Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pope Francis Advances An "Universal" "god"

Pope Francis: ‘I Believe In God, Not In A Catholic God’
This is more one world religion advancement, the "god of all false religions" is Lucifer and that is the "god" the Pope follows.  The Pope has to show himself as all accommodating to all other religions to bring more under the new world order umbrella. 

“I believe in God, not in a Catholic God. There is no Catholic God, there is God and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation,” the pope said in the interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, as quoted by the Inquisitr. “Jesus is my teacher and my pastor, but God, the Father, Abba, is the light and the Creator. This is my Being. Do you think we are very far apart?”
There are some strange statements there too, what does he mean by "this is my being. Do you think we are very far apart?" His false "jesus" is his teacher too not the Holy Spirit. Referring to God as the "the light" also is being done on purpose, yes Jesus Christ is the light of the world [John 8] but the Pope means something else here.

“‘God is not Catholic,’” Scalfari quoted the pope as saying, according to NBC News. Confused, he asked Pope Francis to elaborate, and the pontiff reportedly replied, “‘God is universal, and we are Catholic in the sense of the way we worship him.’”

The false Catholic religion really does see other religions as all worshipping "god" in their own way, with all roads from different religious directions going up the mountain top so to speak towards "god". This is why they have no problem calling their "god" "universal". Catholic means "universal" which should clue us in to the purpose of that harlot church in the first place, uniting the world under the Antichrist.

This is why recently too Pope Francis, stated that the Catholic church should be "the home of all" while trying to downplay a few of the culture wars.

Lest you forget from Vatican II and repeating by Pope John Paul II:

"Consequently, any other autonomous sources or ways of salvation cannot be admitted apart from Christ. Thus in the great religions, which the Church considers with respect and esteem in the way indicated by the Second Vatican Council, Christians recognize the presence of saving elements, which nevertheless operate in dependence on the influence of Christ's grace"

Pope Francis has been showing up with some strange crosses lately...

From the website Before its news:

A cross exposed by a Trad Catholic, he is right about the curvature and the "yin/yang" symbols in it.

Was this intentional or the "reported accident"?

Vatican Misspells Jesus' name on Papal Medal

Lesus/Lexus? Not sure what that means. Have the feeling it means something.  I doubt this was just a "mistake", people who cast metal or medals check their spelling.

And don't believe this showboating. A Jesuit making things "right"?

Pope signals start of new war on Vatican corruption

He has to revamp the place to "remarket" it and get more in the doors and deceived.

Revelation 17

King James Version (KJV)

17 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.


Anonymous said...

That is a really strange cross?
And ,he said he believed in Jesus incarnation.Isn't incarnation kind of a new age term.I remember that word being used a bit.I could be wrong.Don't we say" born in the flesh".I could be wrong but incarnation sounds close to reincarnation,so I thought it was a strange choice of words.And yes very new stance for the church,who probably still have it on there books ,that your anathema if your not catholic..

Anonymous said...

And ,I don't buy that mispelling thing either.
I came across an article;sorry I have no idea where;where the pope had a cross with either a ram or a bull on it ,and not Jesus Christ.It had the picture.I'll try to search for that..
That is very wierd,a "universal god";I don't remember Jesus saying anything about a universal God..
Even in catechism.
Excuss my sarcasm;I haven't finished my coffe yet...

Bible Believer said...

I think even Christians can use the word incarnation to denote Jesus as God becoming flesh in a correct way, but why would someone state I believe in "the incarnation" {sounds like a way to deny Jesus Christ before He became man as Eternal God}. That is a term I have to study more, I did do a Bible search for the word "incarnation" in the KJV Bible and found 0 results.

"Quick Search Results: incarnation

Showing results from:
Keyword search results
0 Results"

Yes a Christian would be more likely to say "born in the flesh".

I'm a bit more suspect about words that do not appear in the Bible, though I suppose some pundit could claim "Trinity" is not in there either, so this one needs some more study.

