Monday, September 30, 2013

Add This to the Right Wing's Hatred of the Poor Files

Family Research Council: ‘Nothing more Christian’ than food stamp cuts

"Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, now with the Family Research Council, said that the House GOP’s massive food stamp cuts that could remove around 4 million people from the program next year was an act of Christian compassion. While many churches and Christians organizations denounced the move, Blackwell told the Christian Post that there was “nothing more Christian” than kicking low-income families off food stamps. He referred to food aid as part of the “plantation of big government” and said that churches and charitable organization will replace such government assistance. - "

In my community, the food pantries are not doing well, the food quality is getting lower and lower as the economy has diminished. Some churches are doing their best but barely able to keep up. I have a friend who works one community church dinner for the poor they hold monthly where the numbers showing up have been overwhelming. People wait in line even to get the leftovers seconds to take home even for an hour after eating their original meal. Another friend works at the soup kitchen. There are food shortages. They are scrapping the bottom of the barrel. People have gotten cans so dented, they feared using them. One friend going to one got some dried prunes, a sack of old potatoes with eyes and a sugar laden-unsold birthday cake with no nutritional value. Nothing to actually cook a meal with.  They take whatever expired food the grocery store wants to part with or whatever else others are willing to donate.

These types never complain about big government when it is comes to the billions spent on the police state, wars or more. I would rather people could be independent but what else is there to do when there are no jobs? Or the jobs are so low paying? Sure the ideal was families, community and churches coming together to help, but what are people to do now with no jobs and in our broken down communities? These right wingers offer no real alternatives beyond just telling people to go starve or be in the gutter. The sub-text behind all this, is supposedly "the poor are lazy, this will force them to work harder".

Often now families do not share resources either, there can be very rich members of a family that do not share with poor ones, as they all compete with each other, and what about those with no family or where they live far away? The nonsense that charitable organizations and churches as they NOW EXIST can take up the slack, is false. Most of the pastors are selling their seats to the higher income demographics. The poor are leaving the churches, if they can't eat, many aren't tithing much.

I was in a rare good rural IFB [now closed due to the economic pressures of my old rural town] where people could delay going on food stamps even for years, allowing the church to feed them with a fully open food pantry where one did not have to apply to a social worker to access it. If you needed food to cover a couple days every week, it was there for you. This included shared help and even collections for member's electric bills facing unemployment. That is very rare. I didn't realize how rare.

One thing about welfare is most people on welfare are working. Sure there are those who abuse the system but it is not all as these types try to say. Many states you cannot even get food stamps unless you are disabled, elderly or are working at least 20-30 hours a week at some sort of employment or actively searching in a job group your local welfare office will require your attendance at. The powers that be have done a masterful job, of making the poor scapegoats for the right wing of America making excuses the banker bail outs, wars and more. Obama almost started a war with Syria that would have cost billions but you never see those costs questioned.

I have written about the hatred of the poor, on this blog before. I think it is growing even worse. They lie about the economy improving, so every poor person thinks they are the "only one". Then once you face a life of endless lay-offs, shortages, underpaid work, non-stable work, or other factors that play in like health factors, they tell people they are lazy because of it, and poor because of their shortcomings. Think about the goals and achievement article I wrote today and how much misery this all leads to. So many are following the gospel of the Tea Party and Republicans now in the right wing, it is sickening. This doesn't mean the enablers on the left are any better either, they simply just exploit the poor while pretending to care.

Groups like this color Christians as all hateful culture warriors and people who hate the poor. They serve a definite role for the new world order in their sychophantic devotion to false political agendas.
None of them ever offer real options for people either, or alternatives.  They say "Let the charities and churches do it!" Well even most of the churches via faith based initiatives are taking government money too to feed the poor.  They get this via grants and other programs. Hmm that's odd, did Family Research Council support Bush's Faith Based Initiatives that Obama has now advanced?
Ah yes they did...
The churches who are not part of that system by the way, are rare. In my community, one has to sign in using ID and a social security card to every food pantry even in the churches so they can make sure you have only shown up ONCE among all of them. I can understand this so people do not abuse the system, but I am putting this up to show, the limitations of these programs. One is only allowed a once a month visit to all pantries in "the system". They have many rules like this because the pantries  obtain government money. There could be a few independents out there, but those are rarer in number now.
All the bootstrapper types too ignore the facts about self sufficiency, in a society where jobs can be just taken away by a whim, and where social connections are broken down. How about the jobs that simply do not pay enough for a family to have food, and decent shelter?  How about the rising costs of food? None of that is ever questioned. Ever notice that?  I've known many people on food stamps, and I would say of the people I knew at least 80% were employed if they were not disabled or out looking for work. To call something like this Christian, is nonsense.

There is growing hatred of the poor on the right wing. The right vs left, nonsense is using class warfare and endless set-ups for evil in America.

Job 24: 4 They turn the needy out of the way: the poor of the earth hide themselves together.


FaithGuy3 said...

The whole "prosperity" gospel that hit the church since 1980(shortly after the NIV was put on the market) has really done a lot of damage.

If anything, what the modern-day church system and their embracing of Republicanism economics has been a big step toward the strong delusion. Really - can't tell you how many modern-day Christians just blindly follow "Reaganomics". Forget about Reagan raising taxes 11 times.

Anonymous said...

You know, I've been thinking deeply about what you wrote. The conclusion of the matter is this: narrow is the way and FEW be that find it.

The synonym for the word FEW is MEAGER. If you could put meager in a numeric form, it is almos always in the form of a percentage less than 10%.

To obtain eternal life, there must brotherly love. Hatred for the poor is not brotherly love. If they did the corporations how they do the poor, then every business would be out of business, since they all need tax credits to survive.

God I pray that you continue to open the eyes of your chosen ones before its too late. When the strong delusion comes, those who love their gold and guns will will be as the foolish virgins who cannot find oil in the hour of trial.


Anonymous said...

Truly hard hearted. No compassion, for a very complex problem. For those who have not lost jobs, huge numbers have had hours cut, or base pay cut and moved to commission only, or stopped offering health benefits.

So many say that our economy would be better with an entrepreneurial spirit, but that also has been shut down.

During the great depression, people turned their homes into boarding houses, raised chickens and sold eggs, turned yards into gardens, sold things door to door or on street corners. Now, everything needs a business permit, even if it is just an idea you have, not sure if it will even work. Zoning laws do not allow for creative, entrepreneurial solutions. In many places, you even need to pay a small fee and get a permit for a yard sale. Many sell their belongings in a yard sale hoping to get the bit needed to cover rent or food. It is stealing from the poor and then calling them lazy.

Also the lack of sympathy for single mothers is horrible.


Anonymous said...

Regular reader here, but rarely comment.
I do agree with your view that the right has become very hard-hearted toward our homegrown poor. This, I think, is due in part to libertarianism and the Ayn Rand 'rugged individualism' being embraced by Republicans and independents -- as well as many on the left as well. Libertarianism is all about the individual; Rand was an atheist and her philosophy shows that. Unfortunately the old fashioned Golden Rule, and social conservatism (old-fashioned Christian morality) are out of fashion.

And maybe this is politically incorrect, but most of our church charity work is directed towards the Third World, while hungry and homeless people are ignored in our own neighborhoods and towns. I know Christian women who, unlike Dorcas of the Bible, busy themselves making tutus or fancy baby quilts for third-world children while forgetting the old and the hungry families down the street. Most funds raised are for people on the other side of the world. Should we not care for our own first, right here?

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,

Do you remember when Rick Santorium said horrible things about single moms. It just horrifies me how Christians have aligned themselfs with such an antichrist political party. (ok well it doesnt suprise me after getting kicked off of rapture ready mb) We are to be seperate from any political party.


