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Why Do "Christian" Parents Take Their Children to Disney World?

Years ago in my old IFB, some well-meaning parents who I know love their daughter very much were going to Disney World on vacation. I remember saying to them, "Disney World concerns me! There is all that focus on magic and that is not Christian!" I actually knew the score by then but you have to try and meet people where they are at. They told me "It's just fantasy, it's harmless, you have to let your children use their imaginations". I tried further to tell them where I was coming from but I failed to have them rethink their trip. They kept repeating that I was taking all of it way too serious. Yes I am told that a lot.

I have known endless people who took their children to Disney World, even for re-visits. While many have been non-Christians, many others have been confessing Christians. They go to church on Sunday and by the next weekend are in the Magic Kingdom, where "dreams come true" not by praying to God but by various guises of MAGIC. Magic is just another name for witchcraft.

People see the cute characters, they know their daughters like the princesses, and their sons the adventure tales and think it is all okay.

 One can go to a variety of websites, where they will tell you about the freemasonry of Walt Disney, Club 33, Disney's training and "mind control" of young future "stars" [think Miley Cyrus]. I believe many of these things are true,  but let's break this down and cut through the chase, no having to convince anyone of so called "conspiracies" HERE...

Why on earth are so called "Christian" parents taking their children to a place that celebrates MAGIC? [witchcraft?]

 Disney world does teach children to imagine things to make them happen, the bible would call that "vain imaginations" and that there is a concept known as "white" magic. With endless characters that do magic-"white" witches, flying elephants, kids with special "powers" what else does this do but indoctrinate young people for future interest in the occult or to train them away from a Christian worldview? In other words while these parents may read Bible verses with their children on Sunday that are against witchcraft and divination, there they go marching them off to the place for FUN, that celebrates MAGIC in various guises.

Deut. 18:9 9 When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations.

10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

13 Thou shalt be perfect with the Lord thy God.

The focus on MAGIC, WIZARDRY, WITCHCRAFT with Disney World is never ending...

[warning on videos, occult markings, promotion of witchcraft, celebration of magic and spells, etc:]

Here this person, put a series of clips and pictures from several Disney movies on Youtube.
Notice how much witchcraft there is?

How many of you saw these so called "innocent" videos or movies as a child? I sure did. Witchcraft instead of prayer is how all the problems are solved, Cinderella has her fairy godmother show up, Mickey Mouse cleans house with the use of "magic",  inanimate objects speaking and moving, fairies and spirits [demons] showing up all over the place what does this early training do to a child?

And it's not just the SHOWS and MOVIES; it's at the PARKS TOO [WORLDWIDE!]

I wonder how many occult symbols are marked on this place?  Some of those symbols on those books look weird. One wonders why on a bright summer or spring day, families and their children want to go focus on tombstones, death and other "dark arts".

But outside of the overt occult stuff with the ghosts and rest, there is plenty of other agendas promoted by Disney World--

One world government and globalism...the hypnotic singing of "it's a small, small world, after all" over and thing I noticed on this was the black and white dualism markings on the outside of the building.

Disney World has in my opinion been MIND CONTROL for the American public en masse. With all that nonsense about just imaging things and what you dream will come true, a collective "dream spell" has been cast upon most of the American public. Remember how I said, they want you afraid too, and we have our own version of trauma programming unleashed among us via the doom media, well they have the "good cop" stuff, too. Disney world with it's cute smiling characters and "happy place" dreams.

Now some may say, no Christians are taking their children to that place!

Well certainly not any discerning Christian! There are many ignorant people who simply don't see through it all or think about it, but just google "Disney and church", or "Christian youth group and Disney World and see what you get. There's plenty of people lining up out of the apostate church system and elsewhere seeing no contradiction here.

"In a banquet room next to the breakfast buffet, children and parents in shorts and tennis shoes gather to worship God before spending the day at Epcot, Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld or Universal Studios."

"Lessons for My Church From the Wonderful World of Disney"

"Christian concert event for youth pastors at Walt Disney World"

No Christian should have anything to do with Disney!


Anonymous said...

