Friday, November 1, 2013

Pit Bulls. Popular for the NWO?

People instead of having Lassie and Benji for a pet are going for a pit bull which can rip out a person's throat on a whim.  I have read news stories where the dog may even be calm for a few years and then turn on an owner in a milli-second. When I was in high school, I had a friend who had a risk-taking father who adopted a half wolf dog and brought it to the suburbs. I'd take that dog over any pit bull any day. Pit bulls are notorious for dog fighting. This website even has vintage warnings--[warning some graphic pictures]. Here another one tells the truth about pit bulls, which are responsible. Go through the 2010-2013 list of dog attack fatalities and notice how often pit bulls appear.

One trend I am noticing is that a very popular breed of dog is the pit bull. There is a TV show called Pitbulls and Parolees. I lived in the inner city in the late 90s, the pit bull was a dog owned by gangster types, to protect their turf or show toughness. Now I have found out they are becoming very popular in my old rural town and around here, they are more prevalent. Why are these dogs spreading in popularity far and wide?

This picture gave me the willies:

                                         [picture cite]
 I have lost friends warning against this dog, including a long time college friend of mine. She was a PETA member and animal lover, and wanted to foster pit bulls-several at a time, this would include ones that were strangers to her family. I told her she was putting her two elementary school aged children in danger. Two other pit-bull owners were not happy to find out I considered their dogs dangerous. Clueless suburban house-wives are NOW adopting these dogs, thinking they are the new underdogs where their love for animals should be applied.

                                               [picture cite]
Does that picture above give you a loving warm feeling? It surely doesn't to me!

I think it says something about American now, where this dangerous dog is now all over the place.
What kind of people choose a dog that is so aggressive, bred to be a killing machine from years ago? It's named PIT BULL, because it fought in fighting pits. It's jaws are far more powerful. While all dogs have the potential to bite or attack, this one often does not let go, it's powerful jaws are far stronger then other dogs.

If one thinks about the NWO, they want as much misery and chaos as possible. Given where we are being taken, instead of kind dogs which will serve their human masters with loyalty should the system break down, they are influencing people to choose the pit-bull. Here a lady shares what life is like in a neighborhood full of pit bulls. Some of the news stories tell the true dangers while others have the propaganda from dog owners.  Imagine if the system breaks down, and these dogs are hungry and free to roam and create havoc.

I know I may offend some people with this article. That's okay, I'm calling this one as I see it. Some will claim if you raise a pit bull "right" it will not be violent, however there are literally endless news websites that talk about how pit bulls attacked young people, innocent bystanders, neighbors and even the owners themselves after years of relative peace. These are dogs that have even often killed other dogs. Their jaws are far more powerful to the point some people call them LAND SHARKS. Why are there so many pit bulls now? Could this be by design? American culture is getting so rough, so cruel, that their dog of choice now is this one.

Here is an article I saw the other week. It will give you food for thought on this issue:

Abandoned Dogs Roam Detroit in Packs As Humans Dwindle

From the same article: "Pit bulls and breeds mixed with them dominate Detroit’s stray population because of widespread dog fighting, said Ward.

Psalm 22: 20 Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I are Pug owners, as are our daughters. I have to agree with you. For those who do not believe this, look up the word Pugnacious. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Don.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't know how I feel about pitbulls. Some can be pretty mild in behavior. But it does seem that the majority of them are aggressive. More so than other dogs.

Is that racist to say? LOL.

If wikipedia can be trusted, the pitbulls started in England and actually came over with the founders. I never knew that.

Altho, I am not sure how popular that they are. Isn't the pitbull the number one dog in dog shelters?

It does seem to be a popular "ghetto dog", what with dog fights and such.

But, losing a friend over a disagreement with dogs seems so trivial to me. Can't people ever agree to disagree anymore?

Anonymous said...

This verse comes to mind-

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with...the beasts of the earth.

The very pit bulls these people love will be the very ones that will destroy them in the last days.

It is also worth noting that many people will drop off their unwanted dogs in rural areas.

Kayfabe said...

My sister has one and I hate being around it. My mom loves her dog and often brings it around the family, makes me nervous

Anonymous said...

BB- thank-you for posting this.This had really troubled me,last summer when I was walking.I live in a small town,not a lot of crime that i am aware of.But so many of my neighbors have ,or have recently gotten vicious dogs..One of my neighbors dogs charged me a few years ago.I now carry mace when I walk,both because of the dogs,and not a lot of houses in some stretches of my walk..Then another neighbor got a vicious dog that's hair would stand up ,and he would more than growl at me while his owner walked him by.All the while soothing him.?The dog thinks he's saying it's o.k. to growl..He told me not to run if he ever came after me.I'm like,if you have to say that you know he's dangerous..he gave him this meek name.He should be called killer.He acts like he wants to eat me..I said to my husband,what is going on with everyone getting these vicious dogs?I think it is a reflection of our society's love of violence right now...When I was younger I don't remember one vicious dog in our large neighborhood.Now I can count my nieghbors on my hands ,and most have viscious dogs.Disturbing..
Isn't there something in Rev.or some prophecy about wild beasts in the end times?
Sorry about spelling.I'm too tired to correct tonight..

