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The One World Religion Marches On: Pope Makes a Video for Kenneth Copeland Ministries

The Pope reaches out to Kenneth Copeland Ministries, false Word of faith and Pentecostal ministry with a private video:

[warning Catholic link:]

ASTOUNDING – Pope Francis Records Private Video for Kenneth Copeland? Yes! Wow…

Here is the transcript from the above link:

"Two rules: Love God above all, and love the other (neighbor), because he is your brother and sister. With these two rules we can go ahead. I am here with my brother, my bishop brother, Tony Palmer. We’ve been friends for years.

He told me about your conference, about your meeting. And it’s my pleasure to greet you. A greeting both joyful and nostalgic (yearning). Joyful because it gives me joy that you have come together to worship Jesus Christ the only Lord. And to pray to the Father and to receive the Holy Spirit. This brings me joy because we can see that God is working all over the world. Nostalgic (yearning) because but…it happens, as within our suburbs. In the suburbs there are families that love each other and families that don’t love each other. Families that come together and families who separate themselves. We are kind of…permit me to say, separated.

Separated because, it’s sin that has separated us, all our sins. The misunderstandings throughout history. It has been a long road of sins that we all shared in. Who is to blame? We all share the blame. We have all sinned. There is only one blameless, the Lord. I am nostalgic (yearning), that this separation comes to an end and gives us communion. I am nostalgic (yearning), of that embrace that the Holy Scripture speaks of when Joseph’s brothers began to starve from hunger, they went to Egypt, to buy, so that they could eat.

They went to buy. They had money. But they couldn’t eat the money. But there they found something more than food, they found their brother. All of us have currency. The currency of our culture. The currency of our history. We have lot of cultural riches, and religious riches. And we have diverse traditions. But we have to encounter one another as brothers. We must cry together like Joseph did. These tears will unite us. The tears of love.

I am speaking to you as a brother. I speak to you in a simple way. With joy and nostalgia (yearning). Let us allow our nostalgia (yearning) to grow, because this will propel us to find each other, to embrace one another. And together to worship Jesus Christ as the only Lord of History.

I thank you profoundly for listening to me. I thank you profoundly for allowing me to speak the language of the heart. And I also ask you a favor. Please pray for me, because I need your prayers. And I will pray for you, I will do it, but I need your prayers. And let us pray to the Lord that He unites us all. Come on, we are brothers. Let’s give each other a spiritual hug and let God complete the work that he has begun. And this is a miracle; the miracle of unity has begun.

A famous Italian author named Manzoni, once wrote in his novel, of a simple [sic] man amongst the people, who once said this, “I’ve never seen God begin a miracle without Him finishing it well.” He will complete this miracle of unity. I ask you to bless me, and I bless you. From brother to brother, I embrace you. Thank you.”

Here is the Kenneth Copeland show this video appears on...[I know it's long but watch the very start and at least the times I list below. See that symbol behind the stage? Is that his ministry logo [no Copeland has a globe does he not?] or something else, it looks like an eagle eating a dove.! Hmm the symbolic indications of that are interesting.

Tony Palmer says Luther's protest is over [28:20] and that Francis took the name Francis of Assisi, because he is openly charismatic and that the Pope wanted to make a video. He also states, "If the presence of God is present in you, that's all you need" along with many deceptions about false Christian unity. I know about the ecumenical agreements he mentions with various daughter churches. [29:00] "The protests have been over for 15 years." At 29:18 he states, "If there is no more protest how can there be a Protestant church?" Hmm I've stated before they certainly are no longer protesting anymore but have joined with Rome. [Lots of hand gestures--cough cough, especially a subtle interesting one done during the statement at 29:20] "Maybe we are all Catholics again." [29:37] "We now preach the same gospel." Right after Tony Palmer's speech,  they play the Pope's video for the audience.

It's hard to watch, but this is where the majority of the Protestant and evangelical church has gone, and the ecumenical ties have grown stronger and stronger. The Bible warned us of what is to come and we are seeing it play out and accelerate. The one mind of the beast is coming together.

