Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SBC Helps Advance Illegal Immigration

Southern Baptist Convention Tied to Immigration Bill Act

Immigration Reform 'Really Close,' Says Southern Baptist Leader

Helping the NWO agenda out.

What kind of country which is about to default on it's debts and is watching it's economy collapse downward would say "Let's have more immigrants! Let's have amnesty!" when even their own native born people do not have enough jobs. I would tell anyone who is thinking about coming here, to stay where they are at. There is more to life then making money. Even if you come to America and make more an hour, the higher bills here will eat it up. Stay home with your families and friends. America is going to be entering worse times. Even now we can see the trouble that awaits. The New World Order controls the whole world, but they definitely have plans for America that are not good ones.

I hope people are smart enough to stay home in their own countries. It didn't escape my attention that Walmart which underpays so many of their employees that many are on foodstamps supports this bill too.

Here is a list of supporters from the Pray4Reform website that supports the new immigration bill.


FaithGuy3 said...

The SBC has 2 CFR members, and "prominent" ones at that - Richard Land and Rick Warren. One of the CFR's biggest agendas is pushing for the North American Union.

Plus all of the Freemasonic/Catholic infiltration have played a large role in all of this too(ie-Billy and Franklin Graham).

Anonymous said...

FaithGuy3 pointed out Billy and Franklin Graham's effect on the SBC. He is right. The Grahams have singlehandedly destroyed the SBC. The SBC should have recognized the error right off, but they decided that doctrine wasn't important to them.

Anonymous said...

All illegals should be sent back to their own countries. America cannot take care of the earth's third worlders. America should focus on it's own. America is not the international soup kitchen of the world.

That may seem harsh, but it is the truth.

Steve said...

The NWO is in FULL SPEED right now, going as fast as it can to achieve its goals as it is being exposed, its in a race against us as we become more aware. As they speed forward - so too does God in calling His final "elect". And like it or not, the facts remain, whatever their goals are that they aren't sharing with the rest of us, we know these things for certain...

They own all organised "churches". There is NO Christian Church left in any Western country. All Churches follow the commands of the NWO Govt. They are all apostate and an abomination.

Only "Western European" countries are being targeted for total extermination of their population - and we are all now being "replaced" with other peoples... via open immigration at record levels of un-sustainability. My country Australia is exactly the same as every other Western European derived nation - we'll be extinct and replaced within 50 years. My country is being turned into a controlled prison as I write.

Thats not being racist against any person. Its just facts of the NWO, that none of the high profile shills will ever admit to. All the NWO shills are doing is creating the "needed opposition" to oppose them with force - at the right time - so they can bring in martial law. After which, we'll be begging to be "saved" by the NWO satanic forces... Remember... Order Out Of Chaos!!!

Whatever the NWO plans are, they are speeding forward - and one people group - us - are not in their future plans!!! God help those who are left, and what the NWO have planned for the tiniest remainder of us after this 50 years. Its now clear what they are doing. Honestly - I can't even see us making it to that 50 years - with the present speed of internment of cities, enslavement, tracking, hate laws etc - I honestly cannot see past the next 10 or so years before the final crescendo!!!

Thank God for His Son.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the SBC has a strong CFR presence, I wonder what one of the new ones are in the club. Then add in all those freemason pastors and see what you get. On a message board long ago I explore the Catholic churches full involvement in the immigration movement in the USA, well the SBC is copying their Catholic masters.
I think the illegal immigration should be stopped. America cannot take care of its own even. I hope that the rest of the world is getting the news that America is on the edge of economic collapse. Here is one thing they lie about, they claim that every immigrant is happy to come here, often they hear false promises and find out what it is really like working in a sweat shop or slaughter house, and they regret coming here. Those coyotes and rest all profit off their labors too. I lived in an immigrant rich area before, and some who could speak enough English told me they regretted coming here and this was no land of milk and honey and this was the late 90s. Hopefully news of the American would be default has reached Mexico. I think something is very wrong with how our country is sending aid all over the place and bankrupt to the hilt and in debt. Sadly when things go tilt here, one will be able to tell, that there will be no help coming from anywhere else. The planned destruction of this country is on course.

