Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's all about distraction.....

[warning on video: it is just for news and political information, not an endorsement, and there are videos connected to the channel I do not support]

It was passed... and it's all ready for Obama to sign...[he is expected to sign it]

                                                [picture cite]

So while the world was focused on the Duck Dynasty thing, they were passing a stronger NDAA for the indefinite detention of Americans without a trial.

The Homosexual Hegelian Dialectic is very useful. It was used here in full froth by the powers that be.

 The culture warriors get up in arms, the homosexuals do too, and more freedoms are eroded, such as freedom of speech. Silence and punish some big names on the TV screen who dare to say anything remotely "Christian" or that breaks the political correctness code, and they can easily move the goal posts to erode freedom of speech. 

One thing I saw even from those who consider themselves as part of the right but who have been brainwashed for the bankers and elite was such comments, that employers should have the right to fire people over religious viewpoints. See the precedents this is setting up? Sacrificial lambs for the new world order and the destruction of freedom of speech. Christians, the real ones, will be isolated and rendered unemployable, by such a path.

This is already happening in many career fields where if one is considered "too conservative", no one will employ you. I was almost fired from a social work based job when I told a girl she didn't have to have an abortion as the counselors and everyone else were pushing her towards one. I was not a Christian yet but I still remember how status quo thinking was pushed upon me and seeing how those who believed a certain way were promoted. It was strange to watch even the deceived on the right to stump for the rights of employers to fire those [even off the clock] who had beliefs they did not agree with. 

I don't agree with Ted Rall on many things but he is right about this:

“The right to freely speak your mind without government interference is crucial,” allows Filipovic in her essay. “But few of us are permitted in the course of our employment to say whatever we want without consequence from our employer.”
Legally, that’s true. To which I ask: why the hell not?
Americans spend 54% of their waking hours at work. What good is a First Amendment that ends at the keycard door? (Maybe we should rename it the Half Amendment.)
If you can be fired for expressing yourself at work — or, as in Robertson’s case, not at work, in an interview, which means that for him, 100% of waking hours are an A&E censorship zone — then free speech is a meaningless abstraction that applies only to the tiny fraction of superrich Americans who don’t have to worry about getting fired."
Make a public example of him and others like him, and well, anyone who has views that don't fit the mainstream such as a bible believing Christian will find themselves rendered unemployable. You know its funny that employers did not have the right to fire someone over religion [outside special categories such as churches] but that attitude seems to be changing and you see the easily led on both sides clamoring for unpopular speech to be silenced at any cost.

From the EEOC website:

"Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination involves treating a person (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of his or her religious beliefs. The law protects not only people who belong to traditional, organized religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, but also others who have sincerely held religious, ethical or moral beliefs.
Religious discrimination can also involve treating someone differently because that person is married to (or associated with) an individual of a particular religion or because of his or her connection with a religious organization or group.

Religious Discrimination & Work Situations

The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment.

Hmm they must be getting ready to render those laws ineffective or take them off the books. The formula works so well, they use it over and over. You think they really are giving in to 2% of the population and wanting to lose profits, or is this all part of a greater plan? You'll never see any real Christians on your TV sets, like the Duggars who are hooked into Dominionism and the Quiverful movement, the Duck Dynasty family belongs to the "works based" baptismal regeneration "Church of Christ" church.

The arm position means something you know, the "X".  [see here too: not an endorsement but for information]

Now when it is legal to arrest someone and detain them as an "enemy of the state" without a trial, free speech is going to be taken away. The days are coming where to speak or say the wrong thing such as Phil Robertson saying homosexuality is sin, even if you are wholly peaceful and break no criminal laws, means that according to NDAA they can round you up. First it will be your employment, but later higher costs. Robertson, I believe is just a beacon they are using to erode the free speech, a public example of lines they tell others not to cross. No crime, no trial just "saying the wrong" thing. If you ever wondered what would be the precedent to persecute Christians in America, you are seeing it now. 

