Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Exposing Mother Teresa

See: Mother Teresa


Kathy said...

I saw this video about a year ago. It tells how "MOther Teresa," was obsessed with suffering - believing that people need to suffer to come close to Jesus. I read other articles reporting the same thing too. Multi-millions of dollars raised was never spent on helping the sick and dying. http://youtu.be/jF55qAYmG5w

Anonymous said...

Here is the entire documentary: Hells Angel Mother Teresa;... she really makes me mad, how many people I see quote her. Disgusting

Anonymous said...

Many people within the church community actually believe Teresa was a Christian simply by what is labeled as "good works."

But were her good works really good works? And what motive was behind her good works? Did her motives line up with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ? And to tell another Christian that perhaps Teresa was not what she appreared to be sends the verbal winds of persecution at you for daring to even detect falsehood.

Praise God, that He knows all and has the final answer to the destiny of one's soul. That, my friend, is not our job.

Bible Believer said...

Yes multimillions disappeared, probably into the Vatican vaults, while beggars had their heads shaved, fed gruel and allowed to die of curable diseases. [they have modern medicine in India but they certainly didn't pay for any for these poor souls]

Her "good" works had false religion, motives behind them. She faced God in dealing with all this. She believed suffering bought salvation too, so that is one reason she allowed so much suffering rooted in the false satanic catholic teachings.