Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Post Note About Miley Cyrus

Remember this post about the Super Bowl ritual?

The world system as it is now, wants to pump up the fear. They have been literally doing Satanic rituals in front of millions. I refuse to post pictures of this, because it is too sick, and we even have to protect ourselves from some of the news, don't look it up if you haven't heard about it already. Miley Cyrus, wasn't sticking out her tongue to be "cool" or "outrageous" she was sticking it out to enact the goddess Kali where the sticking out the tongue has occult meaning., done different ways it has different meanings. Goddess of destruction on the eve of war? No pictures on this one for obvious reasons. It all made me sick. They had this stuff through out the news all week but if you missed it, don't look. I felt like I needed to go wash my eyeballs just seeing it in a news article.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are doing it out in the open, and they don't care who knows or talks about it. Eventually they will care, if the people of this country wake up and begin to care themselves.

Bible Believer said...

I have noticed that while they have pushed things to the point most of the populace is sickened and disgusted, you are right they do not care. Maybe they know now they can get away with whatever they want, and Obama can drag the country to war even with the majority of the population NOT wanting it. For my foreign readers: AMERICA IS SICK OF WAR! I just fear like during the Bush era, they will use some more brainwashing or other "events" cough cough to get people on board like they used the controlled demolition of 9-11. The Satanic rituals are being done yes right out in open.

lydia parker said...
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Bible Believer said...

"Have you heard the drama? Fashion designer Marc Jacobs cruelly tortures a talented young girl. He stole her ideas and harassed her. He`s been stalking her since she was 16. Jacobs copied her ideas for many big brands. Read the details on:
Miley Cyrus is just a puppet. She is controlled by Marc Jacobs"

I decided not to post the link, she describes sex acts that are a bit too past PG rating for this blog and is of the world. I also fear she could be "one" of them already and using this as some publicity ploy. I hope not. Some of the fashions seem to have the "markers" but wasn't sure, she could be copying what she has seen. IF she is rejected by the perverted big wigs of the fashion world, she may be better off, and should go build her own business on etsy or something. Here she may have more chance of finding the Lord too, and realizing what lies beneath too much of the fashion industry. I like pretty clothes too, and that is okay to enjoy fashion from the artistic sense, not all fashion is evil, but there is a lot of fashion that is connected to evil agendas, with the models etc. The big ones, in all our high areas of entertainment have to "sell out" to a certain extent. The claims about the "casting couches" for actresses probably applies to the fashion world as well. Odd that I am writing an article on NOT SELLING OUT right now and how the world and Satan tries to get you to sell out, and responding to this. LOL

Bible Believer said...

Posting someone else's comment the quotes, with link taken out.

Bible Believer said...

read through more of that, the entertainment world is NWO run, and so is the fashion world and there is overlap with the mk ultra types and handlers in both. So not surprised to see Miley Cyrus with one.

The art world by the way same thing, there is a reason so much has grown degenerate.

Steve said...

I had the unfortunate distinction of seeing some of Miley's "performance".

Not really sure how to describe it other than disgusting & disturbing.

The woman has clearly sold her soul to the father of lies :(

Anonymous said...

Im suprised Miley hasnt visited a dictator yet. Seem like the latest fad for celebrities these days. That fad is not without reason though. Check out the link below about Willi Muenzenberg, the father of recruiting celebrities to visit dictators.


Anonymous said...

Her "Bangerz" (nice title) album rumored tracklist is out and you can search the related artist. One is MK Ultra Britney Spears, birds of a feather. @JL, Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea. - Don

Anonymous said...

Saw a link where Miley posed naked for jacobs for a tshirt on skin cancer awareness. They say how wonderful - she will save so many lives.

Kathy said...

It grieves my heart to no end that our young girls look up/idolize these young ladies in the entertainment business. As a Sunday School Teacher, it has become increasingly difficult to teach this next generation concerning the "spirit of this age" and how their minds are being indoctrinated by the enemy through the three legged stool, so to speak, or even the seven mountain mandate, from another arm of the flesh. Our young people do not understand the seriousness of the spirit realm as they see it as "entertainment and it's fun" without understanding the ramifications of the indoctrination taking place. Most parents do not understand as they desire their children to be popular and as the religious system labels it "finding favor with man," and actually see this "favor" as a blessing, whereas I see it as a curse. If the world loves you, then your faith is not showing the true light of this world, who is Jesus Christ, because he said "the world will hate you," and "you will be turned out of the synagogues."

Please join me in praying for Miley and all of those trapped in the enemy's bondage, only God, the Holy Spirit convicts, and only Jesus Christ saves sinners. And we must also lift up our young people who will turn their hearts and minds towards God, through a relationship with Jesus Christ in abiding in His Word.

Anonymous said...

Im joining you Kathy in prayer

Anonymous said...

Nice post Kathy. Thank you for the reminder to pray for those in bondage to the things of this world.
What's so crazy is there was such an outcry of disgust over Miley twerking, but what does the industry do? Put out a new video of Miley on the wrecking ball. Her behavior doesn't change for the better, it just continues. I think the entertainment industry just laughs at us.

So many people were outraged and shared Miley's performance on every social media outlet possible. She got way more exposure!! An incredible marketing success for the industry, I must say.

Kathy said...

Thank-you Anonymous for your prayers for Miley and for your kind posts, may the honor belong to Jesus Christ.

As a parent of daughters and sons, I can only place myself in the protective parent role. We can ask ourselves, "What if Miley was my daughter, what would I do? We can ask ourselves, "What if my children listened to her songs, bought her merchandise, and watched her videos, television
shows, and movies?"

I grieve as a parent, literally, for our younger generation as the days are getting more and more evil. You see it, I see it, and many of our discerning children see it amongst their peers. We have enjoyed the many benefits of the increased technological advances, but we also know from our Bibles, that the heart of every man is wicked, who can know it.