NDAA is very connected to all this.

NDAA curtails free speech



Anonymous said...

Hi BB from Jesus Follower. I suggest you test and examine the person who made the You Tube that you used for this article. And maybe include at least your standard caution that you are using it for information and for the reader to be discerning because you are not endorsing the source.I say this because I briefly checked this Lyn Leahz and found questionable things. Almost all the headlines of her articles are filled with exclamation marks. Much of her stuff seems like National Inquire style hype and fear mongering. Some headline portions of Lyn Leahz articles: "Warning! Real Screams From Hell Recorded During Digging...!" "Stunnung! Sunken Egyptian City Unearth Shocking Nephilim Clues!" :Good News! Cure for the Common Cold and ALL Viruses, Available to you "NOW"!" (The last article read like an infomercial and she actually included a You Tube commercial selling olive leaf extract.)Another Lyn Leahz headline reads, "Shocking Archaeological Discovery! Were All of Egypt's Pharoahs WOMEN, Including the Great Oppressor of the Exodus?!" Yes this Lyn Leahz sounds like she knows the Bible well and speaks as one who loves Jesus. But the above works of hers are red flags to me. They suggest to me that she may just be another wolf/disinfo agent/infiltrator. Perhaps the purpose is to lead Christians astray and cause them to sound crazy when they repeat her "articles" to others as though they are facts and truth. The message of the gospel of salvation and of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ can be discredited by tripping up the messengers with lying disinfo and hype. We can safely presume that Noah preached righteousness, repentance and that a major judgment was coming. If he had been tripped up to add false messages to it, then a deceptive layer would have been added. The unsaved who realized the falseness part of the message would have felt justified in rejecting the call to repent and believe. So, BB, Did you check out and examine Lyn Leahz first, or did this one slip by? (I know it has happened to me at times!)What do you think?

Bible Believer said...

This one is more a political rather then religious message, but I am glad you warned us. I just wanted people to see how NDAA was forced through. I know it is hard to find "good" videos out there. Some of these folks with all their lies it gets crazy. Youtube they will warn of political intrigues and have some correct information but you wonder how many disinformation people there are on there. I will add a warning in. This country is so asleep it's only the trauma programmers and wolves even discussing anything truthfully that is happening, real people with no agenda are extraordinarily rare.

I decided to remove the Christmas is a lie article too, because I was thinking about something weird I saw in another video I posted where they said the sun is the lake of fire and it kept bugging me, and I though while some of the information is true, they could be sneaking in stuff, that is too beyond a pale, even with a caveat.

Kathy said...

I almost always agree with your reports. However, the "signs" such as how ones arms are crossed is just silly to me. Maybe it is SOMEtimes, but certainly not always. Some times it is just simply more comfortable. I am pretty sure I have sat with my arms crossed before (similar to the photo), and it certainly did not mean anything!

Anonymous said...

Amen Kathy!

Kathy said...

Yes, I do agree that distraction is a tactic used quite often. Today, I read this though:
Apparently there has been a very well planned, long term campaign being conducted to turn America in favor of homosexuality. As it turns out, we are only about half way through the campaign. Once homosexuality has been widely accepted (it has), the second half of the campaign is to turn on, and ELIMINATE, those who oppose homosexuality.

I know many 'Christians' have fallen in love with Duck Dynasty. But if you can step back a bit and separate your personal feelings from it, I think THIS tactic from the homosexual's playbook is the reason behind Duck Dynasty's rise to fame. (Remember, Hollywood is controlled by the Synagogue of Satan--they have a REASON for letting these guys get so popular.) ---->

'Make the Anti-gay Victimizers Look Bad

And I quote: "At a later stage of the media campaign for gay rights it will be time to get tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must be vilified.

Our goal here is twofold. First, we seek to replace the mainstream's self-righteous pride about its homophobia with shame and guilt. Second, we intend to make the antigays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types.

