Saturday, November 23, 2013

When Your Church Is Good At Making Horror Movies, Rethink that Church....

A reader sent me this video..[warning scary demonic looking images]...It's like they want to focus on evil under the guise of being against that evil, but thinking about folks that invested that much in a devil masks, it's scary....The concept of "Hell Houses" is non-biblical.

This is from a church? Looks like the poster artist could do just fine making posters for
satanic rock bands like Black Sabbath or Marilyn Manson. This is from a Calvary Chapel church.

Oh and of course it was celebrated over the wicked "holiday" of Halloween....A backward way to celebrate Satan's top day?


Anonymous said...

"Greetings everyone. My name is Lucifer." That's a Luciferian marking right there! Lucifer was the name of Satan BEFORE he fell. Of course Luciferians continue to call him Lucifer, believe he was unjustly outed from heaven and that he has not fallen from anything -- except his (in their view) rightful place as the ruler of all.

Lisa Ruby of Liberty To The Captives

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Lisa for noticing that. Yeah that is a Luciferian marking right there, otherwise why not refer to him as Satan? I found that strange too. They seem almost in a contest to come up with the most devilish programs as possible. I am not surprised "this event" was held on Halloween.

FaithGuy3 said...

Yeah - these false bible perversions delete the Lucifer reference in Isaiah 14:12, pretty much keeping the modern-day church system in the dark over Satan's devices and crafty deceptions.

Thank you for the info, Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article that reveals the true nature of this religious these people not know that lucifer was the most beautiful of all the angels and that he appears as an angel of light, deceiving even the best of discerners here on earth?

We have all kinds of pictures/images of our LORD Jesus Christ in the church system hanging on walls, mirrored in stain glass windows, painted as murals inside of religious buildings, carved or molded as statues for added decor, etc.....people are fascinated with the "appearance of Jesus" as well as the appearance of lucifer.

We guess, we speculate, and personally, most of the renderingsof the person of Jesus I have seen make Him look like a Norwegian with big, blue eyes, wavey sandy brown hair having a strong, straight nose....actually, this image is a very handsome man who would turn heads if he were walking down the street today! Human beings love their images, love their icons, and love their idols....everything must be tangible to be comprehendable to our very limited minds.

And so it is with the enemy, man provides pictorals thinking he is helping us to understand, and yet, these pictures are in opposition to our Holy Scriptures. I compare it to reading "23 Minutes in Hell" which is totally blasphemous as this man never had the privilege of receiving extra Biblical revelation by God, the Holy Spirit, thus adding to the canon. We have the Holy Sciptures to teach us of Heaven and hell, not the wild stories we hear today by people marketing themselves for gain.

Thank-You for pointing out the theatrics of church systems. May the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ be proclaimed above all names!

Anonymous said...

FaithGuy3, you are welcome. :)

Anonymous wrote: " I compare it to reading "23 Minutes in Hell" which is totally blasphemous as this man never had the privilege of receiving extra Biblical revelation by God, the Holy Spirit, thus adding to the canon."

I never believed this man's account because he said that God caused him to not remember he was a Christian so he would think he was lost and in Hell forever. The Lord Jesus Christ is not a deceiver! That's how Bill Weise made him out to be -- a deceiver.

Anonymous said...

Thank-You Anonymous for the information concerning Bill Weise; appreciate it!
Blessings to you.

Bible Believer said...

FaithGuy you are right, this is something they never instruct on and on purpose too.

Yes they portray Lucifer as ugly and hideous to help deceive for the antichrist who will appear loving, beautiful and bringing peace.

The world looks for vain beauty, and yes the picture of Jesus as a light-skinned man with blue eyes from Northern Europe are ludicrous.

There is this verse about Jesus in the OT;

Isaiah 53:

2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

It basically stresses the fact that the real Jesus did not look like a northern European male model.

Those books that speak of people going to hell or heaven via NDE's are false. Satan deceives those in an altered stressed state. Someone I was related to who died, later told me they had an NDE, they died as a non-Christian and told me at the time they did not worry about going to heaven that during their NDE, they were told everyone goes to heaven and they saw this beautiful place. I was not a Christian at the time to witness or warn and still disturbed about this today. The great gulf is fixed.

Anonymous said...