Bible Believer said...


I agree the whole prosperity gospel has filtered into other places, so wealth means GOOD and HOLY and of faith while the poor are to be maligned and told they are poor because they are bad people instead of the wickedness and greed that put them there. This doesn't mean the poor can't sin, like all men do, but obviously the meritocracy lies are running this show.

I agree the Republicanism is a giant part of the delusion. They have massively rewritten history when it comes to Reagan.

Bible Believer said...

I agree anon, narrow is the way, and few that find it.

The numbers are fewer, the path to destruction is BROAD as the Bible warns us.

We are talking remnant numbers.

I believe anyone who hates the poor or puts them down, definitely is not showing a fruit of salvation. There is no brotherly love in them. Yes they ignore the giant payouts that go to the mega corporations. The farm bill that this cut the food stamps section was on provided endless funds to large Agri-businesses, you know the same ones that are putting GMOs in our food. They ignore the endless money going to the elite, such as banker bail-outs, and "welfare" for mega-corporations from out and out tax breaks to huge sums of money.

The evil and greed today is such that these wicked people cut off their own noses to spite their faces, when you underpay people they will have no income to buy your products, so forth and so on.

I pray that God opens more eyes too. The gold and gun lovers in their smug place of looking down on the poor and rest of this world as 'at fault" who kneel before the wicked elite, are in a very bad spiritual place.

Bible Believer said...

I agree too they are hard hearted, they have no compassion, they are PROUD, and we know what the Bible says about PRIDE.

Proverbs 16:5 - Every one [that is] proud in heart [is] an abomination to the LORD: [though] hand [join] in hand, he shall not be unpunished.

With the political delusions comes spiritual blindness on both the "right" and "left". I think about all those who have called me "crazy" just for asking questions. One of the most recent was if the government had to shut down via lack of funds, how come we could supposedly afford a war in Syria? Wickedness brings delusion, and confusion and ignoring the obvious.

These Republicans and Tea Party types are very proud of their "throw them all in the gutter" mantras. One thing I spoke of in the article is how government money is flowing into the church coffers to feed the poor [government rules too] so when these types say, let the churches do it, if they are using government money to feed the poor what is the difference?

Course consider this with food stamps there is more individual choice, but more possible graft with more middle [religious] men to take a cut taking the government money to finance food pantries and other places for the poor. It's scary to go to a government funded food pantry, and notice the expired food to the point where you fear eating it and even wondering about botulism the cans are so dented.

Bible Believer said...

And they are cutting the jobs. What gets me is these proud boastful types act like everyone who is poor chose it, so when one can get laid off on a whim, and the jobs are not trustworthy and now Obamacare has set things up where everyone will know be a part timer or a freelancer that gets no benefits and far lower pay, what do they expect to happen? People simply will not have enough to pay their bills.

I agree about the entrepreneurial stuff, they have shut down so many opportunities. So many rules. Someone in the third world can go cook some food in the street and make money, far easier then someone in America who would be shut down quick. I know someone who wanted to have a hot dog cart, and the local government refused him a permit, saying that we already have enough hot dog carts, he went to a neighboring community and was refused too. He spent thousands of dollars and was shut down. No business for you, and lest you say go ahead and sell the hotdogs without a permit, that means arrest and fines. He had to sell his hot dog cart, they shut him down FLAT. There was no recourse no nothing.

They have endless rules about how many people can live in your house, there are communities now where to even take a roommate in to an extra bedroom is technically "illegal", you can't cook in a non-sanctioned and inspected kitchen and sell food products, chickens are illegal in a lot of places--some of that is understandable for urban areas, but things in the Great Depression how do I put this, they had far more freedom to do those things and back then ordinary folks still had an agricultural knowledge base and knew how to fish and hunt and live off the land far more then today. Families also lived closer to one another and shared resources.

Yes with the yard sales, now they want permits, and if you live an apartment you are not allowed to have a yard sale or even an estate sale without a lot of red tape. Go to the county fairgrounds to sell things if you happen to live in a rural area, that is a fee too. You may not even make even need to pay a small fee and get a permit for a yard sale. Ebay the fees are gigantic, and Craigslist, its more free but entails risk. It is not as easy. Small business owners more then any have been put under more and more pressure. I think that the mega corporations would love to see a day where there is NO small business.

I agree about the single mothers. It's Disgusting. I am not surprised Rick Santorium said bad things about them. They all do. They serve as a scapegoat it seems and it does not matter even if the woman lost her husband to death or was the innocent party in the divorce.

It's horrible that Christianity in America have aligned themselves with the antichrist Republican party, I agree with that. I was banned off Rapture Ready circa 2002for writing that George Bush was a deceiver and supporter of the one world religion and that his Middle Eastern wars were based on lies. I am sure now it is probably anti-Obama all the time while they praise the right. Don't trust any ministry that supports them or goes to their conferences. They are bad bad news....

Ruth said...

Anonymous said...

It is very hard not to be poor and feel enslaved these days. Starting your own business costs so much, and the taxes, both large and small, and the regulations are quite overwhelming. At one time, we had a small contracting business that supported ourselves, four full time workers, and up to twelve summer time employees. All that is long gone with the economy.

And any lesser ideas we have are hardly worth it either. Daycare (even a small one) - must pay fees, get inspected, be licensed. Play bluegrass music at farmer's markets or coffee shops for tips - now that is being shut down by the music mafia / unions. Can't provide pies or baked goods to local restaurants either, instead they will have to buy frozen mass produced ones.

Rather than shut down the government, what about removing much of this red tape so people can buy and sell and provide services for each other and use their skills? Shutting down the government is only going to put us into a much much greater recession. I live near Yosemite park, and the fire has already crippled several communities. Now the communities at the other park entrances will be hurt severely as well if this shutdown lasts long. Our major industries are tourism and the forest service, park service, and fire service.

But all this is obvious, and I believe this has been part of a plan to make our nation no longer self sufficient, to make us feel scared and desperate.

But this is not the first time hard times have come in this world; it should not come as any surprise. God is good. We need to continue to trust him and obey. He provided for David while hiding in caves from Saul and he has provided for our salvation.

Barb said...

Another perspective from an aching body, but my soul is continuously refreshed by God, the Holy Spirit, who always, always, always leads me to my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Today I woke with such pain in my body, for it's harvest time in our part of the country. Our labor hours are longer in the spring and fall, naturally, as the farmer sows and reaps, many here in our area are born again followers of Jesus Christ and we know where our help comes from; the Author and Finisher of our Faith. We rely on the LORD for everything as we control little in our line of work, since our LORD is in control of all weather, a hail storm could wipe us out within minutes and the devastation brings us to our knees as quick as lightening.

Many in our communities work very hard for an honest day's wage. Some work harder and are more dedicated than others. God gives and He takes away, this is Scriptural...he gives the ability to own and operate a business, while others, He gives the ability to be laborers under those in authority. Not every individual is worthy of operating a business, as some are called to be followers/workers if you will as they are not equipped to work and manage therefore, I know I have been called to be a laborer, not a business owner like Lydia in our Holy Scriptures and therefore, peace and contentment permeates my soul, I am pleased to be a helpmeet to my husband, regardless of all the "Christian (?)" women who choose to influence me with their words of great folly,"When I married my husband, I told him from the get go, that I, notice the self speaking here (I), was NOT going to be his farmhand!" And another quote from a prominant church woman, "I told my husband I was never going in the field to work," and yet another woman from the church spoke, "You go out to the field, oh P.U.!" and yet another from a male church board member, "I would never have my wife work in the field, she is a teacher!"

