Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Someone Didn't Like My Fairies Article

Remember this article?

The IFB pastor turned Atheist

He didn't like my fairies article:

Fear the Gnome and Fairies Too

Hey I knew writing that one, I may get some mockery, but no one sits down and seriously thinks about why these little "mythical" creatures are so celebrated. It's like so many things in culture that are taken for granted. I mean who needs Gnomes or Fairy Doors or any of that nonsense? If one is an purely materialistic atheist, wouldn't they find even focus on these things silly? What would be the use?

No one wants to get too deep or analyze WHY something is part of a culture. How come? They mindlessly follow trends, fads, and take what is handed them. Why put an ugly sports team decorated Gnome in your garden otherwise? Because other people do it? What is the purpose?

The writer doesn't know I spent years as a full blown UU "freethought, humanist" type who sat around reading Freedom From Religion Foundation newsletters [yes one can combine that with Theosophy, it's hard to explain but trust me it works. I remember reading about all those "fearful" "fundies" out to oppress us all. Where did I say I am afraid of Gnomes and Fairies? My own home used to be full of gnome statues, before I got rid of them on ebay, this before I was born again.

Trust me just writing this blog, spiritual attack is the name of the game. No Christian should fear any evil spirit when they have the power of Jesus Christ to cast any of them out.

What's "paranoid" about exploring the true origins of these figures? I didn't write the fairy tales, and/or legends that spoke of so called "superstitious peasants" fearing these creatures or calling upon them in multiple world cultures. I didn't make it up that Wiccans and other "magick" practitioners and New Agers dabble in Faire Magic.

He wrote:

For those of us who spent a lot of years in Fundamentalism, Bible Believer is just another bought by the blood, sold out for Jesus Christian who sees Satan, demons, principalities, and powers everywhere he looks.  This is no different from Jerry Falwell’s Teletubbies are gay, Smurfs are demons, or any of the numerous demonic toys listed in the classic book of Fundamentalist paranoia, Turmoil in the Toybox. Let me illustrate this with a 1980′s video clip of Pastor Gary Greenwald interviewing Phil Phillips, the author of Turmoil in the Toybox."

Here is a question I'd like answered. What's wrong with seeing Satan and demons and principalities and powers in many places?

Ephesians 6: 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Hey I may as well say it as I see it. Strip that one down. I have seen the world atheists live in. I think some human beings want to imagine a world where everything makes sense and humanity and science despite it's foibles even with Fukishima about to poison our oceans as being in control. Sitting in the UU church, I saw enough of this mindset to last a lifetime. This smug idea that "religion" is only for the "fearful" and the so called enlightened ones full of pride revel in their knowledge. Hey I was one of them so I have the right to call it as I see it.

There's something in the human mind set where one does not want to admit the true nature of this world or the darkness that abounds. Life was a learning lesson for me when I encountered evil before me. I suppose you see a few things working with the violent, it turns that liberal belief that humans are simply ignorant and that education can solve all ills on its head. Illness and suffering were wake up calls as well. Part of this mindset is based in cognitive dissonance, denying what lies out in the world before them.

 Hey I used to be one of the "freethought" crowd. I know how they think.  I remember the dry essays, the focus on "RATIONALITY". The noses in the air, with piles of dusty tomes, and discussions of how humans were star dust and would return to dust and be no more.

Actually I've watched Teletubbies, years ago, I noticed it "relaxed" me but then later I thought about that and asked "Why?" It was very mind numbing. Was that by accident? I don't know if the Teletubbies were meant to be homosexuals but they did seem very androgynous. The Smurfs have a warlock that chases them down and they do have their magic flute, they're not exactly breaking out the Bibles and how come there was only 1 girl Smurf to a 100 boy Smurfs? I always wondered about that.

                                         [picture cite]
  Is it paranoid to ask why so many children's toys have to do with witches and witchcraft? Why the focus on that one subject in life? 

See any toys lately that celebrate Christianity OR even Atheism? They aren't making Joe the BioChemist dolls. The Scooby Doo kids didn't get out the beakers and test tubes to do interesting chemical experiments, and extol the virtues of evolution, they went hunting for ghosts [spirits] though I'll grant in their case, most turned out to be guys in costumes. Why did that take so long to figure out? It seems an honest atheist would even wonder from their side of things, why so much "entertainment" is focused on "magical thinking and fantasy. Wouldn't they shudder at the damage done to future scientists as they are taught Disney World style to live in a dream fantasy land? Hmm maybe fantasy thinking is why so many think GMOs are a good idea and believe in global warming.

There's a lot of occult in children's toys and cartoons. A friend of mine had an old "Land of the Lost" show on the other day and with curiosity I took a relook. I saw every one of those shows as a child. Remember that show from the 1970s? That one was definitely an evolution training tool for children, with its Pakuni proto-humans who befriended the father and kids with much other strange things to offer like the alien-demonic looking Sleestaks.

