Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Jesus of course loved those on the fringes of society, the tax collector during his time, the poor, the disenfranchised, he helped those who were shunned for severe illness such as the woman who had bled for 12 years. [Mark 5:25-34]

But one thing I have noticed in the OUTCAST messages,  this is definitely one that can be inverted. While we all want to reach to those this world has thrown away, the suffering, and others in God's love, the powers that be do use the OUTCAST message to deceive. It's hard to explain, but think about those Whosoever folks, who tell the sad, lonely, stressed out young people in their tattoos and black jeans, "You are outcasts and we accept you!" and they use this method to march those who are searching for love and acceptance in this wicked, cold, cruel world right into false religion.

I have fit "outcast" status before. Be poor enough in American society, that will be enough to do it! Remember Satan's workers will use this one too. I found this picture some time ago, and thought hey that is a decent message, shouldn't we all reach out to the outcasts, the poor and others where many in this world suffer so much? Jesus Himself on this earth was an OUTCAST as the crowds rallied for Him to be crucified in front of Pilate.

Jer 30:17    For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD; because they called thee an Outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after.

But many will abuse this message, they will unleash a siren call to "the outcasts" of society. They will say to broken people, those who suffer from poverty, physical illness, abuse, substance abuse and other problems who live on the fringes and say "COME TO US, and WE WILL GIVE YOU THE TRUTH." They set out false acceptance and love-bombing like cults to bring the numbers in and they give them lies instead!

I almost used this picture in a GOOD WAY, saying BE MINDFUL of the poor in society, the downcast, with Bible verses to care for one's brother and to have the mind of God's servant not of this world. Sadly however I realized, this is really a lyric that comes from a song of one of those false contemporary Christian rock bands. This one is called RELIENT K {is that kind of like Special K?} They have made the Calvary Chapel rounds including at least one Harvest Fest with Greg Laurie  and some have labeled them as "Christian punk".

More interesting hand positions too. All of them always look so sullen too. In other pictures of them, there seem to be odd markings.

Here's the lyrics from their song:

"Failure To Excomunicate Lyrics

It's the principle, it's the issue
That your principal would dismiss you
Because you don't fit into that all American Box
That coffin created for creative thought

It's disgusting, his priorities
How we're entrusting him with authority
His gavel's gone down before he looked in your heart
He finished this racism before he reached the start

Jesus loved the outcasts
He loves the ones the world just loves to hate
And as long as there's a Heaven
There'll be a failure to excommunicate

The world just keeps you at an arm's length
Every week you work up the strength
To fight the flames that are hurled, let your faith shine right through
You know it's the world versus Jesus and you

It's disgusting, their priorities
How we're entrusting them with authority
Their gavel's gone down before they looked in your heart
They finished this racism before they reached the start

Jesus loved the outcasts
He loves the ones the world just loves to hate
And as long as there's a Heaven
There'll be a failure to excommunicate

Jesus loved the outcasts
He loves the ones the world just loves to hate
And as long as there's a Heaven
There'll be a failure to excommunicate
 Failure to excommunicate"

The failure to excommunicate thing is kind of weird, "excommunicate" like the Catholic church? Excommunicated from the Catholic church is a good thing, as that means you have left it's false teachings behind! What is this "look in your heart" stuff too? The heart is a deceitful thing, that is what the Bible tells us!

While the message that Jesus loved the outcasts on the front of things is not a negative one, this is "Be a rebel", "Jesus culture" counterculture selling off  false Christianity. With the first stanza, if your principal at your high school doesn't like you or punishes you [yes there are endless problems in the public school system] then you can show him and be a "rebel" "Christian"!

I'm reading a book now about the author Salinger from the library, you know the guy who wrote Catcher in the Rye. It was an awful book which really was some of the seed-spark for the later youthful rebellions that came in the 1960s. Sometimes I'll read and study things like this to get a bigger picture. He was a very strange guy with many bad proclivities, who worked in "intelligence" during WWII. I read those song lyrics, and it's like that band is singing, "Don't be like the phonies, be a rebel!" "Be a cool Christian!"

Ever heard the phrase manufactured rebellion? I know I have used it a few times. Ever notice all the "outcasts and rebels" all dress alike at the Whosoever and other "Christian" rock concerts and conferences? Hey even among us older folks, many  dressed "goth", "punk" or "heavy metal" many years ago. They sold records to us telling us we were "outcasts".  I know scenes like that, but I see through it now. "Manufactured outcasts" among disenfranchised youth in a failing economy in a wicked world now being given false messages.  They can use these emotions to mislead. The lyric "You know its the world versus Jesus and You" is a bit bothersome, considering that isn't an attitude that helps one to witness the gospel to a lost world. 