Who is this Tony Palmer guy? Did you know he once worked for Kenneth Copeland Ministries?

Tony Palmer

"Fr. Tony Palmer is a Bishop within the Anglican Episcopal Communion of the CEEC (Celtic Anglican Tradition), and is the Communion's international Ecumenical Officer.  In his role as Ecumenical Officer, he is also an official member of a Roman Catholic Ecumenical Delegation for Christian Unity and Reconciliation.  He is a co-founder and the spiritual Director of The Ark Community (, an international Inter-denominational Convergent Christian Community, established in 2003.  Tony is also a HIV specialist and serves as the European Representative for Acres of Love, establishing orphanages for HIV/AIDS orphans in South Africa." 
I don't much about this CEEC group, a breakaway Anglican church of some sort. Celtic spirituality is pagan but who knows their exact flavor of it. Seems like he is pretty friendly with the Pope though. The Anglicans are daughters of Rome, following the same traditions maybe with a few twists added. I always considered them the "left" wing of Roman Catholicism but with this new Pope they are probably now part of the mainstream. Palmer has met with Vatican officials before. [see picture in the middle at top]

The Pentecostal movement was started in my opinion via Rome itself, I'm not surprised the "evangelical" papal reach-out is directed to them first. Webwide, the Catholics and Protestants seemed pleased. The one world religion marches on. The false unity of the antichrist is being worked on and advanced. The whore is gathering her flock.

Revelation 17:13-15

King James Version (KJV)
13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.
15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues


Within His Word said...

He says, "Luther's protest is over".


Martin Luther was a false teacher. He believed that water baptism was required for salvation (a position that leads to hell due to being a false gospel), he believed in adoration of Mary, he believed in infant baptism.

Read Luthers 96 Theses. They're garbage. They confirm the existence of purgatory, they confirm that the pope has the right to be ruled and obeyed, they confirmed the right for catholicism to collect indulgences, only that they collected "too much". They're garbage, and I never understood why anyone got excited about the 95 Theses at all.

These people are already catholics, Kenneth Copeland included. The Bible is not his final authority. His final authority is his own spoken word, which is what catholicism is built upon, the words of man.

Anonymous said...

BB- This is disturbing on sooooo many levels. On one hand I am not suprised at all as we all knew this Pope would be used to try to unite all things "christendom". But to see it actually play out before our eyes is a bit frightening. Particularly because they are using the gospel (salvation by grace through faith in Jesus apart from works)as their rallying cry to unite! This disturbs me greatly. I had heard from others for a while now, that it would be the false church that would be the one persecuting those of us in the remnant, the real church, but that never really came into focus for me until now. They are going to say, "We preach the gospel so where is your protest? Why won't you join us?" It's a clever ploy to make us look like the bad guy. And Kenneth Copeland...what can I say...he seriously looks and speaks as if he's demon possesed and the "tongues" thing at the end just put the demonic cherry on top. I am seriously disgusted. I pray the Jesus will give us the strength to stand against this abomination.

Lillianna White said...


First: What protest? The protest of the faithful. (Yes, Luther wasn't perfect, but it takes a lot to come away from the deceptions, especially when you are the only dissenter! He took the first step. That is worth something to me. But it WAS a move in the right direction... away from Rome. The reformation has had its bumps on the road, imperfect, but necessary. When that which is perfect has come, we will be in paradise.) WE decide when the protest is over, not them, it is our protest, not theirs. Don't let them control your mind. I know the protestant movement has been consumed by catholicism now anyway, but I will say this.
I WILL PROTEST EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT LINE UP WITH THE WORD OF GOD. What is in a name?!? I am a bible believing Christian and stand up against anything that contradicts it, be it Catholicism, Protestantism, Evangelicalism, and any other -ism!
I will not stop upon death.

Second: Jesus said His brothers are those who do the will of God.
It is one thing to love others (I believe in being loving to humanity, helping the hurting, etc., but that does not make us brothers.) Our spiritual brothers are fellow born again believers, ONLY.