Anonymous said...

Kayfabe -Every time I see you picture,I always think,that looks exactly like my brother..Really weird.But he never played football.
You could be twins..

Anonymous said...

"Isn't there something in Rev.or some prophecy about wild beasts in the end times?"

There is Revelation 9:2-11 mentioning weird creatures. But no pitbulls, lol.

Anonymous said...

I realize people have varying opinions and that not everyone likes dogs in the first place, but what I hear in many of the comments is just plain fear.

I am beginning to recognize just how many different avenues for this device the enemy is using against God's people in these last days.

It is perfectly acceptable to decide for yourself or your own family if you don't want to run the risk of a dog breed you deem dangerous. It's also perfectly reasonable to be wary of other peoples' dogs when they are either aggressive or ill-trained (or worse, both).

However, as a veterinarian, I can say that in my 16+ years of experience with dogs, pitties and staffies are some of the sweetest and friendliest dogs I've dealt with.

Obviously, each individual dog has it's own temperment and level of socialization, and because of their historic use, I am always cautious about dog-dog interactions with pit bulls.

I have never owned a pit bull myself, but that is only because of other breed traits like their higher energy levels and what I call 'yappy-ness'.

I am minimally concerned about any breed of dog when in the hands of loving and responsible owners, and conversely have had many concerns over 'non-dangerous' breeds in the hands of careless owners.

BTW, in the veterinary field, the only breed of dog I've heard referred to as 'land sharks' are chihauhaus!

Bible Believer said...

Pitbulls are far more aggressive and were bred to be that way for centuries. They are not like normal breeds. I do not go with the "it's the owner not the breed" thinking. There are too many cases and people here can do their own research where the dog was deemed as a "good dog" and then turned on children, owners and bystanders like a wild animal tearing them apart. These dogs are not like other dogs. Lassie and Benji once they start biting you will not be able to kill you at the same level as a Pit bull. With the pit bulls to the vet. who responded I believe one reason pit bulls are so dangerous is that surface friendliness, there are just too many stories where the pit bulls "snap". They kill and destroy far more then other dogs. Just a simple google of PIT BULL will tell someone that. Communities aren't banned pit bulls because they just happen to be a little aggressive, they are KILLING PEOPLE.

With the fear, we should pray to God for protection regarding many things in this world. Violent beasts is one of those things. I believe the NWO is advancing this dog PURPOSEFULLY, because it is VIOLENT, and CAN KILL. Otherwise why aren't people lining up to get a nice collie or beagle? The wicked-minded adopt one of these dogs because of the danger factor. I agree with the poster above, that is why people are choosing these specific dogs.

Here is the verse:

Revelation 6:8

King James Version (KJV)

8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Bible Believer said...

“We compared data for patients attacked by
pit bull-type dogs to those attacked by other breeds and
found patients attacked by pit bulls had more severe injuries,
higher hospital charges and
a higher risk of death.”
John K. Bini and Stephen M. Cohn, San Antonio, TX.
Trauma surgeons, physicians."


"3000 % - Pit bulls and Rottweilers do three times more killing and maiming than all other dogs combined, meaning that their actuarial risk is approximately 3000% higher than that of the average dog."

"65% – Pit bulls are responsible for 65 percent of all fatal dog attacks nationally"

Anonymous said...

I used to be a Meter Reader. One day I was reading the water meters that were in an alley behind homes. In the distance I saw a pitbull. As soon as she saw me, she came charging down the alley towards me. I could tell she meant to do me harm.

I knew that I could not outrun her, so I firmly held the device I had to open the water meter lids (it's about as heavy as a good-sized wrench) and waited for her to get close. As soon as she was an arm's length away, I let her have it across the nose with my meter hook. She let out a yelp and ran the other way.

What would have happened if I did not have my meter hook?

Yeah, I'm an animal lover, but I'm kind of scared of Pitbulls myself.

Anonymous said...

It is not just plain fear.People are clearly choosing more violent breeds of dogs .This is not in my imagination,and other people have noticed it too.I agree that owner"s can be negligent,but these are the rottweillers,and other breeds like it that I see people choosing..And even the mixed breed pound dogs have been viscious.It doesn't matter why.The owners are choosing a dog that is clearly vicious from the pound.Their allowing it ,while they have hurting "other people" to think about..I was never afraid of dogs until all these dogs started showing up.I had two dogs ,one for 19 years(english setter).

Anonymous said...