Some will say "How dare you go there! These things have no deeper meaning. They are all just cute cuddly children's shows and cute fairies and Gnomes, it has no deeper significance!" That really is the extent of their argument and I find it wholly dissatisfactory. Really that is the claim, that there is no deeper significance to any of it. Odd how the "rational" crowd doesn't question the existence of so much of the debris of the "superstitious" world they purport to reject. Well I believe they do have significance and meaning. I always ask for consistency but see little in this type of scoffing.

In other words, the atheists will scoff at the talking serpents in the Bible [actually that is a mistranslation, but that's a subject for another post] but then don't mind if their kid sits down and watches talking serpents for "fun".

Anyhow here is some news for this blogger, the majority of IFB churches don't care about bad toys anymore or occult in media. I don't know how long he has been out of the church system. Those days ended in the 1980s and 1990s.  One can't even find movies or literature any more warning about this type of thing. From what I can tell most are playing Elf on the Shelf with their kids, putting up the Christmas tree and having no problems taking their children to the latest alien filled science-fiction movie. I like cartoons by the way, but know when I am being snookered and when they are busy introducing the occult into the scene. Oh and this too, I think my "fundamentalist" card got tore up already for refusing Dominionism and blind obedience to the police state and freemasonic pastors.

Romans 1:19-20
King James Version (KJV)
19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.


Anonymous said...

Count it as a blessing. They're reading your stuff, and threatened by it.

Anonymous said...

"the majority of IFB churches don't care about bad toys anymore or occult in media"

And no other types of churches have cared about all of that in the last 50 years or so.

For all the railing these atheists do against "fundamentalists", I'm trying to find a decent number of "fundamentalists" that even talk about any of these things. I can't find hardly any. Where are they?

Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon. I agree. I used to be where the guy is now in 'atheist-humanist-Christianity rejection land'. I noticed he was surprised I linked over there. I am not some "Christian" he is used to afraid to face things or thinks I have to hide the existence of atheist websites to "protect" myself or others. Leave that for those who have not studied and do not know why they believe what they do. If anything Christians should be trained to stand up via the Holy Spirit.

Bible Believer said...

I haven't found any churches that care about that stuff. They don't care about warning about the New Age or false Catholicism outside a few mild 'they have errors in their theology'. I think I'd pass out if I found an IFB that even warned about Christmas or told their children not to go to science fiction movies. I realize even the IFB I was in where the pastor warned about Billy Graham was probably one of the .05% that would even dare. [The missionaries etc, and others supported him]

The IFBs around here care more about being gung ho Republicans for the new world order and are so deep into Dominionism, this is one reason I haven't been in a church for years.

I find it kind of interesting he still considers me part of the IFB system. I still have friends I am in contact with from my old church even including the pastor but trust me reject Christmas, reject Pre-Trib, reject dispensationlism, reject the Republican party, warn about the NWO, reject everything the Sword of the Lord has to preach outside of the Bible verses, you've kind of left "fundamentalist" land. There's only two IFBs within driving distance of where I live, and both it's gung ho flag waving, pro-Middle Eastern wars and what you would come to expect. One has a preacher so false, the guy gave me the willies, and preached obey the government blindly. The other is more tolerable but gives off that used car salesman vibe.

I suppose they could call me that for believing the Bible and not being a universalist type who believes all religions and churches are true but it's become a limited term.

Christians who move beyond the church system, I know we confuse folks, even those who used to be in the hinterlands of the same church system.

Bible Believer said...

That said, many of us as I have written before, would like to have a church and Christian fellowship but things are so far gone in the fallen away churches. Almost none of them are warning about cartoons or occult toys. No way. No how. The parents wouldn't like that and they'd supposedly offend some poor kid for telling him Twilight was of Satan or that Star Wars teaches New Age theology-"god of forces" and they may lose "customers" [um church members]

Bible Believer said...

That said, many of us as I have written before, would like to have a church and Christian fellowship but things are so far gone in the fallen away churches. Almost none of them are warning about cartoons or occult toys. No way. No how. The parents wouldn't like that and they'd supposedly offend some poor kid for telling him Twilight was of Satan or that Star Wars teaches New Age theology-"god of forces" and they may lose "customers" [um church members]

Anonymous said...

Surprised you didn't redicule for your ridiculous "NWO pitbull article". Pretty desperate to post an article on your conspiracy theories when you gotta throw specific dog breeds as being used to usher in the NWO, lol.

A lot of your articles are true to fact but sometimes BB you get wayyyy to carried away. lol

Bible Believer said...