Third: Unity? Try this... We will put a bible on a table in our midst. Let them come and join around with us. We've been waiting...
anytime a person is born again, they join with us in unity through God's Spirit, otherwise they don't. Period. The true church is here... anytime they are ready to become a part of it.
We cannot have unity at the expense of truth, we can only have truth at the expense of unity. The lovers of truth will meet us at the cross of truth. Recall the words of Christ before Pilate..."All who are on the side of Truth hear my voice..." so my rebuttle is: Why don't YOU join US?!? I am not budging from the Word of God.

Four: The deception will grow stronger, and the temptation to join the harlot... like a vortex. The only way to resist is to LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, SOUL, AND MIND. We are not deceived, we have the truth, the Holy Spirit, we are watchkeepers and we know what is happening. But watch and pray, as Jesus said. Resist the lies of the enemy, no matter how tempting and 'nice' they sound. It's bad now, but it will only get worse.

Fifth: Remember, it is the harlot who is drunk with the blood of the saints. It has been a parallel thread since Cain and Abel, true religion versus false religion. The drumbeat against the true saints will only grow louder. They are already becrying our warnings as they did Jeremiah and Ezekiel's, and the hostility in the world against Christians is growing stronger. It is at the hands of the religious leaders that we will be martyred, just as the religious leaders crucified Christ. It is a threat to their money-power structure, with evil behind it. Follow His example.

Sixth: The days will continue to grow darker. This is not the time to coast in neutral. I agree, it is unsettling because it is so real! The rest will become reality too. Just prepare for what we already know will happen. The hardest thing to hear is what goes against the flesh. How many times did Jesus tell His disciples that He was going to be put to death? When did it finally sink in?

Seventh: I just wanted to end on 7! So God bless you all and keep on preaching, warning, and blowing that trumpet!

In love,

Bible Believer said...

I believe that Martin Luther as a false teacher too. I used to think he was some sincere guy who just didn't go far enough, but my mind changed about that. Where was his discernment as he taught basically a watered down Mass? and kept the altar, etc. etc. I found out even conservative Lutheran churches like WELS teach a form of real presence in the Eucharist. I've read about Luther showing masonic signs and being a Rosicrucian.

There are so many false teachings in Lutheranism and yes Within does list many of them. [including the infant baptism]

I read the 96 theses and disappointed with them years ago. I wondered too why everyone made such a big deal with them.

So Within you are right they are basically already Catholics.

Even with Copeland, remember I wrote Pentecostalism was founded by Rome he is just a religious descendent of the Azuza street clan.

Be careful Lillianna, for years I thought Luther was a sincere guy, just moved so far, at least he taught salvation via faith--etc etc. My thinking about the Reformation even with my studies about Calvinism is definitely changing. A move to preserve God's Word? [God uses bad for good] but as far as truth in the church system, all it looks like to me more and more is Momma Rome gave birth to some babies.

I agree about protesting against anything against God, and I know that surely some were born again even as they died for the truths they knew about such as people refusing to bow before Rome's wafer and were martyred for doing so, but I know I had to examine the Reformation for some time to come to some of the conclusions I did about it.

I agree with many of your points, those who are born again are our brothers and sisters. I pray more find out the truth about the false church system and pay attention the warnings about the daughters in scripture.

Bible Believer said...

For those who haven't seen this article check it out, it applies.


When I wrote the above article #1,my thinking had changed about the Reformation...

it was quite the controversial article too.

I know even know I am being careful not to take things for granted about the reformation.

Let's strip this down to the basics they kept so many of Rome's lies, the graven bread even if watered down, the sacraments even if changed, the works salvation stuff, in various forms, well you get my drift.

the altar in these churches is the biggest thing that matches Rome too.

Bible Believer said...

Bible Believer said...

