Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brian Brodersen: Just Another Ecumenical Catholic-Friendly Leader

Video found at the Ephesians 5:11 blog.

I don't know about this odd "anointing", yes there are biblical uses for oil and praying in the New Testament but part of me found this show about Calvary Chapel saying later, "Don't touch the Lord's Anointed"! Brian Broderson who is the now deceased Chuck Smith's son-in-law has now been chosen to be the Senior Pastor or new "MOSES' for Calvary Chapel. Ever notice how many of these pastorships are passed on via nepotism or "family lines"?

Can anyone tell me what the man says in the audience, when the guy at the podium says, "That is not up for discussion?" Looks like there is a little bit of dissent out there in the audience.

Brian Brodersen as we all know is a full-blown ecumenist. He will deny this of course but then Calvary Chapel has passed itself off falsely as a bible-believing church when I believe it was a set-up from the start.

Brian Brodersen wrote this a few years ago about the Catholic inspired movie, "The Passion of Christ".
"One of the most recent examples of Christians squabbling over non-essentials centers around the movie, The Passion of the Christ. Some Evangelical leaders have spoken out against it because of Mel Gibson’s Roman Catholicism. Some have been upset that the movie contains unscriptural material. Others have been offended that Roman Catholic ideas have been interjected into the story line. Well, all I can say is this: after 30 years of Jesus being intentionally kept out of the public’s view by our cultural leaders, through a Catholic producer and a Catholic actor, He’s suddenly back in the spotlight, crucified and risen again! I think that is something we all ought to be united over! "
One sentence should creep you out there, "He's suddenly back in the spotlight, crucified and risen again!" You mean like the Catholic mass, where they "re-present" Christ's sacrifice over and over? In other words right here Brian Broderson has written for people to UNITE with Catholics over that horrible movie! Then he says...
"Let’s not give the world another chance to dismiss our message over petty squabbling. We need to demonstrate that we’re not against each other and that we can hold different views and still recognize the validity of one another’s experience with Christ. We are called to walk in such a way that even when we disagree, the power and love of Christ is greater than our disagreements" I can think of a scripture here..."
Here is the old link to these quotes.....

  I can't tell if the article was removed but it's possible. I could not find the old link I saw it at, and Brodersen's usual magazine article, isn't listed as available on issue 19. Brian Brodersen obviously isn't the type of man who is going to warn people that the Roman Catholic church is the harlot and a false church of Satan. In other words he is not going to tell anyone the truth.

 We know the Catholic-Jesuit-Knights of Malta links that have become so apparent with Calvary Chapel. Their new leader who is the son-in-law to the now deceased Chuck Smith will not disappoint.

I found this too, Luis Paulu is a total ecumenist and here Brodersen is posting his article about Pope Francis reaching out to evangelicals on his Twitter account. You know the same one who has told us atheists are going to go to heaven too?

This is an article where Paulau praises the Pope as a personal friend. Does Brodersen consider the Pope a would-be friend too instead of an enemy of the gospel? What do you think? Some quotes from this article that Brodersen likes...
"You count the pope as a personal friend. What can you tell me about his character—as a man, and a Christian, not just as a Cardinal? You know he knew God the father personally. The way he prayed, the way he talked to the Lord, was of a man who knows Jesus Christ and was very spiritually intimate with the Lord. It's not an effort [for him] to pray. He didn't do reading prayers; he just prayed to the Lord spontaneously. It is a sign that good things will happen worldwide in the years of his papal work."
"What can you tell me about Bergoglio's leadership style? He's a very Bible-centered man, a very Jesus Christ-centered man. He's more spiritual than he is administrative, although he's going to have to exercise his administrative skills now! But personally, he is more known for his personal love for Christ. He's really centered on Jesus and the Gospel, the pure Gospel."
Now before you say Brodersen just wrote the article is "interesting", remember Luis Palau is invited by Calvary Chapel churches as a speaker, and is supported by them.

Brodersen still writes and warns about those pesky Emergents...such as Rob Bell, but he couldn't figure out the real deal regarding the Passion. Of course too there is the usual warnings about Islam, and Marxists that are common in the evangelical world.

Twitter is always an interesting place where you can see the thoughts of these pastors. Isn't this the typical message of the false unity types? Biblical separation is written off as "boycotting everyone else" where have I heard that before? From plenty of false pastors.

Praise for Jesuit trained Norman Geisler is all over the place too, he is invited to speak at the next Veritas conference as well as praise for CS Lewis. They all praise proto-Catholic CS Lewis. It's pretty much a given.

Guess this one doesn't surprise me either...

I suppose we could go down the list, we see all the normative qualities of the apostate evangelical. Of course Ephesians 5:11blog covered Brodersen's praise for Bono too.  Definitely Calvary Chapel is now becoming more openly ecumenical, they always were but now there is no trying to hide the fact. The days when Rick Warrens books were supposedly removed from Calvary Chapel bookstores are now over. The elite pastors of Cavalry Chapel are not hiding their association with Rick Warren.

There's a reason Brodersen stood right by Rick Warren.....

Billy Graham is another false leader that Brodersen admires and respects. So much of the false apostate evangelical church revolves around Billy Graham, if your pastor admires him, flee that church!

Brodersen wrote this "My Visit to the Billy Graham Center" His praise for Billy Graham is exuberant, this too is a commonality with false ecumenical pastors, Billy Graham being a point they all revolve around:
" In all of these ways Billy has been an extraordinary example of a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course, his has been a unique calling, yet we all have our own unique callings in our service to Christ. Billy has been faithful to his calling; let us be faithful to ours. As we left the museum that day I turned to Cheryl and said, "If all Christians were like Billy Graham, the world would be a different place.” She agreed."