Great post. Disney is all about witchcraft. The concert hosted by Disney had Mercy Me play - a very contemplative, mystical, worldly band. Its a sad day when a christian says you can learn from something that promotes witchcraft. But with the new age movement permeating churches I guess it's a natural outcome. Like Brian Welch and his new age jesus and their embracing of evil images. Frank Pastore, before he passed away, I heard him on his christian radio show saying how great Harry Potter was. Frank also promoted the Whosoevers. It all ties in. The apostate church says by their actions that mixing righteousness and evil is a good thing.
The Disney channel on TV has a lot of witchcraft, too.
How come Disney characters lose their moms so often?

Bible Believer said...

Thanks I Found this later...

"Disneyland Candlelight Ceremony 2010

Almost 100 of our H.S. Choir members will be participating in this prestigious event on Sunday, December 5th. The Candlelight Ceremony involves the “best of the best” choir programs, the Disney orchestra, and the Sleeping Beauty Fanfare Trumpeters all coming together to celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas. We encourage all parents / students to come watch as our choir sings Christmas carols celebrating our Savior’s birth while a celebrity narrator reads straight from the book of Luke. You don’t want to miss out on this special event! You will need a ticket or annual pass to enter Disneyland and watch this spectacular show in the middle of Main Street.

Before the Throne,
<>< Miss Young ><>

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at 1:23 pm"

CALVARY CHAPEL CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS AS DISNEY...[they aren't the only denomination of course]

Yeah I noticed they had Mercy Me there.

Yes Disney world is all about witchcraft. I could do 20 posts about their COVERT symbols and history but it's been an area covered by many others. Yes they all say "we can learn something from it". So sad. I think too with the New Age is the churches so much what's a little blatant witchcraft to these folks. Yes I remember writing about the pastors who all loved Harry Potter. There were so called "Christian" pastors writing books celebrating Harry Potter. I think the Disney characters lose their mothers for a form of trauma programming. There definitely is something to that as they always have the main character have that happen. Fairy-tales which are full of the occult too, have the main characters as orphans and more. The Disney TV channel is horrible, I saw some segments years ago, extreme social programming with the occult and witchcraft stuff too.

Bible Believer said...

correction above, AS should be AT.

Anonymous said...

Good cop, bad cop... That's how the dark forces work. They scare you with 24hr a day news about explosions, wars, beheadings, shootings, etc etc.

And then when you can't take it anymore, there's Disney to the "rescue". Disney will let you "wish upon a star" and "catch the magic".

Satan comes as a roaring lion, and as an angel of light. Both intended to get you to the lake of fire.

Anonymous said...

Although I have been reading entries here for about two years, this is the first time I am commenting. Thanks for this post on Disney. It seems rare to me that Chistians discern and speak up, so those who do are highly valuable. I was speaking to a parent today about the need to educate her child in evaluating entertainment by the Word of God. Her 12 year old boy had freaked out after watching The Exorcist, and her response was to supposedly comfort him by telling him that satan didn't exist! This was a church going woman who also told me she didn't read the Bible. Knowing, believing, and obeying the Word of God is crucial in being properly equipped to discern the deceptions of evil. There is much blindness among non-discerning Christians. In a few months Halloween with take place, and many of the children participating will be from Christian families. Posts like this one render a very valuable service to those who may be somewhat blind but who are starting to awaken,discern and come out of these evils. Thanks again!

Bible Believer said...

Yes they use the dualism thing, good and bad cop, and yes when you feel like you are going to crack up from the growing intensity and danger they toss in your face 24/7, they tell you to DREAM A DREAM! GO TO THE MAGIC KINGDOM, it's actually a more broad based mind control concept, they tell their tortured mind control mk ultra types, to go into "dream land" or "over the rainbow" [basically disassociate]

That is one thing that sickened me even watching the Disney stuff, it was all about telling people to not deal with reality, and go live in this fantasy world of imagination. They have this message all over the place. I always thought the movie Willy Wonka was totally evil, don't laugh, but the guy seems like the devil to me and that movie is full of symbolism as well. They give the same message here, telling kids don't worry about anything, don't deal with life,

"Land of pure imagination"

"Want to change the world, there's nothing to it"

[more subtle advancement of witchcraft]

You are right Satan comes as a roaring lion and angel light and also in the dark and light sides of the equation. One of Satan's hugest messages too is LIVE IN THE LAND OF IMAGINATION.

