Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Government Shut Down! and Comments on Obamacare

Ted Rall is a bit of a liberal so don't agree with him on everything, but I doubt they shut down the things above in this cartoon! I am not sure where this government shut-down stuff is headed. One thing odd I found out and reported on some news is the Obamacare websites aren't working.

Also see this: "California Admits Only 1.65% Of Exchange Visitors Signed Up For Obamacare"

It doesn't look like many are signing up

From comment at the last link:

"Obamacare is a failure out of the box.
Explain to a typical, non-smoking 26 year old that they will pay a monthly premium of about $150 for the cheapest plan (i.e. "Bronze"), but that they have a yearly deductible of $6,000.00, which means that they will pay 100% of all costs of doctor visits, medications, treatment & procedures until they expend $7,800.00 (so, $6,000.00 + $1,800.00) - in any given 12 month period, and they'll laugh then cry.
And the costs will only increase faster than the rate of inflation in subsequent years.
It's all one big pork program for the insurance & pharma industries.
That the Supreme Court upheld the compulsory purchase of health insurance (i.e. the "Individual Mandate") tells anyone all they need to know how far beyond a banana republic, governed by an Animal Farm government, we've become."

You may wonder why am I bringing that up? It just sees strange, that wouldn't they have done a better job if they knew millions had to sign up? Wouldn't there be Obamacare workers hired? Designed to fail? What is the plan? I don't know. And then there is a government shut down all at the same time?  There is so much craziness coming out of Washington DC anymore, I can't keep up with the insanity. 

One guy wrote on Zero Hedge, "No one can afford it", I think he is on to something there too.

Whose going to hand over 150 dollars a month for a health plan where you pay the first 7800 dollars of any medical bill?


FaithGuy3 said...

Believe it or not - it was Newt Gingrich and the Heritage Foundation that came up with the Individual Mandate idea. In 1993, when Clinton wanted to pass universal health care, the GOP establishment wanted this Individual Mandate alternative.

Ultimately, this has been in the works for a long, long time - it wasn't Obama that came up with this idea. Even Richard Nixon and Franklin Roosevelt wanted socialized medicine.

And believe it or not too - there are leaders in the "truth" movement like Jesse Ventura and Mike Rivero that have been pushing for socialized medicine.

Ultimately, they are ALL in the same boat!
[b]The Irony of Obamacare: Republicans Thought of It First[/b]

Anonymous said...

Wow!Good catch!I believe that,even though I don't remember..My husband will be interested in that piece of info!There both the same party now....

Bible Believer said...

Thats interesting about Newt Gingrich, and Heritage, hey they wanted to help their "insurance" " "brothers" get an even bigger piece of the pie. Remember this goes beyond SOCIALISM, they have CRONY CORRUPT CAPITALISM, with the INSURANCE folks to get their GIANT CUT standing in line to get their FORCED PAYMENTS. I am incredulous finding out how high the Obamacare deductibles are and how low the pay-outs are, the insurance is basically worthless and leaves families eve less money to deal with regular medical costs [the insurance doesn't cover] to come their way. It is a total Ponzi scheme.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it kind of wierd how the government shutdown at first seemed to be about obamacare;but that has been totally sidelined to the debt issue?I think it's like ;look over here,look over there;then over here,and on and on...
May God help us all..

Bible Believer said...

There's so much misdirection with this one and confusion. I have been reading the articles where they are talking about a possible default. I may post on this later. I have to try and make some sense of it all.

Of course, it's hard to know what are practice runs or lies to get the public riled up. Emotional abuse to drive the horrible Obamacare through? Obamacare is so bad, people need to realize this isn't like Medicare or anything, the deductibles are so high it's basically insurance companies and government joining together to rob the American people. I also think there are the implications that they know most people can't afford it, so how do you sign up for something you cannot afford?

There is no healthcare in it, essentially when you have thousands of dollars of deductibles and even there end up with 40% or is it 60% of the bill. You are right, it is LOOK OVER HERE< LOOK OVER THERE>

Have any of you noticed how life in America is always about a crisis every minute? It's too bad they have made it so this stuff impacts daily life too, having so many families live on the financial edge too. They are wearing people down for their own purposes. One thing for us Christians, we have to get to the place where our lives on this earth can get very tough but we will always trust in the Lord. One can easily lose everything in this world, I went through this in my youth. This doesn't mean a second time would be any easier but this time I have God.

They can afford war with Syria and a gigantic surveillance system supposedly too, how does that make any sense?

American people too ignore endless lessons of history where people starved or went without money, and how the bankers, corrupt governments and luciferians then destroyed lives.

The Lessons of history are ignored. One thing behind the scenes, is the world is departing from the dollar. I am unsure of the implications but have wondered about it all.

Anonymous said...

BB - I totally believe they are into to emotional abuse.I call it obama scare because it is scary.My husband and I will have to choose between that and healthy food..And like you said still no health care.
Though I'm not sure there is much left in good health care for anyone but the very rich.
I do have to count on God..
I'm finding posting on your site is starting to really make me think about grammer and spelling(sometimes)!I had a highschool teacher who wrote a book on grammer.I was good at writing;but it's not like riding a bike.Years of not writing,and you get very lazy!

Bible Believer said...

I would choose the healthy food instead. It costs money to eat decent in America. I have been noticing a trend in the grocery stores, at least one big one I go to where they are removing all the decent and organic off brand stuff, for the mainstream corporate GMO filled garbage. It has me concerned. We don't have many health food options here. I would choose healthy food. I've been poor enough where I simply didn't have the money for many bills, so when it comes to bills you have to form a heirarchy of needs and work your way down, mortgage and rent, electric, and then food is mine but for people with children, food is probably first on the list, rent/mortgage, and then electric and so forth and so on. For people with disabilities, or illness medicine will be a top priority too. You can only do what you can do. Pray to God too to meet your needs and count on Him. I know we all probably will need a lot of prayer the way things are going. Writing isn't easy, you are right it's one of those things you need a lot of practice on.

Anonymous said...

BB- I noticed the same things;are you talking about them pushing out the smaller brand organics for some big mainstream brands?I also don't think I could not choose unhealthy food.I will probably have to eat less.Which would really be sad since I have just finally made peace with my body not being stick thin..
I have definitetly noticed that I pay more for groceries than a lot of people because I buy things without additives(less stuff in it costs more?)gluten free,organic whenever possible.I have to be diligent with my health.But you surely pay more..

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that in 2008 the big thing they threatened was martial law and total collapse if we didn't bail out wall street.
Now;the threat they are using is that the world economy or ours will collapse if we don't keep raising the debt ceiling.Same meme,just tweeked a bit...Just interesting to watch the patterns..