Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Boasting and Pride

Here's another good Seedsower video....

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Lillianna White said...

Greetings Bible Believer! First of all God bless you for this ministry! I am in the same boat you are and I read your blog postings all the time and am in total agreement. I wish we were neighbors. I have noticed the same thing about 'christians' who are 'willfully blind' and just don't want to face it. The bible talks about that too and all I can do is compare it to the Old Testament prophets who no one wanted to listen to either, but at least they could not say they had an excuse and never heard the warnings. Just keep on proclaiming the truth, that is all we are accountable for, not the fact that they don't listen. See Ezekiel 1-3. There are so many who are ministered to by your blog! Please email me at
leana_adrienne@att.net and we can talk more, I have many things to share about regarding such things too and most of all I want to encourage you! I pray for you and this ministry too and again, God bless you! Love, Leana