Monday, September 23, 2013

"Provoke Not Your Children To Wrath": Ignored By This False Preacher

This video sickened me as he praised a parent supposedly "knocking a kid out" and focused on repeated beatings as the solution. I am not against young children being spanked if it is done properly [without violence] and for teaching and discipline purposes. There are other ways to teach children right from wrong as well.

 Yes there are parents who are too lax out there, and who do not stand up for what is right to their children or discipline them, but the "beat them til they submit" crowd makes me absolutely sick!

There are many people who were beaten and abused as children, they would want to vomit hearing a sermon like this. Where is the love in this? Forgotten and ignored is this Bible verse!

Ephesians 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

See the word NURTURE. Nurture means loving, comfort, treating with respect. Having a child cower in fear of you is not nurturance. True respect and love does not come out of abuse.

Remember this old article?

Dominionism and The Oppression of Youth

Seems some of this stuff is worsening. One scary line in his "speech" [I am not going to call it a sermon] was "Quit taking up for your kids, the principal is right, the police is right." Sure some parents defend many children's wicked deeds and they impact a child's moral development in the way that they never let a child face consequences, but how much of this is police state stuff? He goes on to yell about fatsos not wanting to take the trash out and about the family having authority over you!

Anyhow this speech seemed to encourage Child Abuse, beatings and worse, and well in my article about the Oppression of the Youth, when I wrote this:

"That is a major problem but in Dominionism, there is definitely an emphasis on extreme authoritarian parenting that is growing. "

This preacher definitely showed that, didn't he? I went to Phil Kidd's website. I found this picture of him. Interesting hand and finger placement...

The website has pictures of him with fists up, it seems to be a popular stance with him and sells copies of sermons he is proud of for being offensive. Have you all noticed that trend with some of these pastors, the ones who can be the most offensive, instead of sober and thoughtful, are the ones who are to be praised? In our world today, sadly this is the stuff that gets attention.


and then 8 sermons are listed like this one with foul language right on this website, "B*****d Baptists Flooding Our Churches"

I suppose this type of sermon may have been preached for attention too. According to his website, he makes many speaking rounds to a variety of Baptist churches, most of them from what I can tell are IFB {independent fundamentalist Baptist} and other independent Baptist churches. He has shown up to fundamentalist pastor conferences and other Baptist meetings too.

You know some of these guys show basically what they are to those who bother to look! I went to see his twitter page and found this...

That tells you something doesn't it? That is his false statement of bringing sex into the relationship the church should have with Jesus Christ.

There's other videos and things online exposing this preacher. Some of his other pictures are odd...

There are many false preachers in the IFB movement too. This one in my opinion is one. His sermon/speech advocating child abuse is disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like his daddy warped his mind by beating him

Steve said...

Well its not surprising that his dad beat the tar out of him and he is simply continuing the cycle.

Interesting notes I heard: "My daddy never repeated himself twice" (Pride)

"If you called the cops, he would beat you and then beat the cops when they arrived" (Anger, Hate)

Christ said to love your enemies. Beating your children is worse than what Christ says you should do to your 'enemies'. That should stick with us.

It also begets other sin. I often lied to my father so he would beat me instead of my brothers.

Anonymous said...

I in no way approve of this guy or his method ;especially having been an abused kid(long time ago,very athoritarian father).But I do wonder if they make him look crazy on purpose, so people will be drawn away from disciplining there kids at all.
My brother went to parenting classes,and a therapist,and was told by one or the other some really crazy stuff;like your kids should pick there own punishments and other rubbish..It's crazy..I read things like this but didn't know it was true till my brother told me this is what's going on..
Just a thought..

Anonymous said...

Facial and body language full of disgust, mocking, insults, name-calling, threats....this man is a real abuser. He is getting his kicks from abusing his "audience".

I think domestic/family violence is very prevalent in the dominion type churches...they teach male superiority and submission of women and children at any cost. Of course, that is NOT in the Bible. I think sociopathic men love false religion.

Aka Alert

Bible Believer said...

Anon I agree. Also with you Steve, he is continuing the so called "cycle of abuse" I agree about the violence and the anger and hate shown. That was one of the craziest statements. Talk about an angry father full of hate and rage and this was something to be praised by this guy? Horrible!

Agree with you about Jesus telling us to love our enemies. People who beat and abuse their children are not showing love, not at all.

Did you lie to protect your brothers? Sounds like it. Yes the abuse begets other sins definitely.

Hey this guy could be more control opp to get parents to check out of discipline, show someone so extreme, people go to the other extreme? I've seen stuff from the other side, ever heard of the unschooling or unparenting movement? There are people out there who believe children aren't to be taught or disciplined AT ALL

Bible Believer said...