Bible Believer said...

Steve I agree the NWO is coming fast now. I used to think there were a good churches around, I was in a good IFB, but while I had sincere pastor there, I believe even the IFB movement is infiltrated by the same freemasons and controlled from above. That is why they are all going Dominonist. I had a weird experience visiting a IFB 40 miles away and they had men all standing guard all over the place, and this was in a little town. It creeped me out. Of course since it was Memorial Day they did the usual patriotic pablum giving us the message that the USA is great, ignoring everything going on. I had a friend call the church to ask them what was the purpose of the guards, and well, they told her that they even sent a guard down to stand over the nursery and one other church office, that even sounded weird. This place is in a rural area, no inner city area, not known for high crime so it was all very ODD. I think I have reached the place of being done with all organized churches, enough disappointment and what I have seen, I think you are right that they are owned. Unless its truly not organized and believers meeting together in a living room and even there be careful because the Emergents and others have invaded the home church movement stay far away.

I believe the NWO is using races against each other. There is a reason that all Western nations in Europe are being taken over by Muslims at the behest of their NWO masters. It's why the politicians want full blown immigration here, they block western immigrants and even Eastern Europeans and invite those who are adverse to the culture. I know someone who married an wAustralian, and he was NOT allowed into the USA to be with her, but they will invite every Muslim Somalian or other illegal immigrants from Latin America. I believe the NWO wants to destroy the cultural aspects even of traditional Western culture[not say that is perfect but obviously totally non-Christian cultures will be bringing different beliefs] what better way to do so then to turn every country third world. Third world peasants aren't going to have the money or education to protest 10 cents an hour enslavement or the other plans they have for people.

I am not surprised to hear that Australia is being turned into a prison camp, so is America.

It's all for the Order out of Chaos plan.

I would want even the immigrants warned to stay away from here. Don't be pawns in their plans.

Steve said...

Hi Bible Believer, yeah we're going down fast here, and all of it steaming forward in the past 10 years. Street cameras follow us everywhere we go in our cars now, you have FEMA - we have FESA for our forthcoming emergencies of social breakdown, housing prices and cost of living skyrocketing at phenomenal rates, all social services are being trashed, all government agencies now going to private corporations, instant and massive immigration from third world countries - and exactly as you say - immigration is biased against Europeans and for third world countries. And I also agree with what you say that the people coming into our countries are completely alien to our culture, and can never mix long term due to their belief systems and culture - but thats the point, isn't it. We need something so bad to happen that we need to be "saved".

Our public holidays are now being neutered as being offensive and racist, the cost of living forces every living creature into continuous labour, which is also an affront to having children and families. Women are given free reign and encouragement and special laws to tear their families to pieces after separation - which also leaves husbands and fathers destitute and often criminalised - just for being separated.

Soviet style laws are abounding, hate crime laws, thought crimes etc. A white person will go to jail for years for being in any way offensive to a person of another culture or for not employing enough immigrants - but its never the other way around. These same soviet laws are now firmly wrapping themselves around true Christians, and by definition my beloved KJV is now a hate crime book, as are true Christians now "haters" by law, because of our "illegal thoughts" about the Laws of God. Its only a matter of time before one or two changes to these laws and we're off to prison. Soon, true Christians will be outlawed, along with the KJV first... And after that, the phoney Christians with their phoney Bibles will soon follow.

We have 6 main roads that lead out of my city of about 2 million. I now expect checkpoints on these roads at any time in the next few years. The distribution of seeds and plants across State borders is now being taxed and restricted - same as Europe. We're losing our yards fast so none of us can grow gardens should any type of food shortage ever hit. We've been totally disarmed so cannot defend ourselves should any type of hyper-violent social breakdown occur.

