Monday, January 27, 2014

Newswithviews Writer Says Politics Belong in Church!

I was going to post about Newswithviews, since I used to read their website years ago but it was something I never got around to. I used to ask myself why they so rarely mentioned the Vatican in the world affairs they discussed. Cliff Kincaid, would warn us about that the "Vatican Backs Obama's Global Agenda", when the truth was more the other way around, and left out the role of the right side of the new world order. Sure there would be a few mentions too of Tom Horn and Petrus Romanus and that sort of thing, but I realized things were off there several years ago.

 Google the "Newswithviews" and you can find their website. One of their article writers is Chuck Baldwin, but then they used to have Catholic church loving Constance Cumbey on there too from time to time. Sure some of the articles are good and tell many truths which stand up to RINO/NeoCon land--"Stop TPP" is on there this week as well as articles against Agenda 21 and Common Core. Still there were always many things that bothered me. I came to see it as a would be  controlled opposition net for those who see through the Republican party's team work with the new world order. Remember what I wrote here?

If you look at the list of writers on the left of the website, you will other names mentioned that have been connected in various places with the Council on National Policy and other "networks".

This video is an example of some of what I am talking about. They push the Dominionism in so many avenues don't they? This is so ludicrous as if the churches aren't already taken over by politics? As if the failed culture wars weren't the main prerogative of so many churches?

The sad thing is how many will believe this guy.

Politics of Deceit


Within His Word said...

Yes, they are another political site, not interested in Biblical doctrine, but rather wanting you to jump on the bandwagon to dominionism. Just like "Christian Post" and "World Net Daily", which are also dominionists that don't care a thing about doctrine.

Within His Word said...

Yes, they are another political site, not interested in Biblical doctrine, but rather wanting you to jump on the bandwagon to dominionism. Just like "Christian Post" and "World Net Daily", which are also dominionists that don't care a thing about doctrine.

Lillianna White said...

Yes. That is the flavor of the day; dominionism. All roads will lead to the NWO and this is their way of suckering the gullible believers into the fold. "Oh, Jesus is waiting for us to set up the kingdom! Oh my! I get it! If we just do enough good things and hold hands, that will work! Then He will return, when it's all done." Wrong! It's like no one ever learns from world history; war, greed, etc. Humanity can't do it without God. But boy, they bit that bait! Of course they toss out a loyalty to true doctrine and bible prophesy for the end times, otherwise it just wouldn't hold water! The truth? We cannot bring in the kingdom without God anymore than we can save ourselves without God! First 3 biblical feasts symbolize the atonement work and suffering, #4 is pentecost, last 3 feasts symbolize His triumphant return to claim what He redeemed, the kingdom is His victory to claim, not ours, as always. The disciples asked Him "Will YOU set up the kingdom at this time?" He answered that is was not for them to know the times and seasons. Anyway, this is going to escalate as the days go on. I notice it all over. Everything is about making the world a better place but nothing about salvation of souls in the churches and their work. Another one to keep an eye on.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. The very system the crucified Christ and persecuted the first century believers, they now want to bring into the "church". Where is that in scriptures.. We are to have nothing to do with the world.

Anonymous said...

This man is a false brother, who needs to repent.

Ed said...

Should we as Christians jump on the political bandwagon? Jesus himself rejected the title King of Judea, claiming that his Kingdom had nothing to do with the Earth's Kingdoms (even though he was a direct decendant of King David through Mary. So why would a true follower of Christ be involved in High Stake Politics? The Bible does not lie. But the people who do what it says not to do, and claim that they live by it, do so lie through their teeth. You cannot have religion in either mainstream party. The reason is that both parties are corrupt, immoral, constantly lie, murder people constantly, etc. Anyone claiming to be religious and a member of a mainstream political is lying to themselves and their God.

Anonymous said...

This is bible believer- I saw this video, that has Coach D, the man in the video working with CATHOLICS pictured....

Anonymous said...

It is impossbile to fix this world. Satan is the god of this world. People are unsaved. And great darkness works behind the scenes.

Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

2 corinthians 4:4 "In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."

