they get to decide and tell a person what a person is to like, to be like, and to define what is 'okay' anyway!? And tell them that unless they do this, they will be persecuted (excluded, oppressed, ridiculed, bullied, fired, resisted, etc.)?

My other thought is this: if Christians cannot stand for their convictions now in the smaller things, how are they going to be strong enough to do it in the bigger things coming down the road?

FaithGuy3 said...

They are really targeting the youth now - remember this happened when Nazi Germany was in power.

I really hate to say this, but what we're witnessing now not only is a walk in the park compared to Nazi Germany, but it's happening LARGELY in these BABEL CHURCH BUILDINGS. Yes, it's happening in our public schools, but it's WORSE, to be frank, in these lukewarm, Apostate babel church buildings with them preaching MANY ANOTHER Jesuses(like the example posted in BB's blog here).

I talked to an elderly professing Christian woman yesterday, and even she admitted that churches in America need to open their doors to the youth more, as (supposedly)they are our future. Don't get me wrong, we should pray that they all get saved, but it's come to a point now where it seems Satan and his minions have deceived even the elderly on this issue as well.(ie-at one SBC church in my area, they're slowly giving more power to a 20-something youth minister since the lead pastor got fired recently - the rotten fruits are showing as he's doing Richard Foster's 'spiritual disciplines' deceptions on the Wed night prayer meeting. And guess what, EVEN the elderly are staying silent!)

Also FYI - remember Rick Warren's global P.E.A.C.E. plan and his other agendas aimed at the youth was FIRST endorsed by the previous President(George W. Bush). Now guess what - the minute Obama comes in office and starts this "Obama Youth", all of a sudden Churchianity has this false perception that Obama has become the 2nd coming of Adolf Hitler?

You see all of this confusion? These fake discernment ministries and RR expose Warren and the EC through and through. But they nonetheless endorse George W. through and through. George W. endorses Rick Warren. Now as time moves on with Obama, there's tons of confusion over what's really going on.

FaithGuy3 said...

FYI - that "Wretched" video is from a Christian Apologetics(supposedly) show called just that(where they expose all of the false teachers(the host is Todd Friel, a former comic). It's broadcasted on that NFP 501c channel PAX.

Pretty much both PAX and Friel are controlled opposition - PAX being a NFP 501c, nuff said(years ago, they broadcasted a Bush WH dinner with these abominable CCM artists, and they play these Hegelian Dialectic "Christian" shows with these Richard Land types). Friel is in the same crowd as John MacArthur, Brannon House, Calvary Chapel, Jan Markel, and these other fake discernment ministries. Yes, he exposes some to a lot, but like the fakes, he comes up short quite a bit and twists the truth a tad bit.

As for pastors by and large being NOT aware of the NWO? To be frank - when I was unsaved 10 years ago, deep down inside I was aware of it(ie-whenever I would watch CNN clips of 9/11, something just NEVER looked right with how the planes "attacked" the buildings). But I was overly ambitious with the lusts of this world(ie-having a career), which was why I always blew it off.

Same with these hireling pastors - they are much more concerned with the lusts of this world and their careers, that they really don't even care about their own flocks.(ie-one time I commented to my last pastor over how they have the blueprints to build the 3rd Temple in Israel, and he just laughed at me like I was crazy)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Wretched is Calvinist and is Todd Freil. I think he's very good and seems to be on target with many things and does it with humor.

I am not a Calvinist, but I am finding in these times that many of the Calvinists or Reformed (especially online/blogs, etc) seem to be holding the line against much of the craziness in many of the churches. I think it may be their style of expository preaching and that they seem to be very study and scripture oriented. They also will talk about sin and repentence, etc which you don't hear much anymore. They may be off on some things, but I would never say a Calvinist is just as bad as those you are exposing. Many are our brothers and sisters in Christ, I believe.

Mr. Friel had some very good things to share at MacArthur's recent Strange Fire conference and showed videos that went along with what he was sharing of some of the charistmatic craziness.

Anonymous said...

