Friday, November 15, 2013

Calvary Chapel Elite Pastors Rally Around Rick Warren

Picture from the Ephesians 5:11 blog:

Rick Warren Openly Accepted At Calvary Chapel

Hmm the jeans with sport jacket must be the up and coming "uniform", no more Hawaiian shirts?

I have been warning about the Rick Warren Calvary Chapel connection for a long time on this blog, so this does not surprise me. I still remember one of the last days I was visiting a Calvary Chapel church and the pastor there was angry at me when I said, that Rick Warren was not a Christian, in a private conversation with him.

I still remember the poster who used to claim to me, that many Calvary Chapel pastors were non-ecumenical and say Rick Warren is a false teacher. Well where are they?

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FaithGuy3 said...

Some of these fake "discernment" ministries like Rapture Ready are doing damage control over this.

Here's one example - this thread on RR is claiming that Warren was somehow a "Party Crasher" to Smith's funeral. Seriously - we all need to check our brains at the door just a tad bit. Warren is evil, but he's not stupid.

Bible Believer said...

What nonsense!

Talk about trying to cover their tracks.

Hey the false calvary chapel discernment ministries have warned about Warren for years, so I guess they just want to confuse those who ask any questions!

Anonymous said...

What is coming out now, is what was true about Calvary Chapel all along. For decades, Calvary Chapel was able to a degree, to walk the tightrope of appeasing the Bible-based fundamentalist, all the while appeasing also the ecumenically-minded person.

How can you appease both? Sounds impossible, right?

But admit it. A lot of you fell for it, for years. You were part of Calvary Chapel, and thought, here's a place that teaches the Bible, stands for truth, and is against ecumenicalism.

You know you thought that, at one time.

Yet the whole time, Chuck Smith was, from the beginning, standing on the stage with ecumenical-pro-catholic Kathryn Kulhman, saying in his books that catholics are Christians, saying in his Bible studies that catholics and the "church of Christ" cult members are Christians.


Nobody bothered to listen to what Chuck was actually saying, because, they were overwhelmed by the "we teach the Bible line-by-line" mantra, and everyone was willing to overlook the words of Chuck's mouth, in the desperate hope that there was a major church system that actually held to the truth.

And it was never so.

Rick Warren is in. Brian Brodersen is now the big cheese, and he loves Rick Warren, catholic cardinal Dolan, calvinist/emergents Mark Driscoll and John Piper, and a host of other such false teachers.

So Calvary Chapel's true colors are out in the open, and it's time to throw them into the apostate "blob" that has overtaken all other major denominational systems.

Bible Believer said...

You summed that up well anon, hey they played both sides of the fence for a long time. Hey I was visiting the place because there was so few options out of an former IFB, I was told they were more "fundamentalist" in belief, what nonsense that was. They use the "Emergent" smokescreen to confuse a lot of people. What used to floor me is I'd meet these ultra conservative home school types in Calvary Chapel, which is interesting considering how it succeeded in converging people like that into the modern apostate church movements.

Anonymous said...

Spot on! Great comment!
Keep contending for the faith!

Lynn said...

Have you seen this new post (as of today 11/20)?

It's a 'telling' recapturing of events surrounding the installation of Brian Brodersen into Chuck Smith's slot, officially replacing him as the head of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

The article documents the fact that, with Brian Brodersen at the helm, and Rick Warren officially welcomed into fellowship, Roman Catholicism gains open embrace, thereby negating any pretense CCCM ever had of actual faithfulness to the word of God.

Recommend turning your speakers up whenever there's a quiet moment in the FIRST VIDEO (so you can hear what the member of the audience is saying).

And you may want to take note of the end of the SECOND VIDEO (Brian Brodersen speaking at a CC men's conference), as someone (a CC pastor, I'm guessing) says some pretty weird things -- like who will be Calvary's new "pope"... and "Why not Bob?" (facetiously it seems). (Still, What's THAT about??)

Anonymous said...


The "Bob" the emcee was referring to is Bob Coy. Have you seen the Bob Coy video of him basically performing the eucharist. Very telling of the inside joke he is the pope of Calvary Chapel.

Bible Believer said...

Can you tell me what dissenter in the audience said?

I couldn't hear it.

Yes Bob Coy is a proto-Catholic...

I went to Broderson's twitter, he's over there praising CS Lewis and Norm Geisler.