John 12:31 "Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out."

1 John 5:19 "And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness."

The good news is that God is all powerful, and Satan is not. Satan is like an angry, little, yapping dog, on a leash held by God.

James 2:19 "Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble."

Bible Believer said...

Hi Anon, I agree about "Christian Post" and "WND", more of the Dominionist NWO stuff except this time from a little more right flavor from NEWSWITHVIWS.

Well I found the video above where Coach D, is "fighting abortion" with CATHOLICS.

Says it all doesn't it?

They definitely are leading many guilible people into the fold, that is the majority out there, following the likes of Glenn Beck and other cultural warriors. They follow human pride in thinking it's going to be sinful humanity that will set up God's kingdom. What hubris! If you think about these Dominionists are just as bad as liberals who preach that Utopias are going to save the world and we can all end poverty etc. etc. World history stays as rotten as ever. Mao and Stalin and pals all preached saving the world on the front end.

They have made the false social justice gospel GLOBAL now, and you see all the results. The other anon, who says this is the same system that crucified Christ is right. The political married to the religious system.
I consider Coach D, a false brother in need of repenting. I don't know if he is fooled himself or a knowing insider, but it's sad to watch, knowing how many are misled.

I agree about the rot and corruption of both parties. I consider all political parties "owned" in America to be frank. They are lying to themselves. Hey most IFBs still push the NWO Republicanism from the pulpits too.

I agree it is impossible to fix this world. Jesus told us Himself, He would be coming lest no flesh be saved. Humanity without God is hopeless. Human pride via Satan runs all these "save the world" campaigns as well as wickedness behind the scenes using this stuff to rake in the dough and gain more power.

Anyone who wants more politics in the church has forsaken the gospel.

John 18:36
Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Bible Believer..."Anyone who wants more politics in the church has forsaken the gospel." Amen to this!

They have also created idols within their hearts believing a political system or religious sytem for that matter, can create the perfect "utopia" where man will become the god of his own destiny. This humanistic philosophy is alive and well working its delusions inside the apostate church system here in America.

I sat under a preacher who help up Mark Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny" from the elevated pulpit and used that wretched book as an object lesson to his weak sermon. He also recommended to his naive pew sitters not to listen to Mr. Levin's show as the language was inappropriate, yet proudly raised the book in front of the blind sheep. It was unbelievable! The people sat there nodding their heads "yes, yes, yes" and some shouted "amen, amen, amen!" Scriptures clearly tell us that a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.

When man has invited politics into the walled buildings, you will know, precious child of God, that Jesus left the building a long time ago and has left man to his own devices. God, the Holy Spirit, will not force Himself upon anyone who chooses to worship nationalism above our LORD Jesus Christ.

God called me out of this particular flavor of religious moral conservatism. While calling out the wickedness of all of those "liberals" out there, the self righteous stench of their own lives witnessed to me NOT. And I recall in my research that Adolph Hitler was labeled a conservative while embracing fiscal prosperity......until that time when people began seeing the true nature of his heart. Please, do not let the conservative movement in this country fool the people into believing they are the "godly" ones, for the spirit of the antichrist does not embrace one political party over the other.

And as I recall, our Savior and Redeemer never favored a political party as well, for He clearly saw what was hidden in the hearts of men.....and He still sees.

We praise you O LORD for showing us your ways. Help us, LORD, to mature in our faith so that we may endure what is to come. In your precious Name. Amen.

FaithGuy3 said...

Yeah, this is the big red flag with a lot of these SUPPOSEDLY anti-NWO/pro-Christian news sites...

Yes, they will put out a lot of truths and exposes on the globalists, NWO, Illuminati, New Age Movement, Agenda 21, etc, however...

1) They almost always will craftily point fingers at Obama being the LEAD "figurehead" at causing destruction.