Bible Believer said...

Regarding the ram or bull cross.

I found this link

"On Tuesday March 19, 2013 Romanus Jorge Mario Bergoglio was officially inaugurated as Pope Francis I. Unbeknown to the masses in attendance the Jesuit Pope has completely replaced Christ with an image of the Beast. Pope Francis I presented himself to the Roman Catholic Church followers, not as the successor to Christ but as the antichrist. An image of the Beast has replaced the image of the crucified Christ on his official papal cross. Take notice of the image in the center of the papal staff. There is no longer an image of Christ nailed to the cross. An image of a Beast can clearly been seen. The image of the Beast is a representation of the False Messiah – Satan (a.k.a. the Anti Christ, 666, Antichrist, anti-Christ, Son of Perdition, the Man of Sin)

Focus on the image in the center of the cross. What does it look like to you? It is clearly an image of an animal. The definition of a beast is – “An animal, esp. a large or dangerous four-footed one.” That we can clearly see – a four-footed animal. What kind of beast is it? Is is a RAM or a Bull? You decide. No matter what you determine it to be, Ram or Bull, it will still undoubtedly be an image of a beast.

If you determine that the image of the beast is a Ram then it represents the beast Aries. Aries fits because Pope Francis I was inaugurated in Aries – March 21 – April 19. Aries is the sun sign and its element is fire. Aries symbol is the Ram. The Ram is a satanic symbol and figures prominently in Satan worship.

If you determine that the image of the beast on the cross is a Bull then it represents the beast Taurus. The word bull means “false talk, fraud,” from Old French bole “deception, trick, scheming, intrigue,” and connected to modern Icelandic bull “nonsense.” There also was a verb bull meaning “to mock, cheat”. Isn’t that what Pope Francis I is doing by replacing the image of Christ nailed to the cross with an image of a beast? Remember that the Israelites built a golden calf – a.k.a a bull and worshiped it while Moses received God’s covenant.

In Egyptian astrology, Taurus was thought to be the Apis bull. He was the animal equivalent of Horus, son of Isis by her brother/husband, Osiris. As the story goes, Osiris was the lord of the underworld, the character who represents Satan in Christian theology. The Apis bull is seen in many pictographs of ancient Egypt with a disc of the sun between his horns. A serpent (Uraeus) also sits atop the head of Apis in front of the sun disc. This serpent is also prominent on the headdress of the pharaoh, being the symbol of the pharaoh’s parent deity.

Need more proof that the Roman Catholic Church is a pagan (deity or false gods) sun worshiping religion. Need more evidence that the Roman Catholic Church is the House of Satan (the Ram) – the antichrist."

Anonymous said...

about the 'beast' on the cross - it's probably supposed to be the "lamb of god". You can enlarge it here:

Also, the previous pope has sported this cross before:

Anonymous said...

apparently it's pope Benedict's version of the 'papal staff', see:

very sad either way...

Anonymous said...

Anon - you may be right ;but I think I saw the article BB posted and I am pretty sure I saw 2 horns..I'll look again.I admit I'm not an expert.
BB-Your right about the word incarnation, it could be used,but strange to be used..When I was a new ager I used to say"I haven't incarnated yet".Meaning my soul hadn't completely entered my body yet..So,I'm leary of language like that.But,it could just be from my own past false ways..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry anon;but I went back and looked at that picture and you can clearly see horns..even if it is a lamb with horns(although it looks like a bull to me),Revelation 13:11"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth;and he had two horns like a lamb,and he spoke like a dragon".KJV -Why even use this symbol on the cross when over the years it's been a little lamby in a picture,or Christ crucified on the cross..Just saying..
Plus what I find most disturbing about him are some things that have been said about him in Argentina during the death squads.
Just wikipedia him and go down to "dirty war".I've read some other things by Argentinians.I don't mean to use gossip or hearsay;but some people in that country have tried to speak out.It's just too scary for me to think about or say any more..
Sorry;I get a little tense thinking about him.I need to find my peace in Christ..
BB-I stand with you that your picture of his cross, you posted really does look satanic..
God Bless you both..
Oh,plus all the other symbols all over the vatican doesn't make me want to give him the benefit of the doubt..Never liked the popes ;even when I was a catholic.No connection..Also glad I never knew I was eating jesus literally..Missed that one somehow.I think Jesus was protecting me..