The public should be shown images of ranting homophobes whose secondary traits and beliefs disgust middle America. These images might include . . . bigoted southern ministers drooling with hysterical hatred to a degree that looks both comical and deranged . . . ."'

(This comes from a playbook that was written over 20 years ago!)

You have to admit--the characters from Duck Dynasty do LOOK laughable. They look like a ridiculous pack of 'rednecks' or 'hillbillies' (which are stereotypes for people who are very backwards in their thinking). You WOULD probably laugh if they weren't real--and if they weren't Christians.

There is an agenda unfolding here . . .

Within His Word said...

Duck Dynasty look like a mockery to Jesus Christ. At first I thought they were rabbis in Judaism.

I have to disagree with Kathy about the crossed arms. Now yes, I have sat with crossed arms many times, and it meant nothing. But remember these are professional photo shoots. They make you take a certain body posture, for it. It is intentional. Everything in Hollywood is intentional, and there are countless subliminals thrown in there.

Within His Word said...

Duck Dynasty look like a mockery to Jesus Christ. At first I thought they were rabbis in Judaism. Either way, they make Christians look bad. They don't preach the true Gospel, and they act very unseemly.

I have to disagree with Kathy about the crossed arms. Now yes, I have sat with crossed arms many times, and it meant nothing. But remember these are professional photo shoots. They make you take a certain body posture, for it. It is intentional. Everything in Hollywood is intentional, and there are countless subliminals thrown in there.

Lillianna White said...

Hi BB and God bless you! Thank you for your ministry here and all your hard work involved in it. I agree that this was a set up, exactly as stated above, it's all part of the plan. The powers that be want to villainize us to justify targeting us as the public willingly consents. And yes, the arm x is a symbol. Just google celebrities and occult symbols (Images) and wait for the avalance... and do some internet research, the evidence is out there on this stuff! Anyway, keep up the good work and I always am blessed by your postings.

Lillianna White said...

Hi BB and God bless you! Thank you for your ministry and all your hard work here, it is such a blessing to so many!
I totally agree, this is a setup and all part of the plan. They want to villainize us so the public will not make an outcry when they target us (which they will... you can find it in the bible prophesies if your eyes are open, book of Rev.). And yes, the x does mean something! Just google under images: celebrities and occult symbols and do general internet research with related key words and get ready for the avalanche of evidence...
(the x at any rotation from what I know indicates antichrist)
Anyway, God bless you and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Yes, they look and act kind of backwards, but they are actually very smart, shrewd, educated, multimillionaires, from what I understand. They are in the system and, I believe, part of the plan to undermine/destroy true Christianity. No true Christians would be allowed to advance to their position in the industry.
I agree - Yes, they are professional photo shoots and they use body language as well as symbols to mark themselves.
yeah, definitely an agenda here.

Bible Believer said...

Kathy, thanks, I am glad you like my blog. With the celebrity symbol making, it's like a language one learns to "read". It was only a few years ago, I figured out why so many take the same poses over and over. I am glad others here see what I am talking about. Vigilante Citizen is one website where they talk about the marks/markings, though be careful on there, I do not endorse the place, but it's where they talk about the symbols too like Texe Marrs who I don't endorse either.

Bible Believer said...

Kathy yes too they are trying to turn Americans in favor of homosexuality. It's being done slowly step by step. Some of this OPPOSITION stuff definitely helps in their plans, so when they protest the "MEANIES" who said something "bad" about the mechanics and sin of homosexuality, it is one way they get hearts to soften towards homosexual and erase the natural revulsion towards it. All over the web one can see people posting pictures of gays marrying and praising it. Attitudes have been changed. You are right the first step is to make it acceptance, and the second to silence and eliminate those who are against it.

These guys are "sitting DUCKS" to make those against homosexuality look bad, as you pointed out they look like ZZTOP hillbilly throwbacks. It's a way for the media to indoctrinate the masses to say only BACKWOODS, HILLBILLIES are against homosexuality. The urban, the educated are FOR IT.

