Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kidnapped For Christ

This is a trailer for a new documentary: "Kidnapped for Christ"

"This film addresses an issue that very few Americans are aware of, but that has impacted the lives of millions of adolescents and families for nearly half a century – the rise of inappropriate and abusive treatment in the troubled teen industry. All over the US and abroad, so-called therapeutic boarding schools, boot camps, and wilderness rehabilitation programs take in teenagers with a wide range of issues and use unsafe and often harmful tactics to reform them. Using political connections, religious affiliations, and substantial amounts of money, many such camps and schools have committed inappropriate and abusive acts behind their guarded walls for decades with impunity."

Remember this article? Oppression of Youth and Dominionism

In it, I talk a little bit about the oppressive Christian "schools and camps" they send "troubled" youth to and use abusive methods to break a youth's will for control. From that article I wrote:

"See here

The school has a current enrollment of 63 children, placed in the school by parents in an effort to remedy behavior problems. New Horizon uses a boot-camp atmosphere to place children onto what school officials believe to be the right road for life.

A handful of protesters showed at a Founder's Day celebration this month at the Marion campus.

"We want people to ask us about our experiences in the program, educate those who didn't know about the program and let students see that we are rooting for them," said Lisa Brown Wilbur of New Castle as she held a sign reading "Stop the Abuse."

The protesters painted a picture of complete dictation, a life completely monitored by counselors.

And yes in those places their lives are totally controlled and monitored. Many of these schools including secular ones, are full of human rights violations, extreme punishments, like withholding food and sleep and hours of hard labor, and oppressive behavior modification methods.

This is just one of the many examples among many. Some young people have lost their lives in the worse places. These schools grew numerous in the 80s but kept expanding in the 90s. Many parents were told this was the best way to deal with their troubled teens. In some circles, harsh punishment was promoted for every problem a young person was to face, strip their room clean of every item except the mattress, send them off to "wilderness camps" or "bootcamps" where intense physical exercise and brutality ruled.
Young adults who encountered health problems or could not take the strain, have died at these places. "

The more of these places that are exposed the better. These schools have nothing to do with true Christianity but false Dominionism and the police state married together. This is about breaking people down and using false religion to do it.


FaithGuy3 said...

And this has been the big deception on parents, especially since 1980 - to make them think that giving their kids into the hands of strangers to help raise them is somehow beneficial.

It's not just these secular public schools, but even worse these Babel church buildings. I've seen a few of these "Vacation Bible School" videos, and it showed their programs playing heavy metal rock music to kids as young as 5 years old! And these kids just got HYPER! Having rock music indoctrinated onto young children has to be the WORST thing to happen to them!

And not to mention too these so-called "Sunday Schools", where kids are taught either from some ecumenical SS "material" or given some secular, man-centered lesson.

Seriously, talk about corrupting the youth's minds from the get-go right here! At least with the public school system, you KNOW it's 100% secular. But with this "church" system? No matter how much truth they teach, the little bit of LIES they sprinkle in will really bring lots of deception to these kids from the get-go, and give them a false perception of who Jesus Christ really is.

No, I'm not trying to say public schools are OK or anything, but it just drives me crazy when I hear the same people who expose public schools through and through, will on the flip side of the coin just say so many great things about VBS, Sunday Schools, the NIV, Republicanism, and this false Churchianity system.

Anonymous said...

There are some legit Christian places for at risk youth such as ranches that teach kids how to care for horses and live on a ranch.

Have you investigated Teen Mania and Ron Luce's Acquire the Fire? They should be exposed as they are a threat to youth. Their boot camps demean and degrade rather than build up biblically. I hope you follow up with this.

Perhaps you can highlight some organizations that are helpful although they are far and few between.

Anonymous said...

Our church of which many follow the dominionist preachers and teachers, heavily promote Ron Luce's Teen Mania. Just the name "mania" sends chills up and down my spine. Our children have been exposed to his teachings many times and I regret not doing my religious homework before sending them with the youth group. Mr. Luce promotes the phrases "soldiers in the lord's army," "warriors for the lord", "battlecry", and "the lord's army" amongst other militant catch phrases. Their theological methods are one of "hype, hype, and more hype," with little sound doctrine in the form of serious Bible teaching.

Hype is easy and brings these teens back year after for another spirtual drug induced "high." And the emotional high usually dies within a few weeks upon returning home, then it's back to sound doctrine taught from the parents in the home.

One aspect of Teen Mania that I personally found disturbing was the fact that their "missions outreach representative" kept calling and calling our home asking for our children, never once addressing us parents. Finally I asked what they desired of my children....come to find out they were pressuring our children to sign up and go on one of their many "expensive" mission trips during the year. And when I asked this particular represenatative why they did not ask for the parents "FIRST" and explain the details to us so we could pray about this in making sound, wise decision, they responded by saying "it is up to the teenager." I was shocked and shared with this individual to remove my teenager's names from their list and to please never call our home again. Secrecy in religion only does harm to the true body of Jesus Christ as darkness tries to hide itself.

I have found this dominionist movement promoting spiritual abuse as well as physical abuse, ie. Todd Bentley's methods, with absolutely no discernment....actually believing these methods are from god, or should I say "a god," not God, the Holy Spirit.

Please be warned about the dominionist movement and investigate every conference, every teaching your youth group leaders are promoting, and discern every word your preacher is speaking, for much of it is truth with a sprinkling of leaven. Our Word says "alittle leaven leaveneth the whole lump."

Anonymous said...

Like "fr Flanagan" and boys town in Nebraska. Watch the discovery channel doc "conspiracy of silence". They decided to pull the plug on it the night it was suppose to air in 1993 I believe. Pedo scandal that went all the way up to the Reagan White House.