When I teach my 10 year old son about the world he is living in, I feel like I have to apologise for this country he was born into, yet at the same time I tell him that when he was born - this was an entirely different country.

I could go on, but I think you get my point... whats coming is not pretty, and its not far off. As far as I can tell, the entire West is about to fall with one final bloody crescendo once our peoples fall into minorities in our own countries, and once the West falls - so too does the entire planet earth within days. And there's your NWO... or so they think...

Anonymous said...

Our government has not enforce our immigration laws because they want our country to be flooded with people who will have to depend on them. They will give the immigrants the right to vote so socialism will be forced upon us. It is the same dependence with 501 c3, so it makes sense organized religion would follow. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Yes it is going down fast Steve. I have friends listening to me now because I warned about some of these things happening years ago. Cameras on every block, a crisis every minute. Can you imagine 20 years ago, us hearing the of the USA defaulting? Endless disasters. Today the pressure never lets up. I am old enough to remember when this country was far far different. It was a different place.

America is falling apart economically, socially, morally, politically and on every other level. Satan and his NWO workers have taken over the entire planet, but one can tell they have used the USA for a special purpose and are tightening the vise now as we speak at rampant speed.

Its like they want to collapse everything. Collapse the economy with bail-outs, job outsourcing, open borders [only for us--no one here can run to Mexico or Canada unless they are a millionaire], Collapse all social services-with NOTHING to take the place of them--I tire absolutely of all the brainwashed "right wingers' who go on about the "entitled" poor as the ultra rich and elites laugh while they clean out the till. Sell off of the land, to foreigners. One thing I have seen written, is that the elites know large educated middle classes can't be as deceived by them as easily, so what is a solution, do away with the middle class and turn everyone into a serf.

The people coming here yes are not assimilating. You have LA RAZA, you have those coming here and forming gangs, who send all their money back to their home country. What is gluing America together anymore? Geography only does so much, if there are no shared predominant values. They want chaos, they want fighting. They want people turning on each other, as they use it for their own power. Divide and Conquer. Machivellian schemes.

They have destroyed every social tie there is by plan IMO and most people went along with it. Forcing people to move just to economically survive, the cost of living and long work hours [for those who still have jobs] rendering their lives into nothing but work. Then brainwashing on every level into false beliefs, and focusing on appearances, the carrots on the stick, and being the most OBEDIENT and EMOTIONALLY DEADENED serf. Divorce is promoted as the answer to problems when in most cases it forces a woman into worse poverty and the children into a more miserable life. The family court system is crazy. I agree with you about what it does to men, Add in the police state, where you can barely make a move without breaking a law, and how lives now can be destroyed on very little. You are right about the Soviet Style laws, and the thought crime laws and focus on race, that is more ways they are using to turn the crank for the vise. I once was majorly discriminated against years ago in the 1990s, told not to bother applying to a job directly because I was the wrong color, but I was the wrong color to file a complaint. Race hustlers and the rest all working on behalf of the NWO to increase the hate and the chaos. They are turning people on each other like rabid wolves, and one is seeing this now with the growing violence.

Bible Believer said...

Yes Christians who believe in the Bible are listed as "terrorists" etc. I believe that even speaking out, sharing beliefs, will become illegal one day. They are working on taking those freedoms away. Time is short to even write this blog. Obama is busy working on destroying the health care system and economy even further. Yes the new Stalin will see even the phony Christians as "useful idiots" to be disposed as. They think their worship of the politicians is protection, not it's not. They see them and their children as just cannon fodder for their useless wars.

With your city, yes I can see checkpoints coming one year. Some states already have the check points run by that big government agency Bush brought in. Even all the preppers who think they can flee to their cabin in the woods, don't realize how easy they could close all the roads in a real or "manufactured" emergency. That would include even the roads in more rural areas. I saw a few of those prepper shows and found myself laughing at the ones who lived in the suburbs who thought they could get 100 miles to their fully tricked out cabin in the woods. Here one better trust in God rather then their preps.

