Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This Speaks For Itself.......

Hmm many "knowing deceiver" types love to mock their very followers.

This goes way beyond someone slipping up out of anger and writing something sinful too.

What on earth otherwise would entice someone to post something as nasty as that unless inside his heart he hates Christians [the real ones] ?

I had a reader send this to me, Thanks.

See: The Whosoevers

Matt 15:19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:


Within His Word said...

Thank you for posting about this. Welch's followers will claim he was "just joking", but as you add up all the satanic imagery with his despising true doctrine, the "he was joking" thing just doesn't hold water.

Within His Word said...

Thank you for posting about this. Welch's followers will claim he was "just joking", but as you add up all the satanic imagery with his despising true doctrine, the "he was joking" thing just doesn't hold water.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, BB, not being argumentative...

What is the context of Welch's comments? Why would a true believer (I will give him the doubt for this question), ever say this? What prompted this?

When I first read it I had flashbacks of Crouch making the same type of comment years ago with a machine gun.

I am just curious because I would like to read more about this outburst.

Also, I am not, nor ever will be, a facebook user. Just my feelings. I won't put that on anyone else. However, I am just mentioning that because I probably can't do much if it requires an FB account to read anymore of this craziness.

Bible Believer said...

This one could be seen without being signed into FB. I remember the crouch nonsense too, with the machine gun. Yes they will probably claim he is just joking.

Anonymous said...

On his Facebook Jan 13 he posts: "Jesus give me a drinky drinky drinky of your spirit I wanna laugh like a drunk man"

The comments are interesting - some people agreeing, some warning.

it seems his drunk in the spirit and new age beliefs are becoming more obvious now.

In his Jan 14, 2014 Loudwire Heads korner intetview with Dave Ellefson, Welch says being a Christian is about having experiences with Christ or angels where God touches you and continually changes you into the best version of yourself.

The new age movement - all about self.

Bible Believer said...

It sounds like the John Crowder stuff is rubbing off. I've heard Crowder say the same thing..



Yeah he's going with that false songs of thunder "drunk in the spirit" delusions...

Yes that sounds very New Age and we know they deceive via false experiences.

Anonymous said...

With Welch coming out more with his drunk in the spirit/new age beliefs, the Linger Conference next month with John Piper, Matt Chandler and Stephen Venable from IHOP, Francis Chan saying he loves Mike Bickle from IHOP, it seems this drunken glory stuff - experience God - new age is becoming more and more mainstream all the time.

Anonymous said...

"With Welch coming out more with his drunk in the spirit/new age beliefs, the Linger Conference next month with John Piper, Matt Chandler and Stephen Venable from IHOP, Francis Chan saying he loves Mike Bickle from IHOP, it seems this drunken glory stuff - experience God - new age is becoming more and more mainstream all the time."

Yes, they are all coming together. All of the false teachers are being drawn by another spirit to come together into doctrine that is basically "new age", and they will all join up eventually with Rome, and then the whole unbiblical mess will be handed to the antichrist in that time.

Anonymous said...

Whenever someone say's they are joking about statements like this one ,it is usually a sign of pathological narcissism. Abuser's often say they are joking ,after lashing out.

Anonymous said...

Check out these links to tweets by Welch. One shows a picture of his friends dog pooping on a bible and in the other he calls Christians "idiots".



Not exactly showing the evidence of a saved Christian is he...

1John 3:14 We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.

Anonymous said...

It's been my experience that new agers can be pretty hostile to bible believers.

Isn't it Barbara Marx Hubbard who said we'd go through the selection process and be eliminated? We are preventing the planetary Pentecost where everyone comes to the realization that they are god, something like that.

Anonymous said...

Facebook Oct 18, 2013 Welch says,
"There's nothing like releasing your words to forever change the course of someone's life. All of us should be doing that constantly."

Well, that's no where in the Bible. Sounds like witchcraft.

His fans won't notice, though. Of of his fans stated: "I think we get bog down in the idea of sound doctrine".

2 Timothy 4:3 "For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."

Many are loving the world instead of Jesus Christ, instead of the truth, and hang on Welch's words not having a clue that he's leading them away like the pied piper into the mystical new age and farther away from Jesus Christ.

He will show his contempt towards Christians who point this out and wish them dead.

It is quite an amazing thing to see - anon Jan 22 - the great number of false teachers binding together bringing in more mystical/new age stuff, slowly but surely. If there's too much backlash, they back off for a minute, but it doesn't last long. So tragic when people tell me - oh, no, that person is so nice and they glorify Jesus - how could you say they are not to be trusted!!

But what is a better way to sway people with a false gospel! Act loving, nice and sincere!

Here's a pastor in Nigeria who says Glory be to God!! And then he steps all over his people and had them eat grass to 'be closer to God'

Hmmmm, I see the similarities.

You will not see any of these guys talk about discernment. If they do talk about it they will say it's a sin to judge. They do not want you to have discernment.

Anonymous said...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpnxNw0XHk4 - Don

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video showing Barbara Marx Hubbard, Don. We can see the hostility of new agers towards bible believers in this video, saying they must be gotten rid of. It's not surprising that Welch would say the same thing.

Bible Believer said...

Yes Welch sounds just like Hubble and New Agers who see Christians as a "virus" on the planet.
I looked up the Linger conference, I noticed Billy Grahams grandson or is it son in law on the roster...

Tullian Tchividjian

What's this creative day stuff? I guess to get the CCM and music/worship leader crowd involved.


I agree about the theory of pathological narcissism. Insults and horrible things said, with a HA HA HA on the end of it.