Yes the bible believers will look bad Anon, it is being set up that way. And don't forget the church and political system is marrying even more stronger. Everyone I know that confesses to be a Christian outside of long distance friends, is part of the church system. My being outside it can be tough business. I've been invited to people's churches and many are kind and I directly tell them sacraments are wrong, I reject them and other things, and it's not easy. Even having many people understand the being Christian thing without going to church is very difficult. Yes they will join together more and more, one sees the "flavors" outside of some independents coming together but even the independents be careful For example WELS [Wisconsin synod Lutherans may teach that the Pope is antichrist but everytime they break out the wafers and sacraments they are following in the Pope's footsteps. We got the IFBs following the Dominionists and other types like the Quiverfuls who were birthed by Momma Rome too. {Schaeffers etc}

I do think persecution will be coming. We always knew this day was coming and need to turn to God for comfort and strength in watching these events unfold. This will not just stop with obvious deceiver K Copeland but I am sure other reachouts are planned as well. Think about what I warn here about the "networks", the masonics, etc, they are all the Pope's men. Would some think me odd if I told you Luther, Calvin and the rest of them were the Pope's men too LONG LONG AGO? :/ :/ Every wonder why most of them are ex-priests?

Bible Believer said...

Controlled opp and faux "fights" is not a new thing...

Within His Word said...


So will I. Which is why I protest Luther, because Luther didn't line up with the Word of God at all.

Within His Word said...


So will I. Which is why I protest Luther, because Luther didn't line up with the Word of God at all.

Anonymous said...

I think the game plan is to bring in the apostate church first and after all the "said christians" have joined where they can not back out, they will bring the pagans. Then they will dance around the May pole, I mean Washington monument and have a good ole time until our Lord returns. - Don

Lillianna White said...

Yes, there is controlled opposition, there is always so much more to know about this and I am just glad that either way God will judge and that at least the word of God is available to us now.

A common thread I have noticed in many areas of life now from secular viewpoints to all of this 'ecumenism' is the temptation to abandon and downplay the importance of truth. They are encouraging people to put love of others before it, to put helping others above it, to put unity and tolerance above doctrine, to water it down with a relative post-modernist dilution, and put 'saving the world' over and ahead of it in one way or another. They make anyone who holds steadfastly to the truth and loves it with first priority look like 'an enemy of humanity' in every possible way, and just some anal archaic wild eyed radical fanatic type, etc. etc. It is getting worse and I think in the end they will make truth itself (God's Word) the enemy and anyone who holds to it the target (of course this has been happening already, but it will increase to the point of coming after us and people will be faced with tough choices that we will not escape from making... recall "they will drag you before the courts" (forgot exact phrase, it is in Matthew 24)). Either people will testify for Jesus publicly and die, or they will deny Him publicly and receive the comforts of the NWO. We must stand fast against compromise NOW or we won't stand a chance then. It is creeping in subtly, deny this, deny that, the homosexual explosion, etc., etc. We must hold fast to the truth.

Notice that holding to God's truth has been a theme since the garden of Eden? Satan tempted Eve with the words... 'did God really say'? The doubt had results we know all too well about. The thread has run throughout human history. One of Jesus' titles is 'The Word of God.' It is no small matter. Truth is a big deal. Also, I find it interesting that the book of Jude is positioned right before Revelation and in it the urgency is to 'contend earnestly for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints'. For such a time as this... watchkeepers are as important as ever in defending the Truth.

Never 'waver' on it and don't cower from proclaiming it, don't compromise, don't relent in any way. It is our God given right to believe and proclaim it. Remember, if they love tolerance so much, they need to tolerate our beliefs too, or they will be contradicting their philosophy.

Always be on guard...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this BB -- I'm trying to stay steadfast while looking the rapid acceleration of the apostasy in the face... you are right, the whore is gathering her flock (or should I say, the streams of apostasy are 'converging').

About the CEEC... I just had to do some research after talking to Christian friends who used to be solid Bereans. They were pushing a guy named David Bercot (Author: Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up?).

Bercot has a teaching on the atonement that uses a straw-man argument to basically re-invent God as a totally merciful God who did not require any penalty or payment for sin (which, in my opinion, is feeding right into the emergent church and their disavowal of God as a 'divine child abuse[r]' per McLaren.