For example - let's not forget that the groundwork for Obamacare was laid out by REPUBLICANS many years ago, but somehow these anti-NWO news sites seem to forget that.(even Reagan passed something with emergency rooms and the poor when he was Prez)

Same with the gun control agenda - if Mitt Romney were President, he would have easily passed that massive gun control bill(with universal background checks) last Spring, b/c his core Churchianity/smaller government base would have stood down and did nothing. Pt being that the groundwork for this was laid a LONG time ago(ie-Richard Nixon supported it too, and Reagan lobbied for Clinton's bill to ban assault weapons in the 90's).

2)You really don't hear enough exposes on the Vatican's large figurehead role. Yeah, some sites will expose the Vatican's role, but they don't do it enough(they come off like they're just another entity).

3) Newswithaviews, in particular, have articles that are TOO long and drawn out. By the time you finish reading them, you are left rather bewildered.

Yes, I like to read informative things, but when it gets to a point where they're trying to write a novel and too many details, it's as if they're trying to confuse you.

FaithGuy3 said...

One more thing - I forgot to say in my last post that these fake anti-NWO/pro-Christian sites almost never call out the modern-day, "organized" church system.

Pretty much they say going to church buildings is OK for a mere few whatever reasons(ie-the Rapture Ready folks will say as long as its not Emergent/Purpose Driven, it should be soundly biblical).

This is just well far from the truth, b/c there's just ALOT of leaven with those church buildings, where commandments of men end up accompanying it.

Lillianna White said...

Yes! All too true. You said it sister!

Also, most of the current events have been on the drawing board and orchestrated via various means from decades before and longer. Things most in the public take for granted, like economies collapsing, austerity measures, etc., it's all to prepare the way for the NWO. So never assume anything is spontaneous.

All those 'utopia' programs that fall under different party names are all under the god of this world and the NWO is just the global big daddy of them all. Dominionism is going berzerk trying to recruit all the naive believers.

Several have echoed the statements and to recap:

1. We cannot save the world. Man has tried throughout history to do this without God and the verdict is in... IT DOESN'T WORK. Any glimpse at history should be proof enough for the realists.
2. Only with God is this possible, and only He is able to fix the mess completely. Nothing wrong with helping the poor, but there is something wrong with the philosophy of a humanistic utopia by any name, it is one of Satan's deceptions.
3. Only Jesus can bring in His Kingdom, at His return. Anything else is deception and ego.
4. Throughout the bible it is repeated that we are not of this world and are to remain separated from it. Involvement in much politics, etc. is not heeding this command.
5. The whole world is under Satan for now, so any political party has already sold out to him and it would be wise to keep one's distance. Satan tempted the Lord by saying he would give Him all of the kingdoms of the earth if He would just... what? Bow and worship Satan. Why would it be any different for someone else?
6. I saw through all that republicanism all along myself. Just because I am against abortion does not imply that I need to go out and vote for a member of the illuminati republican candidate!
I don't vote at all in fact due to all of this.
7. The problem cannot be fixed from the outside in, but from the inside out (salvation) because sinful human nature is the root of the problem. How easily this is overlooked and forgotten. World peace? What a joke!
8. When you get baptized in the Holy Spirit you get the new nature and only then is it possible to truly live the right way.
9. The victory and glory is always God's, we cannot save ourselves and we cannot bring in the kingdom. Only He can.
10. While studying this I have noticed in the emergent movement a belief that because He didn't return within their timeframe of 2000, that He was waiting for us to do the kingdom thing. There are many songs out there now to this effect also. It is the most ludicrous thing ever! God expects us to wait and have faith in Him and His promises and timing and not try to take matters into our own hands, like what happened with Abraham, Hagar, and Ishmael! It will only cause trouble.
11. Many of these 'change agents' are insiders from them and are planting these heresies to mislead the gullible, like with the emergent movement, etc. Just know that the NWO will arrive before the kingdom and the rapture is at the end so we will see all these things happen until our time has come; for true believers this will in many cases be via martyrdom.
12. I have heard in many churches praises for republican presidents and other NWO puppets, there is much apostasy in organized churches, especially as we get closer and are living during the big apostasy of 2 Thess. 2.
13. Both parties are just puppets playing a fake argument game while the real power lies behind the curtain all along pulling the strings.
Let's not be deceived by their devices but rely on the Bible.