I don't endorse the blaze site. But the picture on there, by popular mechanics ,is closer to what Jesus might have looked like.

The hollywood version of Jesus is silly and inaccurate.

Nobody can fully know what Jesus looked like. But according to the article, most jews of the period were short and skinny. And ofcourse he would have had short hair and a beard (1 corinthians 11:14; Isaiah 50:6).

All of those images of "jesus" as a pretty thing, with beautiful hair and effeminate qualities, are most likely how Satan would appear.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this video/poster advertisement which glorifies Satan will serve as a huge red flag for anyone considering attending the two CC churches who advertise their church names on the poster. My thoughts are that Calvary Chapel has become synonymous with Compromise. I'm hoping that the CC Pastors who are not in agreement with the new leadership Brian Brodersen, and his "life coaches" Rick Warren and Mark Driscoll, will drop the Calvary Chapel name and affiliation ASAP.

Anonymous said...

A had a women who regularly emailed me "Republican" updates constantly concerning the affairs of the current administration. And when God, the Holy Spirit, delievered me out of the policitical system/the worship of nationalism, then I politely told here to remove me from her email list as I did not desire to hear of it any longer.

Her last email to me was a You Tube link to "23 Minutes in Hell."

I wondered if she was implying that I was going to hell since I was no longer a Republican.....and these conservative charismatics believe this is "godly?" Hmmmmm, have to wonder!

Anonymous said...

Some time ago a lady I know who is a new ager said she doesn't believe in Satan/Lucifer. She said she cannot believe in a red man with horns and a pitchfork.

I explained to her that there is no place in the bible that says that that is what he looks like. In fact, the bible says that Lucifer was a very beautiful angel.

I had a discussion recently with someone and we talked about how Satan doesn't come at you looking all evil and horrible. He comes to you looking beautiful and appealing.

Why do so Christians seem to like the darkness so much these days?

Christian movements/churches say Jesus with their lips but show you darkness and evil images.

Even secular entertainers do it. Kayne West with his horrible wicked lyrics and then he had a hologram of Jesus come on stage with him. He talks about how you can have a relationship with Jesus, you can talk to Jesus.

Yes, BB, I agree. We are being prepped to accept the antichrist - on many different levels.

Anonymous said...

These two churches are supportive of Whosoever Brian Welch. He's back with Korn and touring with Rob Zombie.
I cannot understand how someone who says he's a Christian be on stage with Rob Zombie playing the Metallica song Am I Evil.
How do you claim Jesus but then sing that song?
Just google the lyrics.
"Am I evil? Yes I ******* am"

Anonymous said...

I made a mistake. Am I Evil was Diamond
Head's song. Metallica covered it later on.

What is so incredible is that Welch can be on stage playing songs claiming to be evil and followers will say how he glorifies Jesus.
Programming at its finest.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering what's next. Calvary Chapel has Welch come to their church and he plays Am I Evil? Would they allow it? Would they still say, but Welch glorifies Jesus ? How far is this going to go?

Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis of Brian Welch, who claimed to be born again. He was a featured speaker at one of the Christian (?) songfests we have in our area and many lauded and applauded his praise for becoming a Christian.

I, personally have never been witnessed too at any of these songfests as I see so much of the flesh praised and satisfied, with no solid Gospel Messages to convict the soul of sin, thus repenting and turning to Jesus Christ.

The whole spectacle makes me sad.

Bible Believer said...

Yes most of the second commandment breaking pictures of Jesus are silly, so you are right about that. I think at least some are asking questions why someone in the Middle East was being portrayed as blonde and blue-eyed?
I agree about the short hair and beard too. The Bible verse about long hair being a shame unto a man for the Jews of that time, definitely would bring all those long-haired "jesus" pictures of the Catholic church into question.

I hope too that this poster will serve as a big red flag. I used to have people tell me there were Calvary Chapel pastors who rejected the ecumenical world, I've asked on here many times to be shown one who has written about it or spoken about it. Sometimes I do not think those guys exist, that any true sincere person not signed onto the World Christian Movement or ecumenical system would have long ago been drummed out.

Anon, yes that 23 minutes in hell videos and more are lies. I am glad you have come out of the false right/left wing deception and Republicanism.

