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Baptists Who Pay Homage to the Pope and the Baptist World Alliance

Most Baptists today are ecumenical with Rome. Here is some of the latest news:

For growing numbers of Baptists, Pope Francis is drawing admiration

Hey the majority of Baptist churches today are ecumenical with Rome, it's the few "fundamentalist" ones that aren't, even if they have their own errors. Hey Pope Francis is being used to "re-market" the Catholic church and putting a "nice smiley face" on Satan's deceptions.

"One is a November RNS commentary titled “10 reasons why evangelicals should read the pope.” It references his scholarly and biblical prowess and his promotion of issues like family values and personal evangelism.In “Why do Protestants love Pope Francis?” RNS blogger Jonathan Merritt says the Roman Catholic leader is “prying open” the arms of Protestants “and sneaking into their hearts” with acts like washing the feet of incarcerated women and embracing a disfigured man.In a previous blog titled “Is Francis the first Protestant Pope?” Merritt begins with Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli to set the stage for Francis’ appeal to 21st century non-Catholic Christians.A November article published by Christianity Today presented “Five Things Evangelicals Will Cheer in Pope Francis’ Plan to Change the Catholic Church.”They included identifying consumerism as a threat to faith, putting the preaching of the gospel first and finding new ways to evangelize."

Here's the "I have a Pope Crush" article. Notice the language there, with men saying they have a
 "crush" on another man. They are always infusing all sorts of wickedness into things.

Look at all the influences leading the Baptists into the arms of the Pope!

Then there is the World Baptist Alliance doing the same.....

[picture cite from]

Hey even the Baptist divinity school types are having their audiences with the Pope. Do you notice the interesting hand shake there?

  Baptist Present at Catholic Synod

 This is a picture of one of the World Baptist Alliance leaders [Timothy George] meeting with the Pope for the purpose of "dialogue" and what they call "Christian" unity.

Do you all realize how many Baptist denominations are members of the Baptist World Alliance? 

I just listed the American ones, there are many others worldwide.

United States


















UNION OF LATVIAN BAPTISTS IN AMERICA (Amerikas Latviesu Baptistu Apvieniba)

Whose missing, the free wills? the independent fundamentalists? There are thousands of Baptist churches that belong to 4 or 5 of the main groups above, including the National Baptist Convention and the Missionary Baptists. Even if the Southern Baptists are not on this list, remember they have their own ecumenical dealings with Rick Warren being SBC.

If your Baptist church belongs to one of these denominations above, and since they are a member of the Baptist World Alliance, that means your church is in "dialogue" with Rome, and "respects" the Pope instead of warning of Rome being the harlot. Sadly I am sure there are probably many people in these churches who do not know of these associations.

Remember when I said, I could have nothing to do with any ecumenical church? Hey who wants to be a hypocrite before the Lord? When trying to find a new church, I did look at Baptist churches, and well let's be honest the fundamentalist and independent ones are the exception to the rule, and far smaller in number. The majority of Baptist churches belong to these denominations and have these ecumenical ties. Some may say, "Wow that is being nit-picky, you can't judge a single church by what their major denominational officers do!" I say, "Sure you can!"

See the list above? I walked out of a church I visited locally realizing they belonged to one of these denominations. I had wrongly thought they were an independent. Why follow churches leaders that can't even get the basics right? Do you realize this World Baptist Alliance has been around since 1905?

Do you realize how often they deal with the Vatican?

Catholic Baptist Dialogue Moves Forward

Vatican II, 50 years later: a Baptist appreciation [another Baptist divinity professor interacts with and praises Rome]

Baptist-Catholic dialogue report (2006-2010) now online

These folk's agenda is UNITY with Roman Catholicism.

Seen on the Baptist World Alliance Facebook page:

"BWA congratulates Pope Francis; will attend inauguration

Leaders of the Baptist World Alliance® (BWA), representing 42 million baptists in 227 member organizations in 121 countries, offered congratulations to Pope Francis who was elected the 266th head of the Catholic Church on March 13.

