Sunday, December 1, 2013

Paul Crouch, Founder of TBN Has Died

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Paul Crouch Has Died

See: TBN Exposed

Matthew 7:15

King James Version (KJV)
15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.


Anonymous said...

A link to the "Coming King" statue of TBN with some closeups.
There are 2 of them, one at Costa Mesa and another in Nashville. You had mentioned it in your other article. - Don

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Artist has made an Enterprise out of this. Notice the notable Christians list as it speaks volumes. - Don

Anonymous said...

My condolences go out to his wife, Jan Crouch and to her wig.

Anonymous said...

He died at 79, didn't even make it to 80. Not that a person should be shamed for not making it to that age, of course. But he was the one that himself promoted, and put on a slew of false teachers, talking about how "God always heals" and you are a failure in faith if you don't get healed. And yet he died of a chronic illness.

So was he a failure in faith, by his own false teachings?

God always gets the last word.

Of course, he was a failure in the true faith, since he fleeced little old ladies for their last coins, hoping to get back "100 fold", and loved the pope, and priests, and other such continual evils.

Don't forget his payoff of a man with whom he allegedly had a homosexual tryst, and the rape of his own granddaughter by a TBN employee, his own granddaughter who he tried to silence.

Anonymous said...

Let us humble ourselves in prayer for the wife and family of this man, that they would come to true repentance and believe on our LORD Jesus Christ of our Holy
Scriptures while there is still time for them. I do not take joy in Mr. Crouch's death, nor will I choose to mock him or his family as God truly desires that none should perish. Religion seeks its own through man-made methods, but God, the Holy Spirit, is still moving and at work building His Kingdom which is unseen and eternal.

I have left a church system where most of the women patronized TBN, heavily promoting its preachers and teachers to me and my family. Their methods were of this mentality, "You are far less spiritual than us and besides, you have not been a Christian as long as we have." Anotherwords, "we know more than you and know what is best for you....more than you do!" This whole TBN mentality represents "pride" in its rawest form, no different than that found in the serpent in the Garden of Eden. And when a follower of Jesus Christ begins to question these women on the teachings of their favorite television preacher idol or pastrix idol, then all of that fake "love" they showed you when you first stepped foot inside their church building, will turn ugly and these women will hate you, complete with bringing your concerns to the "church board" and the "pastor", and the fallout will be whispering, talebearing, lieing, and destroying your reputation in the community.
And for dessert, they will try and destroy your marriage and relationships with your children and friends in the community.

This is the fallout...when men and women look to the fallen preachers and teachers within the constructs of religion, instead of reading, studying, and meditating upon the very Word of God, asking Him, the Holy Spirit, to teach and minister truth, then, the heart and minds of man have been given over to idolatry. Man has now become the mediator between us and God, our Holy Father, instead of our LORD Jesus Christ.

And when you choose to follow Jesus instead of the Jesse Duplantis', the John Hagees, the Mike Bickles, the Rick Joyners, the Lou Engles, the Larry Hucks, the Paula Whites, the Todd Bentleys, the Rick Sorgers, the Joyce Meyers, the Joel Osteens and wife Victoria, the Joseph Princes, the Jenezten Franklins, the list is endless (my heart aches over what we have become);

you will be kicked out of most church buildings for their "empires will strike back."

Please join me in prayer for all of those affliated with TBN, all of those precious souls who have been deceived by its wickedness, and for all of those suffering souls who have been the innocent victims of the this whole harlot system.

May the Name of Jesus Christ be praised above all names.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your comments and more regarding TBN. There are so many being deceived, we must pray for them all and that they come to know the real Jesus Christ. With Crouch's death, there is only to be mourning for every lost soul that never repented, and which deceived millions.

Bible Believer said...

Hmm Don, interesting name for that place.


Almost reminds me of Jews who looked for an earthly king to conquer who later rejected Jesus Christ.

"These people have included many notable Christians such as: Dr. James Dobson; Franklin Graham; Dr. Bill Bright; Dr. Pat Robertson; Dr. Luis Palau; Dr. Charles Stanley; Dr. Henry Blackaby; Dr. Rick Warren; June Hunt; Tony Perkins; Alan Sears; Coach Bill McCartney; Dr. Richard Lee; Dr. Richard Land; Joni Ericson Tada; Dr. Garth Coonce; Dr. Paul Crouch; Marcus & Joni Lamb; Dr. John & Diana Hagee; Ken Hagin; Dr. Frank Wright; Dr. Chuck Pierce; Bill Johnson; Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne; Jesse Duplantis; Herman & Sharron Bailey; Bob D'Andrea; Dr. T.L. Lowery; Graham Cooke; Dr. Michael Guido; Stephen Strang; Lee Grady; Mahesh Chavda; Steve Hill; CEO of Coca Cola Bottling Consolidated, Frank Harrison; Training Vice-President for Chick-fil-A, Mark Conklin; Norm Miller, CEO of Interstate Batteries; Actor Steven Balwin; US Senator, Dr. Bill Frist and White House Liaison, Tim Goeglein; among others."

That's like a ecumenical whose who, of the NWO's top right wing "Christian" names....

Bible Believer said...

Other anon, that is one weakness with the whole Word of Faith lies, everyone dies of something so does that mean every elderly person who gets sick and then dies lacked faith?

Most of them seem to have normal life-spans. You are right he didn't even make it to 80.

I wonder how many of them deceive themselves via their own teachings, thinking they will "live forever"? I have noticed this among the wicked, they see the world in a certain way where they never conceive of their own death or demise.

Yes I have read a little bit about the case with the granddaughter, I hope she breaks away from the family system and realizes the false religion that brought wealth to her family. Maybe she is one with a conscience they could not "buy" off or pressure.

Yes I know about the payoff of the would be homosexual lover and some of the rest. Just terrible.

Anonymous said...

I praying in agreement with you December 3, 2013 12:49 PM Anon