So the entitlement mentality has permeated ALL aspects of society....we are Chrisitans, we have our rights and we can do anything we want too, as we are kids of the King. Really? Please tell that to the Apostle Paul while beaten, almost unto death, and imprisoned for his unyielding faith in preaching and teaching The One True Gospel....I do not see where he demanded his rights while imprisioned, the words and the context are not there.


Barb said...

So with all of this said, we must understand the nature of many within our communities with compassion, yet instruction, and truthfully, the instruction is void from many of these programs originated by governments. There is a percentage within every community that believes they do not have to work and do their part to contribute in raising their families and many have the brave spirit to even speak it, "I feel I deserve all of this from the government and I shouldn't have to work." Many are of the opinion that "It takes a village to raise a child," therefore the village should have to support their everything, even right down to that huge entertainment center stocked with more DVD's and CD's than the local "mart" store.

Yes, there are many, many, many families who are struggling financially, who are thrifty in their decisions for their families as they desire to please God, rather than man, and choose to not abuse the government system in taking unneccessarily. They are honest, hard working, humble, and grieve in their spirit for believing they do not "measure up" and our hearts go out to them as we bless them with the sustainable goods and services to build them up in their faith and always, alwasys, always, show them the true way, and that is through Jesus Christ.

To say that everyone is honest in their poverty is a myth, for I live around such people.


Barb said...

Evidently, many of these women in these bypes of families have been taught to "fight like a girl," for they have the outward appearance of godliness, but their hearts are far, far from our God of Scriptures.

I will be honest here, please allow me that moment. When I hurt physically from the hard labor, when my mind is numb from all of the hustle and bustle as there is so much to remember when working around machinery, computers, and people who are always in a hurry and there is never enough time to get the crops out before the snow, I find it difficult to pour out compassion to my neighbor who believes their family is so special that they do not work for their food.....

and they are capable of doing so, for there are myriads of jobs here in our area and the cost of living is reasonably low. God has also led many to give out of their abundance in food, clothing/Thrift shops flourish here, and also try to give those who are in need, jobs, if they are willing to work by the sweat of their brow and the hardening of their hands. Most businesses are generous in desiring to give work if one is willing to work....we are blessed beyond measure in our community.

I will give an example here, not out of boasting, as that belongs only to Christ.


Bible Believer said...

I agree anon, the poverty and the enslavement is getting worse and worse. You are right even to start a small business one needs big bucks, even to fulfill all the regulations and those permits cost money too. I am so sorry you lost your business, praying...

I am not surprised what is happening with the daycare, or the music, or can't even bake pies. I noticed lately that some small local cafes and diners no longer had home baked pies and wonder if some rule had been passed preventing them. The only kind there are now are the frozen kind.

I agree why not remove some of the red tape? We have so many
rules and regulations now no one can barely get through the day without breaking a rule.

I think all the over-regulation and thick layers of oversight are actually strangling the economy.

So sorry to hear your fires have impacted the tourism and more. Now with the government shut down aren't all the national parks closed?
I think it is all planned too, top down control, take away things that would allow people to "Make It" leaving them more vulnerable, scared and dependent on the system more then ever before. [This is not to blame ones who are disabled or impoverished needing help, but the overall limiting of people's options I think DOES HAVE AN AGENDA TOO]

Agree hard times are nothing new to this world. Not at all. There are biblical promises for God to take care of us and we have the blessed hope too. I am seeking myself to follow Jesus's words in Matthew not to worry about the things of this world. God will provide.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks Barb for your words too. God keeps me going, it is His Comfort that puts one foot in front of another, that is true for all Christians especially in this tough world. I am sorry you are in pain and will pray for you too, that God comforts you and heals your pain. You are right with farming, anything can happen and they need to depend on God as so much is out of their control. You are right not everyone can be an entrepreneur, people are called to different things. They have different resources, and not everyone has the money, health or ability to run or start a business. Then you have disabled people and those who are too elderly or ill to work as well as those who have children or elderly parents to care for. Life is far more then a "career" and sometimes I tire of this idea that everyone has the means to go "start" a business, this is what many of those Republicans will tell people.

Even Dave Ramsey acts like expendable income is a given. Today many people due to economic changes have been turned to contract work too where there is no benefits, or even stable hours. My husband was told his work is being cut back, this month, so I am praying already but God has taken care of us this long.

I believe a wife should help a farmer husband if she is physically and otherwise able. He shouldn't abuse this as many farm wives have enough responsibilities with the house, children and cooking, but if one's husband is in need of help, this entitlement should not let them sin in selfishness, they should help the one they claim to love. When I read those quotes, it seems they see their husband's as a means to an end instead of having a kind heart towards them.

With all the people demanding their 'rights' and everyone pushing and shoving to get to the top of the mountain, while there is nothing wrong with a person standing up against abuse, and against evil, all this has led to more of the wickedness and evil between men. The demand for "rights" in this system, has seemed have turned our entire society into each crab trying to crawl on top of the other crab. Crabs in a barrel where it becomes about hurting or using others to get ahead. Today even among families one sees just competition, some seem happy to see others fail or suffer so they "can show off". It is all very sad.

You are right the apostle Paul as he was being beaten and imprisoned did not have these attitudes. I think about that now with the "best life now" junk in Christianity and what they have deemed successful. Think about how our poor people are villfied especially in America. I remember the days where there was some honest respect for a honest day labor, even if you were a waitress or had to dig ditches, or clean toilets, you were not seen as a sub-human but just as a person trying to make do. While I am college educated, I have had to do what people consider "low-level" hard work in my past--cleaning toilets, taking care of disabled, cooking, child-care, cleaning. I even applied to be a farm-hand once but was turned down. I have noticed this change in society where only those on the top are deemed any respect and where your average person who is just trying to "make it" has fallen down the ranks. There is wickedness in the system in the way it glorifies certain people and puts down others. Those scrambling for special and other "rights" are just more of those crabs trying to crawl to the top of the barrel at the expense of others. That said, there are the wicked who see the "disaffected" workers and tell them to "fight" everyone who has done better then them--the Communists and such.

Bible Believer said...

You may find this article of interest...

It addresses some of these issues.

Phl 3:18 (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, [that they are] the enemies of the cross of Christ:

Phl 3:19 Whose end [is] destruction, whose God [is their] belly, and [whose] glory [is] in their shame, who mind earthly things.)

Phl 3:20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

Barb said...

Our Great God makes ways for us to reach out and help people and we must remember that all Glory, Praise and Honor belongs to Him alone. There have been many who have been led into homes in our community to help people in need of various degrees. Tears have been shed at night over the experiences of the day in trying to understand people's problems of living. People have washed animal feces off of kitchen and living room floors (many of these low income families have house pets), cleaned out refrigerators and cupboards (stockes with plenty of beer and other alcohol beverages, chips, pop, lacking for nothing except the staple food products that offer genuine nutrition), organized cluttery homes (amazed at the library of DVD's and CD's that could easily offer the local mart store healthy compeition, and the toys, toys, toys the children have and are still bored with life with no direstion.....the cell phones, the computers, etc., and all of those extras that most do without until they become affordable. And when I asked a local welfare worker if they teach their clients how to manage a housefold, her response was "We are not allowed to say a word of instruction or correction."

Please allow me to repeat...when I aaked our local welfare officer if they teach people how to manage their finances in operating a household, she said, "No, we are not allowed to do so." And after leaving these homes that were blessed, there was very little appreciation and "thank-you's" were almost extinct. 2 Timothy 3:1-6 tells us what we are really like and "unthankful and ungrateful" are two of the honest attributes of mankind including those who claim to know Christ.