Good commentaries here! ( :

Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon, yes you are right many have made idols of political systems and we see it even with the David Barton crowd of America itself!
Even the idea that sinful humans can get it together enough to improve the world or make it near perfect is ludicrous. The world is turning more evil. A lot of the "we are here to help" stuff is sugar-coating for NWO Satanic agendas.

Ah the preachers, they all love the Republican/right side of the NWO divide types. I have seen and heard some mention GLEN BECK the Mormon [freemason] positively! So it doesn't surprise me. There was one time even in my old IFB someone praised Hannity, and I said "Do you realize he is a Catholic?" He's not teaching truth and for them to watch out for Fox news. I have seen everyone going YES YES YES too. It is scary. I have had my moments visiting IFBs here, where I have wanted to throw up, wondering why so few saw through the Republican/right side of the NWO matrix. [One would think even websites [which are false too but have some true information] like infowars would have made more in-roads.

I mentioned this in an article, but seeing acouple fighter jets on a jumbo-tron at an IFB, well, that kind of sums up what I am talking about.

You also ask, how many are truly born again and being shown things. Some definitely seemed to have an more open spirit for truth and you know not everyone knows this stuff, or needs time, but it was still troubling to me.
As for the nationalism, never visit most of the IFBs on July 4th, Memorial Day or Veteran's Day. Jingoism to the max doesn't even begin in describe it. I have seen so many of the NWO's wars honored in churches it was horrible.

I am glad you were called out of the religious conservatism. Hey I even looked at the Constitution party and Libertarians and realized they were "owned" too though allowing a little truth to trickle through. A lot of Libertarians are atheists and Ayn Rand was NO CHRISTIAN and the Constitution Party may as well call itself the Dominionism party.

Adolph Hitler was considered a conservative but really a liberal but it's like now, where the two terms intertwine. It was the NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKERS party after all.
Sadly many are fooled by the Republican equals Gods party nonsense, even NOW after so much nonsense and evil.

I praise God too for showing me that these political paths are not of Him and of men who desire power on all sides, not godliness. Their desire is to be loved by the world and by the power structure which they have been led to worship instead of God.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the public thinks all these events are spontaneous. When really we are looking at manipulations and a wide variety of false flags [like 9-11] for control. All of it is to move one way to prepare the way for the NWO. Now that they are OVERTLY worshipping Satan at endless "public" events, most remain blind given over to delusion.

Yes all the Utopian programs are under the god of this world, you got that right. They all converge to the same place. The Conservatives of today desire the same thing as the liberals did yesterday and vise versa. Should anyone be surprised the Republican party is helping with the open borders plan?
My responses to your points. If anything failed Utopias have brought untold human suffering and wars, Mao and Pals for one, where many died of famine from central planning.
I agree with helping the poor but one reason there are so many poor is human evil and greed. All of the solutions to "help" the poor usually are built in for the wicked to line their pockets in some way.
Agreed. Anyone who teaches that humans are to do it, or prepare a kingdom for Jesus's return are WRONG. The Catholic church with its marriage of church and state were the original Dominionists. Calvin and pals in Geneva TOO.
I agree, Christians are not to be of this world. This man's cry for there to be more politics in churches goes against scripture. Politics will never fix abortion or many other societal problems. Changed people via the Holy Spirit will.

Yes this world is under Satan and the political parties are part of his "network". How many connected types and freemasons running those? Many lust for the political realm because of the power and love of the world. I have seen even small town local types pay homage to politicians to gain notice, of course they make sure their opinions all align with theirs. Everything to a politician is about selling out and compromise. Satan will offer on a platter more power, human notice, and attention, to those who love the political realm.
I agree about the world peace bit. Only people becoming new creatures in Jesus Christ will offer any solution to the evils of society.
Yes the impatient types who want to push the second coming instead of waiting for it, are scary. I have seen this too in the Emergent movement and elsewhere.
One reason I am not in a church is I cannot abide by the worship of the NWO, and namely the Republican party and false religious and world system.

I'm praying more people come out into truth and realize how Satan is using politics to deceive.