This is the veterinarian again... I truly do understand where you are coming from and that the correlation you see you think is irrefutable. However, 'correlation does not equal causation.'

ANY animal in the hands of an irresponsible or abusive person can be dangerous. It pains me that so many evil and abusive people specifically choose to have pitties, rotties, and many other decent dog breeds for their own twisted reasons. These dogs will not be trained, cared for, and loved, but rather abused and misused.

The damage-inflicting potential is always going to be greater the larger and more powerful the dog is. Having said that, there are much more reliable sources of information on dog bites and dog breeds that take into account MANY of the contributing factors.

I would urge everyone, whether anti/pro- pitbull or undecided to take a few minutes to look through the following two links provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association on this very issue:

In fact, I will quote the opening sentence from the first link (because collies were specifically mentioned):

"BREEDS IMPLICATED IN SERIOUS BITE INJURIES - In a range of studies, the breeds found to be highly represented in biting incidents were German Shepherd Dog, pit bull type, mixed breed, Rottweiler, Chow Chow, Jack Russell Terrier, and others (Collie, Springer Spaniel, Saint Bernard, and Labrador Retriever)." (references listed in the original)

- - -
One thing that definitely needs to be taken into account is the overall popularity of a breed, that is, how prevalent it is. This is discussed in the above link, but one analogy would be like looking superficially at statistics on traffic accidents...

Let's say that over a given 5 year period, a particular brand of car was very popular and constituted a good portion of vehicles on the road. If statistics showed these cars more likely to be involved in accidents, one could draw conclusions that the car may be a factor without taking into account that when you look at the percentage of these brands involved in accidents compared to the total overall number on the road, it may actually be less than other car brands.

Then there could be even more complicating factors, like what if the brand was also popular among teenage guys who liked to use them in dangerous, illegal activities like drag racing, drunk driving, etc.

It's a complicated issue, and one unfortunately that results the biggest amount of damage to the dogs. I am not trivializing the victims of dog bite fatalities but it is a very, very low number giving the millions of 'dangerous dog breeds' out there (in 2010 - the number was 33).

The people who misuse and abuse these dogs are the problem... evil people will always be the problem. Those who think the dogs play any kind of independent role in this should spend a few months volunteering at animal shelters or humane societies. You have no idea the sheer incomprehensible magnitude of suffering and cruelty and abuse that these specific dog breeds face compared to a generic dog breed.

No, the people who inflict this kind of suffering are the problem.

BTW - here is some interesting info about the person behind the site from which you cited the statistics on fatal pitbull attacks:

Bible Believer said...

If one meets a loose collie in the street, a loose Labador, they may be thinking of getting bit, but with a pit bull, the danger is far greater, actual death.

To the vet, be careful you are not being influenced by official professional class stuff. Why wouldn't the NWO if they want these dogs to proliferate want the professionals to admit their true nature? They would be more likely to tell them, "Oh this breed is not that bad". I don't trust the AMA when it comes to GMO and cancer, so why should I trust the AVMA? I'm not trying to be difficult or anything but think of the politics behind a lot of groups that do direct professionals. Then you end up with the only vets who know the truth about pit bulls being the ones who caught one of the dogs on a bad day.

Some of the vets have different opinions...

"“My views about associating a breed with dangerous behaviours were challenged over time as I saw the impact of Pit Bull attacks,” Dr Smith says.

“Talking to owners with dogs of this breed who have themselves been turned on, it became clear that these animals are unpredictable and when they attack they can cause serious injury or death.”

Here another veterinary warns about the pitbull being dangerous.

"“Someof these dogs are as dangerous as a loaded handgun,” Dodman– director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at TuftsSchool of Veterinary Medicine – said in an interviewwith The Boston Globe Magazine.

Genetics play a big role.

“No doubt about it, pit bulls are genetically predisposed toward aggression,” he told the magazine. “Justas certain breeds of dogs were bred to herd, certain were bredto hunt, certain to point, and others to swim.”

Bible Believer said...

To anon the past meter reader. You were smart not to run and to confront with the wrench. One thing that is scary about pitbulls and I have seen this in many stories written about them, while normal dogs will ignore those not presenting any harm to them--bystanders etc, pit bulls seem to go after even those who are innocently on the scene who aren't even interacting with them. Think about this, why did the pit bull decide to go on the attack against you? You were in an alley not a yard. You were minding your own business. You were not holding a hamburger. Etc.....

People are choosing more violent dogs and I think this is a symptom of our growing wicked society. Instead of dogs with class and style, they want the meanest bad dog to match their inner natures.

I know some may not like me writing this but if you even look at the eyes of pitbulls, they do not look the same as other dogs. Take a look at the pictures sometime.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the beasts of the earth taking over - this morning on Animal Planet they talked about pythons and how are multiplying at an alarming rate in Florida. They had a cold spell and they thought that would help, but the population actually got bigger. They have a serious problem and are worried about them spreading to other states.