Apparently Bercot also redefines atonement as 'at-one-ment,' which is straight from Alice Bailey's Doctrine of Demons. So when I looked him up, I found out he was a major player in what was termed the 'convergence movement' or 'convergence of the streams' out of which the CEEC came.

This movement looked to 3 sources for their 'Christian' faith (Evangelical=Scripture, Charismatic=spirit, and Liturgical=sacramental). Just a short read into their own statement on this movement already has some big warning flags and false teachers popping up.

See -- --

The most noteable ones for me include Richard Foster (huge proponent of eastern mysticism as 'contemplative prayer') and C. Peter Wagner (the head-honcho of the NAR's "apostles & prophets"). I'm not surprised this movement is leading right back into the arms of Rome... didn't Alice Bailey specifically talk about the restoration of "Mysteries' in the "Church Universal" including the mystical reinterpretation of the sacraments.

What I am very alarmed about is how massive the deception is and how subtle it can be, even for people who should KNOW better! I tried to very clearly and lovingly explain to my Christian friends what was wrong with Bercot's teachings compared to God's word, and where the teaching is ultimately going. So far, they have not heeded.

What I really wanted to tell them was that they were MUCH further down the road into the arms of the Apostate Church than their son, whom they were all worried about getting caught up in the emergent church.

And yes, the deception will twist everyone's perception around to make the REAL Bible believers seem like public enemy number 1.

Dear Lord, please give us strength and faith for the days ahead, and Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!

Anonymous said...

They are already persecuting. My children were stolen through the court system. My ex was an associate pastor of calvary chapel. The Judge is a catholic, and his attorney claims to be a "christian". So do think this is something future its happening now.

Lillianna White said...


The term 'separating the wheat from the chaff' comes to mind. In the face of all the opposition, we must stand firm. We will be propped up as public enemy #1 increasingly from all sides. As a substitute teacher, I recently came across various sections in history books that blame problems (like the holocaust) on Christians. (We all know there was propaganda there, but we also know it was NOT the real Christians. But the fact that it was stated point blank in the textbook is blood chilling...).
We will be held up as bigots, intolerant, narrowminded, not flexible, an obstacle to social progress, etc. and it will lead to the coming persecution. I have noticed some very similar parallels between what happened in Nazi Germany and what is going on here. Did you realize that they DID get most of the 'churches' to go along with the holocaust?! (Obviously, these churches were not packed with real Christians, just as we see today...).

The key to remain steadfast is to stay in the word, pray, and rely on the Holy Spirit to lead you, hold tight to Jesus and don't let go.

Anonymous said...

Lillianna is correct. We will be held up as bigots. As narrow-minded. But as Martyn Lloyd-Jones once said: The narrowness of the Gospels is the narrowness of God. Or as Iain H Murray said: There are no seeds of holiness in man which can be nurtured through meditation and works. Without the Gospel of grace, without justification, we are (spiritually) dead in trespasses and sins. This means Evangelical theology is always going to be in conflict with Roman Catholicism and the one world religion. We will also be in conflict with the media, the movie and music industry and of course with New Age gurus like Oprah. James White has an address on Youtube, 'Pope Francis and Catholicism' which I commend to you as I do all of James's writings and talks. He says the issues of the Reformation 'still matter' because they are 'definitional and vital issues'. Richard Bennett's website, the Trinity Foundation, responds to Pope Francis in an essay, 'The Bible alone is the word of God'. A former RC priest and now an Evangelical, Richard says: 'He (Pope Francis) does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible alone.' Richard also says: 'Pope Francis is both clever and deceitful as he protects his Church against the Scriptures and the Gospel of grace. He is moving forward with the centuries old Papal objective of ruling the world as Vicar of Christ.' The only Vicar of Christ as we Protestants know is the Holy Spirit. I have just given a Roman Catholic woman of my acquaintance a copy of SOLA SCRIPTURA - THE PROTESTANT POSITION ON THE BIBLE' (Sola Deo Gloria Publications 1995). There excellent essays by James White, RC Sproul and Sinclair Ferguson who recently returned to my native Scotland. Maybe I should send a copy of the book to Pope Frankie. He might resign and take up street preaching as a good Protestant. (Jack Haggerty)

Lillianna White said...