Miley is a lost soul at this point in time and is so desperately in need of The Great Physician, "And when the Pharisees saw it, they said to His disciples, "Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?" When Jesus heard that, He said to them, "Those who are well have no need of physician, but those who are sick." But go and learn what this means: I desire mercy and not sacrifice.' For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance."

We can pray that someone, somewhere, will reach out to Miley and take her lovingly aside and share the life saving Gospel with her so that she too, will receive everlasting life. We, as believers and followers of Jesus Christ, desire what our Father in Heaven desires, that none should perish. Would we not want this for our own children? Yes, we would.

And when I teach Sunday School and see and hear these young people acting/living like the rest of the world, I have to wonder, "Has this church system really impacted them for Jesus Christ." No. And when they sit in church and hear the "cool, president of the church board whom everyone loves and adores, say, "God spoke to me to get a tatoo, so I had a scripture verse tatooed on my arm as a witness for Jesus.....", (yes, this is a true story, I heard the quote personally), I can only wonder, what voices are we listening too and what spirits are we following?

My point being; it is so easy for me to condemn our young people as they are such an easy target. And believe me, I have done my share of criticizing from here to kingdom come, but now, God, only by His mercy and grace, has shown me a more worthy approach in dealing with the spirit of this age, and that fall down on my knees in prayer for a people who are going further and further astray into apostasy.

If precious Miley were my daughter, my eyes would ache from the flood of tears that would flow continuously on her behalf, my chest would ache with worry, and my mind would be beside itself.....what would you do if she were your daughter? May God, the Holy Spirit, guide all of us in our prayers, and give us His peace, as the mercy and grace flows from His Holiness.

I Praise the LORD for all of you.

Bible Believer said...

Steve, I agree it was really disgusting and disturbing, I just saw pictures and a small snippet. I think in Miley's case her parents and handlers got the selling of the soul started, [mk ultra] but let's pray she is one that breaks away. She is definitely sold out to the devil right now.

I wouldn't be surprised if she visits a dictator like courier Dennis Rodman who paid another visit to North Korea recently. I think they have used them for decades in this capacity though they are being more overt about the direct visits.

Interesting link though they still seem caught up in the left/right, Communism/Capitalism net. They both work together.

Yes Britney Spears is one too, though in her case, it seems some of the programming broke down acouple times.
Yes they have her out there now making worse videos and don't doubt they have her posing naked or wearing revealing clothes,

Kathy I hate the influence on the young people too,I think the powers that be used Miley Cyrus to do the Hannah Montana stuff, which being Disney had its own programming but she was at least a bit more wholesome and planned it this way so young girls would see Hannah Montana strip all her clothes off and become degenerate. They wanted to change their "idol" into someone else hoping they would follow.

The entertainment world seems to be the top guide for so many people, I see young people where it is EVERYTHING and even middle aged people where they don't pay attention to anything past their favorite bands or TV shows.

Many do not realize how they are being indoctrinated and if you tell them, they think you are crazy. Even in the "Christian" world, look at the response to the exposure of the Whosoevers....they don't want their rock bands and entertainment questioned.

You are right most parents want their children popular, if a child even lacks interest in the mainstream entertainment world or dressing or acting like others, even parents will push them into it often enough.

I agree let's pray for those in the entertainment business to be set free [truly set free in Jesus Christ] and for the young people watching it, that they will be born again too and warned via the Holy Spirit and convicted in their minds and hearts about what this wicked world is trying to do to them.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they made some video, I never saw it, of Miley even doing more degenerate things, one thing remember while she chooses to sell her soul as an adult, she has handlers directing the actions as well. If you think about it how many woman and men have they totally used as objects, and they are turning her into one. What is sad right now while most of the world grows more disgusted with American entertainment, here it must sell, because it is growing worse and worse it seems with no stopping. Even if one sees a backlash that is brief, it doesn't seem to be affecting them at the box office.

Bible Believer said...

Kathy, I worry too for the young generation. I've seen my nieces and nephews raised with a love of witchcraft Harry Potter et all, and you can see things growing more and more evil. One thing as I wrote about on an article acouple months ago, the young are growing far more "liberal" and rejecting of God. There are Christians among all age groups but demographically our culture and society have worked on them big time. With children I would make sure they are well versed in God's Word and warned about the things of this world and how Satan will deceive.

I agree about praying for all stuck in the Satanic Hollywood Machine, that they can break free. It does seem they do punish those who do so, but soul wise, it's better if they do. There are some who will claim they did break free but did not like Roseanne Barr, but yes they need the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. Yes pray an Christian is out there and encounters Miley and shares the gospel with her and helps her break free.

I hate seeing what happens to all in that world, it is horrible to watch what is done to some of these young people from a very young age and the amount of control sought.

I agree about praying for the young people. You are right God does not want any to perish. I think even of myself when young full blown into the UU, interested in the occult and listening to the worse entertainment of the times to be offered and the affect it had on my heart and soul and today we should pray for the young people stuck in the darkness in this world, that they will hear the gospel, respond and come out into light out of Satan's darkness.

Anonymous said...

I was reading about the hindu goddess kali with her tongue always sticking out - like so many celebrities, esp. Miley, and kids I know on Facebook - like to pose as. I thought how people will say they don't want the God of the bible because he's "mean" they say, but then they accept new age things like hindu gods who are violent and decadent - like kali sticking out her tongue, chopping people's heads off, posing with a necklace of human heads with a bloody human head in one hand and bloody sword in the other - a god with a blood lust problem just for the sake of killing and destroying.

This is preferred over a righteous sovereign loving God of the bible.

I don't think I've read anywhere about any hindu gods loving people.

Alma Ly said...