Thursday, September 19, 2013

Get Government Funding? Stop Passing Out Bibles!

Florida official tells Christian charity to choose between Jesus and cheese

"For the past 31 years, the Christian ministry has been providing food to the hungry in Lake City, Fla. without any problems. But all that changed when they said a state government worker showed up to negotiate a new contract. 

“The (person) told us there was a slight change in the contract,” Daly told me. “They said we could no longer have religious information where the USDA food is being distributed. They told us we had to take that stuff down.”
Daly said it’s no secret that the Christian Service Center is a Christian ministry.
“We’ve got pictures of Christ on more than one wall,” she said. “It’s very clear we are not social services. We are a Christian ministry.” 
Daly and her staff sat in stunned disbelief as the government agents also informed them that the Christian Service Center could no longer pray or provide Bibles to those in need. The government contract also forbade any references to the ministry’s chapel.
“We asked if we had to change the name of the organization but that said we could leave that,” Daly said. “But we had to take our religious stuff down.”

Some folks warned years ago this is what would happen with the Faith Based Initiatives, funded by the government, you can see here they are changing the rules. Get the government funding and they are told to stop preaching the gospel and not to pass out Bibles.


Anonymous said...

How sad! All I can say is we believers better get ready for more of this as the persecution heats up. This is just a teeny-tiny warm up act.

At any rate, people can't receive food or hand it out if Christ is involved. WOW! I no longer recognize this country anymore.

I guess if this group changed the name to Buddha or Satan's Refuge, the sunshine state wouldn't care one iota. How demented has this world become?

Steve said...

"How demented has this world become?"

They have become anti-Christ.

Satan's desire is for glory & praise to be given to anything 'but Christ'. In many respects, he is a spoiled child that wants to insult his Father.

The world is all but ready to be spoiled children with him.

Bible Believer said...

I think its sad too. They need to reject the government money and food, or keep doing what they are doing and obey God rather then men. I want to find out what their response was. I doubt they would be bothered if they passed out Buddhist or occult books. I did warn about Faith Based Initiatives when Bush came in to office years ago. I hadn't written about them much here but Obama came in and tighten up the rules on the Christian religious practice. It is horrible stuff. You can't even hand someone a Bible?

I barely recognize this country either.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they have become antichrist, think about that now in America, you can't pass out some food and preach the gospel. Whatever happened to freedom of speech on that score? These are the workers for Satan making rules like this. By the way, I was very poor [far worse then now] when an unbeliever in the big city and when I got some food at a food pantry once they handed tracts to me and preached the gospel to me.

FaithGuy3 said...

I hate to say it, but these "Christian" ministries who have gotten involved in these faith-based initiatives - I don't feel sorry for them. It was their choice, and they knew the consequences with these "strings attached" government money they were getting.

And yes, BB, it was started under George W early in his 1st term - if memory serves, I didn't hear any outrage from the GOP-voting Churchianity community when George W was pushing it. On the contrary, oddly, it was the liberals that were warning about it.

But now that Obama is in office, this same Churchianity community is getting outspoken, all of a sudden, about their 1st amendment rights.

mom4truth said...

I'm with Faithguy! True, remnant believers know these "ministries" are ministers of Satan. They boast of having images of "Christ" all over their walls, despite God's clear warnings to the contrary. I'm not losing any sleep over perceived persecution over false professing tares in this country any more than I do over supposed "Christian" persecution in Egypt, Syria, et al. The Lord promises He will protect His sheep, the rest are left out to the wolves. I'm not worried about persecution on the true remnant considering the cult of Churchianity has put such a HUGE bulls-eye on it's own back in our culture!

Anonymous said...

"Pictures of 'Jesus'"?

Does anyone else see a problem right here?

Anonymous said...

I always get a kick out of those with "Jesus" pictures. Anyone read the second commandment lately? Apparently some have not. Even tho the article says they have the commandemts on their wall, along with the images.

Besides, what pictures are they using? There are no pictures of Jesus. Just effeminate hippie pictures of a blond, long haired, blue eyed Jesus. But even an accurate picture of a short haired, middle eastern jew would be a violation of the second commandment.