The election of Francis, formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, by the Papal conclave, came after the resignation of Benedict XVI in February. He is the first Latin American and first Jesuit to be elected pope.

BWA President John Upton said, "The BWA celebrates with the Catholic Church the announcement of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis. The prayerful discernment process of the Catholic Church in selecting the pope has been a comfort to us all," Upton stated. "Pope Francis will have our prayers as he begins his responsibilities."

General Secretary Neville Callam said, "The Baptist World Alliance welcomes the election of Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope Francis. As archbishop of Buenos Aires, the former cardinal's commitment to the proclamation of the Gospel, his record of solidarity with victims of social injustice, his affirmation of the value of a simple lifestyle and his exemplary humility has provided much encouragement to the community of believers in Christ."

Callam indicated that the new pope "will be accompanied by the prayers of the members of the world Baptist family, who also anticipate the pope's positive contribution to the realization of the vision of the church reflected in the High Priestly prayer of our Lord."

Baptists are being led into the one world religion just as much as the mainliners and the rest of the denominations.


Marion said...

Did you catch the older lady in the video mention that because of the conference, she 'felt like a world citizen'? Can anyone say 'agenda'?

Anonymous said...

I had a heated discussion with a close family member about the baptist church being ecumenical, as they still attend. The last thing I said was "So the reformation was wrong?" That ended the conversation. - Don

Lillianna White said...

They are all converging into the harlot, inc.

They forget that so many were martyred by the catholic church in order to bring us the bible as we have it today. We would still be in the dark ages. (see Foxe's book of Martyrs.)

They don't realize that the catholic church has official statements on record of their current position (2014) that would make any protestant/evangelical's blood run cold. Check into it.

They haven't changed one bit towards the truth, they only give the appearance of being more 'protestant friendly.' But don't let that fool you. You cannot reform them from within. New wine needs new wineskins. The reformation was 'spot-on' right, and I feel that this time a better term is in order: The Exodus. We need to start up our own fellowships in the homes. That is my goal after a few things are out of the way. Just something to think about. We can't change them back from the apostasy. Keep sounding the alarm, but let's try this too. Reformation II?

There is all that talk of unity among Christian denominations, and 'meeting in the middle' sort of attitude.

Here is my reply:
I stand with the truth. Everyone who is on the side of truth hears Jesus' voice. Anyone else is welcome to unite at the banner of truth with us, around the truth of the Word of God. Whoever is with us, we will be in unity with them. Whoever is not at the banner of truth, with them we can have no unity. We will not move one inch closer to apostasy and away from the love of the truth for the sake of fellowship and unity with the profane.

There are two camps,
1) the separated, pure, holy camp that loves the truth of the bible and doesn't compromise and has a backbone to stand for the word of God and remains loyal and true to Jesus... the virgin bride of Christ
2) the camp that incorporates abominations that contaminate everything, that unites with the world, that loves compromise for the sake of unity, that sells out for money... the harlot

It all comes down to one or the other. Never back down in your convictions from the Holy Spirit!

Bible Believer said...

Hi Lillianna,

be careful with the reformation, there was a lot of truth in it, and I believe God was in it especially for purposes of preserving His Word, but most of the Protestant churches kept endless vestiges of Catholicism and baggage from the Catholic church.

Yes two camps..

born again and not.

"My sheep hear my voice" Jesus told us, and I believe many know they have no choice but to come out of the false churches.
I've read the Catholic church canon laws. Since I was born into the Catholic church and am considered officially a "heretic" by them, you do realize they still have those rules on the books about punishments for heretics and others. I did a thread a long time ago how the Jesuits are doing the approval on the seminaries and one can see they are totally infiltrated with these ecumenical with Rome types dominating.

Most of the churches are daughters and following after Momma Rome now.

I hope you can start a home church or fellowship, that would be good.