"I am finding in these times that many of the Calvinists or Reformed (especially online/blogs, etc) seem to be holding the line against much of the craziness in many of the churches"

Can't agree with that at all. Because calvinism is craziness. It is a false gospel that leads to hell, so, calvinists can identify charismatic nonsense, but not the evil in their own doctrines.

Todd Friel is a false teacher, he should reject calvinism to get out of that category.

Anyone that claims to be calvinistic or reformed, is a false teacher on that basis alone.

Anonymous said...

That logo looks very similar to a limited edition line for basebsll caps the Whosoevers did called Hardcore snapback.
it's an X withe letters that stand for 'murder your flesh'.

You have the m at the left of the X, the y at the top, the f to the right, and then at the bottom was the w in a circle.

I tried to find a link to a picture. If you google it you might find it. Its not on their store website anymore.

interesting similarities, but then they are part of the same network.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that John MacArthur is the one that says you can take the mark of the beast and still be saved. All calvinists are false teachers.

Bible Believer said...

I don't agree that the Calvinists are harmless or fellow brothers and sisters.[yes there can be a born again Christian who may disagree with one or two points of TULIP] but for the hard core Calvin-loving types, they follow a false gospel. I consider anything having to do with Calvinism or Reformed churches to be false Labby. In fact most of them are tied to the ecumenical movement with Rome or the World Christian movement. Be careful Labby in that remember we even had apostate Calvary Chapel warn about the Emergents, same for the Calvinists and Reformed warning about Charismania, etc. Remember that truth falling between the middle thing I warn about?

Bible Believer said...

Yes John McArthur, who by the way warns about a lot of stuff is bringing in plenty of his own deceptions including that mark of the beast lie.

Interesting about the X showing up on Whosoever website. Hey I have seen it other places in fashion and rock world. I suppose when the same occult symbols are used all over the place there will be overlap.

Anonymous said...

I recently read a very interesting true novel about christians in KGB times, published in 1980. It heavily warned about the world council of churches, the allowing of government sanctioned churches and placement of false preachers to innoculate the russian population, and the persecution of the real church. It presented the solution to be believers studying the word and putting it into practice, and as they did, the denominational false doctrines were exposed and changed (such as reverence of icons, or speaking in tounges without an interpretor). It is called "Irina's Story."


Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that the "Mother" church that spawned off Skull Church, both spawned by Lusko has some "interesting" venues of worship.

One is in the "Crush Lounge" which is described as the most trendy, most sexiest bar in town. Sure, Lusko who is buds w/Mark Driscoll says that drinking is fine. Sure it is like walking through a mine field and when exactly is one impaired and unfit to drive? This seems to be a hallmark of the Emergents - booze and the Bible. No, liquor is not served when church is in session and the bar isn't open, but it breaks down barriers and sure sends the wrong message when combined with Lusko's liberal views.

Utterly disgusting! In reference to your current article, it seems we have some on a kundalini drunk and some sipping the sauce and studying the Bible.

Within His Word said...

"and placement of false preachers to innoculate the russian population"

And this is the tactic of the enemy in EVERY population.

The USA is also flooded with false teachers galore, so that finding a really good true and Biblically faithful teacher is a needle in a haystack in most geographical locations.

Anonymous said...

Calvary Chapel = Skull church too

Dictionary: Origin Late Latin Calvāria Calvary – “a skull”, used to translate Greek kraníon (cranium), itself a translation of the Aramaic name; see Golgotha

That’s why Greg Laurie loves it.

Aka Alert

Anonymous said...

I read this Skull church piece yesterday and watched the clips and I guess it was on my mind during my sleep because when I awoke in the middle of the night I had a "light bulb" come on about this: Billy Graham is in hundreds of friendships with socialists and communists (read the book Billy Graham and Friends by Cathy Burns) and socialism which is in our school system through John Dewey's system purposely dumbs down kids. So, either this young preacher is a product of his socialist public education and is dumbed down and so naturally dumbs-down his sermons or he is a Jesuit plant like I believe Billy Graham is. If you think about the horrible heavy rock music they listen to at Skull, this also has an effect of dumbing down the kids who attend by causing sensory overload (not to mention the demonization!!!) and then he goes into his dumbed-down, worldy- friendly sermons. Well, anyway, I think Skull is either a product of the effects of socialism on this young pastor (that shows how all of our youth are being turned out from public schools) or he is in on the Jesuit socialist plan to dumb down youths in matters of religion. And if its the latter, it makes sense why Billy Graham would take time to meet with him. (I think Billy Graham is an undercover Jesuit, just like Kathryn Kuhlman was.)