All of these false pastors are so much alike.

Brian Brodersen can now advance the ecumenical message and false unity openly and without reservation:

"When evaluating other ministries and church leaders, we should not be questioning whether they are Baptist or Pentecostal or Presbyterian or Anglican or Charismatic or Methodist or Calvary Chapel or Purpose-Driven or Seeker Sensitive or whatever other network or category there might be.

Here are the issues we should be concerned about: Do they believe in One God who is Triune in nature: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Do they believe that God the Son was born of a virgin and took upon Himself human nature for the primary purpose of dying in the place of sinners, that He did die in our stead and through that death provided our redemption, that He then bodily rose again from the dead the third day? Do they believe that He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father and He will come again in glory to establish God’s everlasting kingdom? Do they teach that no one can be saved apart from personal faith in Him, that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, eternal Word of God, without error in all that it teaches and the final authority for faith and practice among Christians? Anyone who believes these things is your brother or sister and a member of God’s family and beloved by the Father, regardless of whatever other banner he or she might rally under. So to criticize, judge, and slander them is to grieve the Holy Spirit, promote division (which God hates, see Proverbs 6:19), and detract from the witness of the church. This kind of behavior blinds people to the love of God and the power of the gospel.


Anonymous said...

Before the prayer the man says, "Will the board give the opportunity to speak from the congregation." and the answer is "No, we will take it in writing." Typical traditions of men, basically they are saying we (the board) will pick out the next senior pastor and your (the congregations) job is to OK it. Business meetings = Building hooey and yes they are running a Business. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Wow, that's colder then I imagined. Well I hope that man wakes up and leaves the false Calvary Chapel system. Hey nepotism and "family lines" count first and foremost, Brodersen was probably chosen years and years ago when he married Chuck Smith's daughter. I guess the new "Moses" inherits his position like a heir to a "king".

Anonymous said...

GREAT ARTICLE. This needed to be printed. Now it needs to get out there.

Brian Brodersen is a false teacher, an ecumenicalist that is pointing people to the catholic cult and other places. That ridiculous statement of faith that he tried to work in there at the end of your article. PLEASE NOTICE that his statement of faith didn't say "faith alone in Jesus Christ alone without works" (Romans 4:5). But rather, he just said, "personal faith in Him".

Well let me tell you... every catholic will cop to the "personal faith in Him" statement, all the while working for salvation. All the cults do that. All the cults have "personal faith in Him", but that doesn't mean they are born again.

His main goal is to get people into CATHOLICISM. He doesn't really care about purpose driven, or methodist, or presbyterian, or charismatic, or whatever. The goal of the majority of "pastors" in all of those systems, is to be a ROAD TO ROME themselves.

Brian Brodersen was either always a catholic infiltrator, or he became one later on when he saw how lucrative the position would be.

Admit it. "Catholic infiltrator" as a position, pays well. You get big book deals, and you hobnob with world leaders and Bono and the flavor of the month "pastors" from around the country, and talk up the "pope" on the internet.

And all you have to do is, warn people about the emergents. Well the emergents are false teachers, but catholicism is the FIRST emergent church.

Brian Brodersen is a fraud.

FaithGuy3 said...

Not that I endorse John Todd, but many years ago he exposed how Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel accepted Illuminati money to push this CCM/Christian Rock deception.

Pretty much, all Rick Warren, Rob Bell, and the Emergent Church are doing is putting the final nail in the coffin.

FYI - Rapture Ready is going overdrive to cover up Rick Warren's ties to CC.

Lynn said...

I think perhaps Rapture Ready should read 2 Peter chapter 3 -- and ask themselves why the pre-trib rapture appears nowhere in Peter's teaching on the end of the age, while instead Peter focuses the believers' attention on the fact that the heavens and the earth will be destroyed in the end - burned up/dissolved - and be replaced by NEW heavens and a NEW earth - and urges them to holy living based upon these particular facts.

In contrast to this, the preaching so many of us have sat under teaches that it's the supposed imminence of a pre-trib rapture that should entice us to holy living - completely glossing over 2nd Peter chapter 3, which, if there was ever a passage inviting the mention of a pre-trib rapture, wouldn't this be it? Curiously, Peter makes NO mention of such a thing here.

Bible Believer said...

Anon I thought that too...His is a "gospel" the Catholics could jump on, and I have seen that myself too where Catholics will say "I am saved" while still believing in purgatory and receiving the wafer to be cleansed of sin. I have heard those types of Catholics cop to the "personal faith" in him too statement. This is Billy Graham ecumenical "Christianity" the "cosmic Christ" for all comers. I agree it's all a road to Rome, all the different brand names of the harlot listed. The many "brands" don't matter, I mean that is what he is telling us isn't he? It's laughable to warn about Emergents at the same time while teaching these things.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah not surprised about Rapture Ready playing cover up with the Calvary Chapel-Rick Warren love-fest for the more "conservative" Calvary Chapelites who may start questioning things. This is why they have to claim Warrant crashed the party instead of being invited. They will tell people to seek out those mythical anti-ecumenical Calvary Chapel preachers.

Arthur Skay said...

Do not call anyone pastor because one is your pastor The Christ do not call anyone teacher because one is our teacher Jesuschrist.Paul wrote about old mens(not one but many)guiding not governing the church so do not follow so called pastors.