Friday, January 10, 2014

Biometric Tithing Machines At A Church

Watch with discernment. I do not agree with this pastor on everything, he has Ruckman books who he seems to support on his shelf.  Funny, he mentions the extreme security, I talked about how that was one reason I did not attend a far away IFB. The ushers who had all the bearing of security guards seriously concerned me. A biometric tithing machine is bad news. Why collect finger prints of church members so they can give you money? I will not give fingerprints for banking purposes, at least where I live that is not common and not asked for but I have been in a big city bank that wanted one. It's a way to know where all the "Christians" are too. Isn't it?

See: Tithing


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that this is a Calvary Chapel? It was incorporated in the '30s well before Calvary Chapels came into existence. Just wondering.

Lynn said...

Hi BB,
This is not a Calvary Chapel, but "Calvary Church" (according to their sign), and "the Calvary Independent Church" as written on their Bylaws.

Lynn said...

Hi BB,

This church is not a Calvary Chapel.

Their sign designates them as "Calvary Church", and their Bylaws refers to them as "The Calvary Independent Church". And I think they pre-date the Calvary Chapel movement.

This reminds me of those instances when you've (meaning to refer to the website known as "Vigilant" (no "e") Citizen, you have accidentally referred to them as "Vigilante" Citizen -- a whole different animal!

Just thought I'd help bring these differences to your attention.

Lynn said...

Uh-Oh! I think I may have sent my message twice (albeit edited).


But let me take the opportunity to say that this is a very interesting development...

We are living in sobering times. The developments are taking place so quickly now, and so thoroughly. Doesn't seem to be a lot of time left before the full picture emerges. It is definitely getting close.

FaithGuy3 said...

Saw this video a couple of weeks ago - this very "church" could very well be a testing ground for things to come.

99% of churches in America are 501c3, so it may not be long from now until this gets implemented.

And yes, this is big news. 501c3 or no, churches have no business collecting private data from anyone.

Luca said... Bible Believer,what do you think of this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Would be wise to correct the headline. Goes to credibility and fairness. Calvary Chapels certainly have their faults, but important to be factual and fair.

Agreed that this is a dangerous direction but one that is sure to catch on in the electronic age in which we live.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I see you have made the correction. Thank you.

Kimberly Phillips said...

All leading the church into the one world religion. Easier to track and trace people in the new electronic age. Such a shame "churches" are following suit.
The destruction of Christianity could be accomplished only by those who are entrusted to preserve it, by the pastors, the men of the cloth. As a starter, John D. Rockefeller picked up a young, so-called Christian minister by the name of Dr. Harry F. Ward. At the time, he was teaching religion at the Union Theological Seminary. Thereupon, in 1907, he financed him to set up the Methodist Foundation of Social Service, and Ward’s job was to teach bright young men to become so-called ministers of Christ and place them as pastors of churches.

“While teaching them to become ministers, The Reverend Ward also taught them how to very subtly and craftily preach to their congregations that the entire story of Christ is a myth, to CAST DOUBTS on the divinity of Christ, to cast doubts about the Virgin Mary. In short, to cast doubts on Christianity as a whole. It was not to be a direct attack, but much of it by crafty insinuation that was to be applied in particular, to the youth in the churches.

“Then in 1908, the Methodist Foundation of Social Service changed its name to the Federal Council of Churches. By 1950, the Federal Council of Churches was becoming Very Suspect as a Communist front, so they changed the name to the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. From this was created the World Council of Churches.” (Myron Fagan).
This is the site I got this information from. Preachers are being TOLD by government what to preach. Sad, sad state of affairs for the Body of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Please correct me if I am wrong here, but is not tithing an Old Testament practice? Did not Jesus fulfill all of the law therefore tithing (the giving of agricultural produce or the materical things taken from a victorious battle) is not required of a New Testament, New Covenant born again believer and follower of Jesus?

I read of this "Tithes and Offerings" often in church bulletins, but cannot find a New Covenant Scripture where we are to give 10% of our earned income. In fact, I don't even see in the Old Testament where the craftsmen gave 10% of their income....did Joseph and Mary tithe 10% of their earned income, or what about Jesus while He was in the carpentry business?

And now, churches are using and abusing what they call "tithing money" to purchase tithing machines? Next thing you know they'll be serving mocha latte with glazed donuts on the side and call it fellowship....oh....wait a minute here, they already do that! Sorry.

They we have yoga classes in the church gym to try a cobra pose everyone into shape because of their's like singing "the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round....." well, now we can impose new lyrics to the same melody; "The money in the machines go round and round, round and round, round and round, the mammom in the machines go round and round as the church spends its bucks!"

I am truly grieved concerning this disturbing practice.

Anonymous said...

"Please correct me if I am wrong here, but is not tithing an Old Testament practice? Did not Jesus fulfill all of the law therefore tithing (the giving of agricultural produce or the materical things taken from a victorious battle) is not required of a New Testament, New Covenant born again believer and follower of Jesus?"

