Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Latest Economic News

Debt deal: World relief, but IMF warns US on 'stable management' of finances

"The world reacted with relief Thursday to the last-minute deal to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, but there were signs the drawn-out process has undermined confidence in America's global standing in both finance and politics.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged Washington to build a more stable management of U.S. finances, mindful that Wednesday night's deal only suspends the debt limit until Feb. 7.
“Looking forward, it will be essential to reduce uncertainty surrounding the conduct of fiscal policy by raising the debt limit in a more durable manner,” said IMF boss Christine Lagarde."

US budget battle: IMF's Christine Lagarde warns America's lawmakers they risk pushing world into recession

Well they kicked the can down the road for another three months but what will it mean but another "crisis" in January? This isn't planning ahead. The whole thing was showboating, the elites probably want to clean out the money in social security and pensions as well. Their greed has no end. Interesting now we have the IMF globalists trying to "tell" America to get it together.

China is calling for the world to switch to the yuan, many of us knew about this some time ago, but not its in the mainstream news.

China calls for dollar to be replaced as global reserve currency

China's State Press Calls for 'Building a de-Americanized World'

Course this begs the question, can China survive without any Americans able to afford their products? Maybe so they have a lot of people and a growing middle class, but it makes an interesting question.

How is this supposed to end well? I find myself thinking all the "debt" stuff is to just make people afraid so they can continue more of their rape of the USA economy using this place as a money-till for clean out. Up next social security and then pensions.

Then there is this...

Will EBT’s flash no Sale on November 15th?

 Can you imagine what this would mean? There are many areas of the country where this would mean riots especially in inner city areas. 

 I posted about EBT here. I am not sure if the November command was only applicable if the government shut down continued or not. Well what happens three months from now too on that? What will happen especially in a society where people cannot grow their own food nor have never hunted or other things that were common during our first Great Depression?

I remember telling people 4 years ago, the American economy and global economy was on the way to collapse. I have written about it here even three years ago. Many in real life mocked me or told me this was just a bunch of conspiracies. The powers that be seem to be setting up a world wide economic collapse to institute a one world economy and government. Can you imagine talk of a default even 20 years ago?

Many American people do not want to know and still do not want to know [the ones still doing okay enough not to notice.]  The real unemployment rate is far higher then what they are admitting. Many really can't prepare and are just trying to scrape by paycheck to paycheck or check to check. Even if preppers condemn them for not getting ready if there is no expendable income for extras, there simply is not. Americans are even trying to sell their own body parts to make ends meet. That's sick and sad.

All the puzzle pieces seem together for a default, or the powers that be pushing a world war, just think of history and how the economy was nose-diving before major wars. Think of Germany circa 1933. Put the puzzle pieces together, what is the reason for all those military internment camps, militarization of the police and other laws like NDAA they have passed?

The economic system seems to be one graft system.

From Zero Hedge: [double click to enlarge or go to link to enlarge]

One thing in this world, is never depend on any economic system as lasting forever. The lessons of history state that economies fail, all one has to do is read about Argentina in our modern world to see a small taste of what could await America if the whole house of cards collapses on itself.

Proverbs 22:7
The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.


Anonymous said...

you know that is they didnt pass the debt ceiling, they were going to pick and choose which states stay in the union and which ones wont. You know martial law would have been enforced. All the things you been warning your friends, who didnt believe. Yes BB, the puzzle pieces are finally coming together.

FaithGuy3 said...

Saw this on Yahoo...

Red Sox fan quits job to attend Game 1 of World Series

Most of the time personal sacrifices are necessary for the greater good. But sometimes, those personal sacrifices need to be made so you're not living in your own world of regret 15 years down the road. The latter was the case for Gino Marcello, who earlier this week quit his job as a furniture salesman in Rochester, NY so he could attend Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night in Boston.

Picture from Tweet:

Like I said in another blog comment section - I watch these games too(including the World Series). But nonetheless this just goes to show what's wrong with this country...

This country has been hijacked by TPTB very quietly b/c the masses have been more focused on their earthly material wealth more than anything else. It's as if no one has any idea that Obama is not a natural born citizen.

If anything, this guy should be THANKFUL he HAS a job(even though it's just a salesman at a furniture store) in this collapsing economy we're living in.
There are millions of people out there that can't even get a minimum wage job just to feed themselves and their families.

Bible Believer said...

I've heard stuff about new regions...

Remember this?

Do they have us on the Russian path?

Some friends came to me later and said the news is reading like I warned it would 4-5 years ago. I'm not saying I am a 100% on everything but speaking of general trends. Though some are still drinking the Kool-Aid and on the cognitive dissonance fence there has been some glimmers of understanding.

Bible Believer said...

