Monday, September 23, 2013

Parent Arrested for Questioning Common Core!

This is scary, this man is just making his opinion known and they basically have security come and grab him to drag him away? He was arrested and taken down to the police station. So basically he had no free speech rights whatsoever.

You got to be kidding me:
"Apparently, Small didn't follow the proper protocol of submitting his question in writing ahead of the meeting, which is why he was taken outside, and eventually arrested. Small now faces jail time for the incident, or a fine of up to $2,500."
Here too:
"Last week the Baltimore County School district held a public meeting to go over the "Common Core" curriculum now being taught in Maryland schools. This was reportedly the first of any public forum concerning what is now being taught to Maryland children. The parents' questions had to be submitted prior to the event and no new questions would be discussed. This angered some residents who felt the need to ask tougher questions than those selected by superintendents."
"Mr. Small was arrested and charged with second degree assault of a police officer with a second charge of disrupting a school function. He faces 10.5 years in jail if found guilty."
Yes, we are in a police state now. The schools are devolving fast too to go along with that police state.

One thing I have read about schools too, is they are forwarding new programs where you have a room and 200 kids at a computer in the same room with one teacher, and they spend all day on the computer. Some schools are doing away with textbooks for all "computer directed" learning. Even if you use a homeschool program or send your child to a private school make sure they are not using Common Core materials. Some are.



Anonymous said...

That is why I homeschool, to teach my children myself. My oldest went to public kindergarten, and since then I have taught them myself. I was very frustrated to learn that for "social studies" the first public figure they learned about was Cesar Chaves, not Washington or Lincoln, or even the current president. They were pushing "community" and using Chaves as the role model for it.

I currently go through a charter homeschool program, where I teach as I want, but must check in every 20 school days and show work samples. Also, students must test. So far, it has worked out well for us because I can check out books and get school supplies for free, and can participate in field trips. But, I may have to withdraw if the net is tightened.

I love homeschooling my children. THe first hour, I just read out loud to them. Bible first, then a chapter from a good novel or poetry or a biography or history or a science topic. One hour of reading outloud, then math, spelling, phonics for the littler ones who haven't taken off on reading yet. Then play and lunch. After lunch they write for at least half an hour. Then they are done unless I have some great science experiment planned or art project.

Once they are done with school, often they grab books to read on their own, and even sometimes write stories, poems, and essays on their own in the evenings.

It takes WAY less time than public school, and they learn so much. They have tested high on the standardized testing. They have time to play and run outside and be children. They also have time to practice thier music for about two hours a day. So, they are learning real skills and reading real literature and yet still have time for more than just school, homework, babysitter, and bed.

Terrible that this man faces jail time for expressing concerns about his children's education. If he has to serve 10 1/2 years, by then his kids will be mostly grown and not have the benefit of his daily interaction and parenting. Scary.


Anonymous said...

The Los Angeles Times today - it took a week for about 300 students in several LAUSD schools to hack ipads to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I'm sure the elite will not like the cattle questioning this.

That video spoke volumes - if you don't go along with the program you will be removed/silenced.

Anonymous said...

Also, a friend of mine who has a staight A student in high school got a D in one subject. The teacher who is common core trained said he would have to change his thinking.

She said that's the same thing the emergent church that she left - that's the same thing they said.

They want us to change our thinking.

Or else, it sounds like.