They have this world drowning in Satan's imaginations.

This doesn't mean all imagination is bad, if a child pretends to be a cowboy or a princess they are not being evil, it is a normal place of development, adults will day dream or use creativity in art work etc, however Satan will put these things to his use.

2 Cor 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Anon. I think it is rare anyone speaks up about Disney, one finds secular exposes on their business practices, the conspiracy world--much of that is TRUE, but no one faces even what is blatant head on.
I am glad you tried speaking with that woman whose son was upset by seeing the Exoricist movie, that's horrible she told him Satan didn't exist! A true Christian parent would tell a child, Satan does exist and would warn against him and how to deal with evil in a biblical fashion. This brings up an old memory, my childhood best friend's father who was a United Methodist, told her that Satan did not exist right in front of her and me. I remember disagreeing. I was a little Catholic kid and those were the days even the false religion of Catholicism said Satan was real though of course as we see via the Exorcist, they teach MORE WITCHCRAFT to "battle" the devil.

I agree one has to be in God's Word and here a relationship with Him is necessary. The churches aren't going to say to parents why are you taking your children to witchcraft central? They are more interested in renting hotel rooms there, and holding conferences, and praising Disney.

Ah yes Halloween, that is another one the world celebrates. I've written against Halloween here before. I think the celebration of Halloween is growing worse in the so called "Christian" churches.

Anonymous said...

When I try to bring up these things I get told that it's only fantasy - It's not real! I tell them that witchcraft is real and not something to mess around with, but they don't care. Everyone is on the witchcraft, paranormal, demons, fairies, spells, warlock, vampire, etc., kick. It's cool to them.

A friend of mine I went to church with for years - but won't read the bible - took her grandkids to R-rated moves and Harry Potter. She cannot see the problem. Like anon said above, you must have God's word. If you don't, you will not be able to discern.

After I started reading the Bible several years ago, then my eyes were opened and I see things so differently now. But when you are in the world - you cannot see. People think they just ask Jesus into their hearts and then it's a done deal (they don't even need to read the bible) and everything is permissible. I Corinthians 10:23

The use your imagination theme - you see that in cartoons and also when my daycare provider, who decided to use Common Core techniques, told the kids, "Use your imagination - that's critical thinking!" Seems the message is coming at kids from all angles.

Steve said...

Disney is one of the forms of mind control yes. The American educational system raises children to commit idolatry with our flag.

History assigns us an almost "godlike" reverence for the "great United States of America".

While this country has done many good deeds in its past...the unholy reverence of our flag (even when it does evil things like commit genocide) is sin.

Disney is but a small part of the indoctrination children grow up with to forsake the laws of God and embrace the "flawlessness" of the stars and stripes.

This concept is fraternal in origin, and even our 'hand over the heart' when the anthem is sung is a mason sign.

Tell your average American christian how disappointed God is with the US and watch the evil and vitriol that spews off their lips and glances. The idolization of the United States is pure evil.

There is a reason God said not to have 'symbols of anything in heaven, or of earth, or in the sea'. Because He knew this day was coming, and the church has embraced it.

Anonymous said...

"I always thought the movie Willy Wonka was totally evil, don't laugh, but the guy seems like the devil to me and that movie is full of symbolism as well."

Willy Wonka, evil? Surely you jest?

Who doesn't love chocolate? And who doesn't love factories? Put them together and what do you have? A chocolate factory.

Altho, the Ooompa Looompa's might very well be Satanic. They do scare me.

Anonymous said...

To answer the question in the title of your post, ignorance. My parents thought it was OK, the same for my wife and I when our children were young. We will not be watching any of that with our Granddaughter. The Harry Potter stuff is out of control. Steve made a good point about America and the same can be said for Israel. Good post BB, thanks - Don

Anonymous said...