Other anon, I have met church Christians before who do not believe Satan is "real" but just a concept or force. One of my childhood best friend's father who was a United Methodist would go on about how there really was no Satan and it was just a concept of 'evil', sadly there are many who believe that way.

They are fooled by the pretty angels of light that are evil and now embracing the ugly demons and devils such as this poster showed.

Kayne West is known to be one of the "owned" and part of the "network" entertainers. I know I have mentioned him before on here somewhere, his music videos are full of Satanic imagery. There are videos all over youtube exposing this.

That album "yeez***" was meant to mock Jesus. It is satanic. He probably was showing his homage to the antichrist.

Remember when I wrote that many celebrities openly admit they sold their souls to the devil?

Well Kayne West did.

Bible Believer said...


I kind of shuddered when I read the song name you mentioned. I remember it. I used to listen to Metallica too in the "Justice for All" days along with all the other bad bands and other alternative varieties. [Diamond Head according to Wikipedia first wrote this song and Metallica covered it in 1988] I know that many young people's minds are spiritually poisoned via these songs and they have many direct songs that are evil.

Rob Zombie and Brian Welch are now touring together? Yeah that's pretty bad.

Oh you got to be kidding me...


"Rob Zombie was joined by Korn guitarists Brian “Head” Welch and James “Munky” Shaffer in Rapid City, SD. They performed a cover of the Diamond Head track Metallica made famous, “Am I Evil?” together. Multi-camera footage of that has been posted online below via Welch‘s HeAd’s KoRner column"

Anonymous said...

On Welch's Head's Korner on the Loudwire website he posts the video of him playing Am I Evil? With Rob Zombie.

Rob Zombie throws out a couple f-bombs to introduce Welch. The mic stand looks like some kind of demon.

Welch says in his article , "I always like to say God's gonna have all the rock stars be roadies in the next life, and our roadies will be the rock stars."

In the next life?

The silence from pastors - the approval of this from pastors - is amazing.

Anonymous said...

On Welch's Facebook he promotes Erik Dykstra's book Grace on Tap. Welch says he has a quote on the inside cover.

I'm just guessing Grace on Tap is just another person saying that grace gives you license to sin. Don't know, haven't read the book. But by looking up Erik Dykstra he is high on the list of false teachers. He is quoted as saying, "I have no problem bribing people with crap in order to meet Christ."

Just more of bringing the world into the church to 'meet christ'.

I went to a Calvary Chapel for a few years. When they started bringing rap and heavy metal music in to 'reach the kids' I commented to another person in the church that bringing the world into the church only corrupts the church, it doesn't improve the world.

She said she never heard that.

I thought, exactly. We've been here for years and haven't heard anything about being of the world.

Looks like the seeker/emergent churches are leading the way for secular/heavy metal in the church:

Bible Believer said...

Anon it's getting crazier and crazier isn't it? I wonder if Welch is due at a church soon right after that performance?

He's been at Calvary Chapel this year..,0,4494059.story

and yes resounding silence from the so called pastors.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible Believer, on NDEs - on Dec 1st CNN had a show about it.
Had four people on. I only watched one, but what I see is people saying everyone goes to heaven. None of them talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ. My friend watched it and said, "One lady said it made her get closer to God!" And I'm thinking, which God? I don't think it's the God of the bible. That's part of the problem - there is no discernment on which Jesus, on which God, people are following.

The one I watched was Anita Moorjita. Her conclusion is: "I believe that all of us have only come here to realize who we are, and to be true to who we are."

She has no connection to God at all, it seems, yet is still going to heaven because her NDE says so.

I recently read an interview Welch had with Jacoby Shaddix the lead singer of Papa Roach
He talked about being mental for a while and then getting right with God and he has a spiritual program. I had to wonder, again, which God? There's nothing at all about the gospel there. I watched some other interviews with him and his speech is so full of profanity. So now they are telling us he's a Christian, too?

Anonymous said...

Hi BB, it's anon again. I also have to wonder - when kids e-mail Shaddix and say his song Last Resort saved their life - does Shaddix lead them to Jesus and away from himself?

In the year 2000 I was 'mental' myself. Deaths in the family, turning to chemicals, losing everything . . . I remember listening to Last Resort. I was into heavy metal at the time. It didn't have a saving effect on me, though. It didn't help me. In fact, I got progressively worse. The only thing that saved me was turning to Jesus Christ - the one in the bible.