Anonymous said...

BB - I just wanted to apologize for a couple of things.I have had a hint of sarcasm in a line or two of my posts today.I don't know what got into me .Had to pray about it..
Also my grammer and sentence structure is so horrible in so many of my posts ,I hope I do not drive people away.I don't know if it is from my illness affecting my cognitive function(not on the sarcasm,that's just my fault),or I wasn't as well educated as I thought,and my high IQ is of no help..So,anyway forgive me..

Anonymous said...

The words "incarnate" and "incarnation" is not found anywhere in the bible. Its not a biblical word.

Anonymous said...

The popes have always carried strange "crosses" with them.

John Paul 2 carried this strange "bent crucifix". It was a deformed cross with a strange looking "Jesus" on it.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a new low;and consider the Revelations passage I brought up may be talking about the false prophet..
I agree again,incarnation was a strange choice of words.

Bible Believer said...

I thought I had saw two horns too on the picture so posted that link. It is hard to see, I wonder what the symbols are in those circles too on that cross. Zodiac signs? They "hide" a lot and sometimes just come out in your face with stuff. It could be a "lamb". Not much to excuse the Pentagram cross nor the odd one with a the subtle yin yang curves.

I know about the Argentine stuff, he was on the side of the dictators where thousands disappeared. Scary stuff. That is one who can put on the nice "sweet" face while having utter blackness inside, that is true of all of them but look how they have been selling this guy as the "nice" Pope. The other one looked like he could play the part of Emperor Palatine in Star Wars.

I hope and pray some people in Argentina will be born again and leave the Catholic church, especially after seeing that guy get a top position.

Yes find peace in Jesus Christ, realize all those Popes have been demon filled and the most wicked human beings on earth. Probably all of us as Christians couldn't bear to be in the room with one, we would feel the evil, be praying and told by God to flee from such evil.

The Vatican is full of Satanic symbols, I have old articles about Satanic sculptures, the pinecone, and other things they have overtly shown. The churches are full of them. Check out index of Catholic related articles.

I never liked the Popes either, even as a Catholic child, dragged to see Pope John Paul II, thought it was creepy how everyone was cheering for a mere man. The priests and bishops always gave me the willies and I always cried at Mass and never wanted to go. I used to make parents angry as a high school student, telling them that one of our Catholic churches was haunted. I'd do it as a joke about the cold spot, but inside was reeling.

There was a weird COLD SPOT I felt in one as a teen and had to return to that church in my 20s for a family funeral, and it was STILL THERE. I took "ill" and went outside.

Today I understand why. Catholic churches are FULL OF DEMONS. When I was an adult in RCIA having left UU church and in that inbetween spot, NOT saved yet, they were giving the newbies in the RCIA class--they had newbies and returnees in the same one, a tour of the church, and they had us go on the church stage. I made the mistake of touching the Catholic altar. Let me just say, it is a moment that I spiritually will never forget. I actually got physically ill. Now remember I knew nothing back then, BUT was reading the Bible and seeking after God at the time.

The Eucharist thing always bugged me. I told some women when I was back in the RCC [after UU years but before being saved] They told me they didn't believe that the Eucharist was really the body and blood of "jesus" either, and I remember saying that that you know the Catholic church teaches that we are supposed to believe that. I was in that would be returnee RCIA class.

I stopped taking the communion a few months before I left. Left within days of being born again. I think God protected you too. I believe God was warning me and waking me up too. I was at the time seeking after the truth and wanting to know what was true and praying.

Bible Believer said...

I believe a Pope could be the antichrist. They ARE ANTICHRIST even if not THE.