In raising a family, we began our marriage with little, and lived with little, yet were content and at peace. I worked out of my home with the resources God gave me, and served people by the work of my hands. We lived within our means and still the LORD provided us with extra to give back to Him and save some on the side. We could have easily qualified for food stamps, heating assistance, and all of the other ammenities the program provides, but we choose not to participate for when one seeks out government programs, they are then entitled to become your lord and master, and they have rule over you.

Praise God, He has delieverd me out of this pagan political system! Amen! I began my life voting Democrat, then evolved into a Repblican, and now, born of the Spirit of God, no longer put my hope and trust in any political system for Psalm 118;8-9 tells us to put our confidence/trust in the LORD rather than man or princes. I remind myself that JESUS was neither a democrat, nor republican for it is easy to be philanthropic with other people's money rather than freely giving of our own with a cheerful heart.

Bible Believer said...

Barb there are some who do abuse the system.

That said, in the majority of states most people who are on welfare, are working if they are not disabled or elderly. For example this includes many Wal-Mart employees who wages are very low.

I know laws were passed in the late 90s to end "generational welfare" as it used to exist. I need to research this more, maybe some states did not follow this track.

Are there some who abuse the system, sure there is. America is in a second Depression, and the Republicans and others, are trying to color everyone who is disabled, or poor or out of work, as being a bum who is merely mooching off the system. But sadly to complicate matters there are those who do so, and make it harder on the rest.

I believe most people would rather have meaningful work or a place to be in society, but sadly via technology, the godless society and cracking up of the social contract and social connections and far more these things are ending.

See this article:

I even have heard rumblings that teaching will change where they will have 100 kids in a class with a teacher at the front of it, and where teaching will be "outsourced" to technology. The list of jobs is growing more limited and more specialized all the same time! It seems every time I turn around another job is being considered "redundant". I even read last night in an article that brick and morter stores are going by the way side and soon retail sales will be another disappearing field.

The "it takes a village" nonsense has actually done more to break up the villages then anything else. Where everything is scripted there is far less spontaneous and real connections. When the village is the family, it changes everything.

The "village" in other words has far more limited options and sadly you see people today who I think in some ways have "given up", in a selfish wicked society, they don't even try to volunteer or give back either. Our ghettos are full of this today and adherence to a violent underground economy of drugs. The jobs went away there earlier then in the rest of places but one thing I am noticing is when men can't support families, they do not marry, and I saw this in my old rural town and how this was rapidly changing things. I am old enough to remember how different everything was.

I lived in a rural community and among the young, I was seeing the changes, they did not feel joined to anything bigger then themselves. Even if one thinks about the break-up of community every one at least from the milk man to the guy who washed the sidewalks probably felt he was playing a role of sorts 50 years ago. Entertainment is part of this, the entertainment world gives people lust for lives most cannot afford, resentment and envy. It tells people that only "the rich" matter. Many of the young especially live in this bubble of delusion formed by the entertainment and music world.

I agree about the honest, and hard working families. So many hard working men even feel the pain of "not measuring up". I have seen the hurt many people have faced from the endless job lay-offs, having their entire lives dismantled, losing their communities and then having the stigma applied to them. Sadly many are stuck in that place of measuring themselves by this world, and not by Jesus Christ and knowing their only hope is salvation in Him no matter what this world throws at them.

I know there are some dishonest poor people. You are right some do cheat the system. This makes it worse for all others, it definitely does.

You are right about the ones who seek an appearance of godliness.
Yes the hustle and bustle keeps the minds busy and away from God. Some people I noticed today do not even take a minute to think. I am glad there are jobs in your community too.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad some in your community have sought to help others. I do believe you, but remember in my case I have been poor, very poor during the course of my life. I do not want to get into all the personal reasons but they have included health and job-lay-offs within the household. Many do judge the poor seeing the few bad actors.

One thing that might be said is "All the poor drink til they drop". But then I say maybe the poor who do not have Jesus Christ drown their misery in alcohol and drugs. That is where despair leads. Were some of the homeless drinking before they hit the streets or did they take it up to drown their pain?

"All the poor live terribly" They may have to put a sheet on their old and beaten up couch. And may be doing their best to scrub everything down. Add to this that in our society they pile on the shame on anyone who does not live a certain lifestyle.

The entertainment is a trap, and I think for many of the very poor, who lack good social connections, lack a prayer and spiritual life, the entertainment has become a trap of sorts where they go to "escape". So much of our society is built around this "escape" and this takes them away from God in a multitude of ways. Live in a dangerous neighborhood, and they keep the children inside watching videos rather then outside.

Bible Believer said...

Cellphones too, be careful to judge because how else do you call the doctor? I was poor enough to live without a phone for a few years, and it made life far more difficult. Now that there are no payphones, where do people go to make a phone call? I tend to think the free cell phones for the poor, is to make sure they are part of the tracking system.

I have to admit I do disagree with the suggestion of making CORRECTION to the poor. How do you manage money that isn't there? Most people of good sense if they are poor, pay the rent, FIRST and then work their way down the list of bills. I had times where paying the rent meant almost nothing left but I wanted to stay off the streets. There were some merchants of ill-will who told me I was doing everything wrong when simply I lacked the money.

Here everyone has to be careful of pride, while there are some cheaters in the system and you can see I admitted that, the Republicans and Right Wing have indoctrinated people to believing poor people are poor because they are "bad", "immoral" "irresponsible" incapable of budgeting.

But if one looks at the facts of the economy, the lowering and stagnating wages, the 100 million out of work--I can provide stats for all this, the money simply isn't there. There are communities now that are collapsing or where you drive through you see empty store fronts, business and foreclosed houses. What happened to all those people?

The Dave Ramseys of the world will almost make you think you can turn a 900 dollar a month income into a magic number fulfilling all needs where an average rent in a rural community is even 500-700 dollars. [thousand in some communities]. Do the math and break it down.

Now for those who inherited farm land, a house, or live with relatives, rent is not such a huge burden but these avenues are not open to all the poor.

So be careful there Barb thinking that these poor people are poor because they "mishandle" money. Now are there SOME irresponsible cheats, and people who do not take care of business sure, but we have a whole country now imploding as the elite clean out the tills, and wage globalist war, saying look at those rotten poor people they are the reason your taxes are going up, not those bail-outs!

I am sorry they were not thankful for charity the ones you have experienced. But even here, if we do good works, led by God we have to expect no pay back or thanks, because then we are doing them for the wrong reasons.

I am glad you were able to keep your family going and God provided. Many are having to pray for daily providing via God. I am glad you have been delivered from the pagan political system, just please be careful about what this world will say about the poor. That is my only reminder. If they are lost, then they do not have God's direction too. We have to see it that way. I am glad you avoided welfare, but if someone needs the help I am not going to judge them, many people are trying their best to make do. Christians need to help each other too as best they can today now in this world with so many struggling.

Psalm 12:5

King James Version (KJV)

5 For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, saith the Lord; I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him.

Anonymous said...

It is not fun when you go to multiple churches and ask for milk, and they say "we cant help you"

It is not fun when you have no cellphone, and you ask the store owner if you can use their phone, and they tell you no.

It is not fun when you walk into a church and the members avoid you because they know you need help.

It is not fun to be disabled

It is not fun for society to say that you dont deserve any enjoyment in life because you are poor. This is how people go into a life of crime, because they have givin up on living.

Now I see how women on WIC will suffer now...and these are working women.

May the Lord give me the ability to help them with the little I have.


Bible Believer said...

JL good post!!

I pray to God that I can help others too.

Barb said...

Thank-You Bible Believer for your input and viewpoints as they shed light on several generalities as well that we are desperately in need of truth. I apologize for leaving as my boss, husband, needed me to haul our grain to town, resulting in the time delay.