I do not think there will be a Reformation II, the world will wax on into more wickedness per Revelation before Jesus's return.

Bible Believer said...

Don, I've had that same conversation now with relatives but with other people. Well the ideas of the Reformation are over with in these churches. Even the mainstream Reformers considered the Pope the Antichrist.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing for the so called reformation , with the false heretics Martin Luther and John Calvin. There were true christians before the catholics and before the reformation. Protestantism is catholic lite.

A true Baptist of old would never consider themselves protestant. They would also reject catholicism. Some still do.

Baptists were persecuted by the protestants.

Anonymous said...

I was checking out your link on the MacArthur Beast post and found this, which explains a LOT; I will have to share that with my close family member. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Anon, you know you got me thinking. While I am glad for the idea of sola scripture, departure from many of Rome's lies like indulgences etc, you are right so much of the reformation was rotten fruits with the Catholic clinging heretics Even the ones that called the Pope antichrist still hold to Catholic traditions. Most of the Protestants are "daughters" and I have said as much in direct articles on this blog. You are right Baptists often were persecuted by the Protestants...

FaithGuy3 said...

Throughout my lifetime going to these Babel church buildings - pretty much the same leadership that would through and through tell us how to behave, how we need to focus on our own sin, how we need to live holy lives, etc...are pretty much the same leadership heretics that fellowship with these Roman Catholic clergy reprobates.

When I used to live in New Orleans, there was a group of pastors down there that were close to Bobby Jindal(LA's governor, who's Catholic), and the seminaries would host events where they would "dialogue" with RCC priests.

Yes, hypocrites indeed!

FaithGuy3 said...

"Most of the Protestants are "daughters" and I have said as much in direct articles on this blog."

Was in a Lutheran Church 3 years ago when I was out of town - pretty much it felt very RCC-light. Sermon was very secular, and the mood was very works-based.

Bible Believer said...

very interesting...thanks Don

"Let's now focus on another of Dr. Mohler's associations; an association that has been left out of his website bio. Dr. Mohler is a Founding Fellow of the Research Institute (think tank) of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). The ERLC is the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Why is this information noteworthy? Because the ERLC is a non-governmental organization (NGO) listed with the UN's Department of Public Information (DPI).

It can be seen that Dr. Mohler is a Founding Fellow of the ERLC by going to and by clicking on “The Institute” at the top, then clicking on “Research Institute Fellows” near the bottom left of the page. One can see that the ERLC is a UN-NGO on the UNESCO website ( Click on "NGO Participation" and type in ERLC.

The ERLC of the SBC is a UN-NGO. What does it mean that the ERLC partners with the UN as an NGO? What are the criteria for NGO’s to be granted this status? The following are just a few of the criteria taken from UN Resolution 1996/31: “The NGO must support the principles of the Charter of the UN.” “The NGO must have a clear mission statement that is consistent with those principles.” “The NGO must have a satisfactory record of collaboration with the UN prior to association.” “The NGO must promote the initiatives and programmes, disseminate information and mobilize public opinion in support of the UN.” “The NGO must provide the UN with an audited annual financial statement.” And “the NGO must promote knowledge of the principles and activities of the UN.”

("Arrangements for Consultation with Non-Governmental Organizations") This document makes it clear that no organization can be granted this status by the UN by accident. To be granted this status, an organization must agree with the UN and its one-world agenda.

Since all NGO’s must be in agreement with the UN agenda, and since that agenda includes the destruction of biblical Christianity and the creation of Satan’s one-world government with the emergence of the anti-Christ, one wouldn’t expect to find any church denominations with NGO status. But expectations can be wrong. The amazing fact is that many, if not all, of the major church denominations have been granted NGO status by the UN, and therefore, are all on board with the UN anti-Christ agenda. To give one example of this, years ago, I was urged to “trick or treat for UNICEF” (United Nations Children’s Fund) by the local United Methodist Church. The UMC serves the UN agenda as an NGO. This church/NGO encouraged “trick or treating” because it helped finance UNICEF."

