Monday, September 30, 2013

Pope Remarkets the Catholic Church

They know the culture wars are losing, they were false to begin with. They already have the evangelical world in their net now using that stuff. Now they can make a few steps to the left, just like Vatican II and bring in more radical changes on behalf of the one world religion. When he preaches atheists can go to heaven and other such nonsense, it's just more two-stepping to lead the world to hell.


FaithGuy3 said...

There's one GOP establishment forum I surf(just to get some news articles) - it's not your typical GOP forum, as it's runned by Jim Robinson(who's a Council for National Policy member). So this forum is more or less controlled opposition like that heretical Rapture Ready forum.

Anyhow - recently when Pope Francis' pro-liberal comments have been reported, you have no idea how even THAT GOP forum has not only been divided over Francis and his comments, but at the same time they are defending him AND even accusing the "liberal media" for "twisting" his comments.

Frankly - Pope Frankie said what he said over how gays aren't living in sin if they do the will of God and how athiests are saved if they follow their own conscience. But nonetheless I'm rather floored they continue to blindly defending him.

Just imagine if Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama said the same things he did - this same forum would be VERY livid!

Ultimately - this Pope one day will explicitly say gay marriage is OK, and his GOP establishment forums will continue to blindly follow him.

Yeah - now we're seeing a merger of all of the controlled-opposition groups.

Jennifer R said...

New world order, one world religion in the making.

Anonymous said...

New world order, one world religion in the making.

Bible Believer said...

FaithGuy, I surf that same GOP establishment forum, ever notice how Catholicism is the predominant religion there? I didn't know Robinson was a CNP member, that explains a lot to me.
Sure I have seen that on Catholic boards where they use the disinformation that the media is MISREPORTING what the Pope is saying to keep the more conservative ones in the Catholic hive. Remember the few Trads that think the Popes are apostate are small in number.

Remember with the Popes, they have to blindly follow. That place IS CATHOLIC CENTRAL. I noticed them driving off Bible believers years ago.

I was banned off of Free Republic years ago for questioning George W. Bush's universalism. They banned me within 10 minutes. LOL

You are right they would go nuts if Pelosi or Obama said the same as the Pope. The GOPs will follow the Pope on anything. I mean the overt one world religion stuff is okay with them today.

All the groups are converging together towards the Pope, globalism, one world religion and government. I see no difference between the lot of them.