We must also be very careful in generalizing that all republicans are in agreement that our poor are "poor" because they are bad people and make poor choices, for this is not true. That is like saying the democrats care so much more for the poor that they are selling their possessions/land to feed them, or perhaps democrats are more miserly with their own finances and show great philanthropic gestures with other people's money using the political system for their own power, control, and greed. This false "philanthropy" is actually stealing and thievery and has fooled those who believe they are wise in their own eyes. For when governments oppress people groups, the people lose their will to do the LORD'S work in whatever we are called to do.

I too, was very poor at one time, Bible Believer, and I believe judgement belongs to our LORD as we are called to discern the times in which we live. I could easily have qualified for welfare programs prior to marriage and following marriage, however, I/we made due with what we had, an old house, furniture that was in need of reupholstering, minimal things (less clutter that way, Praise our LORD!) and coupons upon coupons utilized in purchasing food for our family....and our children have fond memories and we still talk and laugh around the kitchen table because we had one thing that will get a family through anything, LOVE FOR THE LORD. And from that love, love for family and looking after one another flows out of that Love for Jesus Christ. And I did survive without cells phones (I still do not own a cell phone), pay phones, and yes, I do have a conventional phone that is being taxed extra to pay for those who cannot afford conventional telephones.....philanthropy.

We must be careful as well to not judge those who work hard by the sweat of their brow and the toil of their hands to earn a living to provide basic needs for our families. Idle time creates busy bodies which we know in part, is a sin, and those who engage in this enter other peoples households and destroy what God has put together, so we are commanded to keep busy doing the work of our LORD. I have seen idleness cause adulterous affairs, divorce, gossip, slander, lying, violence, theft, covetessness, fornication, rape, incest, etc., right down to blatant self is easy in many instances to be self righteous when a person is not tired and worn out from working to pay bills, support the family, and aquire extra to give to the poor and needy in secret as our Father commands us to do. He is our Judge in all areas.

And yes, we are in an area where job openings are numerous and employers will atest to the fact that it is difficult to find people who have that desire to sweat and work hard, it is a dying breed. So many hire illegals to come in and build buildings, work in factories, work in the fields, etc. to keep their businesses functioning. The quality of work has declined and the products suffer as a result...we are not all blessed to be hirelings as our Scriptures call them. Even the Apostle Paul worked while preaching and teaching Christ so as to not be a burden to the example for us to follow from God's Word, not mine.


Barb said...

And as far as pride goes, we must admit before our Father, that we are all under the curse and have a certain amount of it, myself included. Even the poor exhibit pride in certain areas, it is part of the fall, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

We must remember that we have a news media and is used as a mediator to manipulate the emotions of people groups, I believe it is labeled "propoganda." So then, how much are we to believe, and are statistic actual, or again, manipulated (lies) to invoke legislation that leads more people into poverty. We must be very careful for what we hear and see is not always the truth according to God, and we know in part that that heart of every man is wicked, who can know it...God's words, not mine.


Barb said...

And some, reading my comments will naturally assume and label me as uncaring and unloving, brutal, and any other derogatory name that comes to mind...and I am fine with the name calling for it exists in the hearts of believers and unbelievers alike. As born again believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be led by the Spirit, not the flesh. Are the monies we are giving to the nicolatian church systems being distributed to the poor, the widows, and the lame/sick who are struggling in our country?

What I see is this and it is an ugly picture to be sure. I see church money being spent on buildings, fancy furnishings, air conditioning (yes, it is still okay to sweat for God made us that way), donuts and pastries to accompany the coffee (and Christians are equally if not more obese than all of those pagans out there), lawn mowing, landscaping, gymnasiums, and yes, I just thought of something, have you seen the vast amount of wealth at the Vatican religious system....


Barb said...

And we have reached a point in church history where I have just had to sit back and ask...."Is Jesus Christ in all of this?"

Did Jesus really shed His precious blood for all of the things/junk in these religious temples made with human hands?

Or does God really care about the soul of every man for He truly desires that none should perish.

And so it goes, modern churchianity has become like white washed tombs filled with junk that doesn't mean anything so as to impress, the love of many has grown cold and will grow colder as we near Jesus' Second Coming, and as oppression increases here in this country, there will come a time when more people will accept the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and have that liberty and freedom that can only be found in Christ alone.....never, ever in any institution contructed by man.

Mom2Boys said...

I am conflicted about the welfare issue. I always have been.

I don't look down on anyone who is on welfare. Nor do I have any harsh words for them. People are just doing the best that they can. Few people want to be in a bad situation.

But, I think the system is satanic. We all know that God is in control, but Satan is the prince of this world. I just feel like it is taking money from "daddy Satan". When I heard about people HAVING TO get divorced to get benefits- and then people not being able to get married because they would lose their welfare benefits---it just confirmed that something isn't right. I just don't like it.

I think gov't welfare has a "good" temporary outcomes, but sneaky intentions. And I really don't think the intentions of gov't welfare was to help people. There is something more to it...just like everything else in this satantic gov't system.

But what are we supposed to do? That is what I don't have the answer to. We don't have strong families where you can ask for help. We don't have biblical churches were people can get assistance.

So I think it is necessary, but then I hesitate to even say that. I don't know the answer, all I know is that I pray I am never in the situation where I even have to consider accepting what I feel is delicious poison.

May God bless you all with strength and mercy.

Anonymous said...


Im sorry to say this, but if people are getting divorced or refusing to marry to qualify for benefits, then they are cheating the system. If you are married, and both people are working, sorry you don't need welfare. That kind of behavior is why people have a bad opinion of poor people. Also, this WHOLE world system is satanic. If governments would obey the bible and set up the economy on a Jubilee system, then there would be more income equality. There would never be a financial crisis, and there would never be a need for welfare.

Barb said...

And please know this, we have been led to believe that "the church" is a building that we must take care of keeping it pristine so as to attract more people to "it," a thing if you will...we must furnish this building with lavishness, nothing but the best for this thing....we must keep its lawns and landscaping in the utmost condition, no thistles or dandelions must grace its lawns and the pigweeds must be pulled around the shrubs....we must have the biggest and brightest electronic signs by the roadside so as to appear up and comming, we must stock our church libraries with all the latest and greatest books penned by the wisdome of men and women who claim to be holy spirit inspired and yet, one wonders, do these writings, most of which are extra-Biblical revelation, really have their source from God, the Holy Spirit? NO!..and they are held in higher regard than our Bibles.....and on and on it goes with the payrolls of pastors (hirelings), janitors, church secretaries, bus drivers, lawn mowers, building maintenance and repairs, etc. consuming "church budgets" for their own praise, glory, and honor. And when people donate, theri names must be recognized and lifted high above the Name of Jesus..........does it not all have the stench of man written all over it?

In the early congregations, was not money and food collected to give to the poor, the widows, and the lame? What have we turned the precious House of God into but bricks and motar of self gratification, alienating the poor at its gates. Should we not be utterly ashamed of ourselves? Most are not.

In reading the Gospels, I was amazed to realize that the Pharisees, Sadducees, priests and scribes, those in religious positions of authority, were literally "envious" of our LORD Jesus Christ, plotting to kill Him phsically, for they already murdered Him in their hearts many times over. And this religious system used the Roman government to do their murdering for them for it was an easy merging of the two.


Barb said...

And likewise today, we see those in positions of religious authority aligning themselves with pagan governments to accomplish their "spiritual" goals.....the great darkenss that lies within is camouflaged as light (goodness).

Jesus never joined hands with governments to appease the hearts of men, but we have and this is where most here in America put their hope and confidence in for which God calls it idolatry.