Yes they are trying to restrict the purchase of everything. With the food, they want us poisoned by GMOs and the worse and are cracking down on the people who provide alternatives. Otherwise why go after organic farmers and some of the other stuff they are up to? I've been reading how they have been closing down any home gardens. It's to take everyone's tools away, so they can have full control, and yes that is one of the main reasons Obama is so focused on taking the guns away.
Here we have to depend on God and pray. This world is turning into a cesspool, your hope better be in Jesus Christ, to mentally, spiritually and otherwise survive.

I understand what you mean when you tell your son this country is no longer the same. It definitely is not.

I believe they chose America as a nexus to collapse the entire economy AROUND. This place goes, the world dependent on our economy sees their own economic collapses. Some say China will take over, but what about the very fact that America was the main customer for Chinese products?

Don you are correct they want this country flooded by immigrants due to plan.

Steve said...

Beloved Bible Believer, my fellow servant in Christ.

There is nothing apart from Jesus Christ and His salvation. We are now left with nothing but the foreordained plan of our Heavenly Father. Our only hope is in Jesus our Messiah, and this is what I tell my son. I also tell my son why God brings His Holy Judgement upon His most beloved children. I tell him about all the things God hates the most - that our people now do with pride, and all the things that God loves - that our people now abhor. Ezekiel is a wonderful book that explains to us so clearly why Judgement is deserved upon a previously beloved people. Step by step we are shown our sins against our Father, and how abhorrent they are… and why Judgement is deserved, yet we are also shown hope for our future in the “dry bones”.

I refer to to Ezekiel often, and my young son understands that Judgement is deserved upon us. I refer to the words of our Messiah to show him of the birth pangs of the ending of one age and the beginning of another, and that those birth pangs are now increasing - and will result in one final big ending. I explain to my son all of the symptoms of a nation in Judgement, and we agree that these symptoms of Judgement are now upon us in force, with labour pains increasing every day. My 10 year old boy understands what is happening to us, that what is coming is deserved, and that what is happening can only possibly be done by the will of God Almighty.

The NWO are just pawns of God, just like the Romans, Babylonians, Persians and others were… and like their brethren - they too will be cast down to Hades after God has finished with them. They think they are clever and in control -they are not - they are the very tools of the God they hate.

My most beloved son understands that all hope is in Jesus Christ alone. And that what is now happening is by the Divine will of God. We also see in the Scriptures that to fight against the will of God in time of Judgement means certain death at the hand of the adversary that God raises up against us. And we also understand that God will always provide salvation and a path forward for His children to prosper and re-establish after their yoke of punishment has been lifted.

Regardless of our own eschatological understandings, what is happening right now is God is sifting His children. He is now calling His last children for this age, and refining them, and sifting and separating them… until we are but a few left at the end.

Western countries are now finished, and all that will be left standing soon… is a remnant… left standing alone with our God, and our Messiah. How much more beautiful could it be than to be in that last remnant :)

Steve said...

91 orYes I say Soviet for a reason, apart from the obvious same imprisonment of our people under tyranny. We were told the Germans were the bad guys in WW2, and the people tried at the Nuremberg trials were tried and executed for invading another country in peacetime - Poland. Yet Russia also invaded Poland before war, and not 1 Russian was tried… double standard? NO… Stalin also murdered and exterminated 20 million ethnic Western Europeans in Russia. Russia as you may know was created by ethnic Swedes (La Rus) (germanics), and Eastern Europeans (slavs) later settled. Stalin murdered the entire Germanic population by starvation to let the Slavs take over the country… NO WAR CRIME THERE - not even mentioned in history books. And this is exactly whats happening to our countries today. The same people who controlled Russia - now control our countries too, with exactly the same agenda and modus operandi.

As for my country - the upper society is now getting so rich, and the lower classes are becoming so impoverished for the first time. And this is exactly how they took over Russia - the leaders fired not one shot - but set the poor against the rich.