I am open to false prophet theories too. We know the Pope is going to serve some sort of role and is definitely doing now in the world.

Suki, I understand, I have to try and avoid sarcasm myself. Sometimes we see some of the insanity out there and it can be a natural reaction but we have to try and avoid sin. I don't have perfect spelling myself either. To make this blog timely, it is not as edited as I'd like it to be but then I would be posting so little, it'd be a whole other ball game.

I don't trust that word "incarnate", you know that could be one they got from the Roman Catholics. I of course believe that Jesus is God and became flesh.

The "bent crucifix" is satanic as well and yes that was a favorite of JPII. I believe crucifixes in themselves are Satanic. When they bend them that is another marker.

Anonymous said...

Yes ,I think that is what disturbs me about this Pope, to a lot of people he will seem sweet and nice,but he has a really dark history that's not even being talked about.He also comes across very liberal but he may be quite the opposite(a facist).I think that's Satan's big thing ,to look really nice,all kumbia ,love and light..But then not really.
Thanks BB.My sentence stucture is pathetic often,but I appreciate the Mercy.And doing better today with the sarcasm even though the temptation is still there..

FaithGuy3 said...

As we were discussing on another topic recently - that Illuminati controlled message forum Freerepublic has been doing damage control to defend Pope Francis' recent comments.

Among the things you see random "posters" there say are "Liberal media distorted his comments!", "NY Times shows their liberal bias!", etc.

Honestly - whatever anyone's views on "conservatism" are, it's their business. But I can't imagine anyone even remotely thinking this Pope is some *conservative*.

Anonymous said...

FaithGuy3 - My apologies if you thought I was equating conservatism with facism..I was really thinking about his politics when he was in Argentina,and he may not have been what he seemed..
I do really apologize if I offended in any way..I really don't know anything for sure when it comes to politics anyway.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the pope’s sinister medal and motto…


L is a J reversed/backwards.

The left index finger of the “publican” is pointing down.

At the bottom of the publican’s feet, which is not visible in your clipped photo, is a balance scale (scales of justice/masonic symbolism)

* * *
Behold, they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear? But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision. Psalm 59:7-8

Aka Alert

Anonymous said...

I think the Pope could figure out there was no light until God created it, if only he would read and believe the Bible. Maybe he is just too illuminated. - Don

Anonymous said...

"There was a weird COLD SPOT I felt in one as a teen and had to return to that church in my 20s for a family funeral, and it was STILL THERE. I took "ill" and went outside."

Yes. That can be a sign of a haunting. There are times when a room can become cold for no apparent reason. Not because of the weather or air conditioning, just unnnaturally cold.

Getting ill can be another sign.

Not to mention the obvious. Voices, noises, the skaking of a bed or doors, orbs in film, "shadow people", faces showing up in a photo.

Impersonating deceased people.

They LOVE to impersonate the deceased. That is one of their favorite games. And I can see why, most people buy into it.

Sometimes they play the good demon/bad demon game. Where one "good" ghost is trying to warn you about a bad ghost or demon. And then some psychic will come in and tell you to tell them to go to the light.

Parlor tricks.

Bible Believer said...

Yes this Pope is wearing a sweet face. Today in the NWO liberal and fascist really are the same thing. [The terms are growing more limited]. It is interesting how our NWO media, has not exposed any of the Argentina connections, only a few have. I wonder what Argentina thinks and if there is now an exodus out of the Catholic church, maybe not. Maybe something I'll look at.
Yes he is a human "angel of light" appearing all nice and "sweet" for the father of lies.

Bible Believer said...

You are welcome anon, don't worry about sentence structure. To have time to even answer comments, I don't edit these. I am sure some spelling and typos from me show up. I had someone upset with me for not fully editing the blog more, like she told me to go get a professional editor. LOL I know the religious merchandisers probably have those. You take care, don't worry. We have people who show up here where English isn't their first language etc.

Bible Believer said...