When we are led by the Spirit of God, He shows us where the needs are in our communities and leads us to give. It is far easier to give annonymously outside the church system and it brings honor to our Creator (Matthew 6) rather than man, which is difficult at times, for we all delight in being "recognized" as being philanthropically wonderful and the "self" is stroked. I too, at times struggle when I feel inadequate and need those works to be seen by men and hear the flattery from those mouths in building up my "self" esteem, which is the antithesis to Jesus Christ. I am a sinner too, for which I am in need of redemption daily through Christ alone.

In every community across this land, there exists those in is all of us, every soul. It is good to give, however givig without the Gospel is not life saving, for eternal life only comes through Jesus, and sadly, most churched do not even know the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus came not to make us healthy, wealthy, and properous....He came to save us from our sins.

Barb said...

And may I close my comments by quoting a few great theologians in our community, and I wish I was making this up, but it is a part of the apostasy we live in.....

I sat under a preacher for a time who said this to his congregation one Sunday morning, "You can afford to panel your house walls, but you can't afford to build a new church?"

That was the last Sunday I sat under this wicked shepherd.

In another church system, a deaconess said, "It's too bad we don't have more old people here so when they die, will leave us money to build a new church which we need so badly!" Did I mention she is a nurse so called professional within our community, and will be the first to boast of her "caring" heart.

I no longer sit under their "dominionist/IHOP/Elijah List"/Todd Bentley/Joyce Meyer/Benny Hinn/and all of the other so called prophetic wolves out there.


Mom2Boys said...


People do not have bad opinions of poor people because a 70 year old couple decides to get divorced so the wife can get enough benefits to cover her cancer treatments and dialysis. People have bad opinions of the poor because Jesus said to take care of the poor. So naturally, Satan will do everything possible to cloud that message so that you will do the opposite.

So instead of focusing on the real “cheats..”, you know, the uber rich who lie, steal, kill for, rape, and pillage for billions and billions of dollars… we focus on the mother who is down on her luck and gets some milk and cheese each month; or the person who didn’t have certain opportunities, so they are just doing the best that they can.

When it comes down to it, we should all be very careful of pride and arrogant attitudes. Though I am against gov’t welfare as I mentioned before, I am not going to be arrogant about it. Nor will I lack compassion for those who feel that is their only hope. That doesn’t really help. You can’t help people if you are wagging your fingers with blame and anger. No one is going to listen to that. You will only get applause from people who already agree with you.

Like it or not, we do not have all the same opportunities or circumstances in life. We do not all have access to the same information or resources. Life happens. People die. People get sick. People lose their jobs and can’t find new ones. People work 60 hours a week and still make very little compared to the area COL…the circumstances are abundant so there is no “one size fits all” as far as what you should do if you are poor. If you have been poor and God has delivered you- then THANK HIM, PRAISE HIM, and ask how you can help bless others.

I still believe that gov’t welfare is from the devil, but so are harsh and uncompassionate attitudes. Controlled opposition- two sides of the same coin- it’s like a puppet show with Satan controlling both ends. (Yes to Welfare and Yes to Hating People on Welfare- he is pulling the strings on both sides)

When it comes down to it, we all need God to give us mercy, so perhaps we should keep that in mind when we are dealing with our fellow human beings.

“And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40

True Christians- the world is already against you. Nothing is going to change that. You aren’t going to save anyone with political rants.

Democrat/Republican/Whatever-it’s another puppet show controlled by the same puppet master. Tough times are coming, and people are arguing about who gets food and housing allowances? Let’s stay in prayer, and try to gain some perspective.

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” - Revelation 13:16-17

Bible Believer said...

Thanks you Mom2Boys. Very wise words. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

"People do not have bad opinions of poor people because a 70 year old couple decides to get divorced so the wife can get enough benefits to cover her cancer treatments and dialysis"

Mom2Boys, what do you think God's opinion would be of that scenario, especially when He says "I hate divorce"?

Bible Believer said...

Bible Believer said...

Does the "state" determine divorce? Remember marriage in the Bible is defined differently outside the "legal system of man".

The problem here is if they stay living together while telling the state they are divorced and getting benefits, that would enter fraud and liars land.

By the way I long ago have a relative who got divorced for medical benefits [dialysis etc] and it turned into a REAL DIVORCE. I was a kid so didn't have all the details, but it didn't improve anything.

So I can understand desperate people who desire to stay alive, making some of these bad choices, which doesn't mean I condone it, and think it should be avoided. But most of my ire is for them who put them in that position to begin with!

Bible Believer said...

The poor in American society are becoming the new scapegoats.

They have the entire "still employed" right wing hating on poor people and blaming them, as they go without jobs and the means to maintain life.

One thing when it comes to welfare, a poor person who is ill isn't going to have thousands of dollars for medication to stay alive, no matter if they are the most frugal person on the planet, living in a wooden shack growing their own food and have done everything "right". Are you going to judge this person for being in need of these medications and joining with government programs to obtain them?

That is one thing I think about when right wingers say, let the churches, charities and families take care of people, well what family or church has 10s of thousands of dollars for your average medical bills for a disabled or elderly person? Just throwing that out there.

Bible Believer said...

So yes as Mom2boys, they have this country focusing on the poor instead of the real cheats, the global elites who are raping and pillaging America as they set our country up for a fall.

Check this out.

And what is sickening is they are still war mongering...and spending money there.

Yes so focusing on the mother who is down on her luck and needs some food every month, and who goes to get WIC or food stamps is messed up. This serves the elite to have have the poor to scapegoat, the vulnerable and those who cannot defend themselves effectively.

People today are being left without options. As I wrote here before, the families are broken down. Old social contacts are broken down. The right wingers who tell the poor to make do, and go prep are clueless. Many poor people do not have families to go unite with, do not have land to grow or make things on,

There are too many arrogant thinking they could never land in this position. But for too many all it takes is one job lay-off, one major illness and one's economic life is wiped out. For the young, the foundations aren't even being built that older people had, and this started even one generation ago.

The poor are stigmatized, they are told they are wicked, bad people for even being poor in the first place. They are given a long list of their deficients as to why they don't measure up as human beings. On the left they have the bohos exploiting them and inciting them to anger and class warfare and seeing more government and rules and regulations as the solution, and on the right, they are told they are scum who don't deserve to live, and should be paid 2 dollars an hour if they manage to get a job in service of the elites and the class warfare engine focuses on them as the burden, while the elites spend trillions on their wars and other agendas The Bible speaks of fair wages and other things that man does not follow and one sees the wicked results of all the greed and evil.

Bible Believer said...

Mom2boys is right we do not all have the same circumstances in life. Or the same information or resources. As I wrote above, not everyone has land, the health to work a manual job, or a close knit family to help them or work together with.

Unemployment in America is getting worse. The government numbers are lies. I know people unemployed or literally underemployed for YEARS and these are not bad people and people who went to college, and "did everything they were supposed to" and still ended up without a job. Age discrimination, the laws may as not be on the books. Wages are suppressed. In fact many jobs I hear about friends applying for pay the same as they 20 years ago or less while the prices have skyrocketed. One job I used to make 11 or so an hour at in the 90s is paying around 8 now. Are all these people at fault? I do not think so. This is where we need mercy and compassion.

I agree about the harsh attitudes and putting down people who may need welfare or help with food. As I wrote most of the churches are connected into the "welfare" system in that they are getting government money. The churches do not help the poor in the same way they once did, where the church body helps those in it, most churches around here, are full of middle class and above people who may go serve at a soup kitchen, or hold a community dinner for the poor, but it's not the same as serving within the church body. Not to say those things are WRONG, but I have noticed the poor are not in churches anymore. If you are poor person and can't feed yourself, that 10% tithe is going to be a pretty huge burden.