Within His Word said...

"And if its the latter, it makes sense why Billy Graham would take time to meet with him. (I think Billy Graham is an undercover Jesuit, just like Kathryn Kuhlman was.)"

There is no doubt that Kathryn Kuhlman was a total fraud, and a Jesuit. She met with the pope, she put catholic priests on stage with her, and no provable healings from organic disease were ever confirmed in the way that healings were confirmed when Jesus (and Jesus through the apostles) did healings in the Bible.

Billy Graham, also a total fraud, as you pointed out. He is the friend of Bible deniers in such a way that he counts them as "men and women of God" in his speeches and writings. He meets with popes, and catholic leadership at the top, and says they are representative of the Gospel.

Billy Graham is done, of course, because of his age. There is no one person to carry that "mantle" for the Jeusits anymore, like Graham was able to do all alone. Graham had "it", that ability to be charismatic alone without help, so he could do it alone for the Jeusit agenda. None of the guys trained by Graham, have "it". But now Graham's life is coming to an end. So Graham is being used to distribute the wealth, so to speak, to a bunch of underlings that will carry the Jesuit plan into the future. Underlings like Rick Warren, Greg Laurie, Norman Geisler, Billy Hybels, and to a lesser degree on a smaller scale, this skull guy in the article.

Bible Believer said...

Joy the problem with the Russian population, is how many are actual Christians, remember the false harlot Orthodox church predominates. Romans 2 will apply to those who never have heard the gospel, but obviously bible-believing Christians there are extraordinarily rare. [Hey if anyone knows different give me information on this, I know my sources for Russian information are limited]

Its weird to see KGB Putin now hailed as the defender of Christiandom. [course that is usually within mainline and Catholic circles now and as opposition to Obama]
I will take a look at Irinas story, I pray there are those in Russia discovering the falsehoods within the Orthodox church and turning to God's Word.

Bible Believer said...

I googled "Crush Lounge" but couldn't find the church connected to it. Can you post a link here?
I remember when the Emergents did the Theology on Tap thing and would not be surprised if that has been expanded.

Bible Believer said...

Yes good Bible teachers is a needle in a haystack. Even some who are as direct to warn you about the new world order and a long list of the phonies, even watch out for them. The pastor network, is one sticky spiderweb.

Bible Believer said...

Interesting you bring that word up about Calvary....

I wonder why they choose to name the church after the place where Jesus was crucified...

1.Luke 23:33
And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified him, and the malefactors, one on the right hand, and the other on the left.

Bible Believer said...

I have read Billy Graham and friends and own a copy and highly recommend it.
I agree the pastor is deceived or is a knowing deceiver. When they pay visits to the great "master" Graham watch out! I believe certain music is used to numb kids out and as a crowd control mechanism. Look at your average rock concert how they can play on everyone's emotions.

I believe Graham is a knowing deceiver and wolf. I have seen theories from mind control victim with multiple personalities including a Christian "front" and asset to freemason. I think the freemasonic thing is a given.

Graham seems to be the head of a major pastor "network" and remember he had the whole Lausanne thing going which basically I believe was meant to march the evangelicals to Rome.

I have seen some call Greg Laurie the next Billy Graham though I have seen that for a few others.
Kathyrn Khulman was a false deceiver too. When I watch that woman on video, I think the words witch and possessed too.

She was hooked in with the Catholic church too.

I believe they will raise up another Graham but then they have succeeded in marching most churches off to Rome and the antichrist so many they don't need another one.

Vince Yanez said...

I am offended by you saying that Calvinists are not true Christians. I am a Christian who holds to reformed theology. I don't promote one denomination over another. But I do think that Reformed theology is the most accurate way to view the Bible. That being said, I am also aware of the NWO and Illuminati, and can see through the false gospel message being preached by preachers like Billy Graham and Rick Warren. I am completely opposed to the Catholic Church. I see it as another false religion that keeps millions of people living in darkness.