Aka Alert,

religion can serve as veneer of false holiness to sociopaths, narcissists and abusers. Look how proud this man is, and you are right it shows in the facial and body language, he is yelling at his audience, shaking his fists, stomping his feet. I've seen these type of preachers by the way when I was in my IFB church during revival week, small country church, not a huge sanctuary--but they'd scream and rant and rave, and people would be covering their ears, because of the PAIN, even the hearing impaired and they would NOT CARE. It was sick. While my pastor there was sincere, I learned to stay away from visiting pastors and revival week. Can you imagine being a 10 year old kid in the audience--not sure if they are at Sunday school or not, and the preacher is ranting and raving about how much your father should beat you? It's sick. I have talked about this story before, but I found a pastor of a local church here abusive it was an IFB, screaming and ranting at church members, I told the story how he said no president was to ever be questioned but part of this scene was him yelling at church members including adult ones for daring to disobey him. The patriarchy movement and blind obedience stuff taught sets many up to abused, some fortunate ones may have peaceful husband and fathers who are deceived but some will have abusers who have the church back up the abuse from behind the scenes. What does a "stay at home daughter" do if Dad is an abuser, emotionally or physically? She will be told to OBEY and that he is her headship even if she is adult. The abused wives in this system are told to take the abuse and the men never rebuked by the elders or the church body for their abuse. You are right none of this is in the bible!!
Ah the sociopaths love this stuff, falsely using the bible to make excuses for their abuse and condone it.

Anonymous said...

Having raised three children with my wife, I decided early not to be abusive like my father was. The best decision I made was to wait one hour before whipping our son, the girls only needed to know what would be coming. This gave me time to cool off and him time to think about why this was happening. My sisters did time out and it does not work. Of course every child is different and when they are teens take away works very well. - Don

Anonymous said...

Anyone that listens to this guy, needs their head examined. He is obviously a false teacher, but the ignorant go his way and find ruin.

Steve said...

BB @ September 23, 2013 at 6:21 PM

"Did you lie to protect your brother's?"

I did often, yes. I helped them but grew into a very angry & bitter person in the process.

Sin begets sin. The sins of the father can cause the sins of the son.

I wouldn't be alive today without Christ. And with His strength, I am able to find love that is stronger than my hate.

Not perfect yet, probably never will be, but working toward perfection through Jesus.

Anonymous said...

My wife has a saying, "Hurt hurts." What she has explained is that when we are hurt, our natural tendency is to hurt others. This is part of the vicious cycle of sin and we know the cure, Jesus Christ. @Steve Amen - Don

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the last church the Holy Spirit brought me out of where the pastor brow beated his congregation....he said he even tithed on his health insurance plan in addition to his gross income. Is it proper to say "financial abuse?" Who puts these abusers on the pulpit anyway...yes, the enemy.

Bible Believer said...

I agree about sin begetting sin.

Abuse can turn many bitter and angry but Praise God you were saved and set from from all of it.
Agree about His love overcoming the hate and in making progress via the Holy Spirit.

One reason we are told to depart from the wicked is because the wicked can lead others into sin so easily.

Bible Believer said...

Amen to Steve too.

Yes many of these pastors are financial abusers too. Tithing is false too as I posted here:

Anonymous said...

"Tithing is false too as I posted here:"

You said in your article that tithing was false because it was in old testament law. But, Abraham was tithing to God before the law, in Genesis 14:18-20.

Jacob also tithed in Genesis 28:20-22. This was also before the law.

How does a church run without money?

Bible Believer said...

Let me clarify, the required 10% tithe is not biblical. It's okay to give to a church as God directs.

Bible Believer said...

We aren't under the law anymore.

2 Corinthians 9:7

King James Version (KJV)

7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

Anonymous said...

Tithing was NEVER money in the first place. Check out the Old was agricultural related, not mammom (money). And "the church" is a building consecrated by man for man since the original text of the Scriptures states "ekklesia" which means congregation. The money collected in the New Testament ekklesia/congregation was given to the poor, widows, and the lame/those who could not work of their hands therefore needed to be taken care of. The funding did not go to build buildings, decorating them with fancy furnishings-just love all those pictures of a jesus and the stained glass windows that cost a fortune, purchasing air conditioning for we cannot be uncomfortable in church-while many Christ followers are alittle uncomfortable in their prison cells lying in their own waste, buying coffee and donuts/pastries for overweight parishioners, buying books for the church library so we can "go deeper in our faith in ourselves, oops, I mean Christ, and myriads of "Sunday School" materials that teach more wisdom from men (fools) than actual teachings from Jesus Christ-and there are no Bibles laying around for the taking, and paying the praise band leader, organist, janitor, and lawn mover, and pastor, and the church secretary the clergy is having an affair with as he spends more time with her than his own family.

And we call all of this "serving the Lord?"

Would Jesus be impressed with our "tithes?" He was a carpenter and He did not "tithe" regularly.
And, is He not a fulfillment of ALL Old Testament Laws?

I believe so.

Pastor Robert Hall said...

Most of you on hear need to read your Bible the King James Bible you are in danger when you start running down the man of God. .Dr.kidd preaches the truth from the Bible And God has his hand on him..

Bible Believer said...

We do read our bible, that is why we know his teachings are false.

Jesus found me In this Dark World! Amen! said...

My brother is a fan of him. He uses almost zero scripture, in fact when people turn to a book in the bible he mentions, he tells them "don't turn there, buy the tapes/cd, I need the money!" This guy makes a specticle of himself for fame and money. God would not approve. Dr Kidd is arrogant, prideful, and all about money.