I agree about Satan pulling all the strings.
Agree with this statement:

" Tough times are coming, and people are arguing about who gets food and housing allowances? Let’s stay in prayer, and try to gain some perspective. "

roverbs 19:17

King James Version (KJV)

17 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

Bible Believer said...

Anon who mentioned Ayn Rand, your comment went to spam but glad I saw it and could post. I have to check spam periodically for comments that slip in wrongly.

The right has become very hard hearted towards the poor, you are right, and when I see anyone helping "the poor" it is always for the third world and often money sent to elite connected programs.

I talk about this here. They have influenced the churches for their third world money clean-out. Where did all the money for Haiti go? Into their pockets?

With libertarianism. Some would say I have libertarian beliefs, they are good on civil liberties but like all political parties owned by the NWO. Their love for globalism, and hatred of the poor and advancement of neo-social darwinism serves the elite.

One can see the libertarian strains influencing the Republican party, Ron Paul, Rand Paul. They advance this vision of "rugged individualism" that doesn't even really work in practice unless you are a person with the health and means to "homestead", "prep" and live out in the near wilderness.
What is ironic about libertarianism is why so many think it is a Christian political movement is when I was UU, there are leftist libertarianians. I read a magazine myself which I even subscribed to called LIBERTY during my UU years. {didn't agree with all of it but it was independent thinking to me at the time}

What is the gospel of Ayn Rand but to take care of one's self and forget all the poor and everyone else? It's not love your brother but toss your brother in the gutter and put #1 first.

I agree that the Golden rule and old fashioned Christian morality have disappeared.

The charity work of the churches is being directed towards the third world for a reason, I go into in the exploitation article. The poor of America to be frank often have been forgotten by the churches. Sure some may join up with politically correct programs or send a team down the social work sanctioned organization but more and more being poor myself, I remember in my old community visiting this Free Methodist church, a friend went there and told me it was "more conservative"--I had my own church but was visiting for her sake, and they were doing the Haiti money clean out, and this was a rural community where unemployment and poverty was rife. I remember feeling totally sick to my stomach thinking why don't they help the poor who are HERE? The hungry and homeless are becoming more and more ignored. I mean look at the poverty in America and how it has grown, why are all the churches here focused on the third world and their vacation junkets to foreign lands. {missionaries serve a purpose but I have seen Middle Class Mom and Dad signing up for pseudo mission trips that amount to philanthropic tourism}

I have seen this stuff happening, making clothes for overseas too. Poor people right in the same area, going neglected. I have asked that question too, why aren't we caring for our own? Hey one could ask this of American in general, our country is bankrupt, to the point they are shutting the government DOWN, but we are still waging war, and getting involved with all these other countries and sending them aid, and we can't even take care of ourselves?

You never see anyone on the right except maybe a few individuals on the far flung right ask those questions.

The leftists are totally brainwashed into the globalist vision but what about all these churches focused on the third world. They have glommed on to that same vision too.

Anonymous said...

Hi BB,

Thanks for the kind words...

In regards to what you said...

"One thing when it comes to welfare, a poor person who is ill isn't going to have thousands of dollars for medication to stay alive, no matter if they are the most frugal person on the planet, living in a wooden shack growing their own food and have done everything "right". Are you going to judge this person for being in need of these medications and joining with government programs to obtain them?"

You just descibed me. My meds cost 6k a month. If I got my employers insurance, it would be a copay of 1.8k per month, which is 90% of my salary. So medicaid is keeping me from deteriorating, which I consider to be a blessing from God since my spouse is unemployed. However, I still pray that God will heal me completely, lol. :)


Anonymous said...

Be careful when you judge people.I know that can be very hard,we are all prideful at times.But,life is hard ,and things may not be as they seem..
I myself have a chronic illness,yet I'm sure I look healthy to most people.I also look younger than I am (probably my nanna's genes!)If I get to drive into town to do errands I am usually home by noon or one to hit my bed for I have debilatating fatigue along with many other symptoms.I actually find socializing exhausting,and now have been sick so long I have no friends.I am thank-ful for a few movies now and then;though I am careful what I watch.I have been sick on and off since I was 23.Mostly sick.
I haven't found family supportive and I haven't found any church I went to that helpful;so I thank God for SSI,,which I paid into as much as I did get to work..I hope you all don't think I'm taking from the devil.
I recall jesus saying a few things about mercy.A lot of people are blessed with good health ,a good education,a good upbringing,an inheritance.I could go on and on..
I have suffered so much in this world.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that worsened my already fragile health was a landlord who let me live in sewage for 2 years without telling me.He had counts as high as 15 which is considered unbathable by the state.Which means your skin absorbs it when you shower.The sewage.I had a terrible ulcer from it.Look up H.Pylori bacteria..weakened me terribly.My point really is that he was a deacon in a church,who I'm sure thought he was very right with God.Oh,and the first question I asked him was; was the water good.He LIED.To top it off after all came to light and he knew I was mad;he said if I just knew Jesus I would be happy.I did.Did he..He didn't know what was in my heart.But he judged me..

Anonymous said...

I guess my final point is that I know we all want to judge.I really have to watch myself.But maybe we need to understand what righteous judgement is.I know I'm working on being a little more merciful these day's ,and saving the judgement for when I'm more sure,and for people who aren't so powerless.It seems Jesus was the hardest on those who were given more..
I'll pray for you all and may God bless you..

Anonymous said...

BB - I feel the same way,watching the local churches step over the local poor,or other people with needs to take care of Haiti.I don't begrudge the Haitians help,but it does seem to be at the expense of our own poor,and the hip thing to do..It also seems if we helped local people maybe there would be more of us to help the Haitians and other third world countries;instead of bringing us down to a third world status.

Bible Believer said...

JL, someone close to me needs thousands of dollars of medication a month too, so I totally understand. For people like this, they can stay alive and take government help or not. People should have compassion and mercy for those facing those decisions. I definitely understand. God bless you and I will pray for you regarding your health problems.

I agree that life is hard. one thing about american culture is there is so much delusion, that they will tell anyone who admits life is hard or that all dreams [on this planet] do not come true that they are being negative. This sets up more misery as I wrote in a some time ago article.

Yes some people face severe disabilites, and they do not show. Some people can have a mixture where some things show and others do not. I have read up on what they call "invisible disabilities" anon, and know the world can be cruel at times to people in your boat. You use a handicapped spot and probably have people who get angry and they do not realize how you feel inside.

It is hard to keep friends and socialize. Most disabled people I have known have had some success meeting people via hobbies or groups but then too you need understanding folks for when you are housebound or sick. There are many health problems that can start young from autoimmune problems to even rare conditions that take time to get diagnosed.

I am so sorry your family has not been supportive, sadly in our wicked world, that happens, instead of mercy and kindness the disabled or sick person can earn ire, and ostracization from their own family. They treat some people like they already "gone" and unless you can provide entertainment or shop til you drop with you are closed out and it can get worse as time passes.

Some churches can be kind to the disabled, but many are not, and many aren't even handicapped accessible. I visited a church once where the whole sanctuary was up these steep stairs, and saw this woman struggling to get up them with a walker. The place was built sometime in the 70s and I thought to myself didn't anyone have the sense to think of the old and elderly even when they designed the place.

I fully understand if someone needs to be on SSI, or SSD, to survive. In this world, the ideal where a family may provide a place or help for a disabled family member, life just isn't working like that anymore. Yes Jesus told us to be merciful. The right wing Tea Party types can scream via their new world order programming that anyone kind or understanding of anyone down and out or ill is "being liberal" but that is what a Christian is supposed to be.