I think that you need to be aware that there are many Christians like us, who are aware of the NWO and are tired of all the youth oriented false teaching going on in the church. There are many good Christians who attend churches despite the doctrinal errors being taught because they love the people there and hope that one day things can improve. And there are others like me, who have attended different churches, and have found that it is better to just not attend church, because it is tiring having to listen to a preacher who preaches an easy gospel without any power or authority from God.

Anonymous said...

Vince Yanez wrote: "I am offended by you saying that Calvinists are not true Christians. I am a Christian who holds to reformed theology. I don't promote one denomination over another. But I do think that Reformed theology is the most accurate way to view the Bible."

The Bible rejects the "reformed theology". Because, Jesus died for EVERYBODY (1 John 2:2). So on that point alone, the "reformed theology" is FALSE.

Furthermore, the "reformed theology" teaches works for salvation, which leads to hell (Galatians 1:6-9). Thus, you should get away from "reformed theology". It is named after a MAN, John Calvin. Why would you want to be in a belief that follows a man and is even named after the man? Calvin is dead, so stop following him.

Anonymous said...

The X with letters around it seems to be the 'in' thing.

Dead Bones Arise is a band that plays at Calvary Chapels.

They have the X with the D on the left, B at the top, Modified A on the right, and a cross at the bottom.

It's on their Facebook page.

And then Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa has a Saturday evening class with the X logo with icons at each end.

Ryan Riese on his Facebook has endorsed his artist friend Chase Tafoya who has a new piece, his version of the veiled christ.

I'd never heard of the veiled christ. It's looks creepy. Why would you want to think of Jesus Christ looking like that?

Anonymous said...

The Skull and Crossbones (“X”)

Some trivia from Wikipedia:

“The Jolly Roger is any of various flags flown to identify a ship's crew as pirates that were about to attack. The flag most commonly identified as the Jolly Roger today is the skull and crossbones (although swords are also common), a flag consisting of a human skull above two long bones (probably tibias) set in an x-mark arrangement…
[It is a] possibility is that Jolly Roger derived from 'Old Roger', a term for the Devil.
Pirates did not fly the Jolly Roger at all times. Like other vessels, pirate ships usually stocked a variety of different flags, and would normally fly false colors or no colors until they had their prey within firing range. When the pirates' intended victim was within range, the Jolly Roger would be raised…
Flying a Jolly Roger was a reliable way of proving oneself a pirate. Just possessing or using a Jolly Roger was considered proof that one was a criminal pirate rather than something more legitimate…”

In past years false teachers have been flying false flags…but now the prey/victim is within range (i.e. the church), and the “Jolly Roger” has been hoisted. They are now flying under their true flag and leader, the Devil. Aka Alert

Anonymous said...

According to this link, Levi went to Calvary Chapel Bible College here in Southern Calif. Murietta. Skip Hetzig asked him to be youth pastor at Calvary Alburquerque, and Levi speaks highly of Mark Driscoll and Steve Furtik in the link you provided. Anyway, his history is with Calvary Chapel.

So is this Skull church a Calvary Chapel plant - an experiment? Maybe Levi was groomed to take this part.

He's obviously well connected to have popular christian bands play at his church.

This a link to a local paper in Montana. It's been interesting reading the local papers about Skull Church and people's comments - it seems to be pretty controversial.

Interesting comments about them having guards at church services.

Anonymous said...

Skull Church is in the city of Kalispell.

I thought, are they under the spell of Kali, the Hindu god? Interesting name.

Anonymous said...

Judge not lest you be judged.

Anonymous said...

Most likely he calls it Skull Church because Calvary translates to Golgotha which means "Place of The Skull." I think he was attempting to honor Jesus sacrificing His life for all. I'm not sure if The Skull Church is genuine or not. I pray for Levi and all the attendants though. I guess he didn't want to name it Calvary because there are already so many churches called Calvary Temple or Calvary Christian Church. I learned of the skull Church because Crystal Lewis attends and I found it a bit odd that her church was called skull. Not judging. Just an interesting observation I made years ago.