Friday, November 29, 2013

Predictive Programming

Some of you may ask what is Predictive Programming?

This picture will help sum it up...

The above is just a "theory" but something to make you think. After all wouldn't the programs be helping American's accept the new globalist order now being set up and wouldn't it help to have movies and shows, that do psychological conditioning?  Why are there so many movies out there now with this same message?

This is just ONE example and ONE theme, there has been predictive programming on a variety of topics, from personal family life to indoctrination regarding politics and religion. Once you see through this whole smokescreen, it can make life interesting because you see how much of our evil world is a brainwashing factory. Even fictional books are not safe or memoirs as many today will advance sinful lifestyles and attitudes. I've thrown aside a few books lately just due to the fact so many pushed certain agendas, one pushed evolution as "FACT", another a young lady writing a memoir was connected to New Age Waldorf schools, and had endless disposable relationships. It's getting to the point I am wondering what I can read in the library without certain world views always being pushed.

Some things you may have noticed already...

1. Being told to always trust in the 'experts': those shows with the three panel judges judging everyone as the "winner" exist for a reason. This teaches people not to trust their own judgments and to learn to helplessly follow the experts and those who have been chosen to determine what is proper or passes the test.
2. The advancement of the right and left charade.
3. Promotion of immoral lifestyles, homosexuality-that's all over, cartoons with bestiality in them--a dog character "dates" women in one popular filthy cartoon, divorce, dating, one-night stands.
4. Everything about chasing the carrots on the sticks, achievement, competition, who has the "best" body, career, house, housekeeping, income, children-number of children. Whose the richest? Whose the "best"? Who can get the most amount of "attention"? Focus on vain beauty and celebrity.
5. Leading people to wax cold, devaluing personal relationships and connections.
6. Promotion of overt new world order agendas, global warming, "green"-living, communitarianism, the United Nations.
7. Promotion of the one world religion, selling the "Pope", New Age beliefs, false "spiritual beliefs", mysticism, ghost-hunting, other false religions, "aliens as saviors", etc.
8. Trusting in false preachers and false religious systems.
9. Overt satanic symbolism [Vigilante Citizen stuff] Horus eyes, Masonic and satanic rituals, possessed people.
10. Political and economic agendas of the NWO. War propaganda, named enemies, etc.
11. Mind control themes and symbols. [Some hidden "mystery cult" stuff] There is a reason even Kermit the Frog constantly sings "The Rainbow Connection"......
12. Despair, fear and trauma programming...ever notice everything's a constant disaster in the movies now?
13. Anti-Christian themes, atheism, rejecting bible-believers, rejecting God
14. Mocking the masses sometimes with plans revealed.....

Watch this one with discernment, but it shows many of the themes and how propaganda was used and is used today...

One thing I have noticed is they are upping the fear quotients. I avoid mainstream news and get my news off the internet, because the tales of disaster are so overwhelming on normal mainstream news. While we have many things to be concerned about, they want people to be afraid for control. Fear is one of the things the human being can be most controlled by. This is something I have thought about. So many of the movies I have seen advertised are so negative, I find myself, asking, "People go to these for entertainment watching the extreme tales of death and destruction?

There are so many agendas out there being advanced and some are very subtle.

More subtle agendas would include these, trust me there many more then I have noticed....

1. When they tell you, "It's okay to be under constant surveillance, Big Brother is your friend" and "If you aren't doing anything wrong what do you have to worry about?" What do you think all those Big Brother shows were for?
2. Educational brainwashing, "it's the test scores that matter", deviation from real learning. Dumbed down thinking. One thing you will notice if you watch foreign television or movies or even American movies from 25 plus years ago, things have been dumbed down. The vocabulary is higher, the verbal abilities are far more astute. It's honestly shocking. Do this sometime and pay attention, watch an old movie and pay attention to the intellectual abilities shown. Of course there are a few exceptions, there are still a few indie films being made for the intelligent crowd, but ponder the popular movies.
3. Every character that believes in "conspiracies", asks too many questions, is deemed a "nut-job", "tin-hatter", "crazy". Of course even there they will muddy the waters with ones who do come up with actually insane or diversionary "theories". Are "conspiracies" cool now? News to me.