Bible Believer said...

Faith Guy, yes you never see any of the fake websites call out the churches. if anything they tell you to FIND AN ORGANIZED church as soon as possible! It's actually kind of funny for the ones who on the surface claim they are anti-NWO. How many churches are outside the NWO Republican matrix? It's kind of funny how they stick to this fantasy of there being endless biblically sound churches. [that is something to take up with David Cloud too] If anything they will tell people that if they do not go to church that they are sinners.

Even with Chuck Baldwin, the "insider status" is quite apparent.

"FOUNDER-PASTOR of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. Dr. Baldwin and his wife met with four others on June 22, 1975, for the first meeting of the Crossroad Baptist Church. The church was organized in September of that year. Six acres of prime property were purchased in 1978. In 1985 the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence. The church has gone through five building programs, including a 750-seat auditorium and office complex. While Dr. Baldwin was pastor, some of the choice spiritual and political leaders of the nation have spoken in this pulpit including Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Reform Party Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, Evangelist Pete Rice, U.S.S. Pueblo Intellegence Officer Lt. Commander Steven Harris, Author Salem Kirban, Vietnam Veteran/Evangelist Tim Lee, Author & Liberty University Professor Harold Willmington, Rep. Joe Scarborough, Rep. Jeff Miller, Tortured For Christ Author Harlan Popov, Evangelist Chuck Millhuff, Pastor Walt Hanford, Author/Evangelist Don Boys, Author/Evangelist/ WW II Veteran Kenny McComas, Captain Eugene “Red” McDaniel, Businessman Stanley Tam, Dr. Reed Bell, “Top Gun” Pilot/Gulf War Veteran Commander Sandy Jones, Alabama Governor Fob James, Jr., Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, 2000 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Howard Phillips, Reform Party Vice Presidential Candidate Ezola Foster, D. James Kennedy Associate Janet Folger, 2004 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka, Former Pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Dr. Greg Dixon, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Dorchester County (SC) Sheriff Ray Nash, and others."

Bible Believer said...

Faith Guy, yes you are right they always do put out a few truths mixed with the lies. yes the focus is all on Obama when OBAMA IS CONTINUING WITH AGENDAS BUSH SET UP...

Destruction of civil liberties--NDAA is just an updated Patriot Act...etc.

Yes they all FORGET THAT.

One thing too that is sick is all the Ronald Reagan worship given even Ronnie started the ball rolling on many NWO agendas and then met with the Pope. Romney was no different then Obama and even did an Obamacare practice run in Massachusetts.

Yes from the get-go many things were planned out with BOTH parties involved.

They may slap up a few articles about the Vatican, but never anything too intense and where the Pope or Vatican yes is just another player. I noticed that on Texe Marrs, and few other alternative websites. The Vatican gains very little attention, just enough to throw anyone off.

I agree about the long and drawn out articles, do we need to read the history of the world with every article? This is one thing I have noticed with many false websites. They literally bury you in information. LOL someone may say that about me here, but hey I do attempt to strip things down a bit even if there are some long articles.

Lillianna White said...

Yes. That is how it always works, truth mixed with the lies. That is why deception is so effective, the bait and the poison rolled into one.
I also sometimes visit various churches just to spy things out and try to warn, etc. Well I was in one very popular place around here and boy! Nothing but parrots and yes-men. I mean, they could have said hail to the devil and these people would have said amen! It is such a hypnotic nod and passionate yes and amen that is scary! I could tell they were just trying to get them to comply, like the pastor would say 'repeat the word "see" (from a verse)' and they all did it! Then he had everyone get off the theater seat and actually kneel in prayer, like a catholic church! I was the only one who remained seated. Scary.
They also glorified sports not to mention other problems there.
On another note, regarding the NWO, etc., this is another scary thing that I witnessed firsthand due to being at that place and time. I am a substitute teacher and one of the districts I am in had a call over the loudspeaker one morning that went like this:
"Our United Nations Global Village Peace Builders Assembly has been cancelled this morning due to the rain." I kept a poker face but it was like, 'oh... no, no agenda there or anything!' Ha! But there is NOTHING on their school or district website about any of this, if you are not there you would never suspect it.