We should love "the outcasts" enough for them to know the truth, that others will lie to them using their suffering, disenfranchisement and feeling rejected by the world to bring them into a false Christianity.

Matthew 5:46

King James Version (KJV)

46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?


Anonymous said...

Every generations lie is our parents do not understand us. Must be because that generation is so different, forget about Ecclesiastes 1:9. This is one of the works of Satan used for separation. It cuts two ways, Parents/Adults are stupid and the young are special. It is funny how my Dad got so much smarter when I reached about 25! Effective communication makes a family strong. There is no communication without love and no love without Christ. - Don

Bible Believer said...

The whole "generation gap" thing was about removing young and old so the young would no longer listen to the wisdom of the elders, did you notice how each generation got separated from another starting in the 60s? [of course I do not support that family integrated stuff or the patriarchy movement]

There is a Bible prophecy that talks about the days when the "young" will rule.

Isa 3:4 King James Bible
And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

Now some people may have to depart from wicked families or have parents who have rejected God or who are in false religions, and that is 'wisdom' they need to leave, but even in that case, elders in the church can serve as role models to them.

Sadly probably with most of the young people hearing the "outcast" siren call, they are looking for something beyond modern secular life, they probably were raised in non-religious households or ones filled with false religions. One thing I have noticed in the false apostate church is the "generation gap" between young and old with more barriers being built.

King James Bible
Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren;

You are right that effective communication makes a family strong and one needs love and Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

I can think back on so many things older people said to me when I was in my early twenty's,that I ignored,and they turned out to be right.I'm not sure any of these people were christians either..
I also think about how much perspective the elderly have to give,and we are totally shutting them away..
I agree,total mind control, starting with the beatles and the sixty's.Never even thought the beatles were that good..

Bible Believer said...

Me too, I remember what older people told me too. I had some dear elderly friends some who passed away who told me how life used to be and shared much wisdom. They did start shutting away the elderly in the 1960s and separating the generations. It was about Mind Control. I never liked the Beatles, used to wonder what is everyone so excited about. Saying you don't like the Beatles, people do get upset they are so indoctrinated into that music.

Anonymous said...

BB -I know ;my husbands one who loves the beatles.Gives me a look when I say anything..Not saved yet..I admit I was horrified to find out some things about musicians I did like...I rarely even listen to music anymore..
I used to have quite a few elderly friends for years, who have all passed away...They were some of my best friends!I miss them..

Bible Believer said...

Most people I know love the Beatles and John Lennon too, even the Christians and even if you tell them the non-Christian messages in John Lennon's "Imagine" etc. if one studies the history of the top musicians, it's scary, the occult involvement and more. Jim Morrison even spoke of the Indian spirit that communicated with him and you'll find out far worse. Even a careful listening to what the lyrics will tell you a lot. I'm sorry you lost your elderly friends too, praying. Mine were some of my best friends too.

Anonymous said...

Yes,why do they not get that john lennons song was ,well nwo..?I was bummed out that Pat Metheny loved and looked up to David Bowie,who I read was into a bit of satanism..I used to love Pat Metheny..If you read about the Laurel Canyon bunch or links;if I can find the link ,this guy puts it together very succinctly,and strangely amusingly..I think it's the way he connects them all so quickly..

Anonymous said...

And back to the subject;Jesus loved the poor and the sick,he fed and healed them;but just as he loved sinners,he told them to go and sin no more..Because he loved them...

Bible Believer said...

That John Lennon song is NWO to the max. In the UU church, the UU pastors would have us sing "IMAGINE" from time to time, with smug faces as they sang the lyrics that denied God and heaven. I don't know much about Pat Metheny but consider David Bowie a full part of the NWO system, maybe even MK ultra that one, especially with that movie Labyrinth which was full of mind control symbolism.

I have read the Laurel Canyon links. It's one way to see how "connected" so many of the famous are, and when I refer to "luciferian networks" that is some of what I am talking about.

See this post if you haven't yet...

If one knows those entertainment puzzle pieces it's interesting to connect them with the RELIGIOUS.

Connie Bremer wife of Lonnie Frisbee met with Charlie Manson for FOUR DAYS?

Another site...

Do be careful on that website, he is not a Christian. So far much of the information seems valid, but we always have to be careful.

Bible Believer said...

agree about Jesus loving the poor and telling them to go sin no more.