Amen and thank you for your post! As Jesus said... "Narrow is the way..."! I thank God every day I am on the narrow road! We are the few fish swimming upstream by the power of the Holy Spirit. It will always go against the grain of the world in every genre, way, shape, and form from what we listen to, what entertains us, what we wear, what we say, and who we 'follow.'

Agreed 100%!

We need to follow the Scriptures in everything. If someone does that, they don't put on a 'humble' disguise for 15 minutes, they live it all the time and things like popularity, wealth, clout, all go out the window. Count the cost, remember? It is not an act on stage, it is a life.

Also, an interesting article about the pope on Ephesians 5;11 blog to dig into!


atmo joyo said...

Hi BB,

Popes claims to be god n in earth '

Pope Gregory VII (1073-85) :
"The pope cannot make a mistake."

Paschal II: (1099-1118)
"Whoever does not agree with the Apostolic See
is without doubt a heretic."

Pope Innocent IV (1243-54):
described himself as
"the bodily presence of Christ."
(presumably by a kind of transubstantiation at his election)

Pope Boniface VIII (1294-1303) :
"Every human being must do as the pope tells him."

Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903):
"We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty."

Pope Pius X, said this:
The Pope represents Jesus Christ Himself.....

Pope John Paul II said ;
Have no fear when people call me the "Vicar of Christ," when they say to me "Holy Father," or "Your Holiness," or use titles similar to these, which seem even inimical to the

These boasts of the Papal State fulfill Bible prophecies ;

(Daniel 7:25)KJV
And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

(Matthew 24:23) KJV
Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

Many Catholics and "OTHERS" use the titles of Christ to describe the Pope

Anonymous said...

From my home here in rainy Scotland I have been praying about the many grave issues raised on GALATIANS 4. The Holy Spirit led me to an account of the Welsh Puritan minister John Elias. Over 200 years ago this servant of the Lord was called to preach at a certain annual fair in North Wales. This fair was known for its debauchery and drunkenness and filthiness. (Think of television and movies and city life today.) John Elias stood preaching and praying in an open field beside the fair. And with that one sermon this holy man put an end to that fair for good. He killed it stone dead. The organisers never held their fair again. For years people spoke of John Elias as the herald of the Gospel. If we pray as people of the Gospel we will have that effect, whether in the USA or Europe. The Holy Spirit will be with us no matter how demonic and hostile the public mood. But we must preach the wrath of God against sin. Under Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening, some 50,000 people joined the Christian churches from 1730 to 1745. Again between 1857 and 1859 the revival saw half a million people being admitted into full membership of the churches in the USA. Note, full membership. This means they were instructed as catechumens. They were taught sound Biblical doctrine. Revivals also occurred in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. A sobriety entered into the lives of the people during these times. Men and women would weep and break down before Robert Murray McCheyne even started preaching. They were convicted of sin and their ungodliness.(Compare that with all the smiles and showmanship in the Kenneth Copeland video.) Revival can never be planned or organised. It began because men and women in their little churches contended for the faith as we are taught to do in the epistle of Luke. Their churches were doctrinally sound and pure as my native Scotland used to be thanks to John Knox and all the Reformed ministers who followed him. The churches were full of the life of the Holy Spirit. The gathered saints waited upon the Holy Spirit day and night. We must speak the truth in love, guided by 1 Corinthians 13. When revival comes the windows of heaven will open. People will see how wretched and unclean they are before God. How unfit they are for Heaven. How much in need they are of Jesus Christ. (J HAGGERTY)

Anonymous said...