Reminds me of when I found out the Seventh Day Adventists who are UN decrying to their people had an office in the UN.

and this article too.

Bible Believer said...

We all know SBC is rotten to the core..

here is another good question

"The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC is a front organization for the UN. This fact raises the following question: how can the SBC leaders claim to be opposed to the “globalist/one-world agenda" when they are, as a UN-NGO, dedicated to fulfilling this agenda? This right-wing, conservative Christian image that is put forth by the SBC/ERLC is clearly contradicted by solid evidence that the SBC/ERLC is working with the UN. “How can an organization advocate for the right, when they're connected to the UN? Why do organizations which seem in opposition to each other have secret connections? The answer is to be found in the dialectical process; for those who would be enemies have now found ‘common ground.’ This is about synthesizing the far right with the far left into a ‘third way.’” (The Third Way: Politics of the Radical Center) It appears that John Macarthur has also now found common ground with Christ's enemies."

Bible Believer said...

oh don't forget to read my old article on Albert Mohler if you have not seen it.

Bible Believer said...

Don yes Lutheranism is more works-based, even though they may make more of a nod to salvation via faith, the fact of the matter is, it is a sacramental system. I may do an article on WELS, this is a more conservative Lutheran denomination, that is interesting in that they reject ecumenism with Rome, [wonder if they have a UN office or not?] but are still tied to Rome in my opinion via their teachings, Sacraments, alternative version of the Eucharist etc.

Bible Believer said...

Oh add to that they officially call out the Pope as Antichrist...too

but they are still in the false church system with the sacraments.

I told a WELS person I know this, one of those hard truths to share...

I am praying they realize the truth.

Lillianna White said...

Morphisms of the true church... and discerning the pattern.

I have noticed something interesting about churches throughout history.

First of all let me say that the only true church is made up of the born again believers, the only true Christians, nothing more and nothing less, and right now they are spread out all over the world. All these believers make up the only true church. They are indwelt by the Holy Spirit and are thus the body of Christ per scripture. Nothing else consists of the church, no other people, not a name or building or organization, denomination, etc. When the Spirit moves, they move with Him because they sense it. Their only head is Christ and they follow Him.

When the church members assemble, it is a church meeting. (No beauracratical approval necessary!) The early church met in homes and we all know the history. We know what happened in Rome when Constantine introduced the local pagan practices and traditions into the church as well as the contamination of the world. The true believers went underground and resisted this. There were many examples I read about in church history, but that's another research study. What is called the 'Catholic' church at that time was just an empty shell of its former self, all the life of the Spirit and born again believers had been drained out of it. (But hey, what's in a name?) What was left was empty ritual, dead ceremony, and pagan practices from babylon, etc. mixed with some truth. Then eventually came the protest... the Protestant Reformation, an obviously necessary moving of God. It wasn't perfect and there were different factions of it, (I know that Luther still held onto the transubstantiation eucharistic idea), and there were still heresies, but there was a lot of good and it brought us the bible. Many gave their lives for that (read Foxe's Book of Martyrs on the history of the reformation). There was a pattern where one denomination would grow stale, and a new shoot would spring forth, like a generational line over the centuries. Eventually the former would calcify and dead ritual would replace fresh moving of the Spirit, and doctrines of the RCC would creep in. True believers resisted that and offshoot denominations sprang out as a result. What is called Protestantism today is totally an empty shell of its former self, united with catholics and liberals, new age, etc. Well, out came the Evangelicals, who for a long time too were 'the solid, bible believing, born again Christian community' who could be counted on for doctrinal orthodoxy, and other affiliates. Enter: the apostasy. The same RCC rituals, practices, and liberalism, new age, winking at sin, and assorted heresies have encroached into it as well, corrupting it. Satan has been working at infiltrating and defiling the church all along, attacking it form inside and outside. And again, the true Spirit filled believers are coming out of the churches and discerning the truth and don't want to be associated with the abominations. (I call this the Exodus, but hey, pot-ay-to... pot-ah-to.... tom-ay-to... tom-ah-to!) The more fellowship and assembling we (true believers) are able to do, the better! (Of course with the growing apostasy, harlot, Inc., and NWO on the world stage... obviously). Then there is all the coming persecution where 'the beast makes war with the saints and overcomes them' Rev. 13, prophesied as well.