Interesting, yes maybe its a sign for the antichrist since we know occultists love the backward words why not a backward letter? Oops it's a mistake they said, but is it really? I don't think so. It has the Pope hand sign in it, one up by the heart and pointing backwards, the occultic "sacred heart", an odd "divide" between the two figures, and yes the masonic scales. I wonder if the figure on the right missing a foot like it got chopped off, if that means anything. You see weird things like that in Catholic art, extra hands, missing hand, missing foot. One of the scales has something in it while the other does not.

Aka Alert

Bible Believer said...

I think he is too "illuminated" Don. Definitely.

Bible Believer said...

Anon I used to make the rounds on Catholic blogs for research, even for this blog when I was doing Catholic articles and go from time to time even now, it's always that nonsense, the Pope comes up with some "new" doozie, like the atheist thing, and the
"Conservative ones" bend over literally backwards to say, "Oh the Pope didn't mean it THAT WAY!" Free Republic has been full of that nonsense for years. The Cognitive Dissonance and confusion is high there. One thing about cults like Catholicism they tell you to deny what is right in front of your face, to stay in the cults they already have to do endless mental gymnastics, so I guess it is something they are trained in well, so they can quibble about DIRECT statements and how they didn't really mean what they said!

I used to tell Catholics on "conservative" political boards, how the Catholic church supported open immigration, open borders, the one world religion, etc etc. They all would claim I was a liar even when I put up direct Catholic claims.

Hey even with Notre Dame and it's top priests invited Obama to give him a medal way back when Obama just got elected or it may have been right before, you can't even imagine the excuses they made. Those universities [even ran by full blown orders under the direction of the Vatican] are way ward and have rejected the Pope's directions. Utter nonsense.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I believe that church was haunted. As a teen, I couldn't bear it, I would go sit in the bathroom at the back of the church with the stall closed. Everyone else just thought the ventilation/AC/heating was off, even though it was the middle of summer and it was very cold right in the same spot always. Of course being a teen I could not say anything, I don't even think I told a sibling because they remained as clueless. I didn't have the type of family I could be open with on anything. I couldn't step foot in that church today as a saved Christian. Yes I have heard of other hauntings, people have shared some things with me, and I have witnessed to them and what is really happening. Voices, things being moved, noises, shadows that move around and are not explainable--I've heard of the shadow people thing before and have seen it described, funny things with mirrors etc.

One reason the bible warns against familiar spirits is because GHOSTS ARE DEMONS.

Try telling most of the lost world that, they think you are nuts. I even told this woman the other day when she said she hoped deceased family members and friends showed up to her on her death bed like this one relative, I said you better hope they do not, and that ghosts are demons.

One thing you will see is the extensive excuse making, I have seen Christians who have told me there is nothing wrong with a dying person seeing deceased relatives, and that God would allow that. I then usually say what part of FAMILIAR do you not understand? That particular warning is in the Bible because God knows people ignoring His commandments will miss those who have died and will call upon them, many false religions have the ancestor worship and rest, where the demons then show up and take advantage.

I agree about the good demon/bad demon game, one sees this in the duality thing in the occult, white magic, black magic, all of it is evil.

Deut 18:10

10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the "LESVS" in metal is no mistake. Reminds me of the Georgia Guidestones "PSEUDONYN" and is no mistake in granite. It is the real identification as to the owners, R.C. Christian is Rosicrucianism. - Don

Anonymous said...

I bet those first 6,000 coins went to the top Luciferians as the collectors edition. The missing foot, notice the left is showing and goes along with the scales. - Don

Anonymous said...

O.K. since you guy's are all bring this stuff up;when I first went back to the catholic church ,this old guy was being really friendly to me in the lobby.He bragged he was a Mason(didn't know much about them back then).So he turns to the priest and say's "hey father blank have you meant -Me-"And the Priest looked at me with the most evil look and he looked like he just turned into some hooded creature.It was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me..It was like he morphed.Now to be fair he was sick with a cold or flu and his mother just died;so maybe it was just that.But I'm not really that kind of person who see's or imagines things like that.To this day I'm always going to wonder about that.Was really afraid of him after that,and he was always really cold to me..Never went back after a few months..He was just too scary.But a lot of the parish loved him?I don know...