God bless you anon.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you,I will check out your links.That's something I didn't know about,the religeous connections to the famous.That's really creepy too.

FaithGuy3 said...

BB - there's also this whole Christian Rock/CCM movement that infiltrated churches shortly after the NIV bible hit the market in 1978. Pretty much rebellion and war on the family started to infiltrate the church walls since.

Even one pastor in the newspaper a few or so years ago rationalized that churches need to bring this stuff in b/c otherwise, we would be "discriminating" against the youth. Talk about a stone-cold hireling here!

Even some of the "religious right" leaders like Jerry Falwell embraced Christian Rock/CCM.

Anonymous said...

I lost everything about 15 years ago due to my own destructive living, thinking I was having a good time. I remember seeing the look of disgust and being called a loser, a charity case.
It was then that I finally put my trust in Jesus - when there was nowhere else to go - but he picked me up and healed me. I was broken and sincere, ready to do things His way. Even at my lowest I wouldn't have wanted what the Whosoevers offer. I was rebellious and hardened, but to have those same attributes and have Jesus Christ - it's impossible. One of them says we're all broken - but not after you follow Jesus Christ. He changes you and you are no longer broken! Why are they still broken?

Yes, the Beatles are very NWO.

A lady I know says she likes Calvary Chapel because they say she can listen to whatever music she likes and she's not giving up the Beatles. I said, but the Beatles were into the occult. I got the blank stare.

A Whosoever fan posted on her Facebook John and Yoko Ono with the caption: Don't hate what you don't understand. And I thought how ironic because they hate Christianity!

People have told me that heavy metal bands look satanic for the shock value, they aren't really into it. But look at their lifestyle - of course they are! How they live is consistent with the image they project. I was very into heavy metal when young and now it's so hard to listen to. Especially when you discover the background of Jim Morrison and witchcraft, the Beatles and eastern religion, Jimmy Page and satanism, Stevie Nicks - and that's just for starters!

Anonymous said...

FaithGuy3 -the NIV hit the market in 1978...I'm really out of the loop..I thought it was more recent.I've only been a christian for 3 or 4 years..
BB -I wish you would do an article about what it's like to become a christian, after this hugh apostacy has hit the church.Where does one go for fellowship or if one needs instruction.You know how awful it is out there.It's very hard being a new christian without much fellowship.

Bible Believer said...

Oh yes I believe the whole Christian rock thing was planned from the start to infiltrate the churches especially if you know how the financing started via Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel.

Not surprised it came with the NIV. They claim they are discriminating against the youth and have to be "hip" and with the times. It sometimes gets to me to watch older people rave on about "contemporary" services and how entertaining they are. Sigh.
Sure most of the religious right, are with it all too. Franklin Graham and company and many more.

Bible Believer said...

Sorry you lost everything anon, but Praise God you were then able to be saved. Sometimes we have to lose everything in this world to turn to Jesus Christ. I have been called a loser and "charity case" too, I know how painful that is. I agree about broken people. Hey the "broken" youth is who they seek, but they do not promise real healing. All these Christian rock bands are rebellious and hardened like the world. Who needs that one you have Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. They follow another "jesus" that keeps them in darkness and while Christians may still experience financial and health problems they have the blessed hope in HIm and meaning as people in Him.
In other words once you are a Christian we are an outcast to this world but we are sons and daughters of God and that is what counts the most.

The Beatles are very NWO and I believe have luciferian lyrics, Lucy in Sky with Diamonds, homage to lucifer not just about drugs--double meanings all over the place.

I have told people that the Beatles and their favorite rock bands are into the occult, they often do not care.

I believe too the heavy metal bands are really into the Satanism, it's not just a put upon. Look at Ozzy, he had that reality show, his house was covered in occult markers all over the place. His wife Sharon Osbourne, I have seen when a family member was watching one of those talent shows on TV. America's Got Talent she was making constant devil horns signs. Nope not by accident. I told the family member I didn't want that show on anymore and they had occult written all over it and pushed homosexuality etc.

As I have written here before, I was into very bad music. GOTH, and INDUSTRIAL/PUNK and what was called "alternative"-late 80s and yes I listened to all the heavy metal types too. Jim Morrison was so possessed it was not funny, out of curiosity I read one of those biographies about Morrison, and there is so much occult involvement, you have to know he was chosen and trained from an early age, to become what he did. Even the "lighter" ones show involvement with the occult, what they preach and symbols they show and lyrics.

Often the top entertainment will help with pushing political and other agendas for their NWO masters too, so it's not just devil worship, its the agendas and programming they preach via their lyrics.