But, whatever.

I do give them credit for rejecting the demands, tho. This is what the article says.

“We decided to eliminate the USDA food and we’re going to trust God to provide,” she told me. “If God can multiply fish and loaves for 10,000 people, he can certainly bring in food for our food pantry so we can continue to feed the hungry.”

“We are a Christian ministry,” she said. “Our purpose is to help people in need and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are going to pray with them. We are going to offer them a Bible. We are going to counsel them in Christian help. We are going to use our chapel.”

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with mom4truth. Just because they are wrong on some issues does not mean that they are a false group. Some christians are just in error.

Let us not forget the corinthian church and how horrible they were. Yet Paul never called them a false church.

Also, Jesus never promised christians a bed of roses. (John 15:18-25)

Anonymous said...

The Commandment as I've understood it is not merely to not make images of anything in Heaven or Earth but is specifically not to make such with the intention or act of then bowing down and worshipping such created things. Otherwise we shouldn't have photographs or paintings of flowers etc., either. The Arc of the Covenant had seraphim (figures of angels) sculpted onto it, didn't it? Yet it was All Mighty God who received worship in the Temple not the Arc nor the images emblazoned upon it. So mum4truth you lose no sleep over those 'Christians'in Syria et al who are truly being persecuted in the vilest of ways right now? You have a lack of love then and without Love your faith is dead for God Himself is Love and is indeed so merciful that He so loved the World that He sent His only Son to die on the cross in our place and that whosoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life. May God bless you richly with understanding in this matter.

Anonymous said...

"The Commandment as I've understood it is not merely to not make images of anything in Heaven or Earth but is specifically not to make such with the intention or act of then bowing down and worshipping such created things."

The problem is that there are no REAL pictures of Jesus. You are putting up a false image of Jesus when using a "Jesus pic".

If I were to put up a painting of George Washington, that would be his real image. But there are no real images of Jesus. Plus, a George Washington pic, or flowers, are not meant in a religious way.

Besides, catholics have images all over the place, and I would not want to be connected to them.

mom4truth said...


I have to say first that it is too cute that you called me "mum"4truth!

I just wanted to say that while I understand your perspective, time spent in God's Word has taught me that God has the perfect, complete perspective that we humans lack, often substituting our own human emotions for God's revealed Truth, i.e. on a human plane, we look at the global slaughter of people and feel bold enough to declare some "innocent" and others "guilty". Of course, that declaration is different based on whichever people group is judging, i.e. Palestinians vs. Israelis. But I have to remind myself, according to the whole of the Old Test., that the Lord of the Bible was perfectly content sending in His people to slaughter pagan/heathen nations, up to and including small babies and you can see He clearly had zero heartburn over doing so. When Coptics and Catholics are being killed in other countries, we have to understand that until the redemption of all things, the unmitigated slaughter of peoples will go on, and we have to be careful in assigning them a portion with the saved of the Lord simply because they use the word 'Christian' or other churchy buzz words. Our family's prayer for the saved is perseverance, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance, and manna of the Lord's providence. Our prayer for those without, and this includes those who went out from us, but were not of us (1 John 2:19), is that in our late hour, first and foremost the Lord's will is done in relation to them coming to Truth and salvation, and second, that He would bless them with Truth, knowledge, and discernment. Luke 12:20 starkly exemplifies the state of the world surrounding us and the reality that at any point, one's soul could be required of him, so what goes on in those and other countries is just the realism of Ecclesiastes playing out- nothing new under the sun, pagan peoples behaving like pagan peoples. We must stand on God's rock, His Word, for help in comprehending the gore and wholesale suffering on a global scale, so as not to become distracted by our emotion and worldly cares. Of course, to reiterate my earlier statement, when it comes to TRUE remnant believers in all corners of the earth, we absolutely pray for them and trust the hand of the Lord upon their lives as it is upon ours in the face of growing global wickedness, just as he separated and preserved the Hebrew people while in Egypt. True, remnant Christians must understand we are simply in Egypt and must wait upon the Lord.

I do pray I put some perspective on my earlier comment.