Bible Believer said...

Yes like the Georgia Guidestones, secret symbols and funny words and "mistakes" that aren't. Hmm masonic symbol with the one foot?

Bible Believer said...

Priests will glare at a Christian [you probably weren't saved yet], especially demon filled, knowing deceiver ones, maybe that is what happened. Also if you saw him "change" you probably saw what was spiritually in him, demons if you get my drift. It could be a warning to stay away.

If a born again Christian enters the room these guys are not happy. I have run into two priests and it was very unsettling. One time I walked up behind an old man wearing a blue sweater and black pants, at the grocery store, and he turned around quickly very fast and gave me a very evil look, I was not close enough to offend him that way. It was a priest. Another time I was sitting at a gas station waiting for husband to pay and this priest was a passenger and that man too turned around and just glared. I usually happily go around in public and do not have people look at me the way these two did!

Anonymous said...

I meant "father have you met -me-"
Oh,it was an evil look..Even my husband said he reminded him of a policeman.A priest..And once during mass ,I was innocently looking at his gold ring,and he gave me the evil look again..It was too wierd..I think I spiritually saw what was in him...
Why I left very quickly.I'm actually surprised I stayed as long as I did.I think I tend to doubt what are some really clear good perceptions sometimes.A lesson I am really trying to learn.Trust the holy spirit.You will be guided..

Bible Believer said...

I had a priest slap me when i was 9 years old even. It was a distant relative, and it was weird, why was he so angry? Maybe their demons tell them even who will one day be born again. All I know is the two times I got glared at by priests in the last 5-6 years, it was disturbing and very memorable. I prayed in both cases. I am glad you were able to leave. Sometimes we doubt what we already "know", its tough, but that is part of progression in this life, facing the truth and dealing with it. Always trust the Holy Spirit and His warnings.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who loves God's word was looking for a preschool. She went to this church and spoke to the pastor. She said it was a really weird meeting. He wouldn't look her in the eye and the whole thing was just odd. Someone shared this link with her about him:
He has an exceptional passion for the emergent church and brings relevancy to the ever changing society.
I told her no wonder - he's not about biblical Christianity. He probably did not like you and what you represent. They can tell, like you said, who's who.

Anonymous said...

I personally believe that this new pope is the antichrist. Please watch the video by Richard Bennett, a former catholic priest: Pope Francis shows his true colors.

GOD bless

Anonymous said...

A truly Biblical preacher in 19th Century Scotland, Robert Murray McCheyne, made a brilliant point in one of his sermons. When the soul in darkness makes any attempt to approach Christ, then Satan appears. Satan speaks to us in our fallen state, in our spiritual pride, in our wish to put ourselves on the throne and be our own little god. And this is what Satan says to people. He says, 'Peace, peace.' Satan's peace is counterfeit. But it is very clever counterfeit. Just like clever counterfeit money which can fool the experts. And by inducing an ungodly state of peace, Satan leads us away from faith in Christ's redeeming blood, into the feel-good one-world religion. Jesus of the New Age is the counterfeit Jesus. It is the feel-good religion beloved of Hollywood, television drama, the music industry, advertising and much of the liberal media. It's time to get back to Reformed theology. Time to read the puritans such as John Owen, Richard Sibbes, John Flavel and George Whitfield. Francis Schaeffer, rooted in the Reformation, predicted that Rome was heading this way. We need to see John MacArthur, John Piper and James White preaching the Gospel INSIDE the Vatican. Does Pope Francis have the humility to listen to the Protestants? JOHN HAGGERTY

Anonymous said...

From which Bible dId you search? Do you us the transcription of King James, or do you search all of the original scrolls of old?