Preppers are a joke. They too are being created and groomed as a group to fight against. They are being setup by the NWO shills. Where do you think the DHS get their leads from to hack the emails of millions of Americans? People following the shills are being setup to be tomorrow’s “extremists” - “terrorists” - “survivalists” etc “1984” fake wars. The NWO must have an enemy to combat to justify their draconian laws, to destroy our societies, to bring about total chaos and bloodshed. Your people (my cousins) are arming themselves while they still can - to fight the Judgement of God.

Yet the Bible tells us we are to accept our Judgement, and that those of us who fight against it will be killed by the sword. Hard words to accept without a prophet of God for today - but we have all the wisdom and history of the Bible to teach us what is happening and what we must do. And if we are martyred for God and His Son - then all the more Glory in Heaven.

You speak correctly, our societies are indeed being destroyed deliberately, we gave others our knowledge, lowered trade barriers, and these people will soon be soldiers in our streets. America has been the financier and the muscle and its children have shed their blood for this NWO for the past 200 years. Western civilisation will soon fall, and so too will the world.

As for Satan, I prefer the translation of the original word, it makes things easier to understand. Satan meaning “Adversary” - against God, and most especially against Christ. For when we see any Adversary standing against God, and most especially against Jesus Christ, we as children of God see our true enemy, and the chief of the NWO.

As Paul Washer said… expect to lose your children, your homes, your cars, and expect to be persecuted under the mandate of vile crimes, and expect our children to toss in the lot that we must die… we’re almost there.

Bible Believer said...

I agree there is nothing apart from Jesus Christ and His salvation. This world one day will be ending. Anyone looking to anything in this world or wishing to grab on to the things in this world instead of God will be lost.

God is Who matters. Eternity with Him is what matters. The way of this world has always been on the side of evil. I agree about Ezekiel. As America grows more wicked, yes, judgment will be coming, even if you think about just abortion and how many have died from that, that is enough for God to bring judgment against America. 40 million and counting. I am glad you are warning your son and give him the truth. I see the NWO as pawns of Satan but know overall, they definitely will be made use of by God. They are given over to delusion.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

If one even sees the chattering NWO classes on TV one can see the great delusions. Their arrogance and insistent on forcing their delusions on everyone else is extreme. It's started.

I do not see God as punishing His own, Christians who seek to follow His Will. While Christians may suffer and even be martyred in this world, God will be there for us. The punishment and wrath is for the evil doer, but us Christians must prepare that in this wicked world, we may face horrible things ourselves and the natural things of this world can come against us and cause us suffering and pain and will need to pray for God's protection and comfort, this is of course contrary to what the "best life now" deceivers will tell the people in the pews. I agree with you that God is sifting His Children. Christians are being separated out. Who will obey the command to "Come out of Her?" It is the very few. I look at the church system now. Many in there have been TOLD to leave and do not.

Western nations yes are falling under the NWO. Worldwide economic collapse, chaos and worse. It will be Christians depending solely on God as the system fails, and offers nothing but imprisonment, persecution, and spiritual death.

Many will seek to hold on to their material things of this world and will be sold easily down the river for Satan. Every Christian here, should think to themselves, What would I be willing to give up for Jesus Christ?

Your answer should be EVERYTHING.

Bible Believer said...

I agree about Germany. Why are Stalin's murders ignored? That is always seems to be an odd piece of history. You do know on this blog, I have asked the question a few times if they are planning a Soviet style break-up for the USA? Look at the neglect of the infrastructure, the sending of money overseas, the clean out, the decline of culture, on the edge of a default, the inner chaos.

Stalin was as evil as Hitler. But oddly that is ignored.

I know about the extermination of the ethnic Western Europeans. What of what happened in Croatia during WWII, wiped away from the history books for some odd reason.

The NWO has its ties in Russia too. Putin is no defender of tradition like some people have been deceived in America to believe, but just another one on the NWO team. The double-headed eagle of Russia is tied to the "eagles" here.


