Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chinese Pollution

How can they breathe? Asthmatics must be weeded out fast. It seems a lot of the smog is formed via industry and coal burning for heating. So much human suffering, I especially feel for the children and will pray. All those outsourced jobs and now the Chinese have been poisoned ,manufacturing for the West, cheap factory products. Most people there are of humble means, so are just trying to survive but can you imagine living in what you see in the above? I tend to think it can't keep going on. Breathing will take precedent over everything else if it gets bad enough. Human beings can't live in a gas chamber of pollutants.

Are the Chinese buying up American property to have somewhere clean to move to after their country is poisoned via the multi-national corporations that wanted to pay slave-labor wages and escape all environmental regulation?

Remember this article? How come they ignore the bigger infrastructure problems for all the screens and distraction. My opinion is that the new world order doesn't want some problems solved. This could be China's set up for Agenda 21.

By the way some of the pollution blows over to the USA. [and I'm sure other countries]

China's Exports Linked to Western USA Air Pollution.


Luca said...

Bible Believer,you are creationist?

Anonymous said...

This is so sad! The Elite who own the corporations do not care about anyone or anything except what they can profit. After they have used China they will move on to the other countries and do it again. I need to do my part and support my local community and as much as possible keep my money out of the hands of the corporations, saying "NO" and let them go under. They must have the consumers or fail. - Don

Bible Believer said...

I don't believe in evolution, that's for sure Luca!

The elite don't care about destroying the entire planet for their luciferian agendas and greed. Thinking about the Georgia Guidestones, and the desire for 500 million population, maybe their plan for China is to make it so none of them can breathe for their population control plans. What I don't get is America and other parts of the world figured out how to clean up the air, [well beyond fukushima radiation and chemtrails] you telling me they can't too? Our air probably would be black now, if we had any manufacturing left, for the corporations that are here, they are busy destroying the food supply with GMOs and think of all the fracking poisoning the water sheds. So why should I say the USA would be better off if we had a good number of factories anymore. I try to buy as small as I can and work my way up Don, it's not possible for every product [medications, gas and computers seem off that roster] but the smaller the business the better.

Anonymous said...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGsi7JaV6gs - Don

Anonymous said...

Notice the point @ 20:12. - Don