I see things every day! Wow.


Anonymous said...

I was a liberal my whole adult life.But,I want to point out that it seems that you attack conservatives far more than liberals?The many liberal churches around here don't, or barely even believe Christ actually exsisted.The liberals are the ones embracing the new age jargon big time.They fly the rainbow flags from the front of the church.They hold classes about Mary magdalene and your sexuality?They make friends with the world also.And a lot is very under the radar.Because sites like this don't talk about it.They are part of the ecumenical movement.The conservatives are easy to pick on.They are right out in the open,with their apostosy.
If you really weren't political;why do you seem to be leaning against all things conservative.Why not some balance.I am starting to question your site.I'm not sticking up for conservatives.I just see a bias here.
The liberals use all the conservative antics as their case against Christ,which is exactly what your are feeding into.
As Jesus said"just leave them alone,They be blind leaders of the blind"
Go ahead,everyone,give it to me for pointing it out.Just like in the churches.
I'll pray for you.All.

Bible Believer said...

I have written against the New Age, homosexuality, etc on this blog. You need to realize the whole LEFT vs. Right game is a deception and shell game to fool you. Both left and right are marching towards globalism. I consider the Democratic party wicked and evil and NWO too. I have posted against liberals, Common Good, Common Core, Agenda 21, and Hillary Clinton. Trying to claim I am "for the liberal side" isn't going to fly.

I know those stuck inside the left/right matrix, automatically thinks if someone criticizes the conservative movement is a liberal. Sorry you have to break out of that box.

All the parties are blind now.

Bible Believer said...

Lilianna, Yes visiting the churches can be quite a lesson, just to see what goes on. I definitely saw lots of strange stuff when trying to find one. The parrots and yes men stuff I've seen too. There are a lot is a lot of repeating and some churches to keep people "focused" in a certain way even during sermons and regular services will past out "fill in the blank" worksheets for the church services.

I saw weird stuff years ago as a substitute teacher"

Books pushing homosexuality.."My Two Daddys'

Teacher wanting me to do guided meditation with animals and such during class session. [I skipped it]

Color your World Citizen Badge.

etc etc.

No they aren't telling the parents everything they are teaching the kids, no way. They know even a few Republican types may not be happy with some of it.

Lillianna White said...

Hi again!

Wow. I refuse to do these things too.
Some things I've seen lately: a book praising cooperation on every page (ok...), then the last page was all about the United Nations and how wonderful this sort of cooperation is! (We just didn't have enough time for that page. Hmph.) There is so much paganism and occult with the holidays and halloween! I find another book about autumn or something. Then, while helping in one room for an hour, after halloween, the teacher just said while he is out if I could read 'this' book to them, I took one look at it and saw all the halloween witchy stuff and just flat out told him that I couldn't read these to kids. He spent about 20 minutes looking for a different book for me to read to them! I see a lot of global agenda, lots of 'peace' stuff, and the books they read now, pure demonic material. The magazines to order kids books from at school list about 100% occult books, and it wasn't halloween season. Then lots of peace symbol posters, ghandi, john lennon and the gang, tributes to other religions and new age/NWO agendas, coexist stickers, etc. One such teacher who had this stuff also had a photo in the room that showed a cliff by the ocean and men in black all in a circle. He had another one with his wife and baby at the colisseum in rome and was making the pointed finger hand gesture (lots of wicca was there). The propaganda is everywhere for the occult and all the agendas in little ways that many would never notice. Then there are the backpacks! We could do a blog just on those! All you have to do is go to a place that sells them and see, half of them have peace signs, the rest have skull and bones symbols, some evil characters, angry bird characters that are 'building an evil kingdom' (actual words on the backpack), monster high/university, the one eyeball symbol from that, (they have a discipline management on the computer too with little one eyeball logos now- dojo points), all kinds of demon looking characters, if it isn't the hot pink and black 'beast' stripes everywhere! (and this is just for the primary grades!) Then the clothes they sell the young ones now, like they are going to be on a vegas show. There is so much and it feels so good to tell someone who gets it!