I would expect they could even have one of these DUCK guys headed for a FALL of sorts, to make them look even worse, perhaps telling people they cheated on a wife, something else bad found out them.

Hey the "God hates gays" Westboro group is following the game plan

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Lilliana and other anon. I should look at a few other photos to see what I find. The one who mentioned subliminals in the photographs is absolutely correct too.

With two of them notice how one has his hand in his shirt..[masonic posture]

What's that symbol on his finger?

Anonymous said...

The symbol on his finger - My husband was watching DD last night. That's a K tattooed on his ringer finger, for his wife's name.

The episode was: Jase lost his wedding ring and he and his wife bought a new one. Jase thought he lost it again, so Willie took him to the tattoo parlor to see about getting his wife's first initial tattooed on his finger. It's permanent and won't 'get lost'. Jase didn't want to get a tattoo so they left the shop and then Jase discovered he had his wedding ring in his pocket the whole time. He'd taken it off while they were hunting and put it in his pocket.

Yeah, it's on the backwards hillbillies that 'don't get it'. I can totally see that. I also think you have a good point - one of them headed for a fall. Could happen. I could see that being part of the 'plan'.

FaithGuy3 said...

And this has been the agenda of this whole Homosexual Hegelian Dialectic - just COMPLETELY ignoring the bible's other important scripture passages like fornication, and ultimately throwing out the bible.

Pretty much other equally important issues like no-fault divorce, heterosexual pre-marital sex, the love of money, covetousness(which is idolatry), yoking with unbelievers(which the "religious right" has done by yoking with Catholics and Mormons), etc have been completely pushed to the side.(ie-Charles Stanley is a divorced pastor, but somehow the Southern Baptist Convention turned a blind eye to this. Hal Lindsey has been married multiple times)

If anything, no-fault divorce and fornication has opened the door and given ammunition to the pro-gay lobby, b/c the ultimate message that gets out is, "So it looks like homosexual marriage is OK b/c divorce and couples cohabitating are OK too?".

FaithGuy3 said...


Sarah Palin Defended ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson *Without* Even Reading His GQ Interview (Video)

Sarah Palin almost immediately went on the record to defend “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality, but then admitted days later during an appearance on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” that she had not yet even bothered to read the GQ interview that ignited the controversy.

“I haven’t read the article,” Palin told Susteren on Monday (see video above) when asked if she was bothered by Robertson’s “graphic” description of homosexuality. “I don’t know exactly how he said it, but what he was doing was in response to a question about a lifestyle that he disagrees with.”

Palin began weighing in on the issue over Facebook last week the same day A&E suspended Robertson indefinitely for comments GLAAD described as “hateful” and “anti-gay.”

“Free speech is an endangered species,” Palin wrote. “Those ‘intolerants’ hatin’ and taking on the ‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us.”

When Robertson was asked what he considers sinful, the born-again Christian TV star told GQ “homosexual offenders” won’t inherit the kingdom of God because “it’s not right.”

Palin initially appeared on Fox News last Thursday to talk about the issue with Sean Hannity, and stated it was “all about freedom, free speech.”

“You know, so many American families have spilled blood and treasure to guarantee Phil Robertson and everybody else’s right to voice their personal opinions and once that freedom is lost, everything is lost in our country,” Palin said.

When Susteren mentioned that “people loosely use the term ‘free speech’” when discussing Robertson’s troubles with A&E, Palin clarified attorneys can decide whether it’s a “legal free speech issue or not.”

The post Sarah Palin Defended ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Without Even Reading His GQ Interview (Video) appeared first on TheWrap.

Anonymous said...

Ducky Dynasty is a lie. You cannot believe the junk you see on tv. You can do a google search of images of Duck Dynasty before the show. Their poor, long bearded, redneck stuff is an act.
They were all clean cut, clean shaven, polo shirt wearing types before the show.

