Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Turns Dark

Who on earth has money for all this STUFF? Most people are barely making it through the month, nonetheless slapping down 300-500 dollars down on an extra TV flat screen that is on sale.

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A few years ago I wrote this article:

The Society of Greed and Materialism

It looks like things have only gotten worse.

Compare to this...

Food Banks Overwhelmed


FaithGuy3 said...

Pretty much - Black Friday is nothing more than propaganda to make the American public think the economy is either getting better or doing fine.

Every year, they will point to BF's revenue alone to make it look like the economy at year end looks to be turning the corner when in reality it's been struggling through much of the year(and in the present day's case, it's been in freefall mode for the last few years).

As for shopping on Black Friday - no one's going to save anything - wasting gasoline driving around, having to go through the crowds and wait in long lines(and b/c of this time consummation, one ends up eating out at the shopping mall's expensive food places), etc. So at the end of the day, everything ends up drawing even compared to shopping on any other typical day.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a poster on YT who called it "Brawlmart", spot on. - Don

Marion said...

"BLACK" Friday indeed...that says it all...doesn't it??

eric le debonnaire said...

Societies and people without restraint. I don't blame society. We get what we deserve. Lack of education. Visible 'spectacles' is at the image of what is in people hearts. Very sad, but has to be manifested. Perilous times when poors are not rich in the faith.

Anonymous said...

If people choose to shop on a Friday called "Black," "Red", "Blue" or "White", then I accept this is how they choose to live their lives.

I would rather commune with these people than sit is a church building that spends its offerings on junk for the building, huge salaries, sound systems, big screens, etc. for the clergy, leadership, and staff, including the obnoxious narcissistic praise band, and listen to all of these so called "leaders" pat each other on the back and expect "praise" from the rest of us.

We claim to be well off, but in reality, we are very poor and desperately in need of more of Jesus Christ and His teachings.

I am sorry, but the church people look just like those we look down on, pinning those dreadful scarlet letters "unbeliever" on their backs.

Hedonism is the popular religion of our age! Fancy christmas trees deck our church halls and people are dying of starvation.....and we brag how much we give to missions.

Dear Bible Believer, there is more "black" in this country than just one day.

Bible Believer said...

I'm curious was anyone here reading out in the stores that day? Where they empty or full? I think it's propaganda too, Faithguy so people will believe the economy is alright.

Hey they use Saturnalia Greed month to prop up the numbers, you are right about that Faith Guy. I didn't think any of the sales looked that impressive, you'd think the stuff was being given away free for all the people fighting over it. Agree about the gas, food, and think even of the time for all this.

Brawlmart. LOL. Yeah that sums it up Don. I avoid Brawlmarts because I find the merchandise shoddy, and the service pretty poor and surly too.

Agree Marion, "black" for evil, otherwise why didn't they name it "green" for shopping and cash?

I don't blame society as a whole, you are seeing brainwashed/lost/not knowing any better people eric, doing what they think they are "supposed" to do. They don't even imagine alternatives.

Yeah being in a lost church may be worse then hanging out with some over eager shoppers. At least the greedy shoppers aren't claiming to be for God. Not every shopper is evil beyond measure, and many are same in need of a Savior as I was, but the whole thing is a function of a wicked society where the greed and materialism lead to the violence. I understand too many are being manipulated as well.

Anonymous said...

I hear it is called "Black Friday" because on that day, struggling businesses have a chance to move "out of the red" and "into the black." I stayed home with my family, but I did buy a couple of loss leader clothing items on a website.


Anonymous said...

Dear People,

I do not consider myself holy because I chose to stay home the day after Thanksgiving, for that feeds the pride of the flesh, the very pride of life itself. I do not consider myself holier than thou because I choose to go shopping on a Wednesday or a Thursday...and if people desire to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, that is their choice. I cannot regulate their behavior and I will not judge them for doing so.

I sat in a church amongst those who profess to call themselves followers of Jesus Christ. One woman said, "I hate Walmart, cannot stand it and won't go there!" She also said, "Birthdays are not Christian and we are not supposed to celebrate them!" Another woman said, "You should buy plants and flowers from such and such a woman because she is a Christian." Another woman scorned me for my baked goods which I sell out of my home, as it competes with her business located on mainstreet.

Dear readers, the implications here are very scary....Woman number one, the one who hated Walmart, well, I have witnessed here presence in that store many times wondering why she is there if her hatred is so true. Woman number two, dislikes the business I choose to buy plants and flowers from therefore is forcing fallen belief system onto me...and when I responded by saying "I really enjoy the place where I do business as they treat me with reapect and I get great service there," she responded by "rolling her eyes, gasping, and turning away." And the third woman, confessed in Bible Study, that she prays against anyone who offers competition with her business, I believe the written Word may call this "witchcraft", as the jealousy and envy is so heir apparent.

Now I ask all of you this in utter brokenness and we really want others controlling and manipulating everything about our lives here on earth? Some call it "Big Brother," but please hear me out....there are "Big Sisters" out there more than happy to tell you how to live your life but in the natural display the total
"hypocrisy" in their own lives.

Simple English Translation here....

"People can preach it, but do not live it themselves."

I believe Jesus Christ called those very same self righteous people of His day, "Hypocrites," "Brood of Vipers, "White Washed Tombs" just to name a few.

I do not desire to control anyone's life and will leave that up to the conviction of God, the Holy Spirit, for it is only He who has the power to change a man's heart, and a woman's as well.

The Bible is clear regarding the state of man for a "Double minded man is unstable in all of his ways."

Perhaps that woman at the Walmart check-out with two children being babysat by their grandmother because the man up and left her for another woman and chooses not to pay any child support for even their most basic of needs....that woman who greets me with a humble smile and a kind word which is a blessing after being jumped at the door by the church deaconess, upset that I don't attend her religious institution any longer and choose not to engage in her wicked political affiliations, and yes, that check-out woman who chooses to not engage in this country's welfare system working hard on her own to provide a godly home as much as she possibly can.......

is a witness for our LORD Jesus Christ.....

to me, the average shopper trying to do right by our LORD as well. May God forgive me on His Great and Glorious day of Reckoning.