I went to go see the tweets, absolutely sickening. He's mocking his own followers [most of whom are Christians in name only]. That kind of stuff looks posted too, for more desensitization, if this "Christian" rocker can disrespect the bible and call Christians idiots, then they will grow more accepting of even more evil things.

"releasing your words" sounds like witchcraft, speaking things into being. It is not coming out of a biblical worldview. He may have picked that nonsense up from the NAR crowd or Crowder too.
Welch has contempt even for his own followers to write and post the things he has.

Hey they do go two steps forward, one step back on occasion, well when there used to be some backlash.

So nice? A lot of them aren't even trying to play pretend nice anymore...

but you are right it fools plenty to wear a smile and act the salesman while being completely insincere.
The people are so deceived, the false pastors probably don't even have to pretend to be nice. They will grow worse, the bible says the deceivers will wax worse. So this is why we can see endless blatant bad behavior and their followers never questions. There were 203,953 LIKES on Welch's joke about killing Christians. Think about that one.

That pastor in Africa must have the crowd mesmerization tactics down with mind control, and perhaps demonic spirits helping him out to gain that control over people to make them eat grass and allow someone to walk on them.

Ah all the phonies preach, "do not judge" to shut down brains around them.

Bible Believer said...

check out Brodersen praising Korn...nauseating..


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is nauseating when a pastor tells us these celebrities are following Jesus when you can see they obviously aren't.

Jesus obeyed the Father while he was here on earth. The Whosoevers never talk about obeying God. Welch with his new age bent says it's about doing what YOU want to do and being a better YOU - be YOURSELF.

That is not the gospel.

Brodersen is just another wolf bringing the world and the new age movement into the church to fool the masses, sending the message: "Live a worldly life! Jesus accepts you just as you are. A Godly life is not necessary!"

Welch also said in his Headers Korner column on Loudwire that being a Christian is not about being a "good boy."

I guess he hasn't read 3 John 1:11 where it says: "Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God."


I have long time friend who started going to Whosoever conferences. And she started drifting away - right back into the world. I watched her change before my eyes. I tried to warn her about the Whosoevers and the danger of bringing the world into the church but she said they have to do it to reach the kids. But then SHE got lost! It was like I saw the rebellion and hardness exhibited by the Whosoever image coming out in her behavior the more she followed them.

I wonder if Broderson has seen the satanic and pornographic Vatican Studios artwork the Whosoevers endorsed?

Anonymous said...

On The Last Hiker's page about the Whosoevers, she says they removed all the pictures that she had linked to. She shows some of the Vatican Studios art that is overtly satanic, and then describes in her last comment at the end the pornographic picture on their site. Which is the one I saw.

As a 'Christian' movement how can you promote Vatican Studios? It'd be interesting to hear Brodersen's thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

oops. I think I left the link the Last Hiker off:

Anonymous said...

"It'd be interesting to hear Brodersen's thoughts on this."

You would be wasting your time with Brodersen's comments anyway. He's a false teacher, as it turns out.

Anonymous said...

On Welch's Facebook page for Valentines Day he says, "Happy LOVERS Day. God is my lover..."

Which sounds totally creepy.

Bible Believer did you see Alex Jones interview with Jonathan Davis of Korn? They have their video out of Spike in My Veins and Jones says how they have the courage to take on Obama and the horrible things he is doing - they are using pop starts to keep us distracted, but Korn is bringing out the truth even though stars who have done so, like Dave Mustaine and Billy Corgan have suffered consequences.

Kind of ironic that they are being hailed for 'taking on the Iluminati' when Korn is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Also, Alex Jones says that more and more Hollywood and music people are waking up to what is really going on and as more and more of them stand up, the system is really going to be in trouble.

But Hollywood and the music industry is not going to stand up! They are the system. Who is Alex Jones fooling? The term controlled opposition keeps coming to mind. They'll let Korn put Obama and stuff in their videos to seem like they are doing something, but it's really not.

On Welch's Facebook page they had the interview posted of Alex Jones and Davis. Seeing comments of 'praise the Lord' in response to a person (Jonathan Davis) who openly worships the devil, wants to be the devil, is becoming so common.

Jones asked Davis about the title Paradigm Shift - is it because they see the shift in the world?Davis said it was in reference to the shift in their band with one member returning after 10 years.

Since Paradigm Shift is a new age term, to me it's the shift of people acting like they are praising Jesus, but it's the god of this world they love. People attributing good to evil people. More and more good is evil and evil is good. The shift as more and more people believe the lie they are being told that they are god.

Seems like just another publicity stunt. Rising up against the government is not the answer. The answer is in Jesus Christ. But Korn won't tell you that.

Bible Believer said...

I went to go look up the video you mentioned with Alex Jones and Davis. [I may post on this more later]

Around the 2:00 hour mark..


Why on earth would Jonathon Davis, warn about any truth?

Do you think a guy who honors Satan openly is going to really warn about the Illumanti?


the paradigm shift stuff is a LIE from Satan.

You may have not seen this article I wrote some time ago but I detail the big lie they are pushing...


The pop stars are being used for a false distraction.

That is creepy calling god a "lover".

Very disturbing.

I'll do an article later too. I found other videos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me about your posts. Like you stated at the beginning of the Corgan post with Alex Jones, the world as a whole is not going to wake up to truth or Satan's plans.

So Korn can make this video and be safe. They are not going to suffer any consequences like Alex Jones says.

Korn is not so brave and cutting edge.

They are just acting like they are 'exposing' the NWO when they are, in fact, advancing it.

Bible Believer said...

You got that right. I plan to post on the Korn thing soon. I put up Copeland video first but will work on that, I agree with you about them advancing the NWO while pretending to be against it.