To add to the Christian music thing, there is the kingdom here and now theme but there is also the contemplative theme, so many songs out there now with lyrics about breathing in and out, etc.

And yes, while hunting around for a church I have seen those fill in the blank sheets too, like you are in preschool. Just empty your mind so we can write our script on it, leave your brain at the door on your way in... and your wallet on the way out... thanks!

For anon above, it's just that it's been too one sided in the churches, and both sides are under satan's control. I know what BB is saying and I have had most of my experiences in conservative churches too so we know. Yes, the liberals down the road are already far gone, but most Evangelical churches have espoused a conservative view that is too 'all hail the republicans, their wars, their rich people, their success, the government, etc.' and have their own twisted agenda. Not enough is being said against that while they rip up the liberals because of 'social programs to help those useless moochers over there' and such. There are problems on both sides of the political spectrum and the solution lies nowhere on it. When you pray and seek the Lord, He steers your compass in the right direction... at Him.

Thanks and I really enjoy the fellowship!

Anonymous said...

REV6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

pope or vatican conquering and to conquer world via POLITICS just like bible said

Anonymous said...

Yes;but if you were really lead by the holy spirit you would know that I do not espouse to the whole left vs. right game ;I see it is a deception.My comment was that you seem to be leaning hard on the conservatives.Agenda 21 isn't a liberal agenda,since there is no left vs.right.Both sides espouse it in different ways.I am not stuck in the left right matrix and do not have to break out of that box.The holy spirit would lead you to see that too.
Point me to your article on liberal churches embracing homosexuality.I mean if you actually believe the bible as you say,that would be apostacy..
Where are your articles on the liberal churches that deny Christ came in the flesh.These are the anti-christs 1John4:3;2John1:7.
Lot's of liberal churches are turning this way.More everyday.
And if you are lead by the spirit,how is it you assume and accuse me of things which are not true(I am in the matrix of left right politics.I don't even vote because I think it is a sham.)
I'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be equating common core ,common good,and agenda 21 with liberalism, all in one sentence.They are not liberalism ,they are a globalist's agenda.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,but ,I did not see a lot of articles about what goes on inside the liberal churches(UU doesn't count);or the apostacy of there leadership.

Bible Believer said...

I am only one person, I do not have a team of researchers and writers. There are endless websites that warn about the liberals, you want me to retread all that again? Do I have to hold your hand and write 30,000 word articles on why homosexual marriage is wrong? Leave that for the culture warriors who are part of the system.

Even there many of the "conservative" churches are following their liberal counterparts. The stuff that used to be for the United Methodist, Congregational, United Church of Christ mainline crowd has already leaked in. My advice for you is to break a bit out of the right/left matrix. Go to one of the phony websites where they rant about the liberals ONLY while supporting their right wing masonic and Knights of Malta brothers. You are caught up in the terms. Common Core, Common good and agenda 21 definitely are "liberalism". But then hey all the conservatives are for them too just about...the Republican party is busy implementing all of the above too, so what does liberal and conservative mean anymore?

You tell me.

I have written about liberal churches multiple times on this blog.

Bible Believer said...

If you see the left and right stuff as a deception, tell me this, Why are you upset at me leaning hard against the conservatives? It seems you would want that side exposed. It is a given that liberalism is evil. I am curious as to why you seem offended that I am calling out the "conservative" side. There is endless information about liberals but how many blogs are exposing the right/left system without being part of controlled opposition and telling us nonsense like Coach D? A handful?
I know of around 8-10.
If you want to know the truth about what the Holy Spirit is telling me now, it's that this article is going to upset people, and there are those who would be more then happy to label me as a "liberal defender" to deflect what I have written and to make excuses for this man calling for churches to be more political.

Liberal church articles I have written...[besides UU]

Direct article on Mainline Liberal churches:

Direct article where I call out Liberation Theology which used to be the domain of liberals only but has reached far further

Articles against Occupy movement...