                                                 [picture cite]
3. Increased conformity, in looks, thoughts, etc. One predictive programming thing I see all the time is where one is influenced to always be joined with the crowd. Anyone who deviates from the norm is to be punished or ostracized. Group dynamics techniques and NLP is used not just on the local basis but via TV and other shows.
4. The Global Awakening Lie I have talked about here a few times. Notice in how many movies they draw the globe together to fight the "aliens", the "meteorites", the deadly viruses, tsunamis and earthquakes. There's always a threat to the ENTIRE planet.
5. Everything is SCIENCE including Love. I'm not sure if you saw those articles where they have told people that mothers love their babies, and people fall in love because of a hormone.  Reduction of mankind to a bag of chemicals, and dismissing the soul and spirit within human beings. The deception called evolution definitely advances that.
6. Zombies--always had a thought that was an idea to mock those who are the "walking dead", spiritual dead who just amble around looking to feed with no direction.
7. Situational Ethics, the popular show Breaking Bad, advanced doing away with all morals to make money. Here the "winners" are seen as those who "get over", though some shows will at least make the appearance of their characters getting justice in the end, the message was there already.
8. Dumbed down Dads, where Dad or the man in commercial is a bumbling fool. The Simpsons would be a prime example of this, where Homer is clueless. It's always the wife of the house rolling her eyes and handing the husband and father the product that will solve the problems he supposedly created.
9. Elderly people all presented as "out of it", people to be mocked and seen as in the way  and just to be put away into a nursing home and used as comedic foils.
10. The picture of the future, in science fiction films, withalways lock down control on the space ship and new planet, where everyone is an obedient drone, outside the villainous "aliens". The future always stinks. I know some may laugh at me writing this, but have you ever seen a science fiction movie where everyone is sipping tea and creating art and growing flowers in the future? All humanity is often wiped away in these movies for the "action" and cold brave new world life that the elites lust for.
11. Have you ever wondered about those shows that flash images at a rapid rate of speed? What are they flashing?  I can't even bear to watch that stuff. I had an unsaved relative watching a Grateful Dead movie from the 1970s where I took one glance, walking through the room and the images were going so fast, I immediately looked away and wondered how many cases of epilepsy they had induced. In fact one Japanese show did induce epilepsy.
12. Repeated Lies over and over. This is how they sold the Middle Eastern wars. "We are fighting for our freedom!". No one even thinks anything out. Watch out for anything that becomes a slogan.
13. All the screens. As I said on the electricity article, no one notices we are still living in the 1970s infrastructure wise or even earlier, but the screens get fancier and fancier.
14. The controlled opposition crowd even has more for us. It's hard to screen out fact from fiction beyond even the planetary and national theats that abound there too. And yes some threats will be real, but see that's how they keep people unbalanced and on the edge of their seats, that's how they keep everyone confused. There's plenty of crying wolf there, so when the real stuff goes down, no one will listen.
15. I see this one all the time in "alternative media", they tell people don't even think about these things, don't go there, because there is "nothing you can do about it anyway". When people tell me this, I know they mean well, they do not want anyone sinking into the conspiracy every minute pit but that can serve as a veil too, to Satan's devices.

Perhaps you can name another "program" you have discerned. For many of us when we were born again, and God opened our eyes to the lies, it really was like the world tilting on it's axis. There was a lot of time, I even though, "It can't be!" but it was.

Anyhow in this world, people need time ALONE with God, with their minds unhooked from the whole entertainment "system", the lost in this world are blinded on endless fronts. Remember God's Word serves as our light on the path. {Psalm 119:105}. If science says love is only chemical, consider it nonsense even according to God's Word.

2 Cor. 4:4
In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.


FaithGuy3 said...

Something else I've noticed in these entertainment products since the 80's in particular - how they would have characters that would either get very significant head wounds(being thrown down concrete stairs, being hit over the head with a very heavy/dangerous object, etc) or would get a gun shot wound somewhere in the body - but the next scene or so, they would get up and act normally.

Anyone in their right mind should know NOONE survives these things, HOWEVER, they've shown these in entertainment products many, many, many times for around 30 years. I've always wondered why, until the Lord showed me this passage...

Rev 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
Rev 13:2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
Rev 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Yeah, this probably explains why they've been conditioning this for a long, long time(ie-it's come to a point where the average viewer of these scenes just laughs at it). Those "Stepfather" movies come to mind where that main character somehow keeps coming back to life each sequel.