As a mother of kids between just turned 2 to almost 10, I want to say it is not so easy to keep them from it. Mine have never been to disneyland, and we only own "Lady and the Tramp" movie (old one, about two dogs)and "Cars". They do not have any disney gear - no t-shirts or blankets or toys.

But, my husband does not feel as strongly about the harm in media as I do. We don't have a tv, but about once a week he will rent a kids movie for them. He likes Sci-Fi, so they have seen the star-wars movies and a little star trek. They have seen several of the disney movies. I have taught my daughter to chapter forward parts with obvious witches or occult, but I'd prefer to just have no TV at all.

My mother in law has been talking about taking all the cousins to disney land some day. My husband may refuse it just out of pride of not having his mom pay for stuff, but not sure.

So our kids are much less indoctrinated than most kids, but it is hard to be completely separate.

Bible Believer said...

Well Willy Wonka has as much evil symbolism and messages I think you were being sarcastic, I hope. Well lots of shows out there with crazy stuff mixed in. They have to make it look good on the appearances, come to the CHOCOLATE factory, what's bad about chocolate?

Bible Believer said...

I agree about idolatry with flags. I am not Jehovah witness but I won't pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth. We can love America for it's land and people, love for God must come first but obviously evil has taken over here and our leaders are false ones putting globalist aims above the interests of Americans.

I agree there is a lot of jingoism taught via Disney.

Toss in David Barton and the Dominionist and pals and you got one giant mess.

Years and Years of GO USA! AMERICAN FIRST, which led to more brain deadness about the evil being spread across the globe and the bombing of endless third world nations on behalf of bankers and elites.

I still remember the FLAGS all over the place right after 9-11.
The Dominionists still are singing the America is PERFECT song, one of those churches I last visited it happened to be Memorial Day, I wanted to cringe as they extolled the virtues of America, and said our troops are "fighting for freedom". Some of the ignorance is so extreme, you ask yourself how willful it all is.

So right in the fundie IFB churches [and happening in most of the evangelical ones] they have the praise for America thing that keeps the people in the pews blinded by endless wickedness.

"A City on the Hill" philosophies that paper over endless evils done in the name of "freedom".

I suspect most of the churches are going RAH RAH for the SYRIA WAR. I'm not in one so don't know, but acouple church goers I know were going on about the chemical attack and how we must rescue Syria. I said "BY BOMBING THEM?" That got one to back down.

We must fight SYRIA for ISRAEL or something like that.

This nation has grown far more morally corrupt, not to say evil isn't dominant elsewhere, but while this country with its old numbers of Christians used to at least stand for some things that were right, like standing against tyranny, and not torturing people or bombing innocents with drones...well those days are over now.

I'm not visiting any more churches [well unless God sends me to one] but I won't miss anymore of that mindless flag waving. I surely will not.

Bible Believer said...

Ive tried to warn people about Harry Potter. I thought I was going to get hit, when I nicely asked one relative if we could watch something else rather then a Harry Potter movie, my nieces and nephews were there, and he was NOT HAPPY. I suggested alternatives, and this was all done OUT OF THE EAR SHOT of the children. I said, Harry Potter advances witchcraft, and he basically called me nuts and told me they already read the books in their Catholic schools.

I read the first 4 Harry Potter books, I had to quit couldn't take it anymore. Thought about writing about them here, but it really was too involved a topic and was territory others had already covered. I wanted to have some knowledge of what I was warning about, but DEEP OCCULT symbols through out them all. They get more nauseating the further along in the series. Yes all the parents just say "its fantasy", "witches aren't real", even as overt Wiccans [plenty of covert witches and Satanists] parade down the streets of America.
All this stuff is "cool to them" you got that right. If anything the churches will tell them that warlock Harry Potter fights on the side of "good" and thusly the books have a moral message so take the kids and smile!

They do want people to live in the world of imagination, well lets say mostly MANUFACTURED IMAGINATION. They do NOT want thinkers or those who question the system. They have researched these things for decades and are focused on changing the very way people think.

Bible Believer said...