Here are just a couple pictures of Willie and Korie Robertson before the show.

The backwoods hillbilly stuff is a complete act.This is Willie with bleached blonde hair before the show.

There are more pics out there for those that want to see.

I live in a rural area. Our local Walmart is half full with nothing but DD merchandise that flies off the shelves.
I have noticed more and more men with long beards popping up everywhere around here. Country folk are sucked into the DD snare thinking that DD are people just like them and they flock to support them..but they are being deceived.
Duck Dynasty is a sham!

Bible Believer said...

[They have some even on A and E but most aren't going to see these pictures]

They look very PREPPY and upper-class to me.

Yeah another sham. They have them dress like they all live in the backwoods and live like mountain men.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what happened? From preppy and trendy to bearded and backwoods. Kind of a drastic change for them to go through. The more money they make the more backwoods they become?

Bible Believer said...

Strange isn't it? I can see the conversation now, we want to sell you as these backwoods folks for middle america, you'll make millions I tell ya! Time to start growing your ZZtop beards now fellas!

They definitely are selling themselves as something they are not.

news4themasses said...

Wow! You're right in that picture Phil's doing the "X" symbol. Pretty much saying he's a double cross agent. Bravo. I wondered about this clan the moment I watched their show. Someone kept bragging about how funny it was and how they are Christians and I should watch. I tried it for five minutes. They were obviously acting. The younger ones you can picture without their huge beards going to comedy classes being flunkies from community theater. They have made a lot of money off of this stupidity. Now there are spin off shows, just saw a commercial for "my big dumb red neck family." Sheesh! honey boo boo dumbed America down even more. It just goes to prove that Americans are idiots. Meanwhile in other parts of the world other countries are fighting for their lives and their livelihoods. We are so spoiled we have to complain about jerks on tv!

Luca said...

Bible Belevier,what do you think of catholics for choice?

Within His Word said...

Phil Robertson has some more things to deal with. Apparently in 2009, he said that men should seek to marry 15 year old girls:

Robertson's quote: "Look, you wait 'til they get to be 20 years old, the only picking that's going to take place is your pocket," he said. "You got to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16. They'll pick your ducks. You need to check with mom and dad about that, of course."

Maybe someone will say that he is unfairly being taken out of context, but once again, this whole Duck Dynasty thing is just there to make Christians look stupid.

Not to mention that they were wealthy, preppy clean-cut non-beard guys before the act all began for $$$$$:

By the way, the sources are just for information, I don't know anything about the links they appear upon.

Bible Believer said...

Hi news4themasses. I can't help but think Americans are idiots too even as uncharitable as that sounds and I know there are exceptions to the rule. I've never watched it but have seen the pictures and I do not doubt they are acting. All the preppy pictures coming out is definitely making it clear they are in costume. One thing to notice is how the social engineers are defining Christians to the public and IMO, Honey Boo Boo is a show to denigrate poor rural white people or much of the working class in America. An inverse way to take away their voice, and get people to see those groups of people as "retarded", "shallow", promiscuous--the mother just lives with the live-in boyfriend, I think they married on one episode but was not sure. Notice how there is a classic teen pregnancy among the underage girls too. Yes it's about dumbing America down. Cartoon Christianity which if one even says they are a bible believer one is called a "dumb hick" in many circles they are doing what they can to advance that view!

Bible Believer said...

Catholics for choice, it doesn't surprise me. while there are some conservative republican oriented Catholics most of the ones I know are for every leftist platform you can think of from gay marriage to open abortion. I had Catholic relatives get angry at me for saying I was against the killing of human embryos for medical research. That was one of those interesting moments in life as I had 5-6 Catholics shout me down for taking a more "pro-life" position. One of them has not talked to me in years.

Bible Believer said...

That's gross that he told people to marry 15 year old girls, but hey it's part of the hillbilly act. Like a multi-millionaire type in real life would marry jail-bait.