And as for flashing quick images on the screen - they do this quite frequently during sports games like football and baseball in recent years. They didn't do this much, if not at all in the 80's and 90's(when I started watching them). Like I mentioned in another blog discussion, I feel they're rigged and scripted. Point being that this is probably a tool they use to try to hypnotize and make dizzy the viewer. I can honestly say it makes me a bit dizzy too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, almost everything is promotion of the dark side and not exposure, VC was a good example. We live in the ultimate game of "Fear factor". Control of the masses by the elite Globalist Narcissist. I agree with FaithGuy3, check out the book "The Fix Is In". - Don

HandmaidenofYehowah said...

Why do "they" want to weaken and ultimately bring down America? Isaiah 14:12-14

Also, in the video posted -
All of those quotes Foxy Loxy uses from his book are supposed Hitler quotes from Mein Kampf (which I will not read because it has been tampered with a great deal) but in what context did he say them? I hope all realize we have even been told what to think concerning Hitler, WWII, the Holocaust, the Nazi, ect. Who was Hilter concerned with in Europe and why? What was the actual context in truth of WWII and even WWI?

Who runs Hollywood and has for a very long time? Who runs our government today and many others (all of Europe including Germany for sure) from behind the world stage and why?

Jesus told us, the scripture tells us. It is all there.

Always keep in mind that ultimately our enemy is not flesh and blood but it is important to understand the who and the why for if you understand this than you will not so easily be deceived and many already are today.

I would encourage you to read John Ch. 8 and ask yourself two questions. Who is Jesus speaking to when he says "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do."? Harsh words and Jesus said nothing in exaggeration or without authority, and significance. Also, what are the lust (longings, desires) of their father which they will do? A good place to start for that is Isaiah 14:12-14.

Also, what is a antichrist according to scripture? 1 John and 2 John discuss the qualifications and also states that(antichrist) in John's day were already at work. Who was he talking about? Keep in mind neither the Catholic church nor Islam existed at that time and neither meet John's requirements of being antichrist.

Also study Genesis Ch. 32 thoroughly , Jacob has a name change when he wrestled a man (not a angel) for a blessing?

Name changes in scripture indicates a change in character. What does Jacob mean in the Hebrew? What does Israel mean?

There are so many answers, prophetic shadows, and revealings in scripture. It is all there but we can not see nor understand, nor grasp much of it because we have been blinded ourselves by this world by religion.

I pray all who are His will see and love truth that we not be given over by the Father to believe the lie.

Oh BTW disregard my username this account was made along time ago and God has delivered me from my own deceptions.

FaithGuy3 said...

Just got around to watching that video - something the Illuminati has been doing for quite some time now, especially since the 80's and the turn of the 21st century - put more young people into power(especially the "Millenials"), and weed out the elderly.

Not that I endorse church buildings, but nonetheless has anyone else noticed how a growing number of pastors, especially in these megachurches, are young 30 somethings?(there's one in a megachurch in my area) Has anyone else noticed how older pastors and other older leaderships are starting to get forced out of these churches?

Again, I'm not belittling young people(I'm a Gen Xer myself), and I'm not endorsing the 501c3 church building system, but nonetheless having the elderly around is very important b/c it's THEM that have been through all the wars, experiences, rough times, mistakes, tribulations, etc that ultimately, they have experience and wisdom to share/guide with others.(Remember in scripture, they talk about how elders-plural-were appointed in every city)

OTOH, young people don't have nearly this much experience and wisdom from all of this experience, that they won't recognize and know the wolves and enemies passing by(again, I'm not belittling the young, but this is just a fact - I was young once and went through this). And you're seeing leadership in all aspects of society from the young in our present day.

Anyhow - that's what I saw as well when they showed that cartoon clip in that video.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bible Believer, I think you just about covered everything the programs have to 'offer'.
We don't watch much TV. Everything is either licentious or paranormal it seems. I hate it when my daughter is watching some 'family' show and then the commercials come on for something really violent or a horror movie.
The Disney channel is awful. A lot of symbolism. The young girls have a lot of makeup and sophisticated clothing on - the sexualization of children is big in the media. And like you said - they portray the bumbling husband, and the kids are smarter than the adults.
I was trying to show all of this to a friend of mine I've known since the 70s. But she cannot see it. She can't see the progression of the sex and violence in shows. It's really weird. But then she is not saved and very much a part of the world. The sex and violence is just natural to people who love the world I guess.