Hey if someone ridicules me for the pitbull article, that one would be easy. I just saw a news article where ONE pitbull attacked horses at a disability riding center. Anyone who ignores the reality of pit bulls, and buys what the mainstream media says to sell them, is someone definitely not paying attention to even one could call "scientific" evidence. But then a lot of people never ask why building 7 fell at 9-11 and other questions sort of like that, they have been trained by the same powers that be to laugh and yell "conspiracy theorist" at anyone who wonders off the status quo reservation. With the fairies and elves, sure this one I know is a hard one for non-Christians to swallow, but I find it funny how atheists and those who reject even the existence of the supernatural seem to love the same occult fueled video games and knickknacks as the rest of the populace.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah BB soooo true about the NWO pushing pits, thats why they're outlawed in some states and several counties. Wouldn't NWO make them more accepted via law protection IF that were the case in your stupid theory on the NWO pushing them. Pah try another one doll, that conspiracy theory of yours ain't panning out. :-)

Bible Believer said...

I'm low on time so I'll address this in more detail later, but when you got Rachael Ray celebrity cook pushing pit bulls as well as many other celebs something is going on. Some shelters are saying that 60% of the dogs in their intake are pit bulls...but more later. So a few communities are wise and banning them...that's usually at the local level. We will see how long that lasts when every person that calls pit bulls dangerous is called that Pavlovian phrase, "conspiracy theorist"! We see that now to an extent.

Anonymous said...

@Anon If you are so dead set against BB's observation about pit bulls why don't you buy yourself one, then wait until it turns on you and your loved ones or at minimum chews up your possessions. I'd call that putting your money where your BIG MOUTH is. Common sense says you are just WRONG. (Proverbs 23:9) - Don

Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with seeing Satan and demons and principalities and powers in many places?"

I see nothing wrong with that. I think it's necessary, actually. We need to see. We are in a spiritual battle, like you said.

The bible tells us that Satan is the prince of the air, the power at work in the disobedient. Ephesians 2:2

2 Corinthians 4:4 says the god of this world has blinded unbelievers.

I look around at entertainment, politics, public schools, the new age infiltrating everything, etc.
As a bible believing Christian I can see Satan working. He wants to sway as many of us as he can. My friends who love the world cannot see it. My friends who claim Jesus but who love the world cannot see it. They say fairies, occult symbols, yoga, dream catchers, etc., don't mean anything, or they are even cool.

Like you said, Bible Believer, no one takes the time, or cares to take the time, to look under the surface and see what's behind these things - the real meaning behind things. Everyone just follows along without question.

I think Satan wants us liking and admiring things that have evil undertones. I think he will use people to say we are ridiculous to shut us up, too.

My friends who claim Jesus but love the world follow false teachers who say doctrine doesn't matter, grace covers everything, just believe and receive Jesus and it's a done deal. So they don't see anything wrong with basically doing whatever they like, liking whatever is appealing and popular.

When Satan masquerades as an angel of light, or even as an angel of darkness and rebellion -like in christian heavy metal - they cannot see it.

The last church I went to for a while, an IFB church, I suggested to the pastor about warning about the new age movement and he just looked at me funny.

Kayfabe said...

Catholicism is the new Scred Cow in the Institutional Churches now. I went out to eat with some brothers a few months back and I mentioned the falseneess of the Catholic Church and it's Idolatry and this one brother got real offended and started vehementley disagreeing with me. I'm thinking to myself "Dude, do you know their history and do you even know how and why we broke away form them?"

Anonymous said...

Lol you're a staunch idiot DON, lol. And how LOL. I never said I was for or against pits, english is obviously your 2nd language. I said that writing an article that pits are being pushed by the NWO is rank ridiculous and an insult to professing to "bring warning of government corruptions", it gives conspiracy theorist critics fuel that "conspiracy theorists are wackos" . Furthermore, IF you or BB would have read what I wrote IN FULL, is I
said I agree with much of what she writes, but that w/ that article she sunk to a new low.

And yeah BB, SO WHAT if Rachel Ray has pits, if they were realllllly being pushed by the govt (NWO) then they'd be push in ALL aspects of entertainment. And further adding, you say counties and states are getting smarter to ban them, LOL NWO OWNS the states and counties, why would they be banning what you CLAIM they're pushing. Doesn't pan out doll.

And too, ain't no different than numerous Dalmations attacks on kids several years ago when that stupid movie came out. And even further back when cocker spaniels were biting kids too due to Lady and the Tramp. Now THOSE breeds were being pushed, via Illuminati Disney movies and commercials etc.

Anonymous said...