Bible Believer said...

Sounds like your country is going the way of America, the upper society growing richer and the lower classes more poor. I am sure more advanced in some places but they are working steadily on ending the American middle class. I agree this is how it is always done, CLASS WARFARE. POOR AGAINST RICH. Mao had the landowners and landlords and middle class of China killed for his "revolution". The deceived who yell for "revolution" in America make me want to throw up because I know what it means. The Guy Fawkes masks, and screams of OCCUPY, all works in the favor of the NWO elite. So many have entered this trap. Those screaming for the government to redistribute the wealth and be their saviors are deceived.

One development in America, is they have pitted the still employed upper and middle class people against those who are poor, unemployed. This will not end well. The ones doing better blame the poor for the destruction of the country and economy [not the bankers and bail-outs] while they have led the poor to want to "fight" from the other side. It is a recipe for total disaster and the NWO has made use of this time and time again for their own machinations. After all, they starved Russian peasants to get their November Revolution rolling.
I agree about the preppers. I wrote this article some time ago.

They are being set up in America. Already there was a recent event here where they made sure to find a "shooter" who was carrying "conspiracy literature". Now they can label everyone who warns about the NWO as "crazy" and "violent". And this event they can make use of to gain more sympathy for the TSA [America's new Gestapo]

It makes you wonder how much of this is false flag or real?


Bible Believer said...

The NWO yes needs enemies to set up their police state. I wonder if the transition is being made now from the focus on Muslims which set up the false war on terror to begin with the "extremists" here.

So I definitely agree about the preppers. Some the way you hear them talk trust far more in their "arms", and that is one thing I noticed on the survivalist etc boards. They seem clueless about how even the most smallest rural communities are now locked down under control. Even my little rural town, had the NWO direct "disaster team" for FEMA. I met an apostate pastor on it. While I am pro-second amendment, it is frightening to watch this stuff, the attitudes being that they can "fight" the NWO, and "win" and trusting in their own strength instead of trusting in God.

So you are right the Bible warns about this...

Revelation 13:10

King James Version (KJV)

10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

I agree about those who may be martyred.

Many who speak God's truth will be facing severe persecution. We still have freedom of religion in America [for today] but that will be ending very soon. There are some even in my real life who know about this blog who told me I should stop writing this blog. I am a peaceful person just wanting to warn others and speak biblical truths but one can see how the landscape is changing and rapidly doing so. Many Christians will have their own families turn against them, and will be facing losses. One thing I pray about is protection from God and the strength to hold on to Him no matter what comes.

Yes our societies are being destroyed by plan. Here in America they can scream that the politicians are inept or that Obama is the worse president ever, but no Obama has been more then successful at his real "job" behind the scenes.

America yes was the financier. So few even got the fact our Army was used these last years to integrate the nations into the NWO banking system for control. Secret wars go on now that most of the populace doesn't know about. I tell someone that we have troops in Africa, and they think I am insane.

Yes Adversary sums up Satan very well. He is the chief of the NWO whether people want to debate it's the Vatican, the Queen, the Jesuits or the Illumanti at the top pinnacle.

I agree with Paul Washer. We already see the growing hatred for Christians, and even with the church system, the true bible believer Christian has been marked as "the enemy"

Anonymous said...

Paul Washer is a calvinist.
He seems authentic but isn´t.

FaithGuy3 said...

Yes, Paul Washer has similar beliefs as Oswald Chambers - both believe that the fruit of the Christian is that they have to live a sin-less life over the long haul.

Sometimes these hypocrites amaze me - they're up there on the pulpits acting like they don't have sin, but en yet they're preaching out of phony bible versions, speaking lies, and who knows what kinds of secret lives they have.

As for living a sin-less life, it will NEVER happen!

Galatins 5:16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.
Gal 5:17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.
Gal 5:18 But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.

Karissa Busby said...

Oh and let me add our pit is a service dog along with he is in our church as well :) so be for you judge read the bible more about judging and hatread