Anon I will pray for you. What I would do is start discussing the more broad lighter topics that kids can handle. Tell them God does not like witchcraft and when there are books and movies that celebrate it, that God does not like it. Strip things down to a level a child can understand and WHAT THEY CAN HANDLE TOO. I know its tough out there, with children you do have to warn them to the extent they are prepared, sounds like you have done your best. There are parents out there who over-shelter and that can massively backfire. Children need to be told.

mom4truth said...

Anon w/ the young children and Bible Believer-

I realize my reply will seem harsh, but it is in the spirit of love for the Truth. Christ warns us against any offences that cause little ones to stumble.

Galatians 4:16 "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"

To your comment "So our kids are much less indoctrinated than most kids, but it is hard to be completely separate."

It is not hard to be completely separate. I just wanted to say that we have several children, all 8 and younger, and we spent time from day one with our eldest child training her up in the Word, as we are commanded:

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

In fact, it is our parenting motto. We taught, reproved, and rebuked with the Word (and continue to, of course) but have laid up such a foundation for the love and pursuit of Truth (Proverbs 8), that she, along with our others, eschew all evil and have no interest in Disney or the world's trappings. They have been taught to discern the world through the Word and my one year old even points at pictures of cartoon characters we see in the world and says, "Eeee!" It's her way of saying, "Evil!" That is a gift from the Spirit, discernment in a one year old.

Which is where I want to bring in a statement of BB's:

"Start discussing the more broad lighter topics that kids can handle."

The Lord does not discriminate in His commandment to know and follow His Word, nor does He put an NC-17 rating on His Word. We are told in Deut to start our children young with daily, nightly, regular study of His Word. Proverbs 8:17 expresses the same. It may not be what you're advocating, but I just wanted to encourage AGAINST censorship of God's Word in order to shy away from some of the more "colorful" aspects and stories of Scripture, which all prove to be fruitful for Godly edifying and saving the soul. In the article on Disney, BB says that part of being a kid is having imagination time (which we may or may not agree on, as my children understand God's commands against vain imaginations and how we will give account for every idle or untrue word we speak), but then goes on to say that Anon should discuss lighter topics with their kids. Parents do this all the time. Work to shield from Truths in Scripture all the while allowing then "imagination" time and movies and video games, etc. It's hypocritical. Parents should be unadulterated when it comes to giving their children Truth and the consequences of not obeying it and very sheltered when exposing them to the Godless fruit of the world's entertainment. By saying you "only" have a couple of Disney things in your home, you are teaching that a bit of compromise is acceptable in the sight of the Lord. You are appealing to their flesh, not teaching them to deny worldly lusts, and, in turn, destroying their souls. You either implant in them through your pure and chaste behavior an absolute love for the Truth, or you teach them that the God's standards can be tinkered with and altogether ignored. Right now, with the ages of your children is when the formation of their understanding of the world, who God is, and what a Christian is supposed to reflect in relation to the world is being developed. When you stand before the Holy One, when the only thing that matters will be your faithfulness with all He entrusted you with, will you truly be able to stand before Him and say you did your best, as BB stated? If one of those souls is compromised by your compromise, will you have done your best? You will not ever have it perfectly figured out, but as Hebrews exhorts us to go on unto perfection, when you are warned and instructed through His Word about sin in your life, can you simply look the other way? Is that doing your best?

mom4truth said...

Sorry- a little long! Continued:

I will say that I am truly sorry that your husband is making Godless choices in encouraging your children down the wide path of destruction- how utterly painful. But, truly, unless it is an abusive situation where he is literally forcing them to sit down and watch, you are enabling it and refusing to set a standard aligned with God's Word on behalf of the precious little souls entrusted to you.

Remember those in Scripture who took lightly their duties and responsibilities as parents and saw the manifold punishment on their families for such. Think of Eli the priest whose sons were Godless and because of this, the priesthood was removed from their family. Same can be said of his progeny Samuel. There are others. The simple truth being that these parents were negligent in their duties to raise them up in the way they should go and had to pay a hefty price for it.

So, at the end of the day, you may feel content that you are doing your best, but are you doing God's best? But the hope is this- God's Word and His redemption. If you seek His face, He is a God of redemption and, if it be His will, may yet have mercy on your family and on your children and determine to set them on the narrow path that leadeth to life! No one in this world can have that hope aside from repentance and dying to one's self.