The problem is, not everything in the old testament was during the law. Tithing started before the law. Abraham tithed in Genesis 14:18-20. Before the law. Also Jacob.

2 Corinthians 9:6-7 "But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver."

10 percent is just a general number. You can give less, or more. It is up to you. Tithing never ended tho.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... I don't even know what to say about this. What became a warning first to me, was in Florida the churches started accepting applications for welfare. I knew then they were aligned with the state. Now this? People are seduced. What a scary place to be.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer asked, " Why collect finger prints of church members so they can give you money?" They are collecting the fingerprints of church members for the benefit of someone. Can anyone guess who?

Anonymous said...

Pastor Bryan is a Dispensationalist - Don

Anonymous said...

I have just been reading an article about Free Masonry and how most pastors are Free Masons. If you sit back and think about this, ALL of this is making total sense. Here is an interesting article. I had an "A-Ha" moment....why Billy Graham preaches what he does, its all tied into free masonry.

Bible Believer said...

Hi I fixed the title some days ago, thanks for reminding me too. I know the Calvary name stuff can confused folks. I don't want to lay something false even on a church I warn about others things with.

Bible Believer said...

I agree about the 501c3 churches, remember with the Faith Based Intiatives, they are getting even more involved in tracking information for governmental agencies.

Bible Believer said...

Luca, has it shown recent signs of erupting? Sadly there are many big cities near volcanoes. Yes that would be a big disaster.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for the early history about the WCC and FCC, I didn't know those things. I am not surprised the Rockefellers and global elite were in that one. The pastors are taught sermon "techniques" now. I even discussed on another article, the techniques in IFBs that we have seen out of some.

Bible Believer said...

Tithing is false and based on a skewing of the Malachi 3 in the bible. Basically it is laying on burdens via Pharisees. Someone has to pay for all those fancy huge buildings and mission [vacations] trips. Asking a guy who makes 10,000 a year to divvy up 10% isn't fair compared to a guy that makes a million or 100,000. I find the idea of tithing machines offensive, why not just put a cash register by the door and make everyone pay to come in? It's about the same thing isn't it. One thing with the covenant churches they are having people sign ones that promise the tithes, etc

"to faithfully pay my tithes"

this one:

"Covenant Family Church 90 Day Tithe Challenge

We want to encourage you to start tithing, and see God begin blessing your life as you commit to

Biblical financial stewardship.

How? We're asking you to commit to take the first 10% of your total income for the next 90

days and give it to God through Covenant Family Church.

Who? Tithing is God's plan for every Christ follower. However, the 90 Day Challenge is for

individuals or families that have NOT been tithing within the last six months. Tithing is the first

10% of your income, not just regular or spontaneous giving in the church offering.

When? The 90 Day Tithe Challenge will begin September 25, 2011, and will end December

11, 2011. During this period you commit to faithfully tithe 10% of your income, then at the end

of 90 days you have another 30 days to request a full refund.

Why? The only thing in the Bible that God says to test Him on is tithing. We at Covenant

Family Church believe in tithing so strongly that we want to give you the opportunity to take God

at His Word. God promises to take care of your financial needs when you trust Him by giving Him

the first ten percent of your gross income."

Let's see the tax man wants 15-20% and they want their 10% cut too.

Bible Believer said...

I believe Billy Graham is a free mason and yes the freemasons is definitely one huge avenue of how they have infiltrated the churches.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "JesusisSavior" website and David Stewart, there are some serious problems with this person if you check into it. Not that the info is all wrong, but the credibility of the author is in question.

Bible Believer said...

Sure I posted that one for information. I don't agree with Jesus is Savior on many things.

Anonymous said...

Last anon...I don't agree with everything on the Jesus is Savior blog either, that is why we are to discern, but his article on Billy Graham is correct. It explains a lot, why he says "all religions lead to God", he is a 33rd degree mason, if you read on the cutting edge blog (which i don't agree with everything on it either), you will see all the wonderful quotes from people of the world about how great he is. Totally opposite of what Jesus said, and James, those who are friends of the world are enemies of God. He has misquoted scripture to his own destruction. And many are lead astray on his broad path.

Anonymous said...

Thank-You for your post on tithing Bible Believer, appreciate your efforts.

I believe one of the most shamedly aspects concerning the tithing heresy is this; the money that is collected for the most part does NOT benefit the believers in most cases who are poor in our congregations. In our Beloved New Testament, the offerings were given to the poor to feed the hungry, take care of the windows, and to care for the lame and sick.

By today's standards, money is spent foolishly on junk....more donuts for the out of shape church goers, and building projects to make "the self of the institutional church look good" all the while Jesus is knocking at the door of the church goers hearts desiring to come in!