I have peace for the first time because of Him. And no desire for my old life.

John 14:23 Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.

It saddens me that there is so much that these guys are not sharing with kids about Jesus Christ.

Bible Believer said...

I should write about NDE's. I believe them to be fake, and have a very personal story to tell about them. I directly knew someone who believed everyone is going to heaven from an NDE. When someone is about to die, it's like being on strong drugs, the doorways can open, if you get my drift to the supernatural world and for some unsaved person, Satan can then deceive. I will write about this more. I personally knew two people who had them including an immediate family member. You never see any of those NDE people come back and say, GET RIGHT with GOD. Even the few that visit hell usually come back and preach a false message of works.

Bible Believer said...

Anon maybe you saw my comments on the Whosoevers article, I used to listen to heavy metal, goth, what was called "industrial" in the late 80s. I know listening to all this music made me far "worse" Most of this during my UU years...

Praise God you became a Christian and are away from all that today.

I am saddened that a false gospel is pushed by these guys, it is the 'christ' of the harlot apostate church they sell.

Hmm saw the article some vague references to God.

There is on way God goes with wicked music, and it does not help anyone. I listened to enough of it, to know how it played on my emotions, and strengthened the WORSE ONES.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer,
Yes :-) I saw your comments on the Whosoevers articles. We probably know a lot of the same songs. That was my era, too.

What their fans don't realize because the Whosoevers don't tell them, is that Jesus changes you and you don't want the wicked music anymore. They say God's grace covers all your sin, but they leave out that God's grace causes you to turn from wickedness and desire to do God's will, not yours.

The Whosoevers won't tell anyone that. They say God's grace covers all so do what you want.

It was an interesting thing - I looked up the Papa Roach video Last Resort. Hadn't seen it in over ten years. It's about wanting commit suicide because things are so hopeless. They show a bunch of kids. I noticed the looks on their faces - most of them looked hard, rebellious. One even flips you off towards the end.

I thought of the Whosoevers models for their clothing. They had the same look! Standing there looking hard, tough, angry.

Yes, the music plays on your negative emotions and strengthens them. For me, anger, especially. Lots of anger.

I am so happy to be free of all that anger and those negative emotions - because of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your blog.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon.

Yes they all look hard cold and angry. Just crack open a Relevant magazine--where all the CCM and so called "Christian" rockers are pictured, they all look hard, cold and angry. No one smiles, it's about looking tough and cool, nothing Christian shown and then of course one sees all the overt occultic symbols too.

We probably do know a lot of songs. I remember all the negative messages in the songs. The least harmful ones, were the ones that stressed "romance" but those were bad enough in that they pushed false love and gratification, but many stressed anger, violence, rejection of God--some of those overt ["personal jesus" by Depche Mode] etc.

I'm glad I was born again and set free from the "entertainment music matrix".

Bible Believer said...

You are right too the music stresses the negative emotions...

Goth/Emo/Some alternative--stresses depression and despair, sexual promiscuity, overt references to witchcraft and demons not just covert like in other music.

Heavy Metal stresses anger, violence, acting out rebellion, sexual promiscuity, overt Satanism--Black Sabbath etc.

Alternative music stresses liberal agendas, false love-sexual promiscuity, paganism-Wicca/lite Satanism, effeminate men,

Rap music stresses violence, debasement of women, sexual promiscuity, the "thug" life

Old punk stressed violence, rebellion, liberal agendas--Fight the power-revolution, etc.

and the list goes on...

I remember my emotions listening to the goth/industrial/punk and heavy metal music, it actually heightens these negative emotions I believe in many young people.

Our young are not listening to Godly music bringing out their best but the worse. Music I considered "heavy" in the late 80s is now "lite" by comparison to what they are coming up with now....

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was into Black Sabbath years ago. I used to ask my mom to buy me their records when I was I was in high school. Black Sabbath 4 and Masters of Reality. Then I asked her to buy me Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and she freaked out when she saw the album cover and wouldn't do it. I was actually kind of relieved she didn't buy it because the cover of the album is very evil looking.

Speaking of Black Sabbath, the Whosoevers have their new website up. Pictures rotate at the top of the screen. One of them is a video. The song playing with it is Black Sabbath 'The Hole in the Sky'.