I meant to write 'the epistle of Jude' when I drew attention to what the New Testament says about contending for the faith. My mistake. Luke has been on my mind of late. I told a friend's child that the angels are present at the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ (appearing to the shepherds) because Christ was present at the birth of the angels. He called them into existence before the world was made. The angels would have seen Christ in His glory and radiance as they came into being. We know from Holy Scriptures that the angels are greatly interested in our salvation in Christ and wish to look into it. J HAGGERTY

Anonymous said...

This guy, pope francis is evil.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries is very very evil...always has been, always will be. Everyone speaks in tongues, not that speaking in tongues is a bad thing but when you see it in people who don't and have never belonged to the Catholic Church or people who left the Catholic Church for this ministry, who has never promoted the teachings of The Catholic Church and most importantly never consider our mother Mary...EVER!...God talks to all of them,all the time. If ya every ask them a question about something...the answer is "The Lord spoke to me and told me"...that's with all of them.

They wallow and believe in vanity, they wallow in false healing and false teaching about The Lord, they wallow with evil spirits all polluted with them from head to toe...all ten times worse then the evil prophet. They all come from the same branch as tammy faye and bi sexual husband jim baker...that evil idiot peter popoff and the whole slew of evil preachers and so called christian healers who are on tv daily...moving from one city to the next, from one country to the next seducing the people left right and center and no one says anything, unlike the multitudes who raise their voice against Catholic prophets.

The Christian Channel promotes them bigtime and now pope francis the stinker does the same...None of this flock receives Holy Communion, none of this flock ever goes to confession...but healing s and miricals galore! when these evil people enter the Catholic Church because of the friendship between evil francis the destroyer and this evil ministery, then you'll see all kinds of false healings from satan.

Better wake up you stupid dumbbells....soon everyone will come face to face with evil and you will have to stand up and speak against it....if ya don't now, it's gonna get a lot harder and scary'er for all as time goes by.Because God The Father will not let you go...He will force you into a situation where there is only one way out...and that is speaking the truth...And it's going to be a heavy duty personal situation for you the longer you wait.

Bible Believer said...

I agree. Just remember the whole rotten root of the false Pentecostalism comes out of Rome. It also tells you who all those false preachers worked for. This is a trad Catholic website so I am posting it for information but looks like Pope Francis has been on the Pentecostal reach out for a long time.

Anonymous said...

To my brother Bible believer: We share the one Lord, one Salvation: 'I give my sheep eternal life and they shall never perish.' But Pentecostalism sprang up first in Protestant churches in the USA and then spread to Protestant churches in England. I agree with you about the 'rotten root' of Rome. Some very Reformed people I know worship at SOME Pentecostal churches. They discriminate, but using what Biblical grounds they cannot really tell me. I never have myself. I am not happy about this speaking in tongues. It opens the door to false spirits, evil spirits, Satan. And there are many other problems for me regarding Pentecostal churches. It is a fact that none of the great Bible-exalting Puritans from John Owen to George Whitefield spoke in tongues. There was no trace of Pentecostalism in the great awakening in the US at the time of Jonathan Edwards or subsequent revivals. A worthwhile book to order online is JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND PROVE ALL THINGS by Martyn-Lloyd Jones. But even someone as Reformed as Lloyd-Jones faced criticism from Reformed friends over his use of the term 'baptism of the Holy Spirit'. I do not have the Bible learning to offer a sure opinion. Why not check out the Banner of Truth online to see what they say on Pentecostalism? The Banner ministers are always doctrinally sound as are the ministers in the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. The 'Frees' are very anti-Pentecostal as far as I know and still speak out strongly against Rome and the Pope. They have nothing to do with the Church of Scotland. JOHN HAGGERTY, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND.

Anonymous said...

This takes it a step further, I think:
Tony Palmer giving background info and additional false teachings to the pope video.
It's hard to watch it and not feel physically sick...

Anonymous said...

Real TRUE history has been omitted,the Vatican/Jesuits have murdered millions of innocent people because they were christians or just got in the way.Ignatius Loyola a Spanish soildier gave his allegiance to the pope in the 1500's read the Jesuit oath! Tells you how dangerously clever manipulating these people are,