I agree that guy should be thankful to have a job. I think it is petty. He could have given more notice too and it says he did not. I hope he does not have a family to support. I find myself thinking he lives at home with parents or other relatives or he has other avenues of income to throw away a job for a baseball game. If he has children then he is very irresponsible.

news4themasses said...

Hey BB, I posted on that Food Stamp being cut in November too.
I wonder if it's going to go through now that the US Govt is back open. This was how it stood before Congress voted to remove the debt ceiling--not set a limit, and thusly reduce their own power to put any limits on it. Remember even though we were supposedly shut down we were still spending billions and billions and sending weapons to Syrian "Rebels" I'm sure we didn't use USPS or Fed Ex for that stuff. The shutdown was a joke--some didn't laugh, but it wasn't a real shutdown, it was theater. All the players got retro pay, even here in AZ where Jan Brewer played like she "saved" the EBT system will get her Federal dollars soon. There's ppl online who believe Comet Ison is a planet (x) and that the government shutdown was because aliens are coming. The only aliens on their way here are about to get sweeping immigration passed. We have to give it to Obama, he figured out a way to tax the broke ppl of the US via the Affordable care act. (Sarcasm) this country is a mess. I'm going to keep an eye on that Food Stamp thing for Nov. it won't take long to find out if it is for real. ppl will be on their smart phones, tweeting up a storm if it ends up being for real. Nothing like broke folk on their unlimited data phones tweeting gangsta mad tweets about not getting their handout. (for those who are really suffering and need it I mean no disrespect-we all know there are those who are just purely lazy and collect govt handouts rather than work.)

Bible Believer said...

I wonder what will happen in Nov. I do know they are still being CUT DOWN but not sure if its a big enough cut to change anything or cause protest etc.
Yes memories were so short, no one asked, How come Obama thought we could afford war with Syria but now the gov't is shut down for lack of money? I saw a few memes but as usually most brains were fast asleep at the switch. You are right the foreign aid spigot has never been turned off.

I agree with you that it is theatre.

I am not sure about the Comet Ison thing, maybe they will turning project blue beam on overdrive or something like that. Definitely an issue to look at. They are using that as all side theatre too. Ever notice outer space doesn't leave us alone at all now either? LOL

The ACA is a joke. It does amount to a giant tax on those who can't afford taxes or any more bills. Another nail in the coffin. I find myself wondering if non-compliance will be the name of the game or if American's will be enough of blind sheep that they go and in the middle class case, pay what amounts to another mortgage to get insurance that is basically worthless. Will they line up? Well I have been disappointed before. What is interesting is all the people who still have good enough jobs with insurance are losing that insurance or seeing the rates triple.

I find myself thinking well they can't get blood out of a turnip, so basically what you will see is millions penalized by the IRS, simply unable to afford the joke "insurance" and I can see the laws changed where they will be allowed to do liens for not paying your Obamacare penalty. Obama's job IMO from the start was to destroy America on multiple levels. He's doing a good job of it.

The country is a mess. We are now in the going from crisis to crisis mode.

Remember we have a system now where jobs are limited and many are dependent on the system. There's many disabled, elderly and others. I find myself thinking if I was 20 again, wishing I had seen through the false system earlier but with suburban "modern" parents, I learned no true life skills or how to build anything or grow my own food, etc. If you think about it most jobs in America, people do not "make" or "do" anything, they shove paper around. LOL hope I don't get anyone mad at me for writing that, but it's something I have thought about.

No one will admit that the destruction of the manufacturing base has left millions without a viable job that can actually pay the bills and has decimated the tax base. Obama will promote the Trans Pacific and help the economic race to the bottom. I don't blame people on welfare. Be careful of the right who calls them lazy. I know you mean well. There are people who have taken advantage of the system but then if you think about it, the job system is failing, menial jobs that are short term where one can't depend on it to be there, or constantly cut hours or can't even pay subsistence wages--think of all the people on welfare who are WORKING, aren't very motivating. If you add to this how the social contract has broken down and other social connections, people have lost hope, and motivation. I know college educated people even who have been "throw away" from the system who just grew too old or had too many job lay-offs, or were in a dying industry who have few economic options.

I remember warning people about Obamacare and they simply did not believe me about how expensive it was and how little you got back. I suppose the sticker shock now for the ones who manage to get through the website is probably a lesson in itself.

We are seeing very evil times today.

FaithGuy3 said...

news4themasses - all this "puppet theater" will continue until Jesus Christ comes back to straighten out all this mess.

And yes - through this "puppet theater", they are quietly pushing immigration reform now. Even the so-called "GOP" are slowly getting on board with it.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I have noticed that, they were able to bring the Republicans into full support of it. To be frank, I hope Mexicans and people from other countries will be smart enough to stay home. I hope word is getting back about how life is really going in America. Economically it seems they would stay home. The immigration of course is being used by the powers that be to hasten the economic collapse of America.