Thank you for taking time to read my reply and I do pray it falls on fertile soil.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Mom4truth, I don't think you were being harsh. I agree with you in NOT censoring of any of God's Word. You are right some give that "light" topics message and then obliterate the truth, I suppose I meant one doesn't have to get into the details of MK ultra Miley Cyrus style or the details of homosexuality with 10 year olds, but definitely don't hide any Bible verses from them. Let them read the verses against homosexuality for instance and if they ask TELL THEM the truth.

So you are right to remind us of this. There is a clear danger of getting compromised by the world in trying to keep things "light" or "for children". One thing I worry about is many parents do not want their children to know about the reality of evil [the whole sheltering] movement and that leaves them woefully unprepared.

So you are correct that even a "little" bit of this stuff can be a doorway for deception and more.

mom4truth said...

Thank you, BB, for your gracious reply. My spirit is blessed. I agree with you about parents needing to tactfully discern how, where, when, and why in sharing the wickedness surrounding us. I find the darkness ever encroaching upon our simple day-to-day tasks, so that I, as a mother, am now forced to have conversations with my very young children that I would never want to have. Shortly after the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA, one of the national papers blew up a huge image of two men kissing and plastered it on the front. All of a sudden, we are compelled to talk about the more perverse details of the sin of sodomy when we were nowhere near prepared for that. Standing in line at the grocery store is another invitation for awkwardness when you consider the smut magazines decorating the check-out aisles. We were out to lunch the other day and a plane was flying overhead with a big banner promoting the use and growth of marijuana. These are just a few examples of how difficult it is to live in these last of the last times with young children. Sadly, I don't think sheltering them is even an option anymore when its blatantly smeared in our faces. This is why we have cultivated an atmosphere of Truth in our house to such an extent that when they see those things they can rationally view them in light of God's warning of the sin world around us and don't have to be paralyzed by shock.

Silly maybe, but a necessary reminder, we have a saying in our house when that comes up, "Pagans gonna pag (pronounced like payg)." They understand it to mean pagans are going to do what they do best- be pagans.

As a side note, to your recent posts about being alone---we are out here. The false teachers have certainly scattered the sheep as was prophesied, but the Lord knows His sheep and will bring the family together, it's a promise. We are alone as well and cling to that hope EVERYDAY.

Anonymous said...

I am so encouraged by what I am reading here, in post and comments. I feel a little less alone and a little more steadfast in my charge of raising 4 children in this world. My husband, I cannot say with confidence that he is a believer. My heartfelt desire to abandon all these traditions of men and other ways of coming out of the world systems are always met with a major force de resistance! Thank you for this and I consider you friends.

Anonymous said...

I was in the store with my daughter the other morning. At the magazine check out area she noticed a young woman on a cover in a revealing dress and she said how gross it was. It was a good opportunity to talk to her about what the world values and why it leads to destruction. We had a good talk.
We have the Lobster Festival coming to town. The opening band Saturday night is Pretty Little Demons. I saw a you tube video of them. Tween girls my daughter's age dressed in red and black, one with red horns playing in a band. Following what is cool to the world.

Kathy said...

Thank-You mom4truth and others for your wisdom in approaching this subject. The dialogue is appreciated greatly.

May God, our Father, be with all of you and protect your families, in the precious Name of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Disney world is not true and taking kids to disney word can be a teaching moment about what this world believes and what we as a child of God believe. Disney world has water parks, animal kingdom and other educational activities like sea world, bush gardens which can be part of the trip not necessary to be at Magic Kingdom

Just my two cents

Anonymous said...

My husband wanted to watch Disney's Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp.

Lots of violence and blood. Sexual innuendo. The sheriffs wife loves his brother. Scenes in a brothel. The bad guys tells the heroine in the story he wants to see what's got all the guys hot under the collar, maybe he should find out . . .

I told my daughter not to watch as the bad guy cut out the sheriff's heart. My husband was all upset I didn't like the violence telling me to seek a divorce.