I am sorry you have suffered so much, I really am and I will pray.

Bible Believer said...

Water is not the same for the poor. I am sorry you had the sewage coming in on you anon. That is horrible. I was poor enough and lived in a very poor area, dangerous too, where whenever our bathtube [which was otherwise clean] got stopped up [which happened way too often given the very poor plumping] the water would turn black. :( The cycnical side of me sometimes thinks they do not clean water the same in some areas compared to others. This was in an area in a huge metro city.

So sewage in water does not shock me. I live okay now with decent people who repair the place--I am thankful to God for this, but I had my fill of slumlords in my past, and places where they were unsafe and unhealthy, one apt I had was full of mice, to the point I saw several-dozen a day, now you can just imagine what that level of infestation means and one slum apartment I was in, a pipe burst and actual brown sewage rained down in the middle of the room. [When I say I was very poor by American standards, I am not making things up]. So this doesnt surprise me. Many in America do not realize the unsafe way that many people are forced to live economically. Sometimes people can be in a decent area and even have a stable income but have greedy and unjust landlords, who let mold grow, don't make proper repairs, or let other unsafe conditions condition. I am sorry your health was put in danger. No true Christian would allow this to willingly happen to people. Even if he was totally broke, he should have warned you, and it was wrong to let you live in a place with unsafe conditions, if you had died, it would have been on his head. Lying makes it even more wicked. That is terrible but yes there are people that wicked today who don't even care about other people's very lives.

Bible Believer said...

We all have to watch our judgments, the world will confuse people and have people overlook sin, and say oh don't judge sinfulness but then tell people to judge those who are suffering for reasons that are not their own. I have noticed that. Maybe this is one of the things that separates righteous judgment.

The Bible says this about those who were given more.

Luke 12:48 But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given , of him shall be much required : and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.
I'll pray for you all and may God bless you..

Bible Believer said...

Hey anon, I wrote this about Haiti a long time ago...

Anonymous said...

BB -I'm sorry you were so poor in a metro area.I feel that must be somehow harder.This was in a rural area.Children lived in the building who got sick as well as adults from the situation..I never thought of myself as poor back then even though technically I probaly was,or very lower middle class.But I lead a very simple life.I had moved 15 times.(makes one not want to own anything!)I had 14 bad landlords.The best one was in the humblest of apartments,but the landlords were very respectful of any complaints or needs..
I agree we are to judge/address sin.I don't like when people tell you not to judge blatant sinfulness.It's not actually loving to let people die in there sins.And I've seen it happen..Everyone lets the person off ,and they end up miserable in their own sinfulness..But I am speaking of people I personally know..Thanks for your kindness and prayers.

Mom2Boys said...

Anonymous said:
Mom2Boys, what do you think God's opinion would be of that scenario, especially when He says "I hate divorce"?

That is exactly my point. Any system in which puts rules in place where you have to go against God's will in order to get help is not a system I want to be a part of. There are many things that seem "good" but have very sinister intentions.

But our job is not to look down on our brothers and sisters- but instead we must pray for them and try to spread the word- while understanding that everyone is not going to take heed.

But with spreading the word, word choice matters. You can say the exact same thing in two different ways. One way will get you nowhere, whereas changing your tone and word choice will make people more receptive. Isn't that the goal? To actually make people receptive? Or is the goal to make oneself feel good about how superior they imagine themselves to be?

There are so many problems in the world. It hurts my heart that people cannot stick together.

Do you know how much knowledge is being suppressed? BibleBeliever should do a post on this because this is getting off topic. But the American sickcare system is death. It is only good for emergency situations. Chronic health conditions are not solved by the American sickcare system. You pay so much money to be lied to and killed slowly. What is promoted as "science" is not scientific at all. It's nothing but Satan. There is so much Satan in "modern medicine" that it is nauseating. Don't be extreme and take away that I am saying that ALL modern medicine is satanic. Not at all. If I am experiencing an emergency, then it's the best solution. (Confessions of a Medical Heretic is not a Christian book, but it's a good book to read more on this)

Then you have Satan on the other end- pulling the strings on all this reiki, iridology, yoga, applied kinesiology mumbo jumbo. It's nothing but the occult. However, there are natural lifestyle changes that can eliminate so much suffering- but without God, you'll end up in some dark places. And without knowledge- you'll never know about it. You'll just keep taking medicine that suppresses the symptoms, causes new issues, and drains your bank account.

The point is that you cannot do anything without God. Turn to God first. Don't believe anything that anyone says- including me, your doctor, your preacher-whoever. Take it to God.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Ephesians 6:12

Anonymous said...

Well,I was recently convicted by the holy spirit to not look down on my doctor so much.I am the first person to see how corrupt and insane the medical system is.(I have been sick for a long time)But I have also seen chronic conditions healed and even cancer.I have always looked to diet first, before I was born again,but we can do everything right and still we live in a fallen world.Job got really sick..
I look at my doctor with more understanding now.He is a human being of limited knowlege in a system in which he has only limited power..This doesn't mean I won't call him on things,or seek God first.But now I will pray for him and try to look with a deeper understanding..I do hear what your saying mom2boy's I just don't think anything is always..And lots of knowledge is being suppressed,but also much is being revealed to those who seek(who in turn can inform others).

Anonymous said...

Momoftwoboys wrote: "But the American sickcare system is death. It is only good for emergency situations. Chronic health conditions are not solved by the American sickcare system. You pay so much money to be lied to and killed slowly. What is promoted as "science" is not scientific at all. It's nothing but Satan."

This is true. You stated this so well. - Lisa Ruby

Bible Believer said...

Anon, urban poverty is harder then rural because of the crime most of the urban poor face. That is the factor that makes it worse though for the rural poor transportation problems can be quite pressing. That's horrible that children got sick too and really shows the evil of your landlord. Being poor can force one to move too much, I relate to that. I do not plan to move again, there is a certain age you have to build roots no matter what and leaving my last community took a toll on me where I regret having left.
I am glad you got to experience one good landlord, I have seen many bad places where they are corrupt. Even the lower middle folks in renting situations can run into these things. I agree about addressing sin, doing otherwise is enabling evil.
I will keep praying for you.

Bible Believer said...

Anon yes there is sinister intentions, what is scary now, is they have laid so many traps now, and I agree about not looking down on anyone else. That is what the world does. Too many wicked people just want to put down those who are poor or lower social status to serve themselves.

With the American health care system it is very limited. The doctors do not diagnose anymore, trust me I know. Political correctness rules. The top organizations are all new world order managed, and I believe they have many "population control" factors running concurrently where none of these organizations are going to step on any toes and tell you what is going on. I do realize with doctors some are well intentioned, but the system itself makes it very hard on them.

American life has grown more toxic, via the stress, toxins, and rest. When people have no social connections, rest or relief, and life is but a hamster on a wheel under endless rules and regulations with a whip at your backside, good mental and physical health does not come about. Actually the lifespan of your average American is dropping and I dare say it's going to be far lower for the young who are struggling more economically and entering an even more dangerous world.

I agree that a lot is NOT scientific, not whatsoever. People hear the word "science" and think it is automatically TRUTH! There is a lot of nonsense out there in various health fields.

I know you are saying some medicine is good, so understand that. I would like to read Medical Heretic. In my case, I do question some of what they want and their different surgeries etc. In this day and age you better take medicine with a grain of salt and question everything they want you to do.
I agree about the New Age mumbo-jumbo, often for the very rich. I know too many people getting accupuncture and other questionable techniques. Yoga is very popular too.

I agree take it to God first, pray for Him to heal you and about your medical decisions first and foremost.