If were talking about the same ex-ibf pastor;I read a little of his blog.He said he had no big sins(or no sins in the closet;I can't remember),that made him leave Christiantity.But I thought that he had a lot of self admitted pride.Wanting to run the show of his ministry..If I'm remembering correctly.Pride can be a hugh stumbling block..So,he may have been deluding himself about the sin thing.
Also he's so proud now,to watch porn.I know some secular people that know porn is harmful..
Of course,he has been fair in calling out liberal Christians on their lack of biblical fundamentals..
One thing I really don't understand is, if I new the bible that well,and I gave up my faith in God ;I'm not sure I'd want to have a hugh website where I tried to turn other people away from their faith...Not good..
Kayfabe-I think you meant sacred!Lol!But Scred is good too!

Anonymous said...

******Catholicism is the new Scred Cow in the Institutional Churches now. I went out to eat with some brothers a few months back and I mentioned the falseneess of the Catholic Church and it's Idolatry and this one brother got real offended and started vehementley disagreeing with me. I'm thinking to myself "Dude, do you know their history and do you even know how and why we broke away form them?"******

And really we didn't break away from them, did we? If I was never catholic, then I didn't break away from them, I was never with them to begin with. They were always false, and true believers were always outside of them. Always, in all generations.

You are so very right, catholicism is the sacred cow of evangelicals. They can't bring themselves to state the obvious. And the obvious is that catholicism teaches works for salvation, which leads to hell. If that sounds too rough for some people, so be it. Eternity hangs in the balance.

Bible Believer said...

Anon stop with the namecalling, I almost did not put up your post but won't next time.

I have read up on the pitbulls. Give me a break trying to claim Dalmatians are as dangerous as pit bulls. One can find endless stories like this one.


Other dogs may bite, but pit bulls ravage and have KILLED> Most people survive the other dog bites. They have killed children and even ripped horses up so they had to be put down.

There are endless celebrities that own pitbulls.


These are vicious dogs that have even killed other WARNING FOR CONTENT

These are not normal dogs bred for companionship or protection of human beings, they were bred to maul and fight and to be aggressive.


Pit bulls kill human beings, [as dangerous as wolves, no make that more dangerous, in the attacks I've read about, they will go after perfect strangers and bystanders like this woman killed jogging.


I know of small towns being taken over by pit bulls because wicked people who want the toughest most aggressive dog are choosing that one. Bigger cities they are a problem as well.

All one has to do is google or search for pit bull attacks.

There are endless websites that expose the truth about pit bulls.

Why are they overloading shelters?


Bible Believer said...

Some have written articles that the NWO pushes everything from evolution to homosexuality. Why not pit bulls. Everything wicked this way comes.

Bible Believer said...

With the ex IFB pastor he does seem to have returned to the world. I didn't see any statement that he liked what you have written unless you can provide a link, he seems like a normal married guy today that just returned to the world. Are you being accurate with that one? I have a hard time fathoming all of it but his freethought etc, stuff doesn't shock me. Reminds me of the UU world but reading Gods Word that many years and then it being of no affect?. I actually can see why he grew weary of the church system, some of those ifb pastors probably feel like they are put through a meat-grinder in the fish bowl of being told to appear perfect and the other machinations of the ifb clergy life but why leave Jesus Christ? Was he ever saved or just someone brought up in the church system and told they must follow? If one does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ OUTSIDE the church system blinders, then there is going to be spiritual trouble.

Bible Believer said...

Kayfabe, Catholicism is like the litmus test for the apostate church. They will be angry at anyone who tells the truth about the Catholic church.

Anonymous said...

Pit bulls are dangerous animals that should never be pets.

I say that, knowing that there are people that idolize their dogs, and it is so pathetic. Their dogs are more important to them than anything.

I once knew a woman that had her dogs on countless medications prescribed by the vet, hundreds of dollars a month for her "babies".

Sick and twisted minds who love their filthy killer animals.

Anonymous said...

@Anon I will overlook your replies as it is obvious I am dealing with someone in need of remedial grammar instruction. - Don

Bible Believer said...

I'm not posting two comments that were rude.

Hey you don't have to agree with me commenter about the NWO and pit bull thing, but don't have to get rude about things. It's my opinion that a wicked society is promoting the most violent dog on earth.

Bible Believer said...

I agree anon, I'd take my chances with a wolf over a pit bull. If someone said you have to be put in a room with a wolf or a pitbull, I'd choose the wolf. The wannabe lion tamers or land-shark lovers, not only put themselves in danger but often their children, themselves and anyone who visits their home or runs into them on a town or village street. Yes I have seen people who love their dogs over human beings, something is unnatural about that. I understand loving a dog, man's best friend, but some take it way too far.

Anonymous said...

I'm really don't know how to link ,but if you,BB,punch in the ex-IBF's website into google ,with the word porn,scroll down to about the 3rd one,go on his site.He tells you all about himself."I have been to a strip club,read hustler,and watched online porn."That could mean yaers ago ,or yesterday from when he wrote it.I wasn't saying anything false;just something I remembered from when I had read a little of his site a while ago.