Trying to make the claim here I never write about the liberals is nonsense.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Lilianna, yes the public schools are full of a lot of bad things, and the kids are being indoctrinated at all levels. I saw an Arthur cartoon even the other day where they have this character that had an all seeing eye over her bed. They seem to leave no stone left unturned.

They know the children are there to indoctrinate. Even in the 90s, the book catalogues they passed out were full of occult themed books for the young people, and this I am sure has only grown worse. There is an article on here somewhere from a couple years ago where I posted a video of a man talking about all the occult themed books for teens--vampires etc.

I have seen the globalism pushed then add lessons on nonsense like global warming, evolution as a given, etc etc. I am glad you get things too, and yes you are right about the decorations on the backpacks.
Thanks for understanding what I am warning about on this blog about the so called "conservatives" who are busy pushing NWO agendas onto the churches.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bible Believer for pointing these things out - and Lillianna, too.
Our kids are being indoctrinated big time into new age/occult stuff left and right. My child likes to read but I hate going to book stores - it's all paranormal and witchcraft stuff. Kids TV shows - alot of the same. Esp. Disney.
I went to my kid's school to volunteer at an art lesson - drawing peacocks. Instructor said how the feather has the all seeing eye on it and the peacock is important in reincarnation. I'd already told her about the all seeing eye, but not reincarnation, so we had a good discussion about that. She liked a Katy Perry song. I showed her the grammy number Perry did and explained why she's part of the system glamorizing witchcraft - seems like I'm always warning her about stuff lately. The Disney Maleficent (malevolent?). .... it's nonstop!

Lillianna White said...

Thanks and you're welcome. If you have kids it is so hard out there to keep them pure these days!

One last thing about the politics, I agree that it is a given about the liberal churches. That is old news and we have even been warned up the wazu about that in evangelical and fundamentalist churches and countless places. Yes they have already been absorbed by the new age/ nwo agenda and are bible deniers. But that is old news. BB is posting about the latest trends. No use beating a dead horse. Most Christians already know about that stuff just like the Holy Spirit warns us about the Catholic church and cults, other religions, etc. We don't want to take the focus away from the target right now in this critical time. For many years, this was where it was at with exceptions, evangelical Christianity was the bible believing crowd (the republican thing bothered me though, more on that later). But now conservativism is being used more than ever in what were the last remaining churches to seduce people into the NWO. Right now that is the cutting edge to focus on and current crisis to warn about. Should we waste time on the catholics now too? She has plenty of articles on these things. If one is tuned into the Spirit, this is evident.

Now for terminology:
conservative is not the same as republican. Take me, I am conservative when it comes to being anti-abortion, homosexuality, etc. I dress modest and avoid secular TV, music, etc. I have no vices, etc. So, yes to all that. If liberal means anything goes, then no to that. Economics is a different matter and anyone who has read the bible (or just google bible verses on the topic) can see that God cares for the oppressed, poor, orphans, widows, and you get the idea. In that sense I have always been in favor of workers rights and helping the poor and economic justice (albeit in an imperfect world) since I am a just person, etc. So in that vein I have leaned to the left and not the right due to the constant 'hating on the poor' and the like while loving the rich (like it says in James) and that is what I see with republicans and democrats. So the constant beating of the republican drum did bother me much. Lots of arrogance there too. Yet I am not political, I don't associate with any party, I don't vote, or any of that. But like BB said, I know that both parties are just two puppets on opposite ends of the same boogie-man in a staged conflict, leading to the NWO. Dictatorships have risen upon both staunch left and right wing political platforms. Right now all roads are converging to the NWO and people like us are just trying to wake the church up to the most recent and relevant deception. All the fingerpointing is at the liberals by those parading around in proud conservative robes and banners while the conservatives are just as guilty but go undetected and their deception enters like an unnoticed poison. Anyway, if the anonymous person is still confused, let him pray about it.

God bless you all!

Luca said... Bible Believer what do you think of this?

Anonymous said...

NewsWithViews seems pretty objective to me when it comes to dominionists. I see some related people on there, but I also see articles by people like Kelleigh Nelson who are specifically exposing them.