After that was a show about the Humbolt squid and Kraken squid - how they have taken over in some parts of the ocean and are spreading. They are very vicious and huge. They said that because the ocean is over fished this has allowed them to flourish. They have no predators to keep them under control. A man who is a professional anti-terrorism diver who has trained many in keeping cool under the water in dangerous conditions, he went to dive with the Humbolt squid. He was told he was going to die. He had swam with sharks and had no fear. He went in the water and came upon the squid. He said they change color - they are called rojo diablo - red devil - because they change color. He said he was filming and watching this squid - it was so beautiful. He was mesmerized by it's beauty while other squid were surrounding him getting ready to attack. And then they attacked him and he barely got away with his life.

They said they worry about them spreading all over causing an oceanic apocalypse. Pretty strong language.

Interesting the diver said how mesmerized he was by their beauty while they were surrounding him getting ready to attack. Like of like the apostate Christianity of today, I think.


Anonymous said...

The veterinarian wrote:

"The people who misuse and abuse these dogs are the problem... evil people will always be the problem. Those who think the dogs play any kind of independent role in this should spend a few months volunteering at animal shelters or humane societies. You have no idea the sheer incomprehensible magnitude of suffering and cruelty and abuse that these specific dog breeds face compared to a generic dog breed.

No, the people who inflict this kind of suffering are the problem."

I agree. The dogs play no independent role. It is evil people who are the problem.

Lisa Ruby

Anonymous said...

BB wrote: "What kind of people choose a dog that is so aggressive, bred to be a killing machine from years ago? It's named PIT BULL, because it fought in fighting pits."

I know. These same people fight them for money. Pit bull fighting is abuse. This breed is more dangerous but it suffers far more abuse than your typical dog breed (or mixed breed).

And yes, children and adults have died due to this breed clamping down and not letting go. It would be very interesting to look into how this breed was developed and why.

Lisa Ruby

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer wrote: "People are choosing more violent dogs and I think this is a symptom of our growing wicked society."

I agree. I blame the people who breed them (and abuse them) more than the dogs.

Lisa Ruby

Anonymous said...

"It would be very interesting to look into how this breed was developed and why."

Info on the pitbull from the ASPCA.

Luca said... Bible Beliiever,what do you think?

Dick "Slugger" Johnson said...

I just happened to come across this blog. Thanks for speaking truth to a corrupt situation. I used to assume pit bulls were like any other dog and got a bad rap, as I was drowned in the same pro pit propaganda we all are. Since then, however, I've educated myself, and am horrified at the ongoing slaughter of the innocents (tens of thousands of innocent animals mauled to death by "out of work" pit bulls last year) which the pit pushers merely wink at, while claiming to care about animal welfare.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your posts. Many people who have never been around pit bulls do not realize what the dog is like. The propaganda wins out though more are waking up when they can't even walk through their neighborhood without a land shark trying to rip their leg off. Yes it's not just human beings being attacked by these monsters but other NORMAL DOGS. That's why when they try to do the tear-jerking animal rights ploy I know they are full of it.

Anonymous said...

I love how people use the bible to put down groups of things like the color of the skin or type of dog. Its about how these dogs are raised. The most dangerous animal is the human. the bible is a book that should be used for the advancement of love.

Bible Believer said...

How does color of skin enter in here. Racism is wrong.

How is love going to keep a pitbull from attacking a vulnerable child? [love of a parent to protect them hopefully]

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insightful article... Had to bear mace one of these monsters recently when it charged out of a yard at my daughter,my min pin, and an elderly lady we were walking with... You have to be armed and ready just to walk your dog! Please arm yourselves spiritually and physically, do not be a victim to the narcissistic and negligent owners of these dangerous dogs... "Fallen is Babylon the great! she is a dwelling place for demons, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and DETESTABLE BEAST"! Rev 18:2

Ken Quin said...


Ken Quin said...

They should not be bred.

Anthony Monday said...

Your a jackass. Im 24 years old I've had nothing but pitbulls since i was a baby and never had a problem. I now have 5 pitbulls and their just like family, just like having 5 kids.

Where The Sand Pea Grows said...

Forget the mace, get yourself a can of heavy duty oven cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Exhibit A: Anthony Monday, typical pit nutter threatening people's lives.

Unknown said...

Pit Bull (Staffordshire Terriers) are no more dangerous than a Chihuahua. Like small children, they are born sweet and cute and innocent. It is their environment, the people that care and nurture them, that teach them how to be aggressive and be fighters. Ive had Pits most all of my life, and never once did they ever become aggressive. If you teach and raise a child with love, that child learns to love. If you teach a child with anger and violence, they grow up angry and violent. Its the same thing with dogs. They are products of their environment