He said, "It's a Disney movie!"

I told him I could tell him a thing or two about Disney - that doesn't impress me.

How blind. Talk about being desensitized to violence.

Anonymous said...

amen i agree. i have been afraid to speak outagainst Disney because of the hypocrites that would attack me even though it's so obviously evil. I have also heard that your money you giveto Disney goes to supporting gay marriage. something i don't agreewith

Thinker said...

You're all coming from fear which is what the Christian Church depends upon and uses to control the masses. The Bible itself is one of the bloodiest books ever written, yet it is perfectly fine to allow children to read it, with all of the incest, murder, sacrifices and threats from a jealous, yet all loving God who will always forgive you, but also condemn you to hell, and who always seems to want more of your $. I cannot believe how far fetched some peoples' views and beliefs have become in the 21st century. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Really? Get a grip people.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dude, You are pretty much crazy! lol
Good for you for having a super high standard though.
I think it's funny though how the people who write far out stuff like this are never soul-winners. They are also very inconsistent with regular church attendance and rarely fall in line with their Pastor's wishes because they always seem to know the Bible better than their Pastor anyway. I have also found that people who hold these types of opinions have horrible people skills and by in large do not have many people they are friendly with. Typically though they are the victim. It's an illness that keeps me from church, they say. Or I'm just standing up for God and that's why I don't have many friends they will cry.
Whatever you say, but I will all but guarantee that you are most likely one of the most hypocritical, inconsistent Christians there is.

Anonymous said...

all I can say is congratulations for gagging at gnats. don't you have anything better to do??? Go get involved at church and help a win the lost. hypocrite

Anonymous said...

You people with your religious paranoia. To tell your child the devil is real? That's sick. Do you have any idea the poison you are inflicting on their innocent minds? You wackos should be ashamed of yourselves.

Janella said...

You're against magic but you believe in talking snakes, people walking on water, disembodied hamds writing on walls, people being eaten by whales and surviving, talking donkeys and a wizard who lives in the sky, can hear your thoughts and can grant wishes. Yeah, Disney sounds more realistic.

truth-teller said...

you probably are a jehovahs witness,did I guess right?

Bible Believer said...

No, this is not a pro Jehovah Witness website, they deny the divinity of Christ.

Bidgee said...

I am so encouraged by this. When I began teaching my toddler God's word I thought it would take forever for Him to grasp. He was reciting along some 4 verses in just 2 weeks.Now we discuss the spiritual world and am challenged to do more. I feel like I had slackened but your words have woken me up. I have a great responsibility towards his growth regardless of what those around me feel. As a mother am answerable just as his dad will be answerable before God too.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What would this would be like if Christians put as much time and energy into meeting people where they are at and pointing them to Christ using their circumstances and interests, rather than getting uptight about things that don't really matter?! Things like magic, Halloween, Christmas, wearing head coverings and Harry Potter are spiritual gray areas, there are no specific verses that speak against these things! We have to stop running and hiding from this world because without our light no one will ever come to know Jesus! People tend to be so focused on rejecting worldly things that we end up rejecting the people too. We must be able to discern between a real life witch and a cartoon character!! There is nothing wrong with reading or knowing about magic. If that were so, we couldn't read our Bibles. Daniel worked with magicians and sorcerers every day and he was a very strong believer. God forbids the PRACTICE of witchcraft, not the knowledge if it. We don't stone witches anymore, we give them Jesus. I could go on for hours about this, but I won't. I will simply end with this....for those Christians out there who love Disney, stay strong. You never know when you can use that love as a platform for witness. We can not reject any opportunity to spread the gospel! I AM A CHRISTIAN WHO LOVES JESUS, DISNEY AND HARRY POTTER!!!!!

Unknown said...

GREAT POST! I feel like I'm the only one that discerns this stuff. Cartoons are saturated. Bubble Guppies, shimmer and shine... basically all of them. We are so close to one world order

Salva said...

Excellent post, so few followers of Jesus even give Satan a thought but he is ready to devour you!

If I may I add an article that includes a video that speaks of the same subject but in broader terms with the emphasis on evolution in schools and higher education, thank you.