Is God really that impressed with our buildings, building programs, Bible Studies based on someone's book, ie John MacArthur, Jonathon Cahn, Joyce Meyer, Lisa get the picture.....all the while God, the Holy Spirit desires to teach us directly from His Word, our mocha latte's or flavored coffees with a side of pastries or donuts, our church festivals, our immaculate lawns and landscaping, our electronic church signs and billboards, our fancy fashion designs, our tatoos, our rock band and sound system, oops, I mean praise band (praising whom I cannot tell as most praise band participants are the "look at me, see me, see me types), our tarred parking lots, our hand carved alters, our stained glass windows, our tiled bathrooms complete with lotions, etc, etc, etc, etc!!!!!!!!

All the while, some just plain send offerings to the poor directly bypassing the 501 C government church programs, for they follow God, the Holy Spirit's leading and please no church man, but Jesus Christ Himself.

Is God really impressed with our church system? Really?

Bible Believer said...

I agree with you that none of the poor will see the money or very few. Most will go to pay for upper class pastors salaries, or huge buildings and endless endless programs and positions. Some of these huge churches are turning more into social clubs and social work/community centers. When you get a chance check out a big one sometime and see how many are on staff and now all the "specialized" jobs there are. Well someone has to pay all those people and that is where the tithes are going. Add in the buildings regarding your list, fancy bathrooms in some cases with towels and lotions and they outdo government and library bathrooms by far. All the festivals, special events, studies, financial advisement, lectures, musical events, one church locally here even had a Christian Comedian night, it definitely is getting intense, and well all that stuff COSTS money. I agree about giving direct to poor, and or giving one's help directly bypassing churches, and charities to do it especially since you do not know where anything is going to go. I don't think God is impressed with the church system which has become BIG BUSINESS. They are selling far more then doves and animals in the temple. To be frank, one thing about a lot of the big churches out there, "culturally" the poor do not fit. I am of humble means that when I enter the "shopping mall" - "professional class" fancy churches, I feel like a fish out of water. I have written on this blog before most people of my socioeconomic level are not online but the Lord has blessed me.

Bible Believer said...

Yes there is a lot of truth about Billy Graham in that article. I can't believe this blog will be 4 years old in April, but check out all my past writing on Billy Graham. [in the index]

With the pastors I believe there is a whole "network" of infiltrators, and let's just say Billy is at the 33rd degree of the pack.

[I believe the "brothers" are in the IFB too just so you all know--I'm researching the Baptist articles now--this doesn't mean ALL IFB pastors, there are the sincere and the sincerely duped, but I believe they are there too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote: "
Is God really impressed with our church system?"

God has spewed the apostate church system out of his mouth.

Lisa Ruby

Anonymous said...

"Regarding the "JesusisSavior" website and David Stewart, there are some serious problems with this person if you check into it. Not that the info is all wrong, but the credibility of the author is in question."

That's not exactly true. A catholic man who hates that website creator, started a rumor that David Stewart was a child molester, based on a similar name of someone in Guam that was arrested for it. But it turned out to be a different person entirely, as many went and contacted Guam themselves and verified this.

Thus, he is not guilty of the false accusations made by the catholic cult.

David Stewart is kind of anti-Semitic, and so he should repent of that ungodliness, but his information about a lot of other things is right on the money.

Bible Believer said...

I agree Lisa with God spewing the apostate church system out of his mouth.

I know about the accusations regarding David Stewart. I had a commenter post the link, but even I said David Stewart is such a common name, that was no proof. There are names people have where you could find 30 people with that same name nation wide, and David Stewart would be above them. I don't agree with David Stewart on everything--he needs to learn more about Dominionism and realize many of those IFB front men like Hyles were deceivers but he does have many good articles with information. I know personally if one is out there talking about things like the NWO or exposing the Catholic cult they will do anything in their power to smear your name.

Bible Believer said...

would be among them...[correction]

FaithGuy3 said...

Yeah, I have some doctrinal issues with Stewart, to be frank - despite being a pre-trib rapture believer, he comes off as anti-semetic(he goes as far as saying how it was the Jews who are responsible for Hollywood spreading sodomy, and he posts Henry Makow's twisted stuff). He also seems to have no problems with the organized church system.(Yes, he's exposed denominations like the SBC and Lutherans, but nonetheless he seems to have no qualms with church buildings)

I don't want to start another pre/post rapture debate here, but was just pointing out that if Stewart is sincerely pre-trib(like myself), then he should also believe the end times focuses largely on the Jews/Israel(again, just pointing this out). And he's also coming off like the unbelieving Gentiles are innocent and OK.

With that being said - it's not just Stewart's JesusIsSaviour web site that has a lot of good stuff, so do a number of other good Christian web sites as well. But NONE of them are perfect, and you have to weed and try through them to see if everything lines up with the word of God.

Anyhow - you look at the typical 501c3 church building nowdays, and they have astronomical budgets in the 6-7 figures. Some in the $100Ks, and others in the $1ms. And I'm not only talking about megachurches here. Even medium-sized ones have budgets in the $300K range. This is TOO much money.

No wonder why these church buildings are so Apostate - they are more concerned with money coming in and out funding whatever they need and want, that their eyes and focus are off of Jesus Christ. So if one day they have no qualms in getting microchips to find quicker ways for their pews to "tithe", then it won't be surprising.