I have lately researched the Jesuit infiltration of the Evangelical church (intentional counter-reformation by the RCC) by constructed vehicles like Calvary Chapel and Co. and other Evangelical leaders. (Their descending dove has Jesuit roots) It is all to win the churches back to the RCC. See the Fanatic for Jesus site, under Jesuits, scroll down to Jesuit Infiltration of the Evangelical Church.

It is interesting indeed how some discernment ministries will beat one issue to death and totally dance around even more dangerous ones! Research everything!

Luca said...

Bible Believer,what do you think of China's one child policy?

atmo joyo said...

Hi BB,

The Bible also teaches that Satan's unrighteous ministers are transformed into ministers of righteousness

2nd Corinthians 11: 13-15 (KJV)
13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Matthew 7:15 - 16 (KJV)
15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

may GOD always bless and guide u forever BB to tell us about what is happening in the churches, stand against the one world religion and others topics

cause There is no shame nor reason to hide the truth.

Lillianna White said...

I just came across another posting that Kenneth Copeland (word of faith heretic) and the pope are interested in uniting! It is unfolding as we speak... found it on apostasy watch. (I find things all over, don't necessarily agree with everything on any one site, etc.)

It truly is an interconnected network of wolves working in unison for the conspiracy of deception!

Anyone who criticizes is accused of being 'unloving' and 'divisive' or 'out of line' and they already have their prescripted excuses ready. Funny how they never bring up any of the many verses about calling out the false teachers and judging them, etc.! Did Jesus call out the religious leaders of His day?!? Of course! And we will continue to do the same.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I found out more about the Pope and Copeland and posted about it today. Thanks for bringing that up to my attention.

Bible Believer said...

I think the message was directed to evangelicals as a whole not just KCM directly. Probably should have added that. I wonder if other ministries will be selected for these reach outs.

Bible Believer said...

I think the message was directed to evangelicals as a whole not just KCM directly. Probably should have added that. I wonder if other ministries will be selected for these reach outs.

Lillianna White said...

You're welcome sister!

Yes, I also think they started in a not so kosher branch on purpose, and it was directed to all evangelicals in general (subtly), and little by little will creep in to the rest. That is how they operate. I know a lot about these stealthy moves, it is all gradual, like the frog in the water... until... frog stew!

I seriously believe he will reach out to all the evangelical branches in one way or another until he has 'all the world under his umbrella,' all except for the bible believers! The invitations will grow. Remember how when he was elected (almost a year ago) and certain evangelical leaders welcomed him? That was part of it. It's like they are all reading from a script in a play that is a jesuit agenda and all the pieces are falling into place from the NWO to the OWR, etc. He's been beating on the drum of unity with all religions since he got in there.

God bless you and stay strong always! May the love and peace of Jesus comfort you.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks I agree Lillianna. God bless you too.

n4tm said...

Great post

Anonymous said...

don't forget the Baptist love their guns

Anonymous said...

As a SDA we find this a sign of the times..false prophets ushering in the anti Christ. Thankyou for bringing this to other Christians awareness. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Since when has seventh day Adventist been considered Christian? It's known that they think Jesus is the arch angel Michael.

Anonymous said...

Hello to all! I am new to this blog and I was wondering if someone could give me summary of what you think is wrong with the teachings of the Catholic Church? I don't want to hear about the evil men in the Catholic Church as all groups of men have plenty of bad ones unfortunately. What I would like to see is a summary of what you think is wrong with the Catholic Church's doctrine and dogma? Thanks in advance!