Focus on looks and sex and money
ONE WORLD philosophies ["One" by U2 is an example]
God doesn't exist [tons of them Depeche Mode, The The, [sure there's plenty today too]

Anonymous said...

The first thing I felt convicted to do when I was born again was to stop listening to most music.I got rid of most of my cd's;kept a few classical and spanish guitar.But I find I prefer the quiet life anyway..So I rarely listen to anything..
BB-I read your links,that Davesweb guy is brilliant.I wondered if he put his book out yet?

Anonymous said...

BB- Good one on the list with what
there promoting with there lyrics!
God bless you!

Bible Believer said...

I don't listen to music. There have been a few times I snap the radio on in the car, and I heard just AWFUL stuff. Even the 80s stuff sounds light to the trash they play now. This is listening for mere seconds. I do listen to older music, maybe a little Appalachian bluegrass or classical, on very rare occasion. Yeah the Davesweb guy has a lot of information, I think I saw an advertisement for the book. Just proceed with caution as we know some can reveal A LOT but be controlled opps. Thanks regarding list, the music being so popular and pervasive, they know they can literally influence millions.

Bible Believer said...

correction to above. I wanted to write, I don't listen to much music.

Anonymous said...

BB- don't worry;I was thinking;if this guy is for real,exposing all this why isn't he dead...I definitely am always leary of people that expose things.
But having said that I wish he would do hollywood actors/directors and that whole gang.It is interesting that most of these musicians had some family ties to the military..
I even think the Snowden thing is baloney.I think the powers that be could have him killed in a millisecond.If he's alive he's probabley controlled opposition.
Just my two cents worth..

Anonymous said...

Hi BB, Anon here from 5:57 a.m.
I am very grateful I lost everything. Otherwise I may not have turned to Jesus Christ. My parents took me to church every Sunday. Dad was a pastor before I was born. But I was drawn to darkness, to partying, hanging out with guys who were always in trouble, had a couple boyfriends in bands. I not only lost stuff, I lost my sanity, and my physical health was not so great, either. When I asked Him for help, and meant it this time - He picked me up and over time things got a lot better. When I began to get my life back in order, they had me on anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants, but I stopped the meds over 11 years ago. I don't need it anymore, and I don't want to party, smoke, drink, curse, associate with anything evil-looking, or listen to much music anymore. Jesus changed me. I asked him to mold me into what He wanted and the world looks so much different today. I don't want what the world has to offer.

That's why when I see Welch and friends say Jesus saved them from stuff, I can't understand why they'd return to it. Why they'd say they have to be hard, rebellious, cool, like the world. Yes, the manufactured rebellion. And it's because, like you say, they are leading all those kids to another Jesus.

It's not a life of rebellion anymore, it's not a life of doing what you want to do, doing things your way. It's a life of submission to Jesus Christ.

The Whosos are teaching the kids to rebel against the Jesus Christ of the bible. Just what the enemy wants.


Anonymous said...

BEB -Amen!Well said!Glad you left that life and came to Jesus!

Anonymous said...

BB - Ihave been sick in bed for 2 days;so today I watched an old dvd I had of Andy Griffith.I kept it because it has him playing this beautiful appalachian music with Mr.Darling who came to visit him..
It was beautiful.The guy who played the bango and the mandalen were excellent.I thought of you..
And maybe I would go to the used record store and see what they have.I think you would have liked it!

Richard Vary said...

Dude, you need to read the gospels and learn about how Jesus loved people. I will pray that the Holy Spirit opens your heart to the love of God, which was exactly how we saw Jesus deal with people. Jesus was God in flesh, and Jesus taught us how to deal with all types of people, the religious and the outcasts. I used to think like you because I didnt allow the word of God to penetrate my hard heart. But God, in His love and mercy, did not allow me to stay that way and directed me to read the Matthew, Mark, Luke and John over and over again until I realized that was how I was supposed to be loving people. John 3:16 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him." If Jesus was not sent to judge, then how can we think it is our responsibility to do so? Jesus began the largest following in the world by loving people. He loved them so much it cost Him His life. But He gave up His life so that we could continue what He began, loving people into the Kingdom of God. One of the the Holy Spirit's jobs is to convict us of sin, but that Job was never given to us. Let the Holy Spirit do His job, He is much better at it, and was commissioned to do so. I pray that God opens your ears to what the Word makes so perfectly clear. Oh, and read The Shack, its and incredible depiction of